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Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support (12-45 Pounds), Carbon Grey, Cool Air Mesh
  • Explore with baby: For curious, developing baby who starts exploring beyond her caregiver to see the world (12-45...
  • All Carry Position: Inward, Front Outward, Hip & Back Carry
  • Cool and breathable: Cooler for you and baby with soft, lightweight & durable mesh
  • The struggle is over for finding baby carriers for big babies
  • Learn the basics of carrying bigger, older, and heavier babies
  • We explain how to choose a sturdy carrier for a bigger baby
  • Our top 5 carriers for big babies are featured and reviewed

Are you a parent who's finding it increasingly difficult to wear your rapidly growing baby?

Or you have a toddler who's eager to walk around but tires easily and likes to be held?

Maybe you’re just trying to find a way to stay close to your baby as he or she gets bigger?

If you answered “yes” to any of these then you’ve come to the right place.

We know life with a toddler is hard work. One minute they want to be held; the next they'd rather run around. They're growing so quickly that it's hard to find the right equipment and clothes. But life can be made a bit easier by using a carrier that meets those demands.

The best baby carrier for older babies not only keeps them close but also grows with them, is durable enough to withstand extensive use, and has extra space for your personal items. Most importantly, it does so with your safety and your toddler's safety in mind.

Your time is important so we've researched the market to create this straightforward guide to help you decide which baby carrier for bigger babies will best suit your needs. First we'll discuss things to consider when carrying a bigger baby, then we'll discuss how to choose the best carrier. We'll finish by thoroughly reviewing our top five choices.You'll be able to pick the ideal baby carrier quicker than you change a diaper.

Top 5 Baby Carriers

1. Bebamour Style Designer Sling Carrier

No products found.

No products found. is a budget-friendly baby carrier for big babies but doesn't skimp on quality.

It starts with a lightweight yet durable frame, and strong tightly woven fabric. Velcro and zipper attachments are sturdy with perfect stitching. Additionally, attachments like buckles and zippers are quiet. Using this carrier while baby is sleeping shouldn't be an problem at all. Breathable mesh backing ensures you and baby stay comfortable even through summer.

This Bebamour is super versatile, easily converting to five different seating positions. If you get tired or uncomfortable carrying baby in one position you can quickly adjust baby to another.

Bebamour had safety and comfort in mind when it designed baby's seating area. They created a little seat instead of letting baby hang in the fabric. Its leather surface is non-slip and doesn't pinch between baby's legs. The seat slightly tilts towards the wearer’s body so that the weight falls towards the wearer. This evenly distributes baby's weight making him or her more comfortable to wear.



  • The waist pack offers great lower back support.
  • A fabric hood is included. This protects against unpredictable weather.
  • The frame of the carrier is thinner and less bulky than most other carriers.
  • It could use more storage space for small personal items like a cellphone and wallet.
  • It's not suitable for breastfeeding without an additional cover.
  • Its waistline belt is thin and can dig into your skin if not positioned correctly.
No products found.

2. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One

Baby Carrier One - Denim Blue, Cotton

Swedish brand BABYBJORN  has been creating high-end baby gear since 1961. Its One aims to be the only carrier you'll ever need.

BABYBJORN has a very minimalist style. The coloring and construction of One echos that. It's solidly built yet has one of the lowest profiles of any baby carrier. The cotton/polyester blend material is guaranteed to be safe, even if chewed or sucked on. One is available in a few solid colors- black, silver, and beige.

The One fits comfortably on the wearer. Shoulder straps are wide and amply padded. The weight of a toddler doesn't cause the straps to dig into your shoulders. A supportive waistbelt sits on the hips to help distribute weight.

BABYBJORN’s unique zipper system makes adjusting the carrier easy as baby grows. Simply move an inner zipper to a lower level. What makes it the best baby carrier for toddler age is how the zipper system adjusts the leg openings as your child grows.

The One is completely machine-washable so spills and messes aren't a problem. The unit tends to be a bit bulkier than other models, but despite its larger size, it folds compact for easy travel. It fits into moody large purses and diaper bags.



  • Unisex color scheme makes it easy to share the carrier.
  • The One is a JPMA Certified Product.
  • Possible to single-handedly move baby from front-carrying position into back-carrying position.
  • There are no pockets for items such as a cellphone or wallet.
  • No sunshade is included.
  • It's a bit bulkier than other carriers.

3. Egobaby Four Position 360

Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support (12-45 Pounds), Carbon Grey, Cool Air Mesh

The Four Position 360 by Ergobaby  offers a quality product tailored for comfort.

Ergobaby obviously put a lot of thought into making this product. The design is streamlined with a low profile. Construction consists of strong fabric and secure stitching. Indeed, this Ergobaby holds up well even after numerous wash cycles.

Several features on the Four Position 360 ensure baby's comfort. A structured bucket seat properly supports his or her hips and legs while in any position; including front facing. Additionally, the seat on this version is wider than on the original version. An extendable back panel can provide head support for a small child (when folded in), or provide back support for a toddler-sized child (when extended out).

Ergobaby didn't forget about the wearer’s comfort. The wide padded waistband provides excellent lumbar support; the shoulder straps don't dig into your skin at all. Overall it's pretty easy to get it on and off by yourself. The one drawback to that is that the carrier can't be adjusted once it's on. The whole thing has to be removed and readjusted.



  • A nursing hood is included.
  • It is easy to put on and take off; a partner doesn't have to help.
  • Bucket seat ensures baby’s hips and legs are always supported.
  • Velcro waistband can't be adjusted while wearing the carrier.
  • There are no pockets to hold personal items such as a wallet or phone.
  • Baby and wearer can get hot when carrier is used in the summer.

