The Ultimate Guide to Baby Clothes: Everything You Want and Need to Know

  • This is a complete and comprehensive guide to baby clothes
  • We covered everything from sleepwear to outerwear to swimwear
  • Check out our clothing picks for girls and boys of every age
  • Plus, the best baby clothes to buy when you’re on a budget

Dressing up babies is one of the things new parents look forward to when they are expecting a new addition to the family. Some parents are so excited that they plan the outfits from the moment they find out a bundle of joy is on the way.

The common problem new parents encounter when they start the search for baby clothes is the overwhelming number of choices and types they find.

It can cause a little stress and even some choice paralysis, but getting informed is the best cure for those early worries. If you’re the type of parent who wants to be prepared here are some of the baby clothes you will likely need to have in your baby’s closet:


It’s a fact that babies and infants will spend most of their time sleeping. This makes buying the best, comfortable, and even cute sets of pajamas and other sleepwear an important decision to make. These are generally comfy clothes that promote good sleep in any weather and will help your baby snooze away while you catch a few hours of peace as well.

Tip: Get items in 100% cotton for cool feeling against your baby’s skin. Stay away from synthetic fabrics such as polyester and rayon.

Tops and Bottoms

Necessary clothing for bigger kids who are already up and about. Much like adults the bottoms will protect your babies from elements and will act as a second layer of skin. Some tops and bottoms come in pairs, but daring parents can always mix and match, depend on the occasion and the weather!

Tip: Get top and bottom sets in white so it’s easy to see stains, dirt or insects on your little one!


These are clothing items usually used for colder weather. A jacket or a sweater that helps your baby stay warm while they are outside the comfort of home. These clothes come in different materials like wool, insulated fabric, and even waterproof material.

Tip: Get coats and sweaters two sizes larger, so you can use them for quite some time!


A day on the beach is not complete without wearing an outfit to match the sunny weather. Swimwear for babies usually comes in bright colors to make it easier to spot your kids. These clothes come in trunks, tops, bathing suits, and everything else you might want to dress your baby when you’re spending time near the water.

Tip: Make sure the suit fits perfect--and to use them in the bath!


Something has to cover up the diaper! Aside as a cover for diapers underwear for toddlers are important especially if they are starting to potty train.

Tip: These are must-haves for cold weather and outings.

Clothes for Baby Boys

The option for baby boy’s clothes available in the market today is endless. New parents are always on the search for an adorable outfit that is equally comfortable for their baby boy. With the long list of choices ahead it can be a tough decision. The best way to choose baby clothes for boys is to start with some of the basics that every little boy should have.

Infant Clothes for Baby Boys

Infant boys clothes come in many different styles, colors, and purpose. Although most of their time is spent sleeping comfortably at home the styles vary depending on the climate, the comfort level, and the needs of your baby boy.

Baby boy clothes usually aren’t that different from clothes for baby girls--especially if you go for gender-neutral colors.

Layered Clothing

Layers are important when it comes to baby clothes for boys. These types of infant clothes for boys and toddlers help them keep warm in wet and cold weather. Examples of these outwear clothing that are great for layering are jackets, sweaters, vests, hoodies, and even snow pants.

Tip: One sweater and coat is enough for very young babies--you’re not supposed to take them out of the house too often anyway!


There is nothing cuter than a baby boy wearing a full tux. Formal wear might be an issue for parents because this type of baby boy clothes, newborns just become fussy when they wear it for long periods of time. Don’t worry though, there are options that aren’t just amazing looking, but also comfortable that you won’t stress about your baby while they’re in their formalwear ensemble.

Tip: You can also get a body suit in a tuxedo design if your child doesn’t like synthetic fabrics!

Outfits for Outdoor Activities

There are swimwear outfits (trunks, rash guards are the popular choices today) and even hunting outfits for the daring and outgoing parents. Whatever outdoor activity you want your baby boy to enjoy, there are special clothes that are perfect for him to wear!

