The Modern Parent’s Guide to the 35 Best YouTube Channel for Kids


As a parent in today’s high tech world there’s no denying that your kids will spend some amount of time on a gadget or device entertaining themselves. Even though it’s important to encourage kids today to drop the tablet and interact with the real world you can’t stop them from getting familiar with today’s basic technology.

  • We’ve listed the 35 best YouTube channels for kids
  • Know which YouTube channels are kid-friendly for safe browsing
  • Kids can learn a lot when they watch these channels
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The best way to find balance between children using the internet for fun and learning and getting attached to these gadgets is for parental supervision.

YouTube channels are great for parents who want to limit their children’s viewing. It’s easy for kids to get sucked into restricted material in YouTube. A channel can restrict your child’s viewing experience to everything that’s just on the channel. This way, your child only sees the videos in a specific channel.

Let your child explore the educational and entertaining side of YouTube with your help. Here are great kid-friendly YouTube channels that both you and your kids will love:

1. Mother Goose Club


The Mother Goose Club is the official YouTube Channel for everything Mother Goose. It’s a favorite for many parents and preschool teachers because it keeps toddlers and babies happy and entertained.

The YouTube channel features 6 colorful characters singing and dancing along to classic Mother Goose rhymes and encourages kids to dance, sing, and clap along with the group. It is wonderful learning tool for babies and toddlers who are still developing their motor skills and understanding.

Plus, you can choose from short 3 minute song videos or an hour long video about a variety of different child friendly topics!

How Many Videos: 345 videos

Upload Frequency: 1 -2 videos a week

Average Running Time: 3 minutes – 1 hour videos

Will Help Baby Learn About: Classic nursery rhymes, preschool classic stories, and basic movements that go with the song.

2. Busy Beavers


Busy Beavers is a YouTube channel parents go to for their kids to learn English better and faster. The instructional videos are focused on teaching toddlers, preschoolers, and even elementary students basic English language skills.

The channel helps kids all around the world familiarize themselves with the English language through the use of song and animation. It’s a fun, entertaining, and educational tool for parents to use especially for children whose first language is not English.

How Many Videos: 562 videos

Upload Frequency: 2 videos per week

Average Running Time: 2 minute – 1 hour videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Basic English and language skills

3. SimpleKidsCraft


SimpleKidsCraft is a fun way to get creative at home or at school using recycled materials that you can find around the house. The ideas and tips shared are very easy to follow and are great for DIY projects at home.

This YouTube channel for kids is best for the younger kids who love to fiddle with things while at the same time being given the chance to get creative. The channel encourages teachers and parents to think outside the box and help their kids learn the basics of being crafty and creative.

From make your own doll clothes to make your own lip balm it’s all here and it takes minimal effort.

How Many Videos: 936 videos

Upload Frequency: 2 – 3 videos a week

Average Running Time: 2 – 5 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn About: Crafting ideas, DIY art, recycling, and getting creative.

4. PBS Kids


PBS Kids is known for uploading many kid-friendly videos that range from “Curious George” and “Clifford the Big Red Dog”. The wholesome content published by the PBS Kids YouTube Channel makes it a favorite among parents.

The channel is committed on making a big impact on the education and the lives of its viewers through its child-friendly and curriculum based videos.

The uploaded videos also help children to hone their creativity, imagination, and critical thinking. The YouTube channel has hours upon hours of uploaded videos that kids will love and parents will approve of.

How Many Videos: 569 videos

Upload Frequency: 3 – 4 videos a week

Average Running Time: 1 – 3 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn About: Everyday life lessons and sharpening their critical thinking skills.

5. Yo Gabba Gabba!


“Yo Gabba Gabba!” The magic word that lets the fun and learning begin. Have you heard your kids rave about this show?

With the help of the loveable furry mascots Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Plex, and Toodee kids will dance and sing to the beat of the songs. Parents love watching this show because they’ll never know who the special guest will be.

