12 Awesome Co Sleeping Products for Infants



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SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper
  • Mesh sides provide a clear view of baby and help air circulate to protect baby from overheating
  • Sturdy metal frame fold flat for travel
  • Soft, comfortable fabrics
Co Sleeping for Infants in Bed
Infant Co Sleeping Products that Attach to the Bed
  • Discover the best co-sleeping products you can use for infants
  • Find the best sleepers and loungers for in-bed co-sleeping
  • Check out co-sleeping options that conveniently attach to your bed
  • We also recommend bed rails that keep infants secure in bed

Are you thinking about starting co sleeping with your baby?

Would you feel better about the process if you had a co sleeping product on hand to help?

Are you trying to determine which co sleep option works best for you?

In this article, we’ll show you 12 of the best infant co sleeping products available on the market today. We’ll take you through several options no matter what type of co sleeping you want to try. Whether you want to keep your baby in the bed with you but in a separate sleeper, in the bed with a bed rail, or in a sleeper attachment alongside your bed, we’ve got the perfect products for you.

Read through our recommendations and take your time choosing the right sleeper for your family and your specific needs. Remember that every co sleeping situation is different, but no matter what yours might be, it’s crucial to put your baby’s safety above everything else.

At the end of the article, be sure you check out our quick list of co sleeping dos and don’ts to help you make sure you’re doing things as safely as you possibly can.

Now, let’s get started exploring the fun and exciting world of co sleeping products!

Co Sleeping for Infants in Bed

When you want to bring your baby into the bed with you but prefer to have a little more security, you need a co sleeping product that can be used in bed. These sleepers are generally soft but may have a sturdy metal or plastic frame, depending on the style. They are designed to be positioned either beside one parent or between both parents, and can usually be used for the first few months of your baby’s life with no trouble. They are a great way to get started co sleeping when your infant is still too little to bring directly into the bed with you.

1. SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper

SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper

If you’re looking for a great low-cost option among the variety of co sleeping product for infants in bed available on the market today, look no further than the SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper . This is a great option for newborns and younger infants, and it works well for babies up until they are able to push up and roll over on their own. When you want a safe alternative to other forms of co-sleeping, you can bring this soft, sturdy sleeper into the bed beside you and keep your baby close without having to worry about some of the risks that are associated with other forms of co sleeping.



  • This is a soft and comfortable sleeper that provides your baby plenty of security when he or she is sleeping.
  • The frame for this sleeper is sturdy and durable, but soft enough that it won’t hurt your arms when you reach over to pick up your little one.
  • It’s very easy to wash this sleeper and keep it clean.
  • The included mattress may not be firm enough for some babies, so you may want to think about upgrading it for safety purposes.
  • The folding mechanism may be difficult to operate for times when you want to take this sleeper on the go with you.
  • This sleeper can only be used until your baby is old enough to push up and roll over.

2. Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround

No products found.

If you find yourself wishing you could find a soft and extra cozy option for co sleeping products for infants, then the No products found. sleeper is the best product for you. This is a soft plush sleeper that can be folded up into a convenient carrying package when not in use and quickly spread out into a comfortable sleeper when nighttime or naptime rolls around. There’s even a removable optional wedge to give your baby a slight incline while he or she is sleeping. Since this is a soft sleeper, it can be easily positioned in an adult bed between the pillows for plenty of comfort and safety for everyone.



  • This product is quick and easy to fold down and lightweight enough to carry with you on the go anywhere.
  • The size is perfect for newborns all the way up to around four months of age.
  • This is a very snuggly and soft sleeper that provides a lot of comfort for babies.
  • The optional incline wedge may make sleeping unsafe for very young infants, so it must only be used when the baby is awake.
  • Babies may move to one side or the other during the night and bump into the edges of this sleeper.
  • It may be difficult to keep this product clean without using a washable cover.
No products found.

3. Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger

No products found.

Are you looking for an affordable co sleeping bed for infants that will fit into your bed whether you’ve got a lot of space to spare or just a little? Do you want something that is made of certified organic materials to help keep your little one even safer than ever before? Are you searching for a co sleep item that you can use in bed as well as throughout the house during your daily routine? If any of these sounds like you, the No products found. is the perfect option for you! This comfortable and cozy sleeper is great for co sleeping with your baby when you’re concerned about safety risks and want a separate sleeper in the bed with you.



