5 Sturdy Swingset Stakes (That Will Keep Your Kids Safe)

  • Find out what swing set stakes are and why you need them 
  • Check out 5 sturdy swing set stakes we think you should get 
  • Pros and cons lists can help you decide which stakes are best 
  • Bonus video: How to anchor a swing set to the ground

Do you have a swing set as part of your backyard play area?

Does your swing set need some stakes to make it sturdier and safer?

What are swingset stakes anyway?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to five great options for swing set stakes that can help make your swing safer than ever before.

With one of these products, you’ll be able to secure your child’s swing set to the ground and keep it in place even when it’s played on roughly or the weather gets bad. These kits can help your little ones stay safe throughout their playtime and help you have a more worry-free experience when they go outside to play, too.

Check out the products listed below to find the right stake kit for your needs!

Don't have the time to check out the whole list?

Swing-N-Slide Anchor-It Metal Ground Anchors
GrayBunny GB-6874 Ground Anchor Kit, Set of 8 Earth Augers, 15" Long, 3" Wide Helix, 3/8” Diameter Stake Shaft, Includes Torque Bar, Rope, Carrying Sack & Eight Heavy Duty Rods
5/8" x 40", Eye Ground Anchor
1/2" X 30" X 3" Auger Anchor (Set Of 8)
75 Reviews
31 Reviews
1 Reviews
Swing-N-Slide Anchor-It Metal Ground Anchors
75 Reviews
5/8" x 40", Eye Ground Anchor
1 Reviews

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1. Tuff Stake

Tuff Stake Tents Chairs Tables Swing Sets Yard Swings Lawn Furniture Trampolines Pets Boats Inflatables Kites Saplings Fencing Tarps Awnings Clothes Lines Live Stock Heavy Duty Universal

Get your child’s backyard swinging off to a great start with a Tuff Stake kit. This kit comes with six heavy-duty four-barb ground stakes that are easy to use and move around as needed, too. They function by hammering the stakes into the ground and allowing the prongs on the stakes to “lock” everything into place in the dirt.


  • Many customers report these stakes being very easy to hammer into the ground in just a few short minutes.
  • These stakes can be taken up and moved around as needed for more than one use, which can save you money in the long run.


  • These stakes come in a set of six, which is a strange number for a swing set, and you may need to purchase a second set to have enough to get the job done.
  • You may need to soak the ground a little bit if it’s very dry or compacted before you can install these stakes.

2. 5/8” x 40” Eye Ground Anchor

5/8' x 40', Eye Ground Anchor

With this 5/8” x 40” Eye Ground Anchor, you can keep things safe and steady with ease. Your swing set will be able to be secured firmly to the ground when you purchase enough of these anchors to hold it down firmly. This is a great size anchor for many of the most common types of swing sets out there, and it can be used well with both wooden and metal swing sets, too.


  • The anchor is easy to install either by hand or with tools in no time.
  • The anchor is universal and can be used with all sorts of different lag bolts or straps as you see fit.


  • This is only a single anchor and you will need to purchase additional hardware as well as more than one of these anchors to be able to secure anything to your backyard.
  • This anchor is less sturdy than some of the others listed here and may not be ideal for all types of swing sets.

3. Swing-N-Slide Anchor-It

Swing-N-Slide Anchor-It Metal Ground Anchors

When you want to keep your kids safe and keep yourself worry-free when they go outside to play, you need this Swing-N-Slide Anchor-It kit. This kit comes with straps and lag bolts as well as four anchors to help you secure just about any type of swing set to your backyard. It exceeds safety standards for residential use and comes with everything you need to get started as well.


  • These stakes are easy to secure even more firmly by hammering or screwing them into the ground using tools rather than just using your hands.
  • You can easily make things even more steady by using the included straps and bolts to keep the swing from wobbling around.


  • As with many of these kits, certain types of soil will not work very well with these stakes, and if your yard is very rocky or pebbly you may need to go with something else.
  • Some customers report having some issues getting these back out of the ground if they are misplaced or if they need to move the swing set.

4. GrayBunny Ground Anchor Kit

GrayBunny GB-6874 Ground Anchor Kit, Set of 8 Earth Augers, 15' Long, 3' Wide Helix, 3/8” Diameter Stake Shaft, Includes Torque Bar, Rope, Carrying Sack & Eight Heavy Duty Rods

Choose the GrayBunny Ground Anchor Kit when you’re looking for a durable set of stakes that can help you keep your swing safe and sound from day one. This kit can also be used with all sorts of other outdoor structures, including gazebos, storage buildings, car ports and much more. Since these are heavy-duty anchors, they’re capable of holding up to a lot of wear and tear as well as weather-related issues that may come up.


  • This kit comes with eight anchors as well as edge guards, a carrying sack, and a nylon rope to help tie everything down even more securely.
  • This kit features industrial strength pieces and hardware, making it one of the most durable options on the market today.


  • Many customers have reported these stakes not working in rocky soil, so you may need to look elsewhere if this is the type of dirt you have in your backyard.
  • Some customers have had a lot of trouble screwing these stakes into heavily compacted ground, although they will eventually work.

5. ½” x 30” x 3” Auger Anchor

1/2' X 30' X 3' Auger Anchor (Set Of 8)

This 1/2” x 30” x 3” Auger Anchor stake kit includes eight stakes of the same length that are designed for use with just about any type of backyard structure. For many swing sets, whether wooden or metal, these stakes may be all you need to get everything securely fastened to the ground and ready for your kids to play on. Bring home a set today and install them with ease!


  • You don’t need any power tools at all to put these stakes in the ground and secure them to your swing set.
  • It only takes a few short minutes to put these stakes in place and get your kids swinging safely.


  • These are very expensive stakes that may be well over budget for some buyers.
  • These stakes come in a set of eight, which may be more than you need.


Did you find the right set of swing stakes for your backyard swing set needs? As you can see, there are a lot of good options out there, so you just need to take your time and choose the one that works best for you.

Here are some tips for making sure your swing set stakes are securely fastened:

  • Always use the proper type of stake or anchor for the type of swing you have.
  • Use power tools for installation whenever possible, instead of hand tools.
  • Add sandbags if you’re still concerned.
metal swing set anchors

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to providing a safer playtime for your kids soon!



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