Where To Buy A Swingset: Our Top 5 DIY Playground Destinations

  • We can show all you the best places to go playground shopping 
  • From hardware stores to online stores, we have options for all 
  • Plus, important things to focus on when you buy your swing set 
  • Bonus video: Don’t Buy A Wooden Swing Set Without Knowing These

Do you have children who want somewhere fun to play in the backyard?

Have you been thinking about putting in a swing set for your kids to enjoy?

Do you know where to buy a swingset to ensure you get a good deal?

If you’re in the market for a swing set, you may need to take some time and consider the place where you’ll be buying your new backyard playground equipment from. Some places that sell products like swing sets may not sell very high-quality items, or they may cut corners in ways that are unsafe for your little ones.

Because of this, you should always be cautious about where you buy any type of backyard playground items from. But if you’re concerned about this when it comes to purchasing your new swing set, don’t worry—we’ve got plenty of information put together below to help you figure out just where you need to go shopping in order to find the best deal on the highest-quality swing set you can manage.

Check out our list of places to shop for a swing set below and you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your yard, your kids, and your budget. Let’s get started!

1. Hardware Stores

Location: Physical stores

metal swing sets on sale

Hardware stores sell a few playsets that usually include slides and climbing platforms as well as swings. They may install the products for you, or they may help you learn how to install them yourself. These are usually wooden swing sets.


  • Most larger towns and cities have hardware stores, so it should be fairly easy to find one in your area.
  • You can usually see some of these playsets and swing sets already put together and get an idea of what they look like before buying.


  • The prices are often considerably higher at these stores than elsewhere.
  • These stores usually charge extra for delivery and installation as well.

2. Target and other Chain Stores

Location: Physical stores

cheap swing sets for sale

Target, and other stores like it, often sell swing sets during the summer or the time leading up to the summer. This can be a good place to find a deal on products like this, especially when they go on sale at the end of the season. You’ll usually find metal swing sets here.


  • You can find better prices on in-person products when shopping with Target and other similar chain stores.
  • These products are usually good quality and very popular brand names.


  • These types of stores rotate their stock and may not have any swing sets in stock at all when you go shopping.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to find replacement parts for products from these stores.

3. Company Web Sites

Location: Online; sometimes in person

metal swing set

Company web sites allow you to purchase a swing set directly from the brand name that makes it. This is an excellent option if you have the funds for it, since you can get a very high-quality product with a customer satisfaction guarantee and a great warranty too. These swing sets are usually made of wood.


  • By going through an official company web site, you’ll always be sure the products you get are up to safety standards and are easy to find replacement parts for, as well.
  • These products often come with delivery, installation, or both included or for a discounted rate.


  • If you want to put these products together yourself, they can be very difficult and time-consuming.
  • These may be much more expensive than chain store or even hardware store options.

4. Overstock

Location: Online

swing sets

Overstock is a site that sells products that stores and other sites have not been able to sell—hence the name. This site changes its availability often and may or may not have swing sets in stock when you check. You can usually find metal or plastic swing sets here.


  • The stock rotates often on this web site, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for right away, you probably will soon.
  • You can find heavily discounted options on this site.


  • Some products on this site may no longer meet safety guidelines, so make sure of this before you buy.
  • Some products may be discontinued and it may be impossible to find replacement parts for them if needed.

5. Amazon

Location: Online

wooden swing sets

Amazon is a well-known and widely-used site that has a ton of options to pick from. When you want to choose from a huge selection of products and sellers to find the perfect fit for your yard, Amazon is the way to go. Most swing sets on this site will be made of plastic or metal, but there are some wood options available.


  • Amazon offers a huge selection of products in a wide variety of price ranges.
  • You can often quality for free shipping when ordering from Amazon.


  • When buying from a third-party seller, Amazon may not be any help with returns or questions.
  • You may not always get a warranty with your product when you buy from Amazon.


With so many great places to choose from, it may take you a while to narrow down your options and pick the right swing set for your kids! When you buy a product from any of the options listed above, however, you’re sure to bring home a swing that your kids will love and that will be very safe for them to use as well. These are all excellent choices when going shopping, and as long as you know what to look for, you shouldn’t have anything to be concerned about with products from these locations.

Of course, there are always a few things you should be on the lookout for when you’re trying to determine whether or not you’re getting a swing set from a safe and legitimate place. Here are a few things you should never cut corners on when choosing your swing set:

  • Safety features. If the swing you’re looking at doesn’t have any noticeable safety features or doesn’t mention meeting or exceeding safety standards, it’s a good idea to look elsewhere.
  • Durability. You should be able to find out what type of hardware the swing you’re looking at uses. If it’s plastic, you may want to go with something that has mostly metal hardware instead, for durability purposes.
  • Materials. The materials used in the production of your swing set should be safe for kids to be around. They should also be long-lasting, sturdy, and capable of withstanding exposure to the elements, since your swing will be kept outdoors.

Keep all this in mind when you go shopping and you’ll be sure to find a swing that will work great. Even if you need to find a swing set on a budget, there’s no reason why you can’t bring home the perfect new piece of playground equipment for your kids by keeping these tips in mind.