It could be a cameo from a rock band singing a special song for the kiddies or a famous celebrity who’s sharing a bit of knowledge on screen. This famous TV show has now become available on YouTube making it easy to access for kids everywhere at any time!

How Many Videos: 289 videos

Upload Frequency: 3 – 4 videos every other month

Average Running Time: 2 – 5 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn About: Music appreciation and the development of motor skills through dance.

6. Kids TV


KidsTV is one of the collective educational channels for kids on YouTube.

There are countless of videos for every young child’s age group to keep them learning and entertained for hours on end. There are animated rhymes, numbers, objects, and many other subjects that are important to help facilitate the growth of a young child.

KidsTV is on a mission to provide quality fun and educational videos as a resource for parents and teachers from all over the world. Kids who watch videos from this YouTube channel pick up that learning is fun and easy from an early age which helps them appreciate the value of school and education.

How Many Videos: 767 videos

Upload Frequency: 4 – 5 videos per week

Average Running Time: 15 – 1 hour and 30 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Nursery rhymes, basic counting skills, basic language skills, manners, etc.

7. Sesame Street YouTube Channel


Sesame Street has been helping kids and toddlers learn about basic subjects for over 40 years.

With well-loved and well-known characters like Elmo and Cookie Monster it’s no surprise that the show has gone on to educated and entertain children from all over the world for decades.

The YouTube Channel features “shorts” and “collections” of videos that have a wide range of topics. This timeless TV classic has now been brought to the internet so that kids and parents can enjoy the antics of the characters wherever they may be.

Join this classic group of puppets together with your children for an afternoon for fun and learning.

How Many Videos: 2,012 videos

Upload Frequency: 1 video every 2 days

Average Running Time: 1 - 12 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn About: Letters, Numbers, Math, English, Science, and so much more!

8. The Houston Zoo


Discover the animals of our world with the help of The Houston Zoo YouTube channel.

Kids will enjoy watching different creatures play, leap, eat, while learning a thing or two about nature and how to take care of the animals.

It’s a cool and educational YouTube channel that features your kid’s favorite animals and others they may have never heard of before. This science channel for kids is a thrill to watch for both the little ones and adults who just can’t get enough of animals.

How Many Videos: 458 videos

Upload Frequency: 1 video per week

Average Running Time: 1 – 30 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: About wildlife and animal behavior.

9. SoulPancake


One of the most kid-friendly and uplifting YouTube channels today is the SoulPancake. There are videos that will make you laugh, cry, and think deeply.

Some of the favorite shows on this learning channel for kids are the famous “Kid President”, “Art Attack”, and “The Science of Happiness”.

The channel aims to bring some positivity and love into the world while at the same time encouraging kids to learn more and think independently. It’s no surprise that adults also love watching the videos from this YouTube channel; they are just that amazing and inspiring.

How Many Videos: 723 videos

Upload Frequency: 3 – 4 videos per week

Average Running Time: 2 – 9 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Self-confidence, manners, how to treat other people, and other basic social skills.

10. The Muppets Studio


From adults to toddlers, everyone loves The Muppets and their crazy antics. Although the YouTube channel may not be as educational as the other channels it’s still fun and entertaining for young children.

If you were born during the Sesame Street era, you may wonder why some the Muppets had to be separated from Elmo, Telly, Big Bird and the other puppets. Because of studio problems, the gang had to be broken up for the creations to survive.

So now, we have the Muppets and the usual Sesame Street gang.

Parents and kids can bond over the love for these classic characters like Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, and The Animal as they take on the stage (sometimes with celebrity guests!) and sing their hearts out for your entertainment.

How Many Videos: 179 videos

Upload Frequency: 1 -2 videos every week

Average Running Time: 30 seconds – 3 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Music appreciation.

11. The Brain Scoop


The YouTube channel is hosted by the loveable and quirky Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum in Chicago, Emily Graslie.

Kids will join her as she dives behind the scenes of the natural history museum. The educational YouTube channel for kids gives glimpses to on the animal prep lab, demonstrations about earth sciences, and a number of explanations about animal behavior.

