Do you believe that playtime and learning can go hand in hand? We do!

Yes, playtime is a great tool for baby’s mental, physical and emotional development. It helps hone motor skills, and also boosts creativity and imagination. It can even make babies feel happier!

A good mix of indoor and outdoor play can provide your little one with countless learning opportunities. Playgrounds and parks provide an awesome outdoor venue for physical play. For indoors, there are educational toys for boys and girls of every age that you can buy.

There are so many possibilities for you to explore, and we have narrowed it all down to make things easier for you. We hope you’re ready to discover all there is to know about using playtime with toys, playground equipment, and physical activity to learn and grow with your little ones.

Play, Learn and Grow

There is so much more to playtime than keeping kids entertained and happy. Playtime is also learning time, and it is through this that little ones are able to grow and develop. In the early years of their lives, before formal schooling begins, this is best and most effective way for parents to introduce ideas like letters, numbers, colors, and sounds to children. With different forms of play, from simply running around outdoors to playing with blocks, puzzles, and games, to singing and dancing along to nursery rhymes and songs, learning is truly everywhere.

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Toddlers are curious, active little ones. If you aren’t careful, this could mean disaster for a lot of the things you have at home. On the other hand, curiosity also indicates an active imagination, and it’s always a good idea to give that a little boost. One of the ways you can do this is by giving your kids the right toys.

Toys and play sets for toddlers should serve the dual purpose of being fun and educational. You do need to make sure that they are age-appropriate and made of baby-safe materials, too, in order for playtime to be worry-free. Below, we have some awesome toddler toy picks, and even some for bigger kids. Get ready to shop!

toys for girls

Toys For Girls

Playtime with little girls shouldn’t be just about dolls and dress up. It’s a good idea to add some outdoor games and a little playground fun to the mix, too. Getting acquainted with the outdoors is a great way for your precious little one to stretch out her bones and strengthen her muscles. This helps to improve her overall physical and mental wellbeing.

The right toys for girls (we have a list of awesome ones below) can help keep them interested in outdoor play. Who knows, they may even enjoy themselves so much that they ignore the fact that they’re getting dirty and sweaty. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll forget about the bugs, too. 

toys for boys

Toys For Boys

You won’t believe just how many toys for boys there are out there. There are so many options, in fact, that finding the perfect gift for that special little mister can sometimes be challenging. But fret not, for we have handy gift guides that could really help you out. We’ve listed picks for enjoyable and educational toys for boys aged 18 months to three years old, which we’re sure any little guy would love to receive.

Toys By Age

When choosing toys, it is important that you consider their age-appropriateness. This is crucial in ensuring that your little ones are actually able to learn as they enjoy their playtime. These toys are designed to match the skills and interests of the age group they are made for. Safety also comes into play here. By choosing age-appropriate toys, you can avoid accidents and potential choking hazards. 

If you need help choosing the right toys by age, we can definitely help. In the articles below, you will discover enjoyable, age-appropriate toys for fun outdoor play that your kids won’t get tired of.

playground construction

Playground Construction

When it comes to your beloved children, safety must always come first. This is a real challenge when all your little one wants to do is run, climb, swing and slide. How do you deal with this? By creating a play environment that is as safe and secure as possible. Careful playground construction, and the use of proper padding, protective mats, and playground border kits are super important for this purpose.

If you need to learn more about how to set up your play area in a manner that is kid-proof but still super fun, read through the articles we have prepared for you below. Remember, there is no precaution too big or too small when it comes to your children’s well-being!

Playground Brand Features

Do brands really matter when you are shopping for a playset? It does when you need to make sure that the playground pieces you choose are both child-tested and parent-approved. Trusted brands are often synonymous with quality and safety, and the promise of hours of fun for kids.

We want you to have the best, of course. So check out the awesome playground brand features that we have below to help you choose the right one for your home. Your little ones will thank you for sure!

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Old Playground Classics (We Used To Love)

Before gadgets and electronic toys, kids spent hours on end in playgrounds and parks. Do you remember what play yards were like when you were little? And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share a glimpse of these fond memories with your own children? Through these articles, you certainly can.

Take a trip down memory lane by browsing through our links. We’ve featured old playground favorites from days past, along with some recommended products that are just like the ones you miss. Ready to peek into the past?

Playsets (Big and Small)

Whether your space and budget are big or small, you CAN have a playset for your little one to enjoy. It’s all a matter of finding the right one. With a little bit of research, you’re sure to find that one perfect playset that’s meant to be yours. We can help you narrow down your options through our articles and reviews below. Ready for some (virtual) window shopping?

slide and house combo playset

Combo Playset Options

Individual playground pieces are nice to have, but a combo playset is even better. If you have the space to install an awesome playground at home, we say go all out! There are different combo playset options designed for kids of every age, and on this site we have awesome recommendations for the toddler years and beyond. With easy access to swings, slides, monkey bars and playhouses, your kids will keep wanting to play outdoors for sure! Check out our picks?

dome climber for kids

Climbers, Jungle Gyms & Monkey Bars

Climbing is a fun form of exercise. It’s an awesome way to strengthen your kids’ muscles and joints, and develop their motor skills, too. Apart from the physical benefits, playing on climbers, jungle gyms and monkey bars is also said to boost confidence, agility, and coordination. With all the benefits they bring, it’s easy to see why you should have these awesome pieces in your playground. Care to check out our recommended ones?

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A slide can take a playground to a whole new level of fun, both for a child and a parent. With something as fun as this in your home, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your little one to spend active time outdoors. But what can be learned through playtime on a slide? Physically, there’s balance and coordination, and the chance to fine-tune motor skills. There are opportunities for social interaction during play, too, along with precious bonding time for you and your kids. Doesn’t that sound great?

If you are searching for an exciting and safe slide to place in your backyard for your child to enjoy, you are in the right place. In the articles below, we feature different types of slides for you check out and compare. The fun begins right here!

see saw for toddlers

Teeter Totters and See Saws

Learning through play becomes twice as fun when little ones have someone to share the experience with. Playground equipment designed for two, such as teeter totters and see saws, are just perfect for this!

Parents (especially those with more than one kid) can totally benefit from having playground equipment like these for the little ones to share, right at home. If you need a bit more convincing, check out the articles below. They can tell you all you need to know about teeter totters, along with our recommendations for the best ones to buy!


A swing set is an awesome piece of playground equipment for your little ones to have. From very small babies to toddlers to bigger kids, no one can resist the thrill of a swing. Beyond the excitement of going higher and higher, and the wonderful feeling of the wind in their faces, kids can actually learn a lot from playtime on the swings. Their senses are stimulated, their balance is challenged, and their limits are tested as they have fun and play. No doubt about it, swings are awesome.

While there may be some concerns over a swing’s safety, particularly among parents with younger kids, there’s really no need to worry. With proper supervision and the right swing set, kids can be kept free from harm. If you still haven’t found that perfect swing, check out our recommendations for the best ones for kids of every age. Regardless of the space you have or your budget, you’re sure to find a swing you’ll love among our lists below. 

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Other Great Products and Resources

Shopping for kid stuff is overwhelming to say the least. Our goal here is to make things easier for you. We’ve already given you list upon list of toys and playground equipment that kids can enjoy, and below we have even more recommendations lined up. Browse through the links below for other products and resources made especially for kids. We’re sure you’re gonna find something you’ll like.