Top 15 Cutest Baby Accounts To Follow On Instagram

  • 15 totally adorable Instagram baby accounts you need to see
  • Cute baby photos are great for brightening up any day
  • Parents can get great ideas for photoshoots from these accounts
  • Bonus video: Meet Instagram’s Most Stylish Baby 

Are you looking for the cutest baby accounts to follow on Instagram?

Do you want to fill your Instagram feed with all the top most adorable babies?

Are you searching for SUPER CUTE baby Instagram accounts to follow and share with all your loved ones?

If any of these questions sound like you, you're definitely in the RIGHT PLACE. Read on!

Instagram is absolutely the best place to go looking for good photography. No wonder parents love to post memorable pictures of their babies on their Instagram accounts! Who would not love to capture as many milestones as one can in beautiful pictures that will forever preserve the memories one had with their baby?

Today, in honor of all the adorable babies in the world, we are going to look at the Top Baby Instagram accounts containing the cutest baby photos one can only hope to witness! You, dear reader, will get a chance to choose which account you find the cutest.

Fun fact: The English language may not have a word for what we feel when we see a cute baby and get the urge to squeeze and cuddle to our heart’s content. According to scientists, this feeling is actually akin to wanting to eat something so bad because you need to have that thing inside your body.

Talk about “You’re so cute, I could eat you up!”

We’ve rounded up the cutest accounts that feature babies everyday! Make sure to hit that “Follow” button on each account to get your fix of tiny tots on your Instagram account.


While she’s the daughter of of a prominent Filipina celebrity, Olivia surely has her own claim to fame--as being angelically adorable! Only ten months old and already stealing hearts, this baby has a slew of endorsements under her belt already.

Check out this gorgeous baby dressed in a dark blue frock munching on Elsa’s head, who is the ice queen of the Disney movie Frozen, has got to make you wonder if she is about to seize the throne to be the next queen.

Or, maybe not. In this post, she seems more interested to take part in Star Wars and engage in the battle of the galaxies with her white Storm Trooper mask. She can look for droids with us all day!

The biggest problem with this account, though, is that she won’t stay a baby forever! Make sure to catch little Olivia before she’s all grown up.


What better way to do “The Pose” in the bathtub than to do like this first baby does. With two of his hands resting behind his head while wearing a body suit that has two yellow dolphins printed on the front, he looks at the camera with a cute pout that could melt you into a puddle of goo. Boy, this is one photogenic baby!

But hey, there is more to what this baby can do. Have you ever seen an expression that expresses both wonder and surprise? Well, this baby sure knows how to do just that! Baby Liam must be thinking about something real deep.

For all we know, he might be calculating how many light years it would take to reach Saturn, or how many years it would take before the sun finally runs out of energy.

Or maybe, he could just be counting how many lizards are crawling about on the ceiling. Hmm, we cannot help but wonder.

The Instagram account is currently run by Liam and Stella’s mom, Lindsey, who is a professional photographer living in New York. Follow her to see more of her two children in adorable and interesting shots.

What goes best with pictures of adorable babies? Pictures of delicious food!

This Instagram account is pure cuteness and genius, juxtaposing tiny tots with huge servings of mouthwatering delicacies that will surely grab your attention.

Those chocolate, cream-filled, moist cookies sure look delicious! How can we possibly blame this baby for wanting a taste of it?

Neither can we blame this baby for wanting to get the Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Crunchrete all to herself with a pink hug.

Don’t forget this post right here! Baby seems to be trying real hard not to smile too much when faced with tasty falafel and beef pita sandwiches. But those narrowed, twinkling eyes are enough evidence to prove that baby is fighting a losing battle.

Keep in mind that this is a blog kept up by the baby’s dad, Mike Chau, who has his own account where he features more food and more babies.

It’s quite funny to think that none of these babies are going to eat all that pizza, ice cream and steak put in front of them, but that’s all right! We want a taste of them too!

Well, well, have we found ourselves one hot baby! This is one cheeky grin we are seeing right here. This enticing baby seems to endorse some kind of a baby cocoon that is wrapped around him. He seems to be saying “Buy now for one cozy experience!” *grins

We simply cannot move on without passing through this loveable post! Babies sucking thumbs is one common scenario we are all familiar with. But babies sucking toes? Haven’t seen one yet? Well, check this picture out!