If you have slightly older kids (or kids who aren’t easily squicked), then this might be a good choice for them. If you remember Beakman’s World, then you can expect the same wacky science experience from this channel.

The channel is also kind enough to have a “viewer’s discretion” or a “grossometer” disclaimer to help you judge whether the episode is appropriate for your kids to watch.

How Many Videos: 135

Upload Frequency: 2 videos per month

Average Running Time: 5 – 10 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Natural sciences

12. Word World PBS


Although the YouTube channel has been inactive for a few years now, it is still a popular channel for parents with toddlers who have just started learning.

The videos that Word World PBS shows are especially dedicated to the younger audiences and are focused on spelling and word familiarization. Parents who have little kids who are just starting to talk and learn new words love this channel because kids learn quicker when they are watching animated versions of words.

The fun thing about this show is that the objects are formed using the letters of the word making it easier for little kids to identify the word.

How Many Videos: 20

Upload Frequency: No new videos in the last 2 years

Average Running Time: 1 – 12 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Spelling and word association

13. National Geographic Kids


Everything your child wants to learn about nature, modern technology, and more can be found in National Geographic Kids YouTube channel.

It inspires curious questions and learning age appropriate scientific facts. The channel covers a long range of topics from wild animals, household pets, and how some of our favorite things are made.

It is a great channel for learning and educating kids and it is probably one of the best YouTube channels for kids that have no restricted videos in their playlist.

How Many Videos: 208

Upload Frequency: 4 videos per week

Average Running Time: 1 – 9 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Different branches of science and entertaining their curiosity

14. HooplaKidz


This channel features the animated gang of HooplaKidz singing and dancing along to classic and original nursery rhymes which keeps kids entertained and occupied for hours.

While they are watching Annie, Ben, and Mango go on adventures to meet different people and animals they also get to sing and dance along with them while learning and playing at the same time.

The interactive videos are a great tool to keep your kids attentive and participating throughout the series of the show. It’s a one stop YouTube channel for all things preschool.

How Many Videos: 382 videos

Upload Frequency: 2 videos per week

Average Running Time: 2 – 45 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Classic nursery rhymes, basic English skills

15. MinutePhysics


MinutePhysics is one of those educational YouTube channels for kids that is geared toward the older kids who understand or even just curious about the basic concepts of physics and how things around them work.

The funny, smart, and artsy animated clips are fun to watch and it makes learning a subject like physics easy to understand and comprehend.

It is a witty YouTube channel that lets kids explore the amazing world of science without it being too boring or complicated to understand. Simply put it’s a cool YouTube channel about how amazing physics and other sweet science can be.

How Many Videos: 165 videos

Upload Frequency: 2 videos per month

Average Running Time: 2 – 4 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Physics and other science phenomena

16. Whiz Kid Science


Let your kids learn how to do simple and easy yet totally cool science experiments as demonstrated by someone they can relate to: a kid! The channel has amazing videos that showcases cool and fun things your kids can try out for their science fair project.

What makes it even better is that the show is hosted by a kid so the activities and experiments are 100% doable at home using mostly household items. It’s a fun and educational way to learn more about science and the great stuff you can create from a bit of experimentation.

The channel will help your child find the inner not-so-mad scientist in them.

How Many Videos: 54 videos

Upload Frequency: 2 -3 videos per month

Average Running Time: 2 – 10 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Fun science experiments

17. Reading Rainbow

***UPDATE*** This channel seems to have removed a lot of their older content.


Relive the memories of your youth with Reading Rainbow. What once was a classic reading material during the 80’s and 90’s has been brought back to life by Levar Burton who reads those classic books on short videos for your kids today.

The classic form of storytelling combines your love for these timely books with the digital age through YouTube and animation.

Be wary that you have to explain some old school concepts, machines and terms to your tech-savvy kids!

It’s a fun way to inspire learning, reading, and imagination for kids in today’s modern age and you as a parent gets to go back in time through the stories you’ve once read while growing up with Rainbow Reading’s storytelling videos.

