What’s The Best Outdoor Activity For Infants? (Here Are 5 Super Fun Ideas)

  • An infant definitely can and should spend time playing outside 
  • Learn the safe age to start playing with your baby outdoors 
  • Discover 5 awesome outdoor activities you can do with infants 
  • Plus, 3 ways that infants can truly benefit from outdoor play

Do you have a little one at home who is now ready to see and explore the outside world?

Is your infant now starting to spend more time being awake and alert?

Are you looking for some fun and enjoyable activities that you can do together in the outdoors?

If you said yes to any of the above, then we have a lot of fun and action based information for you and your little one!

In this article, we will tell you about five outdoor activities that will be great for you to do with your baby, and also tell you about the right age when you can start enjoying some outdoor activities with your infant. Not just that, we will also tell you about how certain activities can also help to improve learning and developmental skills in your infant, and how these are also great as a bonding tool for baby and parents. 

So without waiting anymore, let’s jump right on to these fun outdoor activities for your infant.

At what age/how many weeks or months can you start enjoying outdoor activities with your infant?

Taking your infant outside for the first time for doing some outdoor activity can be a personal choice for most of the parents.

outdoor play for babies and toddlers
  • There is no specific time or age which is meant to be a starting point when you should take your infant outdoors and start engaging him or her in outdoor activities.
  • Depending on your infant’s overall health, the weather where you are currently living with the baby and other such factors, the exact age, the weeks and months, may vary.
  • A safe age when you can start taking your infant outdoors to enjoy various activities is around the third month, by when your baby will be more able to hold the head in a steady way, and also be more receptive to the outdoor sights and sounds.
  • This is also the time when your infant’s immunity will gradually start to build up.

Did you know that there are specific types of learning that your infant will learn in the first eight months of life? This is why it is extremely crucial that you encourage your infant to participate in outdoor activities and help to stimulate their mental, physical as well as emotional and sensory development.  

5 outdoor activities for infants that are engaging and can help with learning/development and bonding

1. Swimming or playing with water

  • This is a great way to bond with your little one and encourage the development of motor skills.
  • In fact, it also improves their brain development and makes them more self-confident.
  • In addition, it also improves their breathing, builds stamina, makes them more open to learn swimming and prevents childhood obesity.

2. Enjoying snacks or meals, picnic style

outdoor play activities for infants and toddlers
  • Going outdoors with your infant for a snack or meal time, in a picnic style, can be a very interesting way of introducing them to new foods.
  • Doctors recommend that you exclusively breastfeed your baby for the first six months, but even if you want to try this with your young baby while breastfeeding, this can be a great way of stimulating feed times without making your baby cranky or stressed.
  • Also, once your infant starts having foods, arranging a picnic outdoors will be a nice way of letting them eat without making too much of a fuss.

3. Going for a walk

  • Taking your infant out for a walk is one of the first steps of introducing your little one to the outside world.
  • With so many things to see, hear and feel, this can boost your infant’s overall development, including sensory development, boosting visual and auditory sense, helping your infant learn about birds, flowers, colours, things, cars and so on.
  • This is also a good time for bonding, and as you talk to your infant about the many things that are out there, it will also improve your infant’s vocabulary.

4. Experiencing nature

  • Your infant’s first foray into the outside world can be a great way to introduce the beauty and benefits of nature to your little one. Taking your infant out in the day can let your little one get a daily dose of vitamin D and also get fresh air.
  • While looking at birds, flowers, trees and other wonders of nature will surely make your infant feel happy and keep him or her entertained, it is also good for your infant’s overall health.
  • If your infant is around three months of age, you can take a blanket and help your little one lay on it, while pointing out the clouds, star or moon. For infants who are between the ages of three and six months, you can use this time as tummy play time. This will help your infant in improving head stability and also help to strengthen the muscles around the neck and shoulder area.
outdoor play for infants

5.  Ball time

  • Your infant may not be able to play with a ball right away, but you can surely start this activity with your infant once he or she is three or four months of age.
  • To begin with, you can place your little one on the back on a blanket outdoors. Hold a ball in one hand and move it from one side to the other, making sure that your baby can keep an eye on it. To give your infant the maximum amount of visual stimulation, it is best to use a ball that is bright in colour.
  • You can also use this same activity to encourage your infant’s auditory stimulation by using a ball that has some sound to it, so that your infant tries to move the head and the eyes from side to side based on the sound and where it is coming from.
  • This simple ball activity can improve overall visual and auditory sense, improve your infant’s concentration and focusing abilities, want them to reach out thus encouraging them to move their muscles and limbs and encourage them to start trying to sit up and crawl as the months pass.

What are 3 ways that infants can benefit from spending time outdoors?

Letting your infant spend time outdoors has many benefits, and here are three of the main benefits that you can share with your little one when you start taking them outside and let them explore more.

Age-wise benefits for your infants of spending time outdoors:

1. Age three to nine months

  • Experience different weathers and the resulting sensation
  • Stimulate eye strength by adjusting to day light, evening light, night time light
  • Help understand smell
  • Grasping, crawling, sitting up
  • Breathing in fresh air

2. Age 10 to 14 months

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, fear and crankiness
  • Increase self-esteem and self-independence
  • Improve verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Encourage gross motor and fine development skills
  • Reduce separation anxiety
  • Encourage balance and coordination
  • Improve and boost immunity

3. Age 15 to 24 months

  • Encourage social interaction
  • Teach independence and improve imagination through self-play modes
  • Improve social skills and teach about sharing and asking for permission
  • Encourage behavioural skills
  • Teach about patience
  • Teach about engaging with strangers (other children not related to family) and also build bonding time with siblings



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