9 Terrific Tractor Cartoons For Toddlers On YouTube (Our Favorite Picks)

  • We’ve made a list of awesome tractor cartoons for toddlers 
  • All these videos can be watched and enjoyed anytime on YouTube 
  • Discover the fascination that toddler boys have with tractors 
  • Plus, learn how much screen time toddlers can be allowed daily

Is your toddler addicted to playing with tractors or watching shows that feature them?

Have you introduced your toddler to any such show you YouTube?

Are you looking for some age appropriate cartoons on YouTube that feature tractors and that will be suitable for your little one?

If you are looking for any of this, our article today can be a great find! We are sharing with you recommendations of 9 such cartoons that you can easily find for free on YouTube. We tell you a little bit about each cartoon and what it is about, so that you know for yourself what you are allowing your little one to watch and whether or not it is safe for your baby to watch.

Why are toddlers, boys in particular, fascinated by tractors?

If you thought that it was just a thought that toddlers, especially boys, are fascinated by tractors, there could be quite a lot of science behind it actually.

Here is why a lot of toddlers seem really taken in by tractors:

  • These are big in size and shape and immediately give the idea of something huge going on.
  • Most trucks have loud and bold colours that are instantly a hit with the young ones and will catch their eyes immediately.
  • Also, tractors have loud horns that will make your toddler alert and make them react to the sound.
  • The levels of androgens can often determine a preference towards specific toys.
  • Studies suggest that the preference for a particular type of toy by one gender has been there since early human evolution.

9 toddler cartoons on YouTube that are good for toddlers to watch

If you are looking for any suitable cartoons for your toddler on YouTube that also feature tractors, and that do not have any inappropriate content, you can check out the following:

These have bright and colourful graphics and will also add some elements of learning with fun that will keep your little one happily engaged:

1. Kids Tractor cartoon video for children by Mega Kids TV

  • This video is about 7 minutes long and is very colourful. 
  • It shows a very tiny wheel that turns into a bigger sized wheel and a bigger wheel that shows size comparison.
  • Different parts of a tractor come together to make a tractor that moves and crushes various obstacles on the way.
  • You can introduce your toddler to basic shapes and colours and give an idea of what a tractor does.

2. John Deere tractor videos for kids by Kids Video ABC

  • This video is about 7 minutes long and shows how a tractor moves in a farm for work and how a farmer moves it around.
  • The background music features music from different nursery rhymes that you can hum or sing along to your child. This is also a great way to make them learn more about the rhymes.
  • It shows various types of tractors and how each of them has a different function.
  • It also shows what happens in a farm and how a tractor helps to carry out different tasks such as digging, ploughing, rolling out the grass, planting seeds and so on.
  • chevron-right
    The tractors have bold colours and blinking lights to hold your toddler’s attention.

3. Kids cartoon tractor video by Cartoons for Children Tractor Pavlik

  • This video is about 13 minutes long.
  • It shows a vegetable farm and two tractors.
  • The tractor hits the road with the vegetables where it faces various obstacles and overcomes them.
  • It calls out for help to a tow truck at the garage and then deposits the vegetables to the farm.
  • chevron-right
    There are other trucks such as a construction truck and so on that work hard and face and overcome various obstacles.
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    It also shows colours as well as the seasons of the year.

4. Tractor works on the road 3D animation by Cars Team Cartoons

  • This video is just more than 30 minutes long and features a town setting with bright colours.
  • The various trucks go through a lot of obstacles and tasks that they have to complete, and are often also subject to freak accidents, which are not disturbing for children in any way.
  • In addition to tractors, the video also features a host of cars that are colourful and part of the town’s team of automobiles.
  • The video shows a lot of teamwork and how each tractor helps out the other.
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    It also features real life sounds of the road, including horns, traffic sounds and such.

5. Tractor Colours for Children by Santa Songs

  • This video is about 12 minutes long and has very bright and bold colours that will immediately attract your toddler’s attention.
  • It is a great way to teach your toddler about colour association.
  • The background music features various nursery rhymes that will help your baby learn in a fun way.

6. Tractor Formation and Uses Video by Kids TV Channel

  • This video is a little more than an hour long.
  • It features the various parts of a tractor and shows the different types of tractors, as well as what use each type of tractor will have.
  • It pays attention to each type of tractor and shows them in a realistic setting as well as shows what all they do in real life.
  • chevron-right
    In addition, it also shows various bright colours and other modes of transport such as cars and trains.

7.  Bruder RC Tractor Trouble Toys Action by World of Toys

  • This video is a little more than 11 minutes long and features toy tractors in a real tough terrain setting.
  • It features toys with bold colours and show what all different functions a tractor can perform.
  • It also uses various toy figurines to create a real life setting that will look familiar to your toddler.

8. Tractor Car Garage Learning video by Kids Channel

  • This video is more than 1 hour long and features a garage.
  • It shows different types of tractors and how they are fixed in the workshop.
  • The video also has realistic background sounds that can help your toddler identify the outdoors.
  • chevron-right
    This is also a great way to teach your toddler about the various parts of a tractor.

9. Picking Up Straw Bales Work on A Field by Bazylland

  • This video is more than 13 minutes long and has a farm setting.
  • It shows different types of tractors with bright colours.
  • The video shows what a tractor does in the farm.
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    It also shows other equipment and things that are found in a farm.

How much (or how little) screen time toddlers should actually be getting in a day or week, regardless of how much they enjoy it?

Giving your toddler a screen to watch can be a very easy way of making them sit quietly for some time in one place, while you can complete your chores. However, do remember that you should ideally not give your baby screen time before they are at least 18 months old, recommends the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP). According to them, even if your toddler is 2 years old or a little older, he or she should not get more than one hour of screen time in a day.