Tip: Sturdy outfits in white or very light colors help protect your little one.


Complete the entire collection of your infant boy’s clothes with some eye-catching accessories. These add-on’s to outfits like hats, socks, gloves, shoes, etc. serve a double purpose. They don’t only complete the look of your young man’s outfit they also add extra protection against the elements that surround them. Boots and booties are the top choice for baby boy accessories today that parents simply just love.

Tip: Most important here are the socks, booties and hats. Never leave home without them!

Clothes for Baby Girls

Dressing up baby boys is fun, but with even more options for baby girls clothes new parents will surely enjoy dressing up their daughters in different outfits even more. Aside from the basic clothing needs, there are also some baby clothes for girls that parents just love to splurge on.

Whether it’s a fancy dress to make their baby girls look and feel like a princess or a casual matching outfit, dressing to impress while staying comfortable is the ultimate goal of a new parent for their daughter.

Bodysuits for Baby Girls

Bodysuits are an essential for baby girl newborn clothes. These are one piece suits that infants from 0 – 9 months are comfortable wearing every day. Some parents might think that it is a hassle to choose from the countless designs available, but white bodysuits will do just fine. If you’re not satisfied, bodysuits also come in different colors and designs that you will definitely love.

Tip: Buy these in bulk during off-season sales before your baby arrives!

Casual Wear

There are a lot of choices when it comes to casual wear for baby girls and toddlers. Where boys usually just wear t-shirts and shorts infant clothes for girls also include skirts! Nothing says chic and stylish like a well paired casual shirt with a cute little skirt! That’s not to say that girls can’t wear shorts and pants either. A little girl’s wardrobe should come with her favorite pair of leggings, shorts, and pants too.

Tip: When in doubt, a tutu with tights is the best baby girl outfit.

Dresses for All Occasions

Dresses aren’t just for formal events especially when it comes to infant girls clothes. From summer dresses to party dresses there is something your little girl can wear and look like she just walked out of the runway. Dresses are great for babies and young girls because they are comfortable and cute to wear which is why parents should always have a few dresses as a part of their infant baby girl clothes.

Tip: Dresses are for cool weather, if you don’t want to pair them with tights on your little one!

Outdoor Wear

Going out and seeing the world can be fun and fashion forward for baby girls especially if they have the right baby girl clothes newborns will love to wear. It’s a tricky thing to master, but after a few misses you’ll eventually be able to gauge what type of outerwear is perfect for your daughter.

Tip: Don’t forget to layer up! This way you can just take off a layer when it gets warm and add on a layer when it gets too cold.


From one piece bathing suits to an adorable bikini you can make sure your young lady is dressed from head to toe ready to take on the summer. Rash guards are a popular choice for baby clothes for girls and boys when it comes to swimming.

Tip: If you don’t want to slather on the sunscreen too often, a rash guard is the way to go.


Headbands, bows, sunglasses, bonnets and so much more! Little girls can be dressed from head to toe with a variety of different accessories that will go well with a number of outfits. It’s a fun way for parents to come up with new looks for their baby girl and adding a little color to the collection of baby girls clothes.

Tip: When going out, never forget a hat, mittens and booties, especially in the winter!

Clothes for Infants

Dressing infants may not seem to be a big deal since they spend most of their time at home, asleep. But that doesn’t mean parents don’t have a tough time deciding what the best baby infant clothes they should buy. Although infants grow at a very rapid pace, dressing them in the most comfortable clothing is still important.

Sleepwear for Infants

Sleep is an important part of an infant’s growth and development. This means their sleeping time should be as comfortable as possible so that they do not wake up mid-sleep. The right infant clothing can help in keeping babies from waking from their slumber.

Such examples of sleepwear are: one-piece suits with built-in footies and cotton pajamas. Remember to buy baby newborn clothes that are a little roomy so that your babies can grow into it.


Plain shirts and side-ties are a great item to have on hand when you have an infant. This kind of infant baby clothes are very versatile and handy to have around. They do the job of keeping your baby’s upper body warm while leaving the bottom area free for faster diaper changes!

