Searching For A Step 2 Pirate Ship Climber? LOOK NO FURTHER!

  • Many of you have are looking for a pirate ship climber for kids 
  • No, the popular toy brand Step2 hasn’t made a toy like this yet 
  • We can tell you about a great option made by ECR4Kids instead 
  • Find out what we loved about this toy (and what we didn’t, too)

Are you searching for a great pirate ship climber for your kids?

Have you had trouble finding a climber that looks like a pirate ship and comes from a well-known and trusted brand name?

Is there a Step 2 pirate ship climber you could consider purchasing for your little one?

If you’ve been looking for a fun and exciting playset for your toddler that looks like a pirate ship, you may be wishing the popular Step 2 company would make something like this. However, there is not currently a pirate ship climber made by the Step 2 company.

With that said, however, if you’d like to find a suitable replacement, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll introduce you to a popular alternative to the Step 2 company and a great pirate ship climber that your toddler is sure to enjoy playing with for hours on end.

You’ll find out just what to expect from this product as well as any flaws it may have that you’d want to consider. Read on to learn more!

ECR4Kids Indoor/Outdoor Buccaneer Play Boat with Pirate Flag

ECR4Kids Indoor/Outdoor Buccaneer Boat with Pirate Flag Play Structure for Kids

The ECR4Kids Indoor/Outdoor Buccaneer Play Boat with Pirate Flag is an exciting addition to any backyard space or indoor playroom. This cute toddler-sized playset is designed to look just like a brightly-colored and kid-friendly pirate ship and is sure to give your child plenty of fun and interesting ideas for creative play. It’s small enough to fit into just about any play space you may have but large enough to be a fun toy for kids up to six years of age.

Little ones are sure to love climbing and crawling all over and around this pirate ship toy! It features plenty of places for your child to stand, crawl, climb, and play pretend for hours at a time. And best of all, it’s easy to move around if you need to also, since it’s made of lightweight plastic. You can even keep it clean by wiping it down with warm soapy water, rinsing it off with the garden hose, or using disinfectant wipes on it as needed. All in all, this is a great playset that is sure to give your child plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure without ever having to leave the backyard!


  • This playset includes lots of molded plastic details including a bright blue pirate flag, an anchor, a parrot, and many more fun and interesting additions that help make playing pretend even easier.
  • There is a wheel at the top of the playset that really turns so your little one can pretend he or she is steering the ship through the ocean.
  • The back of the playset features two wide steps that your child can climb up or use as handholds for getting to the lookout tower at the top of the ship.
  • The bottom part of the ship includes a door as well as a climbing entry to a small play area that allows more than one child to play on the ship at the same time.
  • There is also an indoor crawl space area that your little one can go inside and peek out the ship’s windows to see what’s going on in the yard or room surrounding him or her.
  • The playset is 54.3 inches by 30.7 inches by 56.7 inches and weighs 37.5 pounds, making it easy to fit into many different places inside or outside.

What We Liked

  • We love how easy it is to find a place for this cute pirate ship playset! It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up much space in your child’s playroom at all, so you can easily use it in the house if you want to. But you can also place it outside, since it’s made of durable plastic that won’t fade in the sun or become damaged easily by exposure to the elements, either. This is a very versatile toddler playset that is sure to quickly become an important part of your child’s play!

What Could Be Improved

  • The overall safety of this product could be improved upon. You should never let your child play on a playset unattended, but this set is nevertheless still a little unsafe in some areas. The railing on the top of the ship is not tall enough to stop smaller babies from falling over it, which is one of the biggest concerns many customers have. In some instances, the railings may not snap into place correctly either, which could further pose a safety hazard.


  • check
    This playset is certified green, meaning that it doesn’t emit as many toxic pollutants into the air as other similar plastic products might, which is much safer for your child as well as for the environment.
  • check
    The playset comes from a company that is committed to excellent customer service and is sure to help resolve any questions or concerns you may have about the product.
  • check
    It is very easy to put this playset together and it shouldn’t take too long to do so by following the detailed included directions.
  • check
    It’s easy to pick up this playset and move it around as needed for maximum play.


  • Although the age recommendations state that this product is good from 36 months to 13 years, it is generally not large enough for children who are older than about 6 or 7 years, and it could potentially tip over with larger children playing on it.
  • In some rare cases, the product has arrived with some pieces missing, although the company has been willing to send replacement parts when this happens.
  • This playset is narrow, so it may not be wide enough for some bigger and older kids to be able to play on comfortably.
  • Some customers feel as though the playset is wobbly, although not everyone shares this feeling about it.


So, have you decided to purchase the ECR4Kids Indoor/Outdoor Buccaneer Play Boat with Pirate Flag? If you do choose to buy this great playset for your little one, remember that you need to have enough space in your home or backyard for it. This playset may be a little too large for most indoor spaces, but if you have a larger nursery or playroom you may be able to make it work. If you place it outside, be sure to put it on a level surface so your child will be safe playing with it at all times.

And if you’re looking for additional accessories, don’t forget to add a sandbox to your toddler’s play area! If you have enough outdoor space, a sandbox can be a great addition that will give your child something soft to sit in and enjoy when playing outdoors. This playset also doesn’t come with a slide, so if you want to use it outside, you may want to bring home a separate slide climber for your toddler to enjoy as well. And if you’re going for a full backyard playground setup, don’t forget to pick up a swing for your little one, too!



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