The Ultimate Guide to Baby Footwear: Infant Shoes, Socks, Booties, and So Much More!

There is nothing more precious than holding an infant’s small little feet in between your hands.

They are cute and tiny which makes sense to have the urge to protect those small feet. It may not be 100% necessary but letting babies wear shoes, socks, booties, and other footwear can protect their feet from their surroundings especially if you are having a day outside of the house.

To help you choose the best footwear for your little one, we’ve rounded up the best products online. You’ll surely find the right choice for your baby:


Boots, Boot Socks, Booties, Infant Socks, and Infant Crib Shoes

Cold toes are uncomfortable for everyone, especially for babies and toddlers who aren’t as adapted to low temperatures as adults and older kids. Once your tiny tots are uncomfortable and cold they might get out of hand or can be fussy, which is something parents want to avoid.

Keep their little toes warm and keep them happy despite the cold conditions by covering their feet with infant booties and other footwear to protect their feet from the cold weather. Infant boots make a great addition to your baby’s wardrobe especially if you live in colder areas and are on-the-go parents.

Don’t leave their cute little toes and feet exposed, check out these great selections of boots, infant boot socks, booties, and other items that will keep them warm and cozy throughout the day:

Bearpaw Mulberry Double Face Booties

BEARPAW Mulberry Double Face Bootie (Infant),Light Blue,Large (12-18 M US Toddler)

Comfort and style are the trademarks of this pair of booties for infants. The booties are made using quality materials that are very durable and lightweight.

Although the Bearpaw is typically worn during the colder months, its light material and comfortable lining makes these booties a great choice of footwear for infants all year round.

Things We Liked: The booties are made of soft materials that babies and toddlers are comfortable wearing it, parents also love that the booties are functional and fashionable.

Things We Didn’t Like: The booties can sometimes be loose and babies are able to take them off easily, making it hard to keep track especially when you are on the go.

Stonz Cold Weather Slip-On Baby Booties

Stonz Three Season STAY-On Baby Booties, For Bare Feet or Shoes, For Mild or Cold Snow Weather, Grey Small

The Stonz Booties can be worn anytime of the year, all depending on how you layer them up.

Babies can wear them barefoot, with socks, and even with any type of shoes for added protection against the cold weather and the rain.

These are infant booties you can simply store until needed or have ready at hand when the weather calls for it.

Things We Liked: The booties are made from high-quality material that will last for a long period of time. It provides warmth due to the lining and comes at a very affordable price. The cords allow for proper yet comfortable tightening that buying a larger size is great so that you can let your baby wear the booties for longer!

Things We Didn’t Like: The booties may make walking a little harder for babies just starting to learn how to get up and take their first steps. They are also not made for walking on hard surfaces like sidewalks due to the light material which can easily be damaged due to excessive wear and tear on rough surfaces.

ACORN Peak-a-Boot C Slipper

ACORN Peek a Boot Slipper,Icelandic Blue,9.5-10.5 M US Toddler

When it comes to durable booties that are great for toddlers who are already running around, this is the item you should consider. The warm fleece material keeps the feet comfortable and the rubber sole makes it useful when used for walking on rough surfaces.

The added benefit of the rubber sole is that it provides extra protection and balance for toddlers.

Things We Liked: It is machine washer safe making it easier to clean. Kids love wearing them all year round because it is comfortable and easy to slip on and they last for years!

Things We Didn’t Like: They are designed for older kids (4 years and older) and are not great for infants and toddlers who are not yet active walkers.

JazzyToes Cowboy Boot Slippers

JazzyToes Slippers- Cowboy Boots, Brown/Blue, 6-12 Months

These machine washable slipper boots are a hit with parents who want their babies to look like they’re ready to take on the Wild West.

The adorable design, the functionality, and the comfort it gives toddlers while they wear these boots makes it a big seller for parents.

Things We Liked: They are easy to clean because they are machine washer safe. The boots are made of soft and comfortable material that toddlers love to wear it. They secure safely on the feet so worries of the boots slipping off are not an issue.

Things We Didn’t Like: Sizing may be an issue since the boots have soles. Make sure to consult the sizing chart to avoid purchasing boots that are either too small or too big for your toddler to wear.