You can stick to plain white t-shirts (always a favorite) or go crazy with different designs and colors.

Coveralls for Everyday Wear

Aside from sleeping, infants and babies also have playtime to enjoy and to encourage early development. Infant clothes that are great for everyday wear come in different styles and there are so many to choose from.

When it comes to infant wear for daily use choose slip-on pants, coveralls, and infant apparel that snap on and off easily are the best choices available in the market. Don’t forget to buy a small supply of infant clothing because they get messy fast!

Footwear for Babies and Infants

Keep your baby’s’ feet warm, protected, and comfortable with these great choices for infant baby shoes. Some of these shoes are necessary to promote healthy foot development while others are just good for babies and toddlers of a certain age.

There is a big difference between baby infant shoes that are best for younger babies and those considered as infant sneakers that should be used by toddlers who are already walking.

Pre-walking Shoes

Babies and infants at ages 0 – 9 months are called pre-walkers and don’t really require shoes, sneaker, or boots. Instead parents should consider infant booties and infants socks that primarily just keep the feet warm.

Pre-walking shoes like infant crib socks should have soles that are flexible and must be shaped like a child’s foot to encourage healthy feet growth. Although they make look cute, infant boots and other footwear like those should only be worn by pre-walkers when they are outside, if they are indoors barefoot is the best way to go.

Walkers and Toddlers

Children and toddlers at the age starting from 9 months – 3 years require a different type of infant baby shoes. Even if they are called as such only older babies should wear shoes with harder and more ridged soles which help them learn how to walk and maintain a steady grip on the floors and surfaces.

Infant sneakers that have slip-resistant soles are a great choice, especially for babies just starting to walk since they decrease the chances of accidental falls.

It is also important to note that the shoes should be a little roomy so that it will be comfortable to use for walking.

Don’t forget to fit shoes late in the afternoon because that’s the best time to make sure the feet have expanded and there’s enough room for the pair to be comfortable.

Infant Sandals and Slippers

Infant flip flops are good footwear to have in case you have any outdoor and beach activities. They are roomier and breathable compared to the usual infant boots, this means your baby’s feet will not sweat too much when they outside (less fuss and more fun!).

The use of infant slippers may not be recommended for very young children, especially pre-walkers but they are great for older kids. To make sure that they sandals and slippers do not fall off and cause accidents, purchase those with an adjustable strap to help secure them in place. A soft elastic band can work wonders when added to a pair of plain flip flops!

Specialty Baby Clothes

Special occasions cannot be avoided even at a very young age. Parents with a very active social life would want to include their baby in their daily activities and dressing them appropriately is a big bonus. Luckily new parents have a lot of choices when it comes to specialty clothing items for their babies. Here are some of the more popular types of specialty clothing:

Dressing for the Season

Whoever thought that dressing for the season is just for fashion forward adults have never seen seasonal wear for babies. Whatever the weather (warm, cold, wet) and whatever the season, you can find the perfect outfit for your baby. In these seasonal clothes they don’t just look stunning and cute; they’re also comfy and happy all day long.

Here are some clothes you might want to get for specific seasons:

  • Spring

Bright colored outfits that are made of breathable material. Layering works great because temperatures can rise and fall during this time and you can add or take away a layer depending on the weather! Little girls will look great in summer dresses and little boys in their outdoor outfits are a great sight during the spring months.

  • Summer

Light and comfortable clothes are a must! The heat can make any infant or toddler fussy and cranky, make sure to look for clothing made of light and breathable materials. Don’t forget to include swimwear (bathing suits and trunks!) because some fun under the sun is a must during this season.

  • Fall

Jackets and layers are a great way to dress your baby during this season. Although fall is not as cold as winter a slight breeze might come along and might make things chilly. Wrap them up, but also make sure they aren’t as bundled up like during winter, they might get fussy when things heat up underneath all those layers.