  • This co sleeping product is a very popular choice for many parents and caregivers.
  • You may be able to use this a little bit longer than some of the others listed here, up to about six months of age.
  • This is a great portable option for diaper changes on the go when you aren’t using it for co sleeping.
  • This organic option is much more expensive than some of the other products you may be considering.
  • This sleeper may not be good for use with babies who develop acid reflux during the night.
  • Some babies may be too fussy in this sleeper to be able to use it properly.
No products found.

4. DockATot Deluxe Dock

No products found.

The No products found. is a multi-purpose co sleeping product that can be used around the house when your baby needs a little tummy time, too. This sleeper can be modified to have a comfortable incline and support your baby during his or her awake time, and it can also be laid flat when it’s time to bring your little one into bed for the night. There are no extra buckles, ties, or anything else to get in the way of your baby’s restful night of sleeping with this excellent sleeper. Among co sleeping beds for infants, this is one of the most affordable and comfortable on the market.



  • This is a very portable item that can be used around the house and even on the go.
  • You can use this sleeper with a newborn baby safely without any risk.
  • This product is very soft and comfortable for your baby as well as for you.
  • This is a very expensive product that may be too pricey for many parents and caregivers.
  • This product is not washable and will need to be used with a washable cover.
  • If your baby is more than about 15 pounds it may be too small to use comfortably.
No products found.

5. The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper

With The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper, you’ll have a comfortable and safe sleeper that you can use in bed to keep your baby beside you without having to worry about any safety concerns. This folding sleeper is convenient, lightweight, and easy to pop up into sleeping position or fold down for storage during the day or for travel purposes. You can use it between the pillows of your bed so all you have to do is roll over and tend to your little one during the night.



  • The fabric that makes up this sleeper is very soft and snuggly, which is perfect for sensitive young babies.
  • There is a built-in light that makes nighttime feedings and diaper changes quick and easy.
  • This sleeper fits well on any bed and is soft enough that it won’t disrupt parents or caregivers when they sleep with it in the middle of the bed.
  • The mesh sides on this sleeper are not very durable and may be easily pushed down by the baby’s arms or legs.
  • You should discontinue use of this product as soon as your baby can roll over, so it may not be able to be used for very long.
  • This sleeper is a little bit flimsier than many of the others listed here.

Infant Co Sleeping Products that Attach to the Bed

If you prefer to keep your baby out of the bed itself but close enough that you don’t have to get out of bed to reach him or her during the night, you need a co sleep bed attachment instead. Most of these attachments can also be used as standalone cribs during the day, which makes them a great option for anyone who would like to co sleep at night but can’t lie down for daytime naps with the baby. These sleepers can be adjusted to match the mattress height of just about any bed, and they include many safety features to make them arguably the safest option for co sleeping products on the market today.

6. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

If you have a small room and still want to use an infant co sleeping bed attachment, the HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper may be the perfect solution for you! This bassinet sleeper can be rotated a full 360 degrees safely, which allows you to easily tend to your little one no matter what the day or night might bring. You can push the feet from the stand underneath your bed and bring the bassinet portion directly on top of your mattress for the safest possible co sleeping arrangement. The stand is adjustable and can be locked in place for maximum safety. With a few extra bells and whistles to top it all off, this sleeper is a great option that’s very popular with families who want to co sleep with newborn babies especially.



  • This bed features as built-in gentle vibration setting as well as a built-in light for quick and easy nighttime diaper changes.
  • The side wall of this bassinet is spring-loaded, which means it’s very easy to push down for reaching your baby during the night.
  • The swivel feature is safe and sturdy, and it can make it very easy for you to get in and out of bed.
  • This bassinet cannot be used after about five months of age.
  • The included mattress is not waterproof and will need to be used with a waterproof pad underneath.
  • The bassinet may be off-balance slightly after a while and may cause your baby to sleep more on one side than the other.

7. Co Sleep Bed Bassinet Bedside Baby Crib

This Co Sleep Bed Bassinet Bedside Baby Crib is an excellent solution for parents and caregivers who want to experience co sleeping but are concerned with the potential risks and health hazards for their little one. This is a great co sleeping product for a newborn baby since it allows the baby to be in a separate sleeping environment that’s still just an arm’s length away from one of his or her caregivers or parents all throughout the night. All you need to do is position the adjustable legs on this sleeper so that your baby can be easily reached from your own bed and scoot the sleeper close to your mattress. You’ll be co-sleeping comfortably next to your baby infant for many months to come when this attaches to bed.