UGG Australia Baby Bixbee Bootie

UGG Unisex Bixbee Bootie (Infant/Toddler), New Navy, 6-12 Months M US Toddler

The soft lining and the blue durable synthetic suede lining of these booties make it a wonderful addition to you little boy’s collection of infant toddler shoes.

The shoes are light to carry and are easy to pack for on the go parents. The booties are equipped with silicon soles to help with balance and grip while keeping your baby boy looking chic and dapper.

Things We Liked: Parents love the fit of the booties on their infant’s feet and the shoes keep them warm and comfy while wearing the shoes. They are made with soft material and the Velcro straps make it easy to adjust so babies can grow into the booties.

Things We Didn’t Like: Sizing can be an issue so make sure to order the correct size, bigger booties are better since your baby’s feet will grow, but smaller sizes will tend to be uncomfortable.

ACORN Easy Bootie Slipper

The ease of putting on infant baby shoes has been perfected by ACORN through their Easy Bootie Slipper series.

ACORN Easy Bootie (Toddler), Neutral Fun Stripe, TL (12-18 months)

The soft and plush booties come in all kinds of colors, patterns, and come with a non-slip sole to make walking easier for toddlers and assist them feet in gripping the floors.

Things We Liked: They make perfect and safe house booties that can help toddlers who are still learning how to walk while keeping their feet comfortable, warm, and stylish. The booties are easy to put on and take off, which is a plus for busy parents.

Things We Didn’t Like: The sizing is a bit too small and some infants grow out of the booties quickly. There are also some cases where the booties are too big for a baby’s foot and issues of them slipping off while they work have parents worrying about their child’s safety while wearing the booties.

ACORN Easy Critter Bootie Slipper

ACORN Easy Critter Bootie Slipper (Infant-Toddler-Little Kid-Big Kid)

Keeping your toddler’s feet warm and safe plus keeping them entertained with cute and cuddly creatures only takes one pair of ACORN Easy Critter Bootie Slipper. The infant’s shoes come in various animal designs, sizes, and colors while remaining functional.

The non-slip tread adds to the sure footing of your baby helping they stay on their feet without any worries and without the minus of comfort.

Things We Liked: Toddlers adore wearing these booties because of the animal faces and soft and comfortable lining. Parents have no trouble at all getting their babies to wear these shoes the entire day. The booties aren’t just a cute fashion statement--they also do their job of keeping feet warm!

Things We Didn’t Like: The sole’s fabric can sometime be easily torn if not cared for properly. It is a bit more expensive than other booties and can be wide and bulky. Some toddlers also cannot maintain a grip on wooden floors when wearing this brand of booties.

Harley Davidson Baby Booties

Harley-Davidson Orange Baby Booties 0/3M

Specifically made for babies from 0 to 3 months old, these Harley Boxed Baby Booties are made of cotton to help keep your baby’s feet warm and toasty.

Let your little biker boy (or girl) don these booties that don’t just stand out, but also do its job of keeping tiny feet comfortable.

Things We Liked: The infant boot socks are exactly as advertised. They are made with a cotton blend that’s perfect for keeping tiny feel warm and stylish.

Things We Didn’t Like: They do not come in bigger sizes and are limited to very young babies.

Robeez Soft Soles (Reversible)

Robeez Soft Soles Little Prince Reversible Crib Shoe (Infant/Toddler),Blue,0-6 Months (1-2 M US Infant)

The perfect footwear for babies from 0 – 6 months old that’s soft and lightweight. The Robeez Soft Soles comes in a Little Prince design that is cute and stylish and has reversible soles to give you 2 different designs.

It is made of breathable leather with soft non-skid soles that helps with healthy foot development.

Things We Liked: Parents love that you can have two different looks with just one pair of crib shoes. Turning them inside out is an easy task so you can go from one design to the next in just seconds giving your baby a new look in an instant.

Things We Didn’t Like: The reversible option can be a downside because once one side is used the soles become too dirty to be reversed. The shoes are also stiffer which can be uncomfortable for the soft feet of infants.

Robeez Soft Soles (Irreversible)

Robeez Kids Boys Peekaroo Dog House 0-6 months

This is another Robeez soft sole shoe for infants that have greatly impressed parents because of its lightweight and durable material.

