LF: A Seesaw Seats Replacement? (Where To Buy & More)

Do you have a seesaw in your backyard that has seen better playdates?

Have you noticed the seats getting worn out or broken even though the seesaw itself is still in pretty good condition?

Would you like to refurbish and install new seats on your existing seesaw?

If any of this is true of you, then look no further!

Seesaw Seats Replacement:
Bring Your Seesaw Back To Life

Here are some quick link URLs that we've put together... These companies all provide seesaw seat replacements for order online. Take your pick and order one today:






If these links above are not exactly what you're looking for,
please check out the rest of our post below:

  • A seesaw’s seats are usually the first to get worn out 
  • When this happens it’s not necessary to buy a whole new seesaw 
  • We can tell you where to go to find seesaw seat replacements 
  • Plus, a bonus video: Seesaw with sliding seats

enty of information for you below to help you figure out just where to get your new seesaw seats.

But is it possible to install seesaw seats replacement products or do you need to buy a whole new seesaw? In most cases, you can simply unscrew the existing seats and replace them with new ones. This may not always be true, however, so be sure you pay attention to the way your seesaw is put together before you go out and purchase a product from one of the places listed below.

When you’re ready to go shopping, be sure you take a look at all of our suggested locations to see which one may be right for you. Any of these places is sure to have a product that will work for you, but some may have more selections than others.

Are you ready to figure out where you can go shopping for your new seesaw seats? Then read on!

plastic seesaw seats


  • This company offers many products at a heavily discounted price, and it often offers free shipping as well.
  • You can find all sorts of different sizes of seesaws and other baby and child products here as well, so you don’t have to be too limited in terms of your child’s age or abilities when shopping with Wayfair.
  • It’s easy to get in touch with customer service when you use this web site.


  • There may not be any seesaw seats available on Wayfair, depending on when you check, so you might need to check back often.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to handle returns through Wayfair.
  • Some customers feel that it is still easier to find better deals on most products through other sites.

2. Amazon

seesaw parts


  • It’s easy to find all sorts of products you might be looking for on Amazon, and you don’t have to feel limited by your options at all.
  • This site offers many discounted prices as well as products that can be difficult to find.
  • In some instances, you may be able to qualify for free shipping on your seesaw seat replacement.


  • As with most other stores out there, it can take some time to find the right seesaw seat when you shop with Amazon, and you may have to spend a little while looking around.
  • Amazon may not be able to help with returns or customer service if you purchase through a third party seller, so you might be stuck if you end up with a product that doesn’t work.
  • Walmart and other physical chain stores may run specials and will not charge shipping on their products.

3. Walmart/Chain Stores

teeter totter replacement parts


  • Walmart has physical stores, so if you’re looking for something you can check out in person, you may be able to get a look at the product you have in mind before buying it.
  • Walmart’s online Marketplace offers a wider selection of items from third party sellers as well.
  • Walmart and other physical chain stores may run specials and will not charge shipping on their products.


  • These stores usually sell items at a markup, so you might end up paying more than you would if you go with an online option.
  • You are limited by the stock these stores have available.
  • It may be challenging to find any seesaw swing seats in physical stores.

4. Facebook Groups

replacement parts


  • Most towns have a local Facebook yard sale type group available these days.
  • You can find items at a heavily discounted price or sometimes even for free by going through groups like this.
  • It’s easy to reach out and hear back from people on Facebook very quickly.


  • There may not be anyone in your area selling seesaw seat replacements for a long time.
  • If you live in a very rural community, this may not be a reasonable option for you at all.
  • You may end up having to haggle with someone or otherwise having a bad deal with the seller you choose.
see saw replacement parts


  • Many people use Craigslist, so it’s a good way to reach out and find someone selling exactly what you’re looking for.
  • This method of shopping can help you find a great deal at a high discount.
  • You can post a wanted ad on Craigslist and may be able to find more items this way.


  • If you post a wanted ad, you are likely to get several scam emails, so you should be very cautious when using Craigslist in this way.
  • It can be dangerous to meet strangers from Craigslist, so always make sure someone goes with you.
  • You will be limited to whatever local sellers have available when shopping on Craigslist.


Did you find the right replacement seat for your needs? There are plenty of places to go shopping for a product like this, and they may not all have exactly what you’re looking for every time you check. It may take some time to find the right replacement, but when you do, you’ll be well on your way to fixing up that seesaw and getting it safe for your kids to use once again.

But what if you don’t want to spend the money on these replacement seats? Can you DIY replacement seats for your seesaw instead? Depending on the type of seesaw you have, it may be possible to make a replacement seat. If you have a metal frame seesaw or a plastic one, however, chances are good you’re going to be limited to the replacement parts that fit the specific type of seesaw you’re working with. Rarely will you be able to use something you made yourself to fix your seesaw’s seats.

If you have a wooden seesaw, however, you may be able to do just that. Take a look at how the seats affix to your seesaw. If it looks like something you can easily recreate, then there’s no reason why you can’t put in DIY seats. Just make sure they are safe enough for your children to use and can support the weight of your child as he or she gets older, too.

Some plastic seesaws may be able to be fitted with DIY seats as well. It’s all dependent on the type of seat your seesaw already has and whether or not it is easy to attach new seats to the structure that is already in place. Before beginning any kind of repairs to your seesaw, make sure you understand fully how the parts are put together. This will go a long way toward helping keep your kids safe in the future, too!