  • This sleeper features lots of visibility for your little one thanks to the see-through mesh surrounding the crib portion of the bed.
  • This product is easy to put together with just a few simple steps that almost anyone can complete without the need for additional assistance.
  • The sleeper is adjustable and can be used with beds and rooms of just about any size and shape.
  • You can choose from a variety of different colors to suit your baby and your preferences as well.
  • This bed can only be used for a little while, and you will need to upgrade to something larger and more durable when your baby gets to be several months old.
  • Since this is a popular co sleeping product, it can be hard to find.
  • The included mattress may not be comfortable enough for your baby and you may need to upgrade it fairly soon.
  • You cannot use this sleeper without the wheels attached, so if you’re looking for something that stands in place, this may not be the sleeper for you.

8. Babybay Bedside Sleeper

No products found.

For one of the most popular co sleeping bed attachments on the market today, look no further than the No products found.. This sleeper is highly regarded in the world of co sleeping products, and it can be easily attached to the side of your mattress for use with your little one for many months to come. This is an unfinished product, and one of the draws is that it can be finished or painted to suit your bedroom’s furniture in just a few simple steps. Put this high-quality sleeper in your room and get ready to enjoy comfortable, safe, and snuggly co sleeping with your baby that’s sure to improve everyone’s sleeping situation in no time.



  • This is one of the most popular co sleeping products available on the market today and comes from a trusted and well-known brand name.
  • You can easily customize this sleeper to work well with your bedroom style and setup.
  • This sleeper is made from baby-safe products that are designed to keep your little one healthy.
  • This sleeper doesn’t come with a guard rail, mattress, or anything else you need to get started with it, and you’ll need to buy all of these separately.
  • Putting this sleeper together can be very difficult if you don’t have previous experience.
  • This sleeper may not fit every bed type or height.
No products found.

9. Chicco Side Sleeping Crib Next2Me Baby Crib

Chicco2016 Side Sleeping Crib Next2Me 'Dove Grey' Baby Crib Next 2 Me Brand NEW

The Chicco Side Sleeping Next2Me Baby Crib  is a durable and sturdy option for anyone looking for a great co sleeping product to use up until six months of age. Since this sleeper can be used for about a month longer than most of the other sleepers of this style available on the market today, it’s a popular choice and provides a little more durability than some of the others you may be looking at. The sleeper can also be used as a standalone crib, but if you choose to use it as a co sleeping attachment for your bed, be sure you put it in the right setting and position it so that there is no chance for a gap between it and the mattress on your bed. With the right usage, this can be a great addition to your co sleeping repertoire in no time.



  • This sleeper can be easily positioned to remove any potential gap between it and your mattress.
  • The included mattress is nice and firm, which is perfect for your baby’s safety during the night.
  • The sleeper makes it easy to reach over to the baby during the night without having to strain much to do so.
  • This cannot be used with a king size bed or larger.
  • This sleeper doesn’t provide as much air flow around the baby as some other models on the market today might.
  • This is considerably more expensive than many of the other comparable sleeper models available.

Bed Rails for Infant Co Sleeping

Last but not least, if you want to co sleep with your baby directly in the bed with you or if you’re looking for a way to safely and comfortably co sleep with a toddler or older child, a bed rail is the way to go. These rails can be attached to your mattress and folded up or down to ensure that you have access to your bed when you need it and safe and secure sleeping when nighttime rolls around. These rails are meant to keep your little one from falling out of bed during the night, but they do not offer the same level of safety and security that other types of co sleeping products may provide.

10. Summer Infant Single Fold Safety Bedrail

Summer Single Fold Safety Bedrail, Pink

Sleeping with your little one in the bed directly with you is unsafe without the use of a bed rail for infant co sleeping. With the Summer Infant Single Fold Safety Bedrail , you’ll be able to provide plenty of security for your baby or toddler when co sleeping in a queen size bed. This rail can also be used for toddler beds and twin size mattresses, so if your little one reaches a point where he or she wants to try sleeping alone, you can still get a lot of good use out of this handy and sturdy bed rail. Attach it to the mattress and simply fold it down or up as needed for quick, safe, and convenient use.



  • The rail is lightweight enough that it won’t sag on your mattress but sturdy enough to be used for a long time to come.
  • The breathable mesh makes air flow around the bed much nicer.
  • This bed rail includes more durable safety straps than other models on the market today.
  • It may be very difficult to fold down this bed rail, even with the help of two adults.
  • This rail may be very hard to put together and get positioned correctly on the bed.
  • The rail may be too large for some toddler beds and work better for twin size or larger adult beds.

11. Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail

Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail, Gray, Metal and Fabric Bedrail Set for Toddlers, 42.5” Long, Fits Twin, Full, and Queen Beds and Accommodates Thick Mattresses and Platform Beds

If you’ll be co sleeping with your baby in a bed that doesn’t back up to the wall, you may want to use a bed rail on both sides to provide even more safety and security for your little one. With the Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail , you can give your baby or toddler plenty of safety without spending too much money to make that happen. This bed rail can be attached to your existing mattress and positioned so that each side has equal coverage. One side of this rail can fold down for quick and easy access to the bed when it’s time to go to sleep. This is a must-have for any parents or caregivers looking to try co sleeping without the help of an additional sleeper or bed attachment.



  • This two-rail system is safer overall than the single bed rail option made by the same company.
  • Works well on a mattress without a box spring, such as a platform bed.
  • It’s easy to adjust these rails so that they are very snug against the mattress.
  • The included directions are a little bit difficult to follow, especially if you’ve never set up a bed rail before.
  • The packaging may arrive damaged due to the shipping process.
  • You cannot use these rails with king-size beds or larger.

12. Summer Infant Sure and Secure Folding Bedrail

Summer Infant Single Fold Safety Bedrail, White, Metal and Fabric Bedrail for Toddlers, 42.5” Long, Fits Twin, Full, and Queen Beds and Accommodates Thick Mattresses and Platform Beds

The Summer Infant Sure and Secure Folding Bedrail  is an affordable way to give yourself some peace of mind and provide lots of safe sleeping for your baby or toddler for a long time to come. This rail can be used with a queen-sized mattress for co sleeping purposes, but you can also attach it to a twin-size mattress for those days when your toddler or older child is ready to try sleeping in his or her own “big kid” bed. Available in a nice, clean, neutral white that’s sure to go with any bedroom décor, this bed rail is a great addition for families who want to practice co sleeping without bed attachments.



  • This product can be easily used on a platform bed with no issue.
  • The bed rail can be put together quickly and easily even without any experience or assistance.
  • The folding mechanism has a child safety feature which means your toddler or older child will not be able to fold it down.
  • There have been some reports of the plastic safety clip on this product breaking after frequent use, which may cause safety hazards for children.
  • It may be difficult trying to position this product correctly under your mattress and hook it into place.
  • The straps may come apart easily even with the weight of a child pressing against the rail during the night.

Co Sleeping Dos and Don’ts

Even if you have the most perfect co sleeping products on hand, there’s nothing that can replace a good, solid understanding of what you should and shouldn’t do during co sleeping situations. Check out our list of dos and don’ts to help you better prepare for whatever your co sleeping experience may send your way.


  • Check for gaps between your sleeper products and your mattress. Even a bed rail will have a small gap if you aren’t careful, so take time every night to be sure there’s no chance your baby could fall off the bed or between the mattress and wall, headboard, footboard, or sleeper.
  • Ensure your bed is firm and free from airway obstructions. Use a firm mattress for your baby’s benefit and be sure you don’t crowd the bed with heavy blankets or lots of pillows. If you have long hair, tie it up in a bun before sleeping.
  • Make sure everyone in the bed is aware the baby is there. Never put your baby in bed if your partner is unaware of his or her presence.


  • Go to bed medicated or intoxicated. This is a sure way to forget there’s a baby in bed with you while you’re sleeping, which can be very hazardous.
  • Overheat your baby. This goes hand in hand with keeping airway obstructions away from your child during sleep. Don’t dress your baby too warmly for co sleeping and once again, don’t use too many pillows or blankets.
  • Let the family pet in bed. The family dog or cat will have no concept of keeping the baby safe during sleep, and may crowd, push, overheat or even attack the baby, depending on your pet’s temperament. Keep things safe and keep the pets out of the bed when you’re co sleeping.


No matter which type of co sleeping you want to practice—whether you keep your baby in the bed with you or offer some separation for additional safety—you’re sure to find just what you need to make it happen among the products listed here. All of these are great, safe products that are perfect for use with babies or toddlers, and a co sleeping family needs at least one of these items on hand at all times for risk-free nights.

As your baby gets older, you may need to look into other co sleeping options as well. Don’t forget to read up on co sleeping for older children as well as for situations where you have a toddler and a baby both sleeping in the same bed. In no time, you’re sure to become a pro at co sleeping safely in a comfortable way that works for the whole family.

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