11 Awesome Bible Channels for Kids on YouTube

  • 11 YouTube channels that can teach children about the bible
  • Apart from child-friendly, these channels are Christian-centric
  • The channels listed help encourage a healthy faith among kids
  • We’ve provided a helpful summary of each channel for parents

Are you looking for a modern way to teach your kids about the Bible?

Do you want to know about all the best YouTube channels that are devoted to Christian faith education?

Are you looking for the best way to instill Christian values for your lil YouTube addict?

If any of these questions sound familiar, you're certainly in the RIGHT PLACE. Read on...

There are so many inappropriate YouTube channels that kids can view with just a click of a button. Since they are at the age where they imitate what they see and are very influential, it is important to let your young children watch age-appropriate channels and videos.

One way to ensure your child is able to learn and at the same time appreciate the Christian faith is to expose them to YouTube channels that are focused on Bible stories and lessons they can learn during Sunday School.

It is very rare to find child-friendly channels on YouTube much less Christian-centric channels. If you are parent who is concerned about what your child is watching and learning from the internet, or a parent who wants to encourage healthy faith and belief in Christianity at a young age here are the best YouTube channels to check out:

#1:  Channel: The Beginners Bible

Description: The most famous and most talked-about Bible stories that are full of educational lessons are brought to life in cartoons in this YouTube channel. By using this format, it makes the stories easy to understand while keeping kids interested as they are learning more about their faith and the stories of Christianity.

Life lessons from the Bible’s most influential stories can now we watched with just a click of a button in YouTube that both you and your child will surely enjoy.

The Beginners Bible YouTube channel has a long list of Bible stories in cartoon version, with episodes ranging from a quick 5 minute short story to a 1 hour full length feature. The channel is also currently active so you and your child can look forward for more Bible stories in the future!

How Many Videos: 41 Videos

Upload Frequency: 1 Video per week

Average Running Time: 5 minute to 2 hour videos

Will Help Your Kid Learn About: The basics of the most popular Bible stories.

Perfect For: Introducing your child to Bible stories and sparking interest in learning more about the holy book.

#2:  Channel: The Holy Tales: Bible

Description: The Holy Tales: Bible YouTube channel is another Bible-centric channel that is perfect for young Christians to learn more about their faith and the amazing stories of the Bible. With the help of Gran Old Holy, an old and wise narrator of the stories, your kids will be transported to the world where these stories happened.

Kids will be able to learn and see how important events like Creation, The Flood, The Life of Jesus Christ unfolded in amazing and creative cartoon animation. The Bible videos for kids on this channel are the perfect mix of faith, education, and of course entertainment.

Your kids will be able to travel back in time with the rest of Gran Old Holy’s gang as they see the different Bible stories come to life right in front of their eyes.

How Many Videos: 312 Videos

Upload Frequency: 2 – 3 videos every 3 months

Average Running Time: 10 – 40 minute videos

Will Help Your Kid Learn About: The different Bible stories and the moral lessons in the end.

Perfect For: Familiarizing and being able to tell apart stories from the Old and New Testaments.

#3:  Channel: Veggie Tales Official

Description: Nothing beats the Veggie Tales gang when it comes to faith-based cartoons. They are the original band of healthy vegetables that help guide children into appreciating and loving their Christian faith.

The short cartoons with animated and talking vegetables reenact scenes from famous Bible stories, sometimes giving them an added funny story line to keep younger audiences entertained throughout the video.

The loveable characters don’t just settle for showing scenes from the Bible, they also sing to encourage kids to remember what they have learned from watching the videos. The Veggie Tales Official chennel is one of the pioneers of faith-based and Christian-centric animation catering especially to young children.

It is no surprise that they have continued to teach and guide kids until today because the Veggie Tales gang are just that fun, awesome, and educational!

