Baby Feeding

Breastfeeding: Some mothers prefer breastfeeding while others don’t. Either way, it’s important to be educated on the process when you’re trying to decide which option is right for you and your child. Knowing when it’s time to stop breastfeeding is an important part of this process, too.

Baby Weaning: Whether you’re weaning your baby from breastfeeding or bottle feeding, eventually he or she will need to start on solid foods. This is a good time for you to brush up on your baby weaning information so you know just what to offer your child at every stage.

Baby Led Weaning: If you’ve never heard of baby led weaning or if you’ve always wanted to know more about it, you may be interested in checking out this variation on the weaning process. This option may not work for every baby or every family, but it can be a fun experience for those who want to give it a try.

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