No one can deny the loveliness of those huge eyes and those perfect eyebrows (those brows are on fleek for someone so young!). The purple wool underneath this tiny creature is not at all helping us to move our eyes away!

If you’re in Melbourne, you might want to hit up this professional newborn photographer. Usually, photographers have the patience and experience on how to make your baby bumb more chic and your little one ten times more adorable!


How could we possibly stay composed in the face of such cuteness? Adorned with a white, flowery headdress matching the white, knitted sweater and the white furry blanket, the baby picture is a sight to behold in itself.

But coupled with that playful tongue-out expression and those beautiful round eyes--this picture becomes too cute to handle.

This is possibly the cutest surprised expression ever captured in Instagram history. The angle from which the camera took the picture suggests a baby busily doing something hidden from view.

But as the baby took notice, he immediately looked towards the camera with what we can imagine a surprised statement of “Oops! I’ve been caught!”

Who would’ve thought suspenders could be that adorable? You can feel the utter genuineness of the smile from this happy baby. A smile as genuine as that can truly light up the world with a single photograph.

Unlike most newborn photographers we’ve seen on this list, this Instagram user evokes a vintage feel to her high-resolution photos--great for seeing who the baby really takes after!

Currently based in Italy, you can still capture this photographer’s style by showing it to your own local professional for inspiration.


This is, hands down, the cutest snail anyone has ever seen. This baby is the very picture of bliss. Sleeping on white fur with a yellow snail hoodie for a blanket? No wonder this baby is in a very comfortable slumber.

When a baby is clad in a charming purple dress, and crowned with a lovely purple tiara looks at you with this irresistible expression, how can you possibly resist anything she asks of you?

If we are to get lost in a fairytale garden, this must be how the guardian fairy would look like. Happily clothed in a flowery dress and adorned with a flowery headdress, this baby radiates so much cheerfulness and delight that fits very well with stories of happy endings.

Another European Instagram account, you’ll find that this photographer shows off a more whimsical aesthetic, with something obviously done in a studio.


Now this is an artist in the making. A very adorable artist in the making, that is. We can hardly notice the artful mess of various colors that mixed and splashed everywhere. All we can see, is the baby in the black skirt having so much fun.

We got ourselves a cowboy right here! Complete with a cowboy hat, a cowboy scarf, and a swinging horse behind him, this baby sure knows how to rock it with an authentic Old West movie pose.

There are few things in the world more adorable than twins messily devouring brightly colored cakes. Blue and green icing scattered everywhere, even smearing their hands and faces. You can’t help but sigh with delight.

You can see that this Australian photographer has more to give than the usual fluffy towels, flowers, pink crepe and blue background. She does better with slightly older babies--ones who can sit up and make messes you never want to clean up.


Beauty and the Beast is one of the best Disney movies ever shown. As far as we remember, Beast was once a handsome prince who was cursed to morph into a monstrous appearance, until true loves comes to break the spell.

Could this adorable baby be the handsome prince we all love?

Santa Claus is coming to town! The reincarnation of Santa Claus may just have graced us earth-dwellers with his presence.

Well, the arrival of these two great icons may cause quite a bit of a chaos as crowds of people pour in. But there shouldn’t be anything to worry about, because we got a fireman on standby. Yes, there should be no problems at all. Should there be?

This Brazilian photographer takes us all the way to South America where the babies are just as cute as everywhere else! This is also one of the very few accounts where we can see little crying face--which are just as cute as the smiling ones!


This Instagram account mainly uses colorful blankets draped around babies to produce an artistic effect. There are many wonderful posts in this account, but these are some the best:

The light blue blanket wrapped around the baby and spread out like an angel’s wings produced a truly elegant sight.

Who would have thought tying a red knot over a baby, like a ribbon on a gift -wrapped box, could be so adorable?

This picture sure deserves a round of applause from its viewers. The sleeping baby looks afloat atop the waves of a wide, blue ocean on a dark night. The quality of the blanket, and the way it was arranged in imaginative waves creates a stunning picture.

You can also bet the babies in these pictures come from the richest families in the world, thanks to the impeccable work of this Doha artist. You can go traditional with a swaddled baby in a basket or go for the signature style of this account: linen waves in various colors depicting magical worlds.


This is one delightful eskimo right here! The snow fur hood frames the baby’s adorable face perfectly! More importantly, how can anyone take their eyes off the baby’s blissfully happy smile?

