Videos For Kids

Modern day digital parenting is something that most of us are certainly guilty of. Our digital world is getting busier and more hectic with every passing year and it shows... even for baby. More and more, our kids are becoming surrounded by tablets, smartphones, streaming music, video and images--wouldn't it be great if we could pick and choose which of these could have a lasting effect on our little darlings? 

One of our main thrusts with ABCKidsINC is about providing plenty of great educational videos for kids. If you're going to let your kids watch something on YouTube, why not make sure they are viewing high-quality animations with great songs they can sing along to?

Before launching the site, we teamed up with a production house and a team of animators to create original videos for your kids and our own. We feature educational preschool songs, nursery rhymes, toy reviews, kid app reviews and more--all in the hopes that junior won't be caught without something worthwhile to watch. Subscribe and receive all our videos FREE OF CHARGE on YouTube!

We hope you and your kids enjoy this

Phonics and Numbers

Teach baby the joy of words and numbers with our Phonics and Numbers videos!​

Wheels On The Bus Videos

Wheels on the Bus is a great song for teaching your little darling about travelling in our modern world. Take a trip through the city with all the different Wheel on the Bus families! Check out our Wheels on the Bus video collection below:​

Finger Family Videos

Baby's little guilty pleasure! Finger Family may seem to have taken over your life AND your living room but what can we say? Baby loves it to pieces... Check out our Finger Family video collection below:​

Toy Reviews For Baby

Check out our collection of toy reviews that will give baby a peek at some of his/her favorite toys! Help them learn by exploration as we give thorough explanations of each toy/playset and "unbox" all the goodies inside. Check out the playlist below:

Check out our YouTube Channel where we upload great videos for both you and baby! We've painstakingly crafted these animations with our very own mouses and keyboards so please let us know what you think and don't hesitate to SUBSCRIBE TODAY...