4. BabyHawk by Moby Meh Dai Baby Carrier

The BabyHawk by Moby is a meh dai style carrier that combines the secure feeling of a wrapping style with more structured support.

Moby constructs BabyHawk carrier from durable soft fabric. It's soft enough to be comfortable for your child yet can also handle excessive use. The unit didn't show any signs of wear after repeated ties. BabyHawk washes well; the stitching remains in place, there's no shrinkage, and the color doesn't fade.

The meh dai makes BabyHawk a best baby carrier for heavy babies because of its less bulky than other structured carriers. Other carriers are larger and heavier to accommodate the size and weight of larger children. The BabyHawk uses panels of fabric that tie instead of buckles and foam.

Its integrated headrest is a nice touch because it can be folded down when you don't want to use it. That's definitely easier and faster than a detachable one, and infinitely more convenient than one that doesn't adjust at all.

BabyHawk by Moby works for families with multiple wearers. Its ample 70-72 inch waist straps fit petite through XXL sizes. Switching wearers is easy since there are no buckle adjustments. Just simply untie and go.



  • Baby's weight is evenly distributed and feels very natural on your body.
  • There’s no need to readjust the as baby moves.
  • Meh Dai style is less intimidating than wraps for new baby wearers.
  • A sunshade isn't included.
  • No option for forward-facing baby.
  • Wearing this carrier in the summer can feel hot.

5. Beco Toddler Nimbus

Toddler comes in a few cute designs featuring things like clouds (Nimbus), arrows (Arrow), and dragonflies (Dragonfly). It's well-constructed with strong seams and buckles. And even rolls up neatly into its own zipper pouch.

Wearing the carrier took some getting used to. There are several adjustments that can be made to perfect your fit - moveable chest strap, detachable shoulder straps. It may take a couple of tries to get it comfortably adjusted.

Like the name suggests, Toddler is made specifically with the bigger kid in mind. The seat is darted and deeper than other seats, the back panel is larger, and there's padding at the legs.



  • Includes toy ring for easy access to favorite items.
  • A pocket on the waistband holds personal items, but it also comes with a snap-on clutch to hold additional items.
  • It comes with a hood that your toddler can wear in inclement weather.
  • There are only two carry positions.
  • Getting the carrier off can be cumbersome.
  • Wide back body panel can feel awkward on petite wearers.

Basics of Wearing Bigger Babies

Children grow up fast! And while it's easy to baby-wear newborns, it's often not as easy a task as they get older. The extra weight can be difficult to manage; sometimes causing a back and shoulder ache. Your hands are busy readjusting them to get both of you comfortable.

Don't fret though, there's absolutely no reason you'll have to compromise the safety and convenience you've become accustomed to.

Just keep these four tips in mind about carriers for older babies:

  • As your child grows you'll need a carrier that can support a larger body and weight.
  • Since toddlers’ bodies are long the weight tends to be more evenly distributed on your body.
  • Make sure your back and torso support the weight instead of your arms or shoulders.
  • Baby's weight should rest on his or her with knees at the same level as their hips.

Carriers that can be used in multiple positions are the most useful for large babies. Let's say you're out shopping, for example, and you normally hold baby on your hip. After a while he or she will likely become heavy, or want to change position. A convertible carrier lets you do that. It'll definitely save you from trying to carry baby in an awkward position.

Also be sure to check out the guidelines from T.I.C.K.S Rules and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute to help you understand how to position your child when baby-wearing.

How to Choose a Baby Carrier

Babywearing is not a modern concept, though we have recently seen it soar in popularity. Modernization and popularity have brought with it better quality products and a wide range of styles so there are quite a few factors to consider when choosing your baby carrier.

1. Picking a Style

Baby carriers come in five different styles.

Mei Tai is a two-shoulder carrier based on traditional Chinese carrier. Baby rests in a semi-structured compartment while straps tie around the wearer's waist and shoulders.

Pouch consists of a rectangular piece of fabric sewn at both ends. It's worn on one shoulder like a sash. Sizing is not adjustable.

Ringsling is a loose-fitting pouch but can be adjusted.

Soft Structured Carrier (SSC), sometimes called backpack carriers or buckle carriers. They're patterned after backpacks with padded shoulder and waist straps.

Wraps are one long sectioqn of fabric that can be worn in many configurations. It offers no support or padding.

2. Planning for Comfort

You and baby should be comfortable no matter what style you choose. Extra padding and soft fabric contribute to this. If heat is a problem then don't forget to look for mesh fabrics that allow extra airflow.

3. Make Sure it's Durable

You need a carrier that can withstand the rigors of life. Look for strong seams and attachments. Fabric should be sufficiently thick. You don't want something that feels flimsy.

4. It Should be Easy to Clean

Babies and toddlers can be messy. Accidents and spills happen. It's nice if a carrier can be quickly washed and dried do that it's always available to use.


There are a wide array of options when you’re looking for a dependable carrier for your growing child. You really can’t go wrong with any of the products we mentioned above. Each of these carriers offers safety and convenience at a great value. But one stands out above the rest - BabyHawk by Moby Meh Dai Baby Carrier.

BabyHawk by Moby is the most versatile and easy to use carrier. Its long straps allow anyone in the family to easily wear baby. Tying instead of buckles ensures you won’t ever wake up a sleeping child. You can’t beat how easy it is to carry or the softness of the fabric.

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