The shoes have a non-slip suede outsole that which reduces slipping and comes with and elastic ankle band to make adjustment easier.

Things We Liked: The shoes are very easy to put on and off and the elastic band helps keep them on your infant’s feet. They are cute, stylish, functional, and colorful and remain as a top choice for infant footwear.

Things We Didn’t Like: The elastic band can cause red marks on your infant’s ankles if they are too tight. The suede soles are also very easy to get dirty.

Robeez Fuzzy Bear Crib Shoes

Robeez Fuzzy Bear Slipper Crib Shoe (Infant), Taupe, 0-6 Months M US Infant

Made to look cute, but is very comfortable these crib shoes are equipped with a pull-back tab for a perfect fit. The elastic tabs keep the shoes on even while your baby crawls.

Things We Liked: They are the perfect slipper shoes to keep toes and feet warm during the winter. Toddlers and babies can grow into the shoes because the adjustable tabs make it possible to buy a bigger size while still fitting perfectly on the feet.

Things We Didn’t Like: The sizes run small so the shoes are only good from smaller and younger babies.

Robeez Customizable Pre-Walker Soft Soles

Robeez Soft Soles On The Field Pre-Walker Customizable (Infant/Toddler),Navy,6-12 Months (2.5-4 M US Infant)

Give your little boy a unique pair of pre-walker shoes using the customizable designs these infant toddler shoes come with.

They aren’t just cute and fun they are also good for early feet development.

Things We Liked: Perfect for protecting the tops of the feet of toddlers who are just learning how to crawl. It comes with interchangeable designs to keep them looking fun and unique while staying comfortable.

Things We Didn’t Like: The middle part of the shoes aren’t flexible which can be a tight fit for babies with chubby feet.

Gerber Unisex Cozy Socks

Gerber Baby Unisex 6 Pack Socks, White, 0-3 Months

Simple and functional, this pack of 6 cozy infant socks is perfect for babies from 0 – 9 months.

They are made of 80% cotton ensuring maximum comfort and breathability every use. The socks are soft and thick, perfect for keeping your infant’s feet warm all day long.

Things We Liked: These socks stay on your baby’s feet and don’t expand with every use. They are plain, simple, and can be used for both baby boys and girls!

Things We Didn’t Like: Be careful with machine washing them in warm water--they may shrink.

Luvable Friends Newborn Socks

Luvable Friends Unisex 8 Pack Newborn Socks, Nautical, 0-6 Months

These socks are ideal for everyday wear. They come in a pack of 8 making it possible for your baby to don a new pair daily to keep their feet warm while adding a splash of color to your day.

Things We Liked: The socks are thick, soft, and colorful. They make a wonderful addition to your infant’s daily outfit.

Things We Didn’t Like: Sizing can pose an issue for some babies with bigger feet. The socks do not fit properly and fall off when used. The packaging is also an issue because they can damage the socks before they are even used.

HOVEOX Toddler Socks

12 Pairs Anti-slip Socks Toddler Socks, HOVEOX Kids Baby Socks Non-Skid Crew Walkers Unisex For 12-36 Months 1-3 Years Baby Boys Girls Lowcut Ankle Cotton Stretch Footsocks Assorted Color Cartoon

The socks are made from a combination of cotton and spandex to ensure maximum comfort and elasticity.

They come in a pack of 12 pairs in various designs. The age range of kids who can wear these socks are from 0 – 3 years making them versatile.

Things We Liked: The socks can fit kids ages 0 – 3 making them very handy. They come in many colors and designs and are fit for everyday use. Since they come by the dozen at a reasonable price they are considered as a bargain.

Things We Didn’t Like: The group of socks come in different sizes which is a disadvantage if you don’t have older toddlers.

Luvable Friends Baby Socks Gift Set

Luvable Friends 10-Piece Baby Socks Gift Set, Blue, 0-9 Months

This set of socks comes in 10 pairs in a range of different colors like blue, brown, green, and white. The mix of materials is cotton, nylon, and spandex to give optimum comfort and elasticity.

Babies from 0 – 9 months can wear these socks.

Things We Liked: They are functional, simple, and a great value for money. The different colors appeal to parents because they can mix and match the socks with different outfits. The socks wash well and retain their shape and fit perfectly even after a dozen uses.