How Many Videos: 51 videos

Upload Frequency: Last upload 7 months ago

Average Running Time: 4 – 10 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Reading skills and imaginative thinking

18. TED Ed


TED talks are known worldwide for hosting speakers who give motivational and inspirational speeches. TED Ed is a YouTube channel that is specifically designed as a learning tool for kids from all over the world. The topics range from mathematics to biology and are simply inspiring and educational.

With TED’s mission of spreading great ideas they have reached out to the younger generation in the hopes of being a guide through their educational journey and growth.

With complex topics such as depression and body image it is a great way to discuss hard topics in a platform kids are more comfortable in. you may want to have your older kids tune into this channel.

How Many Videos: 1,144 videos

Upload Frequency: 3 videos per week

Average Running Time: 4 – 6 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Cutting edge science, mathematics, biology

19. Khan Academy


The Khan Academy is a wonderful resource for world class education that will grab the attention of both kids and adults.

Not only does this YouTube channel for kids upload videos about advanced mathematics it also does its job of sharing knowledge by publishing their list of the best educational websites for parents to access.

The Khan Academy YouTube channel focuses more on educating kids above the age of 10 and may not be as captivating as other channels, but it is still a favorite among many parents.

Teachers and parents who want to give their kids a head start on their education can tune in and learn more about biology, physics, math, and even history.

How Many Videos: 5,397 videos

Upload Frequency: 6 – 9 videos every other day

Average Running Time: 2 – 10 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Advanced Mathematics, Sciences, and other world class topics

20. Numberphile


Numberphile may not be very interesting to younger kids, but older children will love the videos about numbers. The YouTube channel makes numbers and math more interesting to get older kids more involved and engaged in math.

The videos feature many different characters that give life to the subject that many think is too hard or too boring to understand.

Parents and teachers of older kids who want to encourage them to learn more and absorb what they are taught can use this YouTube channel to bring math to life and entice children to pay more attention to the subject.

How Many Videos: 338 videos

Upload Frequency: 2 videos every other week

Average Running Time: 6 – 13 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Advanced mathematics

21. Activity Village


Although the YouTube account may not be active anymore, the few videos they have on the channel are still a great resource for simple activities.

There are origami and craft videos that are easy to try and follow at home to keep kids occupied and help them hone their creativity. Some videos are also about classic nursery rhymes and songs that are entertaining and fun for early learning.

Younger children can watch videos about colors which are important for developing early comprehension and fine motor skills. The collection of videos is a good mix of arts and basic learning--a great tool for parents to have at home.

How Many Videos: 25 videos

Upload Frequency: Last upload 4 years ago

Average Running Time: 1 – 4 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Craft for kids, simple activities to try at home

22. The Wiggles


Considered as one of the most popular children’s group, The Wiggles have been constantly educating and entertaining children and toddlers since 1991.

The colorful group sings and dances together with their friends Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus, and Captain Feathersword to keep preschoolers happy and entertained.

Their technique of capturing and captivating the attention of young children has proven successful and parents all around the world love The Wiggles and their upbeat and catchy songs. This is because the show encourages kids to love music and appreciate the beauty of song and dance while it enhances their motor skills and comprehension.

How Many Videos: 164 videos

Upload Frequency: 2 videos per month

Average Running Time: 1 – 2 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Basic motor skills through song and dance

23. 4KidsTV


The YouTube channel of 4KidsTV is an extension of the TV programming block which ran from 2002 to 2005.

The shows were enjoyed by kids everywhere during Saturday mornings, but since the programming block has left the television era they have uploaded their cartoons on the internet.

Now kids who are growing up can still watch the cartoons once enjoyed by the generation before them on YouTube, with parent’s discretion of course. Some of the cartoons may not be appropriate for younger viewers so it is up to the adults to decide which videos would be good for viewing.