How Many Videos: 206 Videos

Upload Frequency: 2 Videos per month

Average Running Time: 30 second to 3 minute videos

Will Help Your Kid Learn About: Faith-based values that are important to everyday life like forgiveness, kindness, honesty, etc.

Perfect For: Instilling the importance of practical and daily applications of what they learn from the Bible and its stories.

#4:  Channel: What’s In The Bible?

Description: From the creator of VeggieTales comes this new sneak-peak into his latest project called “What’s in The Bible?”. The YouTube channel has been created to cater to young kids and families who are starting their journey into exploring the Christian faith.

The Bible is a fantastic source of faith and has many compelling stories, but it is also easy to get lost in all of the different stories being told. There is no shame in asking questions and that is exactly what this Christian YouTube channel is for.

The uploaded videos are short and make the stories in the Bible easy to understand, especially for the younger kids. It is a great resource for parents and teachers with younger kids who are in need of guidance and help when it comes to understanding the Bible.

Remember, questions are always welcomed and a journey begins with the flip of a Bible’s page. You just have to send in your questions to the channel through their email.

How Many Videos: 257 Videos

Upload Frequency: 3 Videos every 4 months

Average Running Time: 30 second to 2 minute videos

Will Help Your Kid Learn About: Basics about the Bible and getting to know more about the Bible.

Perfect For: Curious Christians with questions about the Bible and its stories.

#5:  Channel: The Anima Series

Description: The Anima Series YouTube channel is hosted by Jon Jorgeson whose mission in life is to inspire others to believe in their faith and the Christian teachings.

He is a young man who loves to tell stories that capture the interest of teens and young adults, especially those who are looking for meaning in their lives. For those “kids” who feel like they have lost their way and need to find their way back to faith, this is the YouTube channel that will guide you back into appreciating the Christian faith and worship.

Get your children inspired and start living their lives again by watching the videos on this channel. Jon of The Anima Series on YouTube will be there to help your child along the way.

How Many Videos: 231 Videos

Upload Frequency: 1 video every other day

Average Running Time: 3 minute to 1 hour videos

Will Help Your Kid Learn About: The importance of Christianity and having a strong sense of faith and belief.

Perfect For: Older kids and young adults who are still searching for the meaning of faith and want to be inspired to take on the world from a newer and brighter perspective.

#6:  Channel: Bible Stories for Kids

Description: The Bible story videos for kids in this YouTube channel focuses on the different characters found in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Where most channels and videos found on YouTube focuses on the entire story, this channel highlights and gives importance to the little things these characters has to go through Bible.

Stories for Kids is an in-depth story telling experience which kids will enjoy because the characters are animated and parents will love because everything is age-appropriate and encourages a healthy relationship with their child’s Christian faith.

Learning lessons and understanding the stories and characters of the Bible just became easier with the help of this YouTube channel.

How Many Videos: 23 Videos

Upload Frequency: 5 videos per month

Average Running Time: 22 to 30 minute videos

Will Help Your Kid Learn About: The stories of the different characters in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Perfect For: Getting familiar with the Bible characters and the details of their stories.

#7:  Channel: Christian Mother

Description: The passion for encouraging young children to learn more about the Christian faith and her love for her children has inspired this mother to create a YouTube channel that is 100% child-friendly.

The videos in this Christian channel are centered around the stories from both the Old and New Testament of the Bible. They are a great teaching tool to use for young children who are being raised in a Christian household because the animation is easy to understand and keeps them entertained while they are learning lessons from the Bible stories.

Parents and kids will enjoy the videos uploaded by Christian Mother because they are all Christian parent approved!

How Many Videos: 32 Videos

Upload Frequency: 5 – 6 videos per year

Average Running Time: 5 to 25 minute videos

Will Help Your Kid Learn About: The different stories and lessons taken from the tales of both the New and Old Testament of the Bible.

Perfect For: Getting familiar with the story of Jesus and the importance of the stories from the Old Testament.