Things We Didn’t Like: The sizing is too small for older babies and they can easily outgrow the socks in just a few months.

Slippers and Sandals for Infants

Exposing your babies to the great outdoors is a fun way for them to get familiar with their surroundings.

One of the problems of leaving the safety of your home is exposing your toddlers to many dangerous things, a lot of those they can carelessly step on. One way to deal with this problem while ensuring their feet stay comfortable while they are outside is to fit them with infant sandals or slippers.

By doing this you don’t just make sure they don’t accidentally step on something dangerous, you also allow their feet to breathe so that they don’t get uncomfortable and end up pulling of their shoes as a result.

Carter’s Sasha2BS Slipper

carter's Sasha2BS Slipper (Toddler/Little Kid), Green, Small/5-6 M US Toddler

These fuzzy, soft, and fluffy bedroom slippers are a hit with parents because babies and toddlers love the adorable and cute designs.

The moment they slip on these infant slippers their imaginations run wild they can be dinosaurs or any other animal while they keep their feet warm and clean.

Things We Liked: The slippers are made of great quality and can last for years if taken care of properly. They are cozy and help toddlers keep warm and comfortable.

Things We Didn’t Like: There are some sizing issues with the slippers.

Carter’s Tiger Foot Fashion Slipper

carter's Tiger Slipper (Toddler/Little Kid), Orange/Black, Medium (7/8 M US Toddler)

Made of synthetic material with a flexible textile sole this Tiger slipper is an adorable addition to your child’s footwear collection.

The slippers are cute and children just cannot get enough of the tiger paw design making it easier to convince them to wear slippers every day.

Things We Liked: Fun for kids with great imaginations. They are cute, soft, and affordable slipper option for young kids.

Things We Didn’t Like: Sizes run too big for infants to wear the slippers without it falling off. Sizes for older kids are confusing that some parents end up ordering the wrong size.

ACORN Easy-On Moc Slipper

ACORN Easy-On Moc Slipper (Infant-Toddler-Little Kid-Big Kid)

Comfort and warmth for small and delicate feet are the main goals of these infant slippers from ACORN. They are made with vegan leather and berber fleece lining making them safe to wear.

It is also easy to wear due to the double stretch fabric on both sides of the slipper’s opening.

Things We Liked: Very soft and comfortable--infants love wearing these slippers.

Things We Didn’t Like: Soles are not slip resistant. Your child may slip on smooth surfaces.

Carter’s Monster Face Fashion Slipper

carter's Randal Slipper (Toddler/Little Kid), Turquoise, Medium (7/8 M) US Toddler

Made of faux fur and a textile sole, these monster fashion slippers are a hit with toddlers from the moment they see them.

Keep your child’s feet warm and clean with these adorable pair of slippers they can wear around the house. They are a better option compared to infant flip flops which do not stay on the feet for long.

Things We Liked: Great quality and comfortable to wear around the house and the kitchen. Kids love the cute design.

Things We Didn’t Like: They do not stay on a toddler’s feet for long. You may lose them on walks outside.

Sneakers and Walking Shoes for Infants

Toddlers and infants are at the stage in their life where they are learning how to crawl and to walk. It is important to encourage healthy foot development while they are at this stage so that they can reach their walking milestones.

Although bare feet are great for early feet development it is not always the best and safest option. For parents who want to protect and at the same time encourage their tiny tots to walk here are great infant walking shoes and infant sneakers to have at home:

Nike Air Max Kids Shoes

Nike Air Max 90 Gs 705392-700 Kids shoes size: 5 US

The pair of sneakers comes in an attractive bright green color and is made of a sturdy textile material with a sole made of fabric.

These are great shoes for everyday wear by toddlers who are learning to walk on their own because they provide comfort, protection, and extra grip on the floors.

Things We Liked: Product is just as advertised. You can’t go wrong with a good brand like Nike.

Things We Didn’t Like: Very pricy and sizes are for bigger kids, not infants and toddlers. Expect to use these when they start school.

YueLian Frog Canvas Walking Sneaker

YueLian Baby Boy Girl Canvas Walking Sneaker Toddler Frog Prewalker Shoes (Outsole Length 4.6'', Dark Blue)

Soft, lightweight, and durable, these are great infant walker shoes especially for pre-walker babies who are just learning to stand on their own. It comes in two colors one that’s perfect for little boys and one for little girls.