How Many Videos: 175 videos

Upload Frequency: Last upload 2 years ago

Average Running Time: 20 – 25 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: To use their imaginations

24. All4TubeKids


This family-friendly YouTube channel is a fun and safe place for the whole family to watch and enjoy. This funny YouTube channel for kids show how much of great time you can have with the family.

They do everything from harmless and funny pranks on each other to short comedy skits.

Everyone who watches the YouTube videos are encouraged to share their thoughts, comments, ideas, and talents for the stars and the viewers to see. It’s a fun and interactive way to spend time with your kids while doing one of their favorite activities: watching videos on YouTube!

How Many Videos: 797 videos

Upload Frequency: 3 videos per week

Average Running Time: 15 – 40 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: The importance of family and having fun with each other

25. SevenAwesomeKids


Seven talented kids come together to make hilarious videos that’s kid appropriate and entertaining to watch.

It may not necessarily be educational, but it’s a joy to watch these kids have fun. Their creativity and knack for making everyday life as amusing and enjoyable as possible and they share it with the rest of the world.

This is one of the funny YouTube channels for kids that parents will also like to watch because the kids are just captivating and they love to make people laugh with their crazy antics.

How Many Videos: 2,011 videos

Upload Frequency: 4 – 5 videos per week

Average Running Time: 3 – 7 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Having fun, being young, and getting creative

26. It’s Okay to Be Smart


One of the best kid’s channels on YouTube is “It’s Okay to Be Smart”.

It is hosted by Joe Hanson (he has a PhD) who is curious about the universe and everything that’s in it. The videos are primarily focused on science and everything that is connected to it. It is a fun way for kids to learn more about science and that it’s okay to be smart and know a lot facts.

Joe Hanson makes it possible to understand the relationship of science and everything around us including history and relationships. He gives a fun and memorable take on a subject most kids are not that interested in, making this channel a helpful tool for parents who want their kids to be more interested in school subjects and learning.

How Many Videos: 153 videos

Upload Frequency: 1 – 2 videos per week

Average Running Time: 2 – 7 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Science and everything connected to the subject

27. Incredible Science


The name of the channel says it all: Incredible Science.

The kid friendly channel has a long list of really cool, interesting, and incredible science experiments that will encourage young children to get more involved in science.

The host gives a new and fun twist to simple science experiments kids can try at home to make them all the more exciting and to get kids more interested.

Parents must watch these videos with their kids just in case they want to try out the experiments at home as they may need adult supervision. Have fun while learning!

How Many Videos: 331 videos

Upload Frequency: 2 videos per week

Average Running Time: 1 – 15 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Simple science experiments

28. Art for Kids Hub


This YouTube channel is hosted by a dad who is passionate in creating art and he is sharing his love for everything creative with his children.

Rob, his super cool kids, and sometimes his wife come together to have some fun and add a splash of color to your kid’s everyday life.

His videos are a joy to watch and it inspires kids to use their imaginations and yes, get their hands dirty once in awhile. Let your kids unleash their creativity or join them in making art work you’ll be proud to put on your dinner table.

How Many Videos: 617 videos

Upload Frequency: 1 video per day

Average Running Time: 10 – 23 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Getting creative and artsy

29. Kids Animal Channel


Your kids get to explore the wonders of wildlife while learning about interesting facts about many different kinds of animals at the comfort of your home.

The Kids Animal Channel is one of the best kids YouTube channels about animals that kids will love and parents will also enjoy watching. Make your children animal lovers from a young age by exposing them to as many kinds of animals on our planet.

Your kids will get a chance to see endangered and wild animals, to cute and cuddly pets, to the weird and scary creatures you and your kids will all get the chance to see them in this YouTube channel.

How Many Videos: 175 videos

Upload Frequency: Last upload 1 year ago

Average Running Time: 1 – 25 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Nature, animals, wildlife facts

30. Disney Shorts/Mickey Mouse


Kids will get to enjoy classic Disney cartoons on repeat if they prefer with the help of the Disney Shorts or Mickey Mouse YouTube channel.

Nothing says kid-friendly like Disney. Parents will fall in love with the classic toons they once saw on TV but have come back to the spotlight through YouTube.