  • Winter

Jackets, hoodies, and insulated fabrics will keep your babies warm and toasty during the winter months. Waterproof clothing are also a great addition to a baby’s winter wardrobe, it will keep them dry and protected from the cold so that they don’t get sick.

  • Holiday Wear

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc. there are so many holidays in a year to dress your baby up in something festive and fun. Halloween is a favorite holiday for parents because they can dress their kids up in crazy costumes to go trick or treating. Other holiday wear that’s popular are the themes sweaters, everyone loves a sparkly Christmas sweater on a bouncing baby!

  • Pop-culture Favorites

Whether it’s dressing up your baby boy as a super hero to make him look cool or dressing your daughter in a movie inspired princess outfit. There are so many choices when it comes to dressing your babies in your favorite pop-culture character.

The plus side about dressing your babies as fun and popular characters, the photo ops you’ll have! Check out these shops for amazing pop-culture clothing for your baby: Babywit and Redbubble.

  • Activity-specific Outfits

Just because they’re babies doesn’t mean they can’t be properly dressed for exciting outdoor activities. There is an outfit for every kind of activity, even if your baby won’t necessarily be participating.

Clothing for activities like fishing, skiing, and camping can all be found in the market, it won’t be a hard task to dress them to look like they are born adventurers. Here are great options for activity related outfits you can look at: Rei and MountainBaby.

Branded Clothes for Babies

Babies are no stranger to high fashion. New parents who don’t want to spare any expense in dressing their babies love to splurge on baby brand name clothes. The market for baby designer clothes gives new parents a lot of different options to choose from.

Parents who want to keep their babies looking amazing and who have no problem spending a little extra on clothes can check out these leading baby clothes brands:

  • Burberry: A comfortable and classic choice for baby designer clothes Burberry clothing for babies range from $60-450. From a blanket to a simple everyday shirt, parents can dress their babies in Burberry from the head down. If you’re a fan of their luxury tartan print, why not dress your baby up in matching outfits with your own ensemble?
  • Ralph Lauren: One of popular baby clothes names that’ has items great for everyday wear is Ralph Lauren. The prices of baby clothing from favorite brand ranges from $15-$300: a worthy investment to have your baby looking fabulous.
  • Stella McCartney: A baby clothes designer brand that is famous for its high-quality and comfortable outfits with a wide selection starting from accessories to full outfits, Stella McCartney adds value to every child’s closet. Items are prices between $50-200.For a full list of leading baby clothes brands check out this link from Childrensalon, they have every designer brand you can imagine.

For a full list of leading baby clothes brands check out this link from Childrensalon, they have every designer brand you can imagine.

Boutique Baby Clothing

Baby clothes from small shops and boutiques can be considered as specialty clothing items. These types of baby clothes are very popular for young parents as they are made by small and local businesses.

Each item of clothing who specialize in baby clothes are usually hand-crafted and are made with extra care and attention compared to mass produced baby clothes. New parents who want their babies to have a unique look and still remain comfortable.

Here are some of the best and hip boutiques parents just love:

Pink Chicken

Bohemian chic is the look Pink Chicken is known for. Their adorable designs don’t even break the bank with dresses that just cost between $50 – 70 apiece.

Kissy Kissy

Parents with newborns will fall in love with Kissy Kissy’s kids themes. The boutique has clothing for kids starting from preemies up to 24 months which costs just under $40!

Petit Bateau

From classic cardigans to super soft baby body suits Petit Bateau has it all. Most pieces range between $20-100, worth every penny.

Organic Baby Clothes

Organic clothing is a trend that new parents love. This type of baby clothing line is popular to environmentally conscious parents and parents who want only the best and the most natural things for their babies.

This is because organic baby clothes are made using natural methods and use little to no toxins and additives to have sure babies are always safe and out of harm’s way. Parents who invest in the health of their babies earlier also support growing industries that is lessening the baby clothing industry’s carbon footprint.