Things We Liked: Shoes look and feel comfortable for pre-walkers to use all day. Since its canvas, you can wash it easily.

Things We Don’t Like: Sizing options are confusing to understand.

YueLian Skull Canvas Walking Sneaker

YueLian Baby Boy Girl Canvas Walking Sneaker Toddler Skull Prewalker Shoes (Outsole Length 4.2'', Black)

Comfortable and soft, these pre-walker shoes are a great find and they come in three different colors: black, pink, and blue, to give parents different options.

They do the job of covering and protecting infant feet while helping them look cute and adorable.

Things We Liked: Great walking shoes to use around the house.

Things We Don’t Like: The shoes are too narrow to fit the feet and adjustments needed to be made before it was worn.

YueLian Unisex Walking Sneaker

YueLian Unisex Baby Boy Girl Walking Sneaker Toddler Kids Soft Prewalker Shoes (Outsole Length 5'', Orange)

Made of cotton cloth, these infant walker shoes are comfortable and soft for your baby’s feet. They are light and easy to tighten because of the adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit every time.

Things We Liked: They are cute and durable sneakers for infants and toddlers to wear.

Things We Didn’t Like: Sizing chart is confusing and can result in the wrong shoe size.

Carter’s Every Step Christy Stage 2

Carter's Every Step Stage 2 Girl's Standing Shoe, Christy (Infant/Toddler), Dark Pink, 4 M US Toddler

These leather walking shoes with a strap for perfect fit adjustment comes in three designs that perfect for little girls who are just learning how to stand and walk.

Walking is made easy with the manmade soles that adds extra grip to avoid slips and falls.

Things We Liked: Super easy to use and the flexible soles are certainly a plus. These shoes are made of great material to help them last longer and toddlers can grow into them.

Things We Didn’t Like: The shoes are not made to fit chubby baby feet can be too tight and uncomfortable for the toddler.

Carter’s Every Step Bobby Stage 2

Carter's Every Step Bobby Stage 2 Stand Walking Shoe (Infant/Toddler), Brown, 3.5 M US Toddler

The leather infant walking shoes have man-made flexible soles that are perfect for your little man who is just learning how to stand and walk on his own. The molded outsoles of the shoes assist in balance and traction for easier and safer walks.

Things We Liked: The shoes are cute and have amazing cushioning for maximum comfort. The shoes have fantastic grip and the adjustable straps prevents the walking shoes from slipping off.

Things We Didn’t Like: Sizing can be an issue and if the shoes are too big they are more likely to slip off while your toddler is walking.

Carter’s Every Step Amy Stage 1

Carter's Every Step Amy Stage 1 Crawl Walking Shoe (Infant), White, 3 M US Infant

These stage 1 shoes for babies learning to crawl and walk is made of 60% leather and 40% synthetic material. It comes with rubber soles to provide better grip and traction.

The cute designs make these a great gift for baby girls who have just started crawling.

Things We Liked: Quality craftsmanship and are very sleek and stylish walking shoes. The grip of the soles are just right and provide the right traction needed.

Things We Didn’t Like: The width of the shoe is an issue for babies and toddlers with small feet since they can slip off easily.

Stride Rite Bambi Sneaker

Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker (Infant/Toddler),White/Pink,3.5 M US Toddler

Stride Rite is a trusted infant baby shoes maker and has been the top choice of parents with growing toddlers for walking shoes. Stride Rite is actually a good brand for most children’s shoes even all the way up to school age.

This series is composed of leather shoe with rubber soles for better grip and support it also comes in a fantastic pink color.

Things We Liked: The walking shoes are fit for infants and for older toddlers. They are comfortable and made of quality material that is possible to hand down the shoes to younger siblings.

Things We Didn’t Like: Stride Rite is a little pricey and it may take a few tries until putting them on is perfected.

Tennis Shoes and Water Shoes for Infants and Toddlers

Exploring the outdoors is a fun family activity that even infants and toddlers can enjoy. While they are out and about they should be protect from head to toe because they are more likely to get injured and hurt themselves because they are still too young to know better.

