5 Top Picks: Rainbow Playset Canopy Replacement (Pros & Cons)

Do you have a backyard playset for your children?

Is the canopy roof in need of a replacement?

Are you looking for something that will fit one of the very popular Rainbow brand canopy playsets out there?

If so, we’ve got you covered! Below, we have put together a list of five great canopy replacements to help you get started. You’ll be able to find the right fit and color for your playground in no time.

Here are a few benefits of having a Rainbow playset canopy replacement:

 outdoor jungle gym for toddlers
  • Old canopies may allow your children to get sunburned.
  • Old canopies may let in rain or snow.
  • Old canopies could collapse without warning.

Keep all this in mind when trying to decide whether or not you need a replacement canopy for your Rainbow brand playset.

Don't have the time to check out the whole list?

52" x 90" Multi-Color Swing Set Replacement Tarp
Swing-N-Slide 43" x 90" Heavy Duty Forest Green Canopy
Tarp Hill 52" X 90" Heavy Duty Playset Tarp
Playstar Tarp, 92 1/2" x 61 1/4"
301 Reviews
170 Reviews
24 Reviews
12 Reviews
52" x 90" Multi-Color Swing Set Replacement Tarp
301 Reviews
Swing-N-Slide 43" x 90" Heavy Duty Forest Green Canopy
170 Reviews

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1. Swing-N-Slide Heavy Duty Forest Green Canopy

Swing-N-Slide 43' x 90' Heavy Duty Forest Green Canopy

For a sturdy tarp that’s sure to get the job done right, check out this Swing-N-Slide Heavy Duty Forest Green Canopy. This product is available in a 43” x 90” size that works well with slightly larger playset spaces. It is thick enough to hold up to a lot of use as well as exposure to the elements.


  • This canopy is lightweight and easy to hang with or without help.
  • The canopy has been known to last several years with no issues.


  • This canopy is only available in dark green without any other color options.
  • Some customers have reported this canopy failing when it snows or rains very heavily, although this is rare.

2. Swing-N-Slide Multi-Color Replacement Tarp

52' x 90' Multi-Color Swing Set Replacement Tarp

Are you looking for a replacement tarp that’s got a little more color to it than some of the other options out there? If so, the Swing-N-Slide Multi-Color Replacement Tarp may be the perfect pick for you! This tarp comes in a 52” x 90” size that is one of the most common in the world of backyard playgrounds. Designed to mount to a wooden swingset frame, this product is thick, durable, and brightly colored too, making it more interesting and unique than some other variations.


  • This product is easy to hang in place in just a short amount of time, whether you have help from someone else or not.
  • This is a popular product that many customers have been very happy with after purchasing it.


  • Some customers have reported this product being just slightly too short for some of their playsets, requiring a little DIY fixing to make it work.
  • In some instances, this product may wear out or fade in color over time when used in direct sunlight.

3. Playstar Tarp

Playstar Tarp, 92 1/2' x 61 1/4'

When you need a tarp covering for your playground that’s slightly larger than the norm, check out this Playstar Tarp, which comes in at 92-1/2” x 61-1/4”. Although it’s not much bigger than more standard sizes, this canopy may give you the extra boost of fabric you need to cover your playset perfectly. Available in a dark green shade that’s sure to keep your kids cool and comfortable when playing beneath it, this canopy is sure to quickly become a part of your child’s backyard playground for a long time to come.


  • This product features grommets to make it easier to put in place adn take down as needed.
  • The canopy comes with snap screws that make the installation process even easier than ever before.


  • There are no color options for this canopy, so you’ll be stuck with dark green.
  • Some customers have reported the product being thinner and flimsier than some of the other options out there.

4. Tarp Hill 52” x 90” Heavy Duty Playset Tarp

Tarp Hill 52' X 90' Heavy Duty Playset Tarp

Choose this Tarp Hill 52” x 90” Heavy Duty Playset Tarp to get your kids’ playground up and running in no time. This tarp is designed to fit one of the most common sizes of playset out there and features a durable fabric that is designed to resist tearing and scrapes. This is a very sturdy and durable product that has heat sealed seams for maximum effectiveness. With this thick tarp in place, your children will never again have to worry about getting a sunburn when playing outside!


  • This tarp is UV protected and designed to hold up to a lot of wear and tear as well as exposure to the sun.
  • The tarp features grommets to make it quick and easy to hang in just about no time.


  • You will need to attach this tarp with deck screws that do not come with it, so this will be a slight additional expense.
  • In some rare instances, customers have reported receiving the wrong sized product when ordering this tarp.

5. Custom Sized Building Bricks Replacement Tarp

Custom Sized Building Bricks Creative Blocks Replacement Tarp \ Canopy for Playset: Up to 45 Sq Ft Tarp Size

With this Custom Sized Building Bricks Replacement Tarp, you can give your child a fun and unique place to play outdoors. This canopy is sure to keep your little ones protected from the sun and make them interested in playing on their playground once again, too. It is designed to look like Legos or Duplo blocks on the printed vinyl tarp covering. This colorful and cheerful canopy is sure to be the talk of the block as soon as you install it on your child’s backyard playground!


  • This vinyl canopy can be cut and hemmed to your measurements and specifications, making it a truly custom sized canopy that will work great with even the most complicated of playground sizes.
  • This canopy tarp is UV coated and heat sealed at the seams to make it more long-lasting and durable than ever before.


  • It can be tough to find this product in stock and some customers may have to go on a waiting list to get their custom canopy made.
  • Despite the canopy being treated to be more durable, it may still fade in color over time, especially when used in direct sunlight.


Did you find the right canopy replacement for your playset? As you can see, there are plenty to pick from. But will all replacement canopies work with Rainbow playsets, or will you have to make modifications? Many of the canopies listed above will work well with your existing playset without needing any modifications. However, some may need to be cut and hemmed if they’re a bit too long. On the other hand, if they’re too short, you may need to adjust the way you hang them up or sew a piece of your old canopy to the new one to make it fit. It’s not impossible to make these changes, but be sure you measure your canopy dimensions first so you can avoid this if possible.



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