Because of the all-natural materials and process used in making organic baby clothes allergies and other problems usually linked to mass manufactured clothes with synthetic materials are avoided.

Babies are now able to wear clothes that are chemical free and perfect for their delicate skin. Since a lot of effort comes into creating organic clothes it is not a surprise that prices would be a bit more than your usual clothes.

The price range of organic baby clothes is between $5-50, depending on the material and article of clothing. Check out these shops that specialize in organic baby clothes.

Baby Clothes on a Budget

There is no shame in looking for a great deal, most especially when it comes to baby clothes. Babies and infants grow very fast and some of their clothes will last just a few short weeks making them a little pricey.

New parents should consider purchasing baby clothes for cheap through clearance sales and discount offers. Another great way to save on baby clothes is by buying baby clothes in bulk, which many parents have been doing for years.

Although dressing your baby is an important matter, working on a budget should also be taken into consideration. Babies will eventually grow out of their clothes and buying during baby clothes sale is a guaranteed way to save money while still being able to dress your child properly.

A frugal parent who knows the pros and cons of buying baby clearance clothes are surely able to stretch their budget and get the most out of baby clothes deals.


  • A wide selection of baby clearance clothes.
  • Mixing and matching many items from baby clothes outlet shops.
  • Big savings from baby clothes discount racks.
  • No fear of discarding clothes bought on sale.
  • A huge supply of clothing can be bought from a baby clothes sale.


  • A wide selection of baby clearance clothes.
  • The lack of variety and designs from the baby clothes wholesale selections.
  • Off-season items from buying baby clothes in bulk.
  • The low quality of some baby clothes for cheap can mean they do not last long.
  • Stains, damage and warping on the baby items.
  • Limited sizes available.
  • No return, no exchange policy on sale items.

How do you get baby clothes on sale? Here are some important tips for penny-pinching parents:

  • Wait for seasonal sales. Watch out for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other sales that are known for super low prices.
  • Subscribe to brand newsletters and websites so you can be notified through email when exclusive sales come along.
  • Check out parenting blogs which give out promo codes for baby clothes shopping online.

You can usually get the best deals shopping online. Buying directly from the brand’s website usually yields more savings than buying in-store.

Baby Clothes Available Online

New parents are no strangers to online shopping. In fact many first time parents rely on the reviews from other parents when contemplating a purchase of baby clothes online. It is a great way of finding the best baby clothes shops and infant clothing online that draws parents in.

Online shopping is modern parent’s savoir when it comes to multitasking. You can just browse through baby clothes stores online, select an item and get it delivered right at your doorstep; taking away the hassle of going out and physically visiting a shop. Although a rather convenient way of shopping, there are some pros and cons to shopping from infant clothing stores from the web.


  • Not having to leave the house while browsing through baby clothes shops.
  • Amazon and E-bay have all the baby items you need online.
  • You can explore many baby clothes websites and compare prices.
  • Great savings and deals are always available on baby clothes shops online.
  • Reviews and suggestions are abundant to help you decide which items are worth it.
  • Buying infant clothing online can include free shipping options.
  • Endless choices of baby and infant clothes from all over the world.
  • Choice of great unique pieces from Etsy and local artisans online.


  • Not being able to physically see and feel the material of the baby clothes online.
  • Wrong sizes are a frequent problem.
  • Falling for unaccredited infant clothing online shops.
  • Possible threat of credit card fraud.
  • Delivery problems and mixups with your order.

Always Dressed from Head to Toe

With the many different options of baby clothes parents can choose from there’s no reason for your babies not to look great while feeling comfortable. Providing on the best and useful clothing items for your baby is a must for every parent.

Dressing your little boys and girls properly for any occasion, any weather, any time of the day has been made easier. Show that your babies are stylish and fashionable for the world to see and make wonderful picture perfect memories with them.

Say goodbye to embarrassing baby pictures and say hello to pictures that are worthy of gracing Instagram, Pinterest, and even a fashion magazine!