#8:  Channel: That Christian Channel

Description: Everything there is to learn and enjoy about the Christian faith can be found in this YouTube channel. By using different forms of entertainment like song and music, storytelling, movies, and puppets That Christian Channel is a hit with parents and children all across the globe.

Their Christian-centric theme and central focus on learning more about the Christian faith in a fun and enjoyable way has made the YouTube channel very popular. Kids get to learn details about different Bible chapters in the Bible lesson segments and they can also choose to watch movies about the stories from the Bible.

Either way, kids get to become familiar with the Bible while they also get to appreciate the joys of their faith at the same time.

How Many Videos: 126 Videos

Upload Frequency: 2 – 3 videos per month

Average Running Time: 1 – 11 minute videos

Will Help Your Kid Learn About: Detailed discussion about the different chapters of the Bible’s New Testament.

Perfect For: In-depth Bible study lessons for kids, young adults, and even parents.

#9:  Channel: Rose Paul


Description: Rose Paul is not your typical channel for Bible videos for kids. The videos uploaded range from your usual animated Bible stories to other stories that are still related to the Christian faith, but may not be from the Bible.

Be warned that not all of the videos are in English, some are in another language and parents may need to see the videos first before letting their kids watch. For those that are titled appropriately, like the Bible stories are great for the whole family to watch.

It may not be your typical YouTube channel for all things Christian, but the Bible stories uploaded are still great to view if you want your young children to embrace the stories form an early age.

How Many Videos: 562 Videos

Upload Frequency: 15 – 20 videos per month

Average Running Time: 2 minute to 1 hour videos

Will Help Your Kid Learn About: Life lessons and everyday morals taken from Bible stories.

Perfect For: Learning more than your usual Bible stories and Christian faith. If you want to know where to go after Bible stories, this is the channel.

#10:  Channel: Biblestudiesforlife

Description: A YouTube channel that’s not only for kids, but for the whole family is Biblestudiesforlife. It is a channel that features everyday lives of ordinary people and how they have been affected by the Bible and its teachings.

The channel is a great source of inspiration for families who want to bond using the teachings from Bible study.

Although the channel may not cater exclusively for children seeing as the lessons are a little advanced for their age, but parents can certainly look to this collection of videos to make their faith stronger and bring their whole family closer together.

How Many Videos: 83 Videos

Upload Frequency: 2 videos every other month

Average Running Time: 1 – 5 minute videos

Will Help Your Kid Learn About: Everyday use for lessons learned from Bible studies and the importance of having a Christian-centric household.

Perfect For: Teaching kids and the whole familythe importance and the value of Bible studies in practical and daily life.

#11: Channel: Listener Kids

Description: Songs are a great way to engage little kids when it comes to teaching them lessons. There are many popular songs on the radio and on YouTube that aren’t very age appropriate nor do they have anything to do with faith and Christianity.

If you are a concerned parent who wants their child to learn more about their faith while at the same time encouraging their love for music this YouTube channel is a great choice.

They may not have a lot of uploaded videos, but the fun and creative Christian songs coupled with cute animation makes these set of videos a great teaching and learning tool to have.

How Many Videos: 17 Videos

Upload Frequency: 1 video every 3 – 4 months

Average Running Time: 2 – 5 minute videos

Will Help Your Kid Learn About: Wholesome and Christian songs.

Perfect For: Singing along while learning the different values every Christian should practice.

Learning More About the Christian Faith Through YouTube

It’s hard to monitor everything your child watches when they are on the internet, but it’s not impossible. If you want to encourage them to love their faith and strengthen their faith, these YouTube channels are a good way to start.

The foundation of every good Christian home is an attentive and loving parent. With the Bible story videos for kids found in these channels, raising them with a strong sense of faith and teaching them important lessons in life just got easier with the help of these useful videos.

Encourage your children to learn more about Christianity and the Bible from an early age, let them explore the wonderful world of Bible stories and studies through YouTube.



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