Such a beautiful baby asleep on a wreath of flowers and roses, could anyone envision a more heavenly sight?

While you can surely see the usual sleepy-faced photos that are common for newborn photography, you can’t miss the adorable flatlays of baby clothes and the occasional sibling shoot! Sometimes, you could even mistake the little ones for exquisite dolls, posed carefully amid a gorgeous flatlay of natural materials.

Calling herself the best newborn and maternity photographer in New York City may be easy, but we think that Zoe Hiigli may actually be one of the best.


A single Santa is definitely enough to make Christmas go round. But two? This Santa invasion has to stop. Or else, watch over your children lest they go running wild and crazy!

Did anyone see Santa’s white boot? It was just around here somewhere–Oh. We just found the missing glitter-embedded, white fur-lined boot that Santa’s missing. He never did warn us that his missing boot can actually make irresistibly cute sleeping babies magically appear out of thin air.

If you’re a photographer or just a mom looking for something creative to do while the kids are asleep, then this is the Instagram account for you! Try printing or saving some of her posts to show local photographers the peg you want for your own baby’s shoot.

UPDATE: Account has been closed.

True to its namesake, this account is full of babies! There are, undeniably, so many posts that are downright adorable! But among all these delightful pictures, you cannot deny that this baby takes the crown.

With those big, round eyes that seem to be staring right through you, and that cute little smirk that seem to lure you into those tiny, baby fingers, you are deemed to be officially baby-struck.

Take a look at this mischievous face! While we we have no doubt that this baby could be on her way to her own baptismal, she clearly thinks she has some other plans!


UPDATE: Account has been closed.

Adorable is written all over this picture. What could be sweeter than two babies hugging each other in their sleep? They look very comfortable cuddling each other as they spend the day away leaning into the other in their deep slumber.

This other post is something that will surely put a smile on your face. A baby so delightedly happy while laying down inside a blanket-laden helmet, with a lovely hat adoring the tiny head…It is simply too much!

But here’s a baby dressed up like a snowman, complete with a black hat, red scarf, and black buttons. How can anyone not giggle! Oh man, that smirk on the baby’s face is everything! Not to mention the perfectly arranged snowballs at the side, and the snow covered trees in the background that completes the picture of a snowy day.

As you may have deduced, this account is run by Dani, who is a professional artist from Northern Utah. The amazing part is that she is fighting Multiple Sclerosis, and still derives enjoyment and a living from her work with photographing babies and events!


UPDATE: Account has been closed.

Indeed, the dark brown animal headdress is one cute headdress. But nothing captures your attention more than those captivating, dark blue eyes and that secretive smile. You can almost see a whole universe swirling within those beautiful eyes. Truly enchanting!

Oh! Here is another post that shows a baby happily smiling at something at a distance. The picture even showcases a pair of dimples on either side of the baby’s face. Boy, those dimples are to die for!

You’ll also see occasional posts taken from celebrity magazines, as Ben Affleck and his daughter do pop up on the feed from time to time.

While this is an Eastern European account, you’ll find quite a mix of babies here. From celebrity shots to the most candid dad-and-son photos right from their cozy living rooms, you’ll surely get your cute baby and toddler fix from this account.


UPDATE: Account has been closed.

Do you remember those days when you had such a long, tiring day, and you daydream of nothing else but pillows and blankets because you want nothing more than to crash into your bed and have a long, long sleep?

Well, this baby is the perfect illustration of that scenario! Boy, being a baby is a tough job for sure. We’re sure you’re getting the same feeling, right? The one where you want to lie down next to this little one and sleep the day away?

Meet Lisa, who has three kids that are regularly featured on her Instagram account. A mommy blogger who’s handled two elder boys and now a little newborn princess, she regularly gives out great parenting advice on her blog.

So which is the best Instagram account for babies?

And here we are! Back in our mundane world of grown-ups. That was a delightful journey indeed!

Watching all those adorable babies sure did bring a lot of smiles on our faces. All these accounts have such captivating, adorable baby photos that it is very difficult to find an account that outstands from the rest.

For us, the best definitely has to be Olivia’s, since you get to see her grow up everyday alongside her parents! Also, the fact that she’s one of the cutest little girls out there doesn’t hurt. We also particularly liked how babies and food come together in @foodbabyny’s account.

We can certainly appreciate cool parents.

How about you, dear reader? Out of all these Instagram accounts, which do you think is the best?

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