Infant tennis shoes are a great footwear choice when you child is having fun on land. Infant water shoes on the other hand should be used when he or she is near a body of water.

They provide the extra protection they need so that you don’t have to spend extra time worrying about their safety.

Luvable Friends Casual Sneakers

Luvable Friends Basic Stripe Casual Sneaker (Infant), Pink, 6-12 Months M US Infant

Another Luvable Friends footwear product for infants that parents simply just love is their casual sneakers.

It has man-made soft and non-skid soles to help maintain balance and avoid slips which are best for pre-walkers. They are comfortable and soft, plus they go well with most girls outfits making it very versatile.

Things We Liked: Fairly priced shoes that go well with most outfits giving value for money. Fits well on most babies and the grip of the soles are just what they need.

Things We Didn’t Like: Shoes are susceptible to wear and tear and may be damaged from your baby’s crawling.

K-Swiss 201 Classic Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss 201 Classic Tennis Shoe (Infant/Toddler),White,2 M US Infant

Walking shoes for toddlers that are made to last because of good material quality like leather and synthetic soles. Available in black and white, these come in classic colors that go well with most outfits.

Things We Liked: Good value for money because it fits most babies with a little room for growth. These are great shoes for babies to wear who are trying to take their first steps because of the firm sole grip.

Things We Didn’t Like: Due to the strings instead of a strap, putting on the shoe may require more time and effort.

K-Swiss Classic Vintage Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss Classic Vintage TDL Tennis Shoe (Infant/Toddler),White/White,3 M US Infant

Parents cannot go wrong with classic infant tennis shoes like this one from K-Swiss.

The plain design and colors that have rubber soles are amazing for walkers and pre-walkers alike. The shoes provide a firm grip and helps in maintaining balance while toddlers learn how to walk.

Things We Liked: Shoes are available in nice neutral colors like black and white. Sizes can fit toddlers up to the age of 5. Overall, these give parents a great value for money when it comes to toddler tennis shoes.

Things We Didn’t Like: There are some issues with the sizing chart. It is best to order a size up to have some room for growth.

K-Swiss Verstad III Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss Verstad III TDL Tennis Shoe (Infant/Toddler),Black/Black,2 M US Infant

These are toddler tennis shoes that are great for pre-walkers and walkers alike. The shoes are made of synthetic material with a rubber sole for extra grip making them functional and stylish.

The tennis shoes are available in different colors fit for both little boys and girls.

Things We Liked: Holds up great against wear and tear. Great shoes for everyday use because toddlers find them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Things We Didn’t Like: A little pricey compared to other infant sneakers on the market.

I-Play Unisex Swim Shoes

i play. Baby Unisex Swim Shoes,Hot Pink,4M

These infant swim shoes are made of a material blend consisting of neoprene, rubber, and nylon to ensure durability even when treading on water.

The shoes are available in a number of different colors so that both baby boys and girls can wear them when they are having fun in water. It comes with non-slip soles as an added safety measure.

Things We Liked: Shoes are very easy to wear and can last for a long time even if they are used outdoors on a daily basis.

Things We Didn’t Like: Sizing can pose an issue depending on the foot size of your child. Sometimes purchasing a slightly smaller size allows for room to grow without affecting its capability of staying on.

Starbay Athletic Water Shoe

Starbay Infants Aqua Shoes For Water Sandals Aqua Socks,Green,7

This is perfect outdoor pair of shoes for babies who are always treading outside with their parents is this athletic water shoe.

It comes with an adjustable cord for a perfect fit every time and rubber soles for extra grip while walking. The insoles are also removable to make it easier to clean and dry.

Things We Liked: The drawstrings are a plus to keep the shoes on while swimming or walking. They stay comfortable and leave no marks after they have been taken off.

Things We Didn’t Like: The removable soles can pose as a problem once they are taken out because they lose their stickiness after a few times being dipped and used in water.

Tanzky Baby Water Shoes

SUIEK Unisex Baby Infant Swim Shoes Water Shoes Beach Shoes (Rose Red, M (Sole length 5.3 inches, 12-24 Months))

These water shoes are made of 100% waterproof neoprene material and are made specifically for use when in a pool, lake or beach.

The colorful and fun designs add some life to a baby’s swim outfit and are just the perfect swim buddies for both little boys and girls.

