Do You Know When To Use A Humidifier For Baby? (7 Possible Scenarios)

Have you heard a lot about humidifiers and want to know if you can use them for your baby?

Do you live in a dry climate or have extreme weather conditions that can affect your little one?

Are you looking for ways in which a humidifier can benefit your baby and when you can use it?

If you are looking for more information about using a humidifier for your little one, then you have started reading the right article that can help you. Today, instead of just talking about humidifiers in general, we are specifically talking about how it can help your little one and whether or not it is a good option. We give you an idea of what a humidifier does and how it helps your baby. We also tell you about a few scenarios in which using a humidifier for your baby could be the best option and also a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure you can use it safely and effectively for the little one.

What is a humidifier? What can it do, in general?

do i need a humidifier

A humidifier is a type of device that releases mist or steam into the air, and as a result, helps to increase the amount of moisture or humidity in the air in that particular room, or in the entire house where it is being used. They come in a variety of types and can help to reduce problems that are specifically caused due to dry air or extreme weather conditions.  

What does a humidifier do for a baby?

do i need a humidifier for my baby

Dry air and extreme weather conditions can affect your little one, as it can cause various respiratory issues, make their skin feel especially uncomfortable and also interfere with proper sleep. All this can lead to fussiness and discomfort, and in some cases, especially if your baby is not able to sleep well, it can also interfere with your little one’s feeding and lead to more problems.

7 typical situations or scenarios where a parent would need to use a humidifier for their baby

As a parent or a caregiver, you may often ask yourself the question do I need a humidifier for my baby. Here are 7 such situations or scenarios, in which using a humidifier for your little one could be a good idea and make them more comfortable too.

1. Nose bleeds that happen due to excessive dryness

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  • When the air is too dry or if the weather is too cold or too hot, it can reduce the moisture content in the air. As a result, it can get difficult for your baby to breathe easily.
  • If your baby has a nose block or is suffering from congestion in the nose, it can get aggravated due to the dryness.
  • Your baby is too small to be able to blow the nose, so mucous can keep building up inside and harden up.
  • This can cause chafing and abrasion inside the nose and lead to frequent nosebleeds.
  • A humidifier will restore moisture in the air, break up the mucous and stop the nosebleed.

2. When your baby has a cold

humidifiers for colds
  • Your baby may suffer from congestion if he or she has a cold.
  • This situation gets even more difficult if the air is dry, as it makes it harder for your baby to breathe.
  • When you use the humidifier in your baby’s room, it will increase the amount of moisture in the air and increase the level of humidity to the required levels.
  • This can clear out your baby’s nose and airways and open up any clogged airways.
  • As a result, it will reduce the stuffy nose problem and your baby will be able to breathe easily.
how to use humidifiers
  • Often in the dry season, or in extreme weather conditions, there is not much humidity in the air, which can make your baby feel uncomfortable.
  • Excessive dryness in the air can lead to many problems, such as dryness and itching sensation on the skin, rashes and even wounds if your baby keeps scratching the skin, irritability, burning sensation and redness in the eyes and so on.
  • If this situation gets worse, it can also lead to the start of eczema, which can turn into a chronic skin issue.
  • Using the humidifier will add back moisture in the air and will reduce the dryness that your baby feels, especially on the skin.

4. When your baby has trouble sleeping

humidifier helps in sleeping
  • A humidifier has many benefits and especially for your little one.
  • It helps to clear out clogged airways and nose, so that your baby can breathe easily and does not have any mucous build up inside.
  • It also helps to reduce the problems related to dry skin and can help reduce skin related issues that can be caused due to dryness.
  • When your baby can breathe easily and without any discomfort, and when he or she does not have to constantly itch or scratch the skin, it can make your baby sleep better.
  • Also, the quiet hum of the humidifier can actually act as a soothing background noise like a white noise for your little one and lull them to sleep.

5. Keeps the air free of bacteria and germs

benefits of humidifier
  • Using a humidifier in your baby’s room can help to remove the bacteria and the germs from the air.
  • This means that your baby has access to cleaner and purer air.
  • Evaporative humidifiers, steam vapour humidifiers and air washer humidifiers are especially known to reduce the presence of germs, bacteria, viruses and mould in the air.
  • Depending on the size of the room and where you want to place it, you can select the right type of humidifier for your little one.

6. Reduces chances of baby falling sick

how humidifiers help baby
  • Often, babies tend to fall sick multiple times especially in the first year after birth.
  • This is mainly because their immunity levels are still developing and they are not equipped to fight off the germs yet.
  • A humidifier not only reduces the amount of bacteria and germs in the air, but also reduces chances of cold and cough.

7. If baby is always cranky

when to use a humidifier for baby
  • It is possible that you don’t realize that the air is dry, but it still troubles your baby.
  • You may notice that your baby is not sleeping well or is having trouble in breathing.
  • In such a situation, it’s possible that your baby is feeling the effects of dryness, or is having trouble due to static electricity that often happens when the air is too dry.
  • Using a humidifier will add moisture in the air and make it easier for your baby to sleep, making them less cranky.

Are there times when a humidifier can do more harm than good? How so? How can you make sure to avoid this? 

Using a humidifier for your baby can also have some cons. Humidifiers can turn into potential breeding ground for germs and bacteria, so make sure you clean them at least once every three to four days. Place it out of reach of your baby and tuck away the power cords to prevent any tripping accident.