The Disney Shorts many not be an educational or a science channel, instead it is purely for good and wholesome entertainment that is fun for the whole family. Be it for nostalgia or for fun, both kids and parents will surely have this YouTube channel bookmarked on their devices.

How Many Videos: 167 videos

Upload Frequency: 2 videos per week

Average Running Time: 2 – 8 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Enjoying a relaxing time of watching cartoons

31. Bedtime Lullaby

***UPDATE*** This channel seems to have been deleted 🙁


This lullaby YouTube channel is great for babies when they are about to sleep. Although there aren’t as many videos and the channel isn’t active of late the videos run for over 6 hours ensuring that your baby gets enough soothing music while they comfortably sleep at night.

Parents who are sleep training or want to provide their babies with soothing music as they sleep can turn to this YouTube channel for babies and toddler. Lullaby songs include classical music from Mozart which encourages the brain development as your child sleeps.

How Many Videos: 32 videos

Upload Frequency: Last upload 1 year ago

Average Running Time: 1 – 6 hour videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Relaxed sleeping time, early brain development

32. Oh My Genius


Every toddler has the chance to become a genius if their brains are nourished from an early age, so is the belief of Oh My Genius, an educational YouTube channel for toddlers and babies.

Through their numerous videos on numbers, alphabets, objects, and other important learning subjects they help to inspire young children to learn as much as they can.

By using eye-catching videos and animations, combined with easy to learn songs Oh My Genius makes learning fun for toddlers. This YouTube channel is a great asset for parents who want to give their child a leg up early on in their development stages.

How Many Videos: 674 videos

Upload Frequency: 4 – 5 videos per week

Average Running Time: 21 minute – 4 hour videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Counting skills, lessons from nursery rhymes, motor skill development

33. The Learning Station


The Learning Station is a wonderful resource for parents and preschool teachers who want to keep their kids entertained while they are trying to grasp basic concepts.

This learning channel for kids features videos with active participation to encourage kids to listen and participate as the videos goes on. Some of the uploaded videos reach topics as far as skip counting for the more advanced kids while some of the videos are focused on learning nursery rhymes.

The Learning Station on YouTube makes school and learning new topics fun and exciting to make sure young children absorb what they see and be able to remember it for years to come.

How Many Videos: 213 videos

Upload Frequency: 2 – 3 videos per month

Average Running Time: 2 – 40 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Alphabet, counting, nursery rhymes

34. Kids TV 123


Kids TV 123 is another YouTube channel for preschool kids who are at their early stages of learning and development.

The simple yet captivating videos on counting, the alphabet, and nursery rhymes can hold the attention of toddlers and letting them absorb the lessons being taught in the videos.

The videos found on Kids TV 123 are great for introducing new concepts to toddlers and as a review guide for what they have learned at school. Practicing and doing homework will be a blast for little children watching these videos online.

How Many Videos: 185 videos

Upload Frequency: 2 – 3 videos per month

Average Running Time: 2 – 35 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Phonetics, alphabet, nursery rhymes and other original songs

35. Cool School


Cool School is one of the YouTube channels for kids which keeps up with pop culture. The unique thing about this channel is that it’s 100% kid friendly that parents will be comfortable letting their children enjoy watching the uploaded videos.

There are also arts and craft videos for kids to try out at home to keep themselves occupied and lets them explore their creativity. Both parents and kids can work together in creating the crafty items they can keep and even use at home or at school.

The videos at Cool School are all engaging and age appropriate!

How Many Videos: 265 videos

Upload Frequency: 1 video every other day

Average Running Time: 4 minute – 2 hour and 20 minute videos

Will Help Baby Learn: Movie fun facts, other daily facts, arts and crafts

36. ABC Kids INC

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It’s hard to manage parental supervision over your kids while they explore the wonders of the internet. With so many inappropriate YouTube channels that are free for access it is important to remain vigilant and watchful when it comes to what your kids are viewing online.

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