Things We Liked: The shoes float in water making them easy to retrieve when needed. The shoes help to keep feet warm while in water and they are slip free!

Things We Didn’t Like: The bottoms are not skid-proof so keeping an eye on your baby while they play is necessary.

Speedo Surfwalker Pro Water Shoes

Speedo Surfwalker Pro Water Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid),Blue/Yellow,Small(US Little Kid 11-12 M)

For anything water-related, you can never go wrong with Speedo.

The shoes are made of stretchable fabric and mesh to ensure comfort while the soles are made of rubber to reduce the chances of slips and falls while toddlers are near water.

Things We Liked: Bigger sizes are available so bigger kids can have safe fun too. The stretchable fabric provides extra comfort without adding the risk of slipping off while wearing the water shoes.

Things We Didn’t Like: Sizing is an issue as some of the parents have received shoes that are too big for their toddlers to use.

Leather and Dress Shoes for Infants

Little boys and girls are also invited to dress up parties and it’s not proper for them to wear house shoes during the party.

This is why there are many infant dress shoes available on the market. They make little feet look pretty and can even complete an outfit!

On days that formalwear and dress shoes aren’t necessary, infant leather shoes can also do the trick to make your baby’s feet looking great while still keeping warm and protected from his or her surroundings.

Carozoo Toddler Unisex Elephant Leather Shoes

Carozoo Toddler Kids Unisex Elephant Black Soft Sole Leather Baby Shoes 12-18m

These shoes are made from genuine soft and natural cow leather with leather soles and come with a cute elephant design.

They are easy to put on due to the elastic near the ankles and the leather soles provides extra slip resistance.

Things We Liked: The leather soles mimic barefoot walking which is great for early foot development. They are easy to put on and are very comfortable that infants and toddlers will not fuss when they are made to wear the shoes.

Things We Didn’t Like: The shoes are prone to wear and tear because toddlers just love wearing them.

Ministar Boys Pre-walker Leather Shoes

Ministar Boys Baby Infant Toddler Prewalker Leather Soft Sole Crib Shoes - Navy/Gray/Green - Medium 6-12 mo.

These infant leather shoes have suede soles to add to the grip and prevent falls, an important factor for pre-walker toddlers.

The elastic on the ankles makes it easy to put on and take off while making sure they do not fall off when they are being used.

Things We Liked: The shoes are comfortable, cute, and fit perfectly on the feet of pre-walkers.

Things We Didn’t Like: Limited use for smaller babies as it is designed specifically for their age group. They’ll outgrow this soon, but the cuteness may be worth it.

Carozoo Soft Sole Leather Shoes

Carozoo baby boy soft sole leather infant toddler kids shoes Soccer Dark Blue 18-24m

These shoes are made from the softest and natural premium leather to ensure that no scratches or blisters form when they are used.

The elastic on the ankles provide a good but comfortable grip so that the shoes do not fall off the feet.

Things We Liked: Great value for money. The shoes fit well and are comfortable for toddlers and pre-walkers to use.

Things We Didn’t Like: Not meant to be worn outdoors.

Carozoo Dragon Soft Sole Leather Shoes

fire dragon black 12-18m

This is another comfortable and cute leather shoe design from Carozoo that are great for baby boys comes in a dragon design.

The soft genuine cow leather the shoes are made of fit well on the feet of pre-walkers and the elastic band near the ankle helps in keeping the shoes on the feet.

Things We Liked: Cute and comfortable design. Sizes are also available for kids up to 8 years old.

Things We Didn’t Like: Not meant to be worn outdoors.

Baby Deer Patent with Bow Mary Jane

Baby Deer Patent SM With Bow Mary Jane (Infant),Ivory,3 M US Infant

These infant girl dress shoes will make a great addition to your baby girl’s outfit. The shoes aren’t just cute, but they are also comfortable to wear and comes in 3 different colors so you can mix and match them with dresses and other outfits!

Things We Liked: Adorable design and little girls can wear them for formal and casual wear. The shoes may run a little too big, but it is a plus because babies can grow into them.

Things We Didn’t Like: Problems with sizing can occur depending on how large or small your child’s feet are.

