Looking For Old McDonalds Playground Equipment For Sale? So Were We!

  • Many fond memories were built on old McDonalds playgrounds 
  • Some people actually collect equipment from these playgrounds 
  • Read about the interesting collectors of McDonalds playgrounds 
  • Plus, where to search for pieces in case you want to buy some

Do you remember playing on the playgrounds at McDonald’s when you were a kid?

Does the McDonald’s Playplace hold a special place in your heart?

Do you wish your kids could enjoy playing on something that made such an impact on your own childhood?

You might not know this, but there are plenty of people out there who purchase old McDonalds playground equipment for sale. People just like you want to experience that sense of nostalgia from being around the fun playground toys they used to love, and many of these people are parents and caregivers who want to pass on the fun of the Playplace to another generation.

The bright colors and fun and imaginative designs of the playgrounds at McDonald’s became a favorite part of the childhoods of many people who grew up in the 80s and the first part of the 90s. And today, you may not be as far away from those old playgrounds as you might think.

In this article, you’ll learn about people who have purchased McDonald’s playground equipment. You’ll also find out where you should look to keep an eye out for these types of things yourself, if you ever choose to buy some for your own backyard. So let’s get started!

Who Owns These?

You may be wondering who out there has actually purchased some of these old playground pieces. Although there aren’t a lot of private owners of these items—or at least not many who admit to owning them—there are a few who have been in the public eye because they’ve purchased old McDonald’s playground pieces.

Tony Ritchie

A resident of Mount Cook, New Zealand by the name of Tony Ritchie purchased three pieces of McDonald’s Playplace equipment for eleven thousand dollars in early 2017. These pieces included a Mayor McCheese merry-go-round, a Hamburglar swing set, and an Officer Big Mac jungle gym. The pieces were not in excellent condition when they were sold, but they were in functioning condition. The winning bidder for the items hasn’t commented on how he intends to use them or if he plans to refurbish them before they’re used.

Pennsylvania resident

In the spring of 2016, an unnamed Pennsylvania resident listed an Officer Big Mac jail set for auction or sale on eBay. There was a lot of buzz about the listing, but in the end, no one bid on it and the owner opted to keep it instead. This is a unique piece of playground equipment that allowed children to climb up a ladder inside it and sit in the “jail” in the top of the piece. Now it supposedly still stands in the yard of the Pennsylvania man who couldn’t sell it on eBay.

Where to Look For McDonald’s Playground Equipment Online

It’s hard to say when these playground pieces come available or where you might find them when they do, but there are a few great places to keep an eye out if you’re shopping online. Just remember that it may take a while to put together a complete McDonald’s playground, and you may want to get started early if you’re looking for these items for your own kids to enjoy.


Of course, eBay is a great place to look for anything a little strange or silly that someone might be selling. Some companies unload old items like playground equipment through eBay, but you’re a lot more likely to come across these items being sold by individual private owners if you go this route. eBay can be a great resource, but remember that it’s an auction site, and make sure you know what your top dollar will be before you get into a bidding war with someone.


Craigslist is very hit or miss. You may have a lot of luck digging through Craigslist listings, but on the other hand, you may make a “wanted” post and never have a single reply to it. If you’re willing to drive to pick up your products, you can expand your search to other parts of the state or even the country to help you find the items you want. Take care, however, because there are a lot of scams posted on Craigslist frequently. Never go alone to meet a stranger selling items on Craigslist.


You may not have considered Pinterest as an option, but every now and then, people collect boards of listings of McDonald’s playground equipment for sale. These can get outdated very quickly, however, so it’s important to pay attention and check in every day or so to see if anything new has been added. If you see something posted on Pinterest, you’ll probably want to make an offer on the item as soon as possible to ensure you get it before one of the thousands of other people who will likely come across it on Pinterest, too.

Local marketplaces 

Try online local marketplaces if you’re looking for something you think someone in your community may own or have access to. This is an especially good option if there are a lot of junkyards and similar places in your community. They could know how to help you find the pieces you’re searching for, but without seeing your posts on online marketplaces, they’ll never know how to find you. Facebook is a great place to locate these kinds of groups online, and you can post to tons of groups until you find someone who can help you in your search.

Contacting McDonald’s

Note that you may not have a lot of luck going this route. McDonald’s gets a lot of contacts about purchasing Playplace equipment and they may or may not be willing to hear out your request. However, there’s always a chance, and it never hurts to give it a try either. If you do get in touch with McDonald’s about this, be respectful and understand that this company will not be able to answer your inquiries right away. You should also be prepared to pay up front if they do make an offer to sell you something.


If you’re feeling the urge to run right out and buy a McDonald’s Playplace for your own kids to enjoy, you’re not alone. There are a lot of people out there searching for these items to help recreate their own childhoods and let their kids enjoy something that meant a lot to them. But remember to be cautious about how much you pay for these items. They’re outdated and may not be safe without some upgrades, and they may not even be in great condition, either.

Because of this, it’s important to keep in mind the difference in sentimental value and actual value. Of course, there are a lot of other people who are as sentimental as you may be about these items and they may place a high value on them as well. Just remember to consider what’s reasonable when paying for your old playground equipment so you don’t wind up spending too much for a lot of plastic from the 1980s.



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