Q&A: What Does A Cool Mist Humidifier Do? (At Home Humidity Control)

  • All your cool mist humidifier questions are answered here 
  • Discover the difference between a cool and hot humidifier 
  • Plus, the 3 best benefits of owning a cool mist humidifier 
  • Bonus video: Using And Cleaning A Cool Mist Humidifier

Are you thinking of buying a cool mist humidifier but not sure what it does?

Do you want to know the difference between a cool and a hot humidifier before you buy one?

Do you have small children in the house and are worried about the burn or accident risks of a hot mist humidifier?

If you are looking for any such answers to the questions above, this article can help clear out a lot of your doubts. We’ll first talk about what a cool mist humidifier does and whether or not it is different from a hot water one. In addition, we also talk about how it works and what are some of the benefits of a cool mist humidifier that you can look forward to.

What exactly is a cool mist humidifier? What does it do? 

A cool mist humidifier is one that adds moisture in the air where it is being used and helps to increase the humidity level of the room where it is placed, or in the home. However, as the name suggests, instead of using warm or hot water in the device or instead of emitting hot steam in the air, it actually releases a cool mist.

How is it different from a warm mist humidifier?

As the name of the device suggests, there are some very definite differences in the way a cool mist and a warm mist humidifier work.

what does a cool mist humidifier do

1. The temperature of water used is different: 

The first and most noticeable difference that a cool mist and a warm mist humidifier have is that while a warm mist humidifier dispels hot steam a cool mist humidifier actually dispels cool mist into the air.

2. Lesser risk of burns and accidents: 

A warm mist humidifier uses hot water to diffuse the steam, which can be risky and increase the chances of a burn or related accidents. On the other hand, a cool mist humidifier uses cool water and does not pose a threat of a burn, especially if you have babies or young children at home.

3. Much more efficient on energy: 

If you compare a cool mist humidifier with a warm mist one, the former is much more efficient because it uses less energy as compared to the warm mist one. A cool mist humidifier does not require much energy as it does not boil water, hence it turns out to be more efficient too.

How do cool mist humidifiers work?

If you are wondering what process is used in the device, here is a look at how a cool mist humidifier works:

Cool mist humidifiers are of two types – a cool mist evaporative humidifier and a cool mist impeller humidifier. Here is a look at how both types of cool mist humidifiers work.

1. Cool mist evaporative humidifiers:

what do a cool mist humidifiers do
  • A cool mist evaporative humidifier has a filter in it that helps to act as the wick.
  • This wick or filter helps to absorb the water from the reservoir.
  • The device also has an electric fan in it which helps to blow the air across the filter.
  • As a result, the air gets evaporated and then is dispelled into the air in the room as air that is rich in moisture.
  • The process of evaporation helps to filter out all the impurities from the water, such as iron and chlorine. These are left behind inside the filter and do not get blown out into the air. 

2. A cool mist impeller humidifier:  

how do cool mist humidifiers work
  • A cool mist impeller humidifier contains an electric motor inside it.
  • This motor helps to move a small spinning disc that moves at a very fast pace.
  • The constant movement of this disc helps to spray out water at a very high speed into the diffuser.
  • Once the water hits the diffuser, it breaks down the water into very tiny droplets that are then dispelled into the air.

Does cool mist spread the same way warm humidifier steam does?

The mist created in a cool mist humidifier, especially in a cool mist impeller humidifier, will be able to spread out in the same way as the steam that is created in a warm mist humidifier. In fact, a cool mist humidifier can actually reach out to a larger part of your house, because it disperses the vapour in such a way that it spreads out and moves to a larger area.

3 best benefits of owning
a cool mist humidifier

Here are three of the most common benefits of using a cool mist humidifier in your home:

1. It can affect larger areas in your home: 

how does cool mist humidifier works
  • Instead of working only in one part of the house or working only in one room, when you use a cool mist humidifier, the benefits can penetrate through the entire home.
  • This is because the cool mist that is dispelled by a cool mist humidifier will help to break down the water into very tiny molecules that are thrown out very easily into the air.
  • Once that happens, they also mix in with the air and travel easily to other parts of the home.

2. You spend much less but get the same benefits

benefits of humidifiers
  • When you use a cool mist humidifier, you save a lot on the electricity bills.
  • This is because, a cool mist humidifier does not constant power to heat up the water, as is required in the case of a warm mist humidifier.
  • Also, the benefits that you get from a cool mist humidifier are the same that you get when you use a warm mist humidifier, even if it does not throw out warm air. By the time this air from the humidifier reaches your lower airways, it is already cool, even if it is one that you get from the warm mist humidifier.
  • As a result, you can be rest assured that even though the mist that you get is cool, it is equally beneficial and will add enough moisture and humidity in the air that you are looking for.

3. It works better to ease congestion problems

benefit of humidifier
  • One of the main reasons for which people usually use a humidifier in the house is to add more moisture in the air and get rid of respiratory problems such as sinus, asthma and so on.
  • When the humidifier releases vapour into the air, it can help to reduce symptoms of cold and cough and also helps to loosen up the mucous that may have built up in your nasal or air pathways.
  • For those who are facing difficulties in nasal congestion, breathing in cool mist is easier as compared to breathing in warm mist.

While a cool mist humidifier has many benefits and can be a great addition in your home, do remember that you need to clean them at least once a week, because if not cleaned properly, it can harbour a host of germs and bacteria that can do more harm than good.



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