Dream Paris Angels Ballerina Flats

Dream Pairs ANGEL-22 Mary Jane Front Bow Heart Rhinestone Buckle Ballerina Flat (Toddler/ Little Girl) New, Black, 3 M US Infant

This pair of ballerina flats come in a variety of colors to choose from. They are made from synthetic manmade materials that ensure durability.

Both infants and toddlers will love wearing these shoes because it is comfortable and adjustable.

Things We Liked: Adorable shoes for little girls to wear at an affordable price. Both infants and toddlers can wear the shoes comfortably without it falling off.

Things We Didn’t Like: The shoes are prone to wear and tear after a few uses.

Baby Deer (Red) with Bow Mary Jane

Baby Deer Patent Sm with Bow Mary Jane (Infant), Red, 3 M US Infant

The shoes are made from polyurethane with a synthetic material used on the sole. The patent skimmer with a hook and strap makes it sturdy and ensures the shoes stay on your child’s feet.

Things We Liked: The shoes are cute and are made from quality material to make them last longer.

Things We Didn’t Like: Comes in just one color. These shoes can be quite hot on baby’s shoes.

Dream Pairs Serena-100 Casual Ballerina Flats

Dream Pairs MUY-SHINE-INF Mary Jane Girls Rhinestone Studded Slip On Ballet Flats Toddler New Gold Size 4

These sparkly and eye-catching shoes are a hit with parents and their daughters.

The flats are perfect for dress-up parties and give little girls an extra shine when they wear these padded and comfortable infant dress shoes.

Things We Liked: The rubber soles of the shoes make it comfortable to wear even outside dress-up occasions. The shoes are made of great quality material which makes them last longer and can be grown into.

Things We Didn’t Like: No half-sizes available which can lead to the shoes slipping off if they are a little bit too big.

Luvable Friends Boy’s Slip-On Boat Shoes

Luvable Friends Boy's Slip-on Shoe (Infant), Black, 6-12 Months M US Infant

These easy to wear, comfortable, and soft-soled boat shoes make this pair of dress shoes a must have for parents.

It is the perfect pair of dress up shoes to have that will stay of the feet of your baby because they are soft and will not be too warm and uncomfortable.

Things We Liked: Easy dress shoes to wear and can be used for both casual and formal wear.

Things We Didn’t Like: There are sizing issues when placing an order, but returns are welcome.

Baby Deer Oxford

Baby Deer OD BK Oxford (Infant),Black,3 M US Infant

Man-made material with man-made soles makes this dress shoe a wonderful addition to your baby’s formalwear attire.

Your baby boy will look chic and dapper while wearing this pair of dress shoes for infants.

Things We Liked: The shoes look amazing and are not hard cut like most dress shoes which make them comfortable to wear. They are worth it for the price you pay!

Things We Didn’t Like: The sizes run too small for some infants.

Auston Leatherette Velcro Strap School Dress Shoes

Auston AH58 Leatherette Velcro Strap School Dress Shoe (Infant / Toddler Boys) - Black (Size: Toddler 5)

These shoes are made from synthetic leatherette material that is soft and comfortable for tiny feet. The insoles are padded for extra comfort which allows use for long periods. Also comes with an adjustable Velcro strap for a perfect fit every time.

Things We Liked: Very easy to put on and comfortable that boys do not fuzz once they are strapped on.

Things We Didn’t Like: Sizing is an issue because the size chart is not very accurate. Sizes are usually smaller than usual.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Tiny Flex Loafer

Kenneth Cole Reaction Tiny Flex Loafer, Chocolate Brown, 3 M US Infant

The shoes are made from leather with a rubber flexible sole and padded footbed for extra comfort. A good pair infant’s shoes to have at home for a special occasion is this flex loafer.

Things We Liked: The picture matches the product exactly. They are comfortable to wear and walking is not a problem with these dress shoes.

Things We Didn’t Like: Sizing issues may be encountered when ordering, but returns on the item are accepted.

How do you know which shoe you should get for your child?

Thinking of getting more than one pair? That’s quite all right, as you’ll go through a few--your baby is sure to grow in a myriad of ways.

One good thing to always keep in mind is that the footwear you choose for your infant or toddler has to be comfortable. Afterwards, make sure that the shoes match the outfits that you’ve bought for your kids, as you always have to keep your kids in style!

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