9 Newborn Co Sleep Baby Bed Products You Never Knew You Wanted

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Are you looking for a safe and comfortable way to keep your newborn close to you as soon as he or she is welcomed into the world?

Have you been considering co sleeping but worry about your child’s safety if you go this route?

Did you know that using a co sleeping bed can give you a safe co sleeping environment without sacrificing proximity to your baby?

With a co sleeping bassinet built specifically for newborn use, you can ease your worries and cut back on safety concerns significantly while co sleeping with your little one. These sleepers are meant to be used solely by your baby and provide your child with a safe sleeping environment all his or her own.

For co sleeping, however, you can position one of these sleepers next to your side of the bed so all you have to do is reach over to pick up your baby during the night if he or she gets fussy. You’ll never be more than an arm’s length away from your child but both of you will have your own separate places to sleep. This is the safest way to co sleep and is recommended by many professionals.

When buying a newborn-appropriate co sleeping bassinet, however, there’s a lot to keep in mind. And that’s what we’re here to help with! In this article, you’ll find reviews for 9 of the best newborn co sleeping bassinets available on the market today. You can compare and contrast the features of each one to find the one that’s right for you.

If you’ve ever wanted to try co sleeping with your newborn, choosing a sleeper bassinet is the way to go. Best of all, if you decide co sleeping isn’t right for you and your family, you can continue to use these bassinets in your baby’s room or nursery until your child gets too big for them.

Now, let’s get started shopping!

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BABYBJORN Cradle - White
Tiny Love Cozy Rocker Napper, Grey
Sorelle Dondola Cradle - Espresso
Costzon Wood Baby Cradle Rocking Crib Bassinet Bed Sleeper Portable Nursery (Blue)
KidCo DreamPod Portable Bassinet, Cranberry
132 Reviews
83 Reviews
78 Reviews
27 Reviews
13 Reviews
BABYBJORN Cradle - White
132 Reviews
Costzon Wood Baby Cradle Rocking Crib Bassinet Bed Sleeper Portable Nursery (Blue)
27 Reviews

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1. Costzon Wood Baby Cradle Rocking Crib Bassinet Bed Sleeper

Costzon Wood Baby Cradle Rocking Crib Bassinet Bed Sleeper Portable Nursery (Blue)

When you’re looking for a truly adorable newborn co sleep bed to help welcome your little one into the world, check out the Dostzon Wood Baby Cradle Rocking Crib Bassinet Bed Sleeper. This is a small sleeper made of pine that is both natural and safe for your baby to sleep in. It is on wheels so you can easily bring it around the house with you if need be, and it features a smooth swing and a quiet rocking motion that is sure to help your baby drift off to sleep in no time. With a built-in canopy to give your baby a comfortable place to doze and an included newborn-safe mattress, your child is sure to enjoy plenty of sweet dreams in this sleeper!



  • If you choose not to rock this sleeper you can simply lock it in place to keep it from moving around. 
  • The included bedding and canopy are good quality and look very nice upon arrival.  
  • The beautiful appearance of this canopy cradle is sure to look great in any nursery no matter which of the color options you choose. 
  • It can be difficult to get the canopy in place the first time you put this cradle together. 
  • Some customers have reported the wooden pieces weakening over time with extended use.

  • Larger babies may cause the cradle portion to tilt to one side or the other unless it is locked in place.

2. Tiny Love Cozy Rocker Napper

Tiny Love Cozy Rocker Napper, Grey

The Tiny Love Cozy Rocker Napper provides a modern take on the classic newborn bassinet sleeper. It is technically designed for napping, so you may think it’s not ideal for putting your baby to bed at night. However, with this convenient co sleep baby bed, you can adjust the position and style of the sleeper itself and turn it into a flat sleeping surface that’s perfectly safe for your child to rest all night long. No matter which position you choose to use, this sleeper will rock gently and help your baby drift off into a peaceful sleep. It also features a built-in canopy and several attached toys to help provide your child with the perfect environment for nighttime sleep, daytime naps, and so much more!



  • The included canopy is large enough to protect babies from sunlight as well as provide a cozy sleeping environment.  
  • This is a lightweight sleeper that’s easy to move around with.  
  • The sleeper has a built-in music function that can keep your baby entertained when he or she is awake. 
  • There isn’t a lot of rocking motion in some of the positions for this sleeper, so it may not move enough to soothe your little one to sleep.  
  • Babies can only fit in this sleeper until about 3 months of age.

  • Some babies may be uncomfortable in the leaning positions because they are tilted back pretty far.

3. KidCo DreamPod Portable Bassinet

KidCo DreamPod Portable Bassinet, Cranberry

Are you looking for a newborn-safe bassinet on the go? Would you like something that you can bring around the house with you or even pack up for a stay at Grandma’s house? How about something that’s durable and safe so you won’t ever have to worry about your child tipping over while sleeping in it? With this KidCo DreamPod Portable Bassinet, you can have all that and more! This cute and super functional baby sleeper bed for co sleeping is built from a steel frame that is padded with plenty of soft fabric and a built-in mattress to give your child a safe and ultra-comfy sleeping environment. Best of all, it’s lightweight and can even fold down small enough to fit into a carrying case that comes with the bassinet itself.



  • Customers have reported being able to put this product together in just a couple of minutes.  
  • The sleeper is small enough to fit next to an adult bed for co sleeping arrangements if necessary.  
  • The sleeper stays in place and doesn’t move around even when other little ones want to take a look at the baby inside. 
  • This sleeper can only be used up until about 3 to 4 months old in comparison to the six months of some of the others listed here.
  • The bassinet is only available in one color and may not have enough options for some customers.

  • The mesh fabric on the sides could tear easily if it gets snagged on something.

4. Cariboo Classic Bassinet

Cariboo Classic Bassinet in Espresso (Certified Refurbished)

If you’re searching for something truly sleek and sophisticated to match your modern and upscale home décor, take a look at this Cariboo Classic Bassinet. This cute sleeper sits on a dark wood frame that has a smooth, flowing design. The basket portion of the sleeper is made of 100% cotton and attaches firmly to the frame to provide your baby with a comfortable and safe place to sleep during the day or at night. This is a smaller bassinet that’s easy for you to pick up and move around the house with you, but it’s also durable and sturdy enough to stay in one place and become your little one’s new favorite place to rest. With its stylish aesthetic appeal and durable functionality, this is a great sleeper that’s sure to please. If you’re looking for small baby beds co sleeping options like this one are a great solution!



  • This is a very modern-looking sleeper that fits in well with all kinds of contemporary home décor.
  • It’s easy to put this sleeper together without help from anyone else.  
  • The extra frame reinforcements on the bottom of the bassinet help to provide an even sturdier surface overall. 
  • It can be difficult to find this sleeper in stock depending on where you’re looking for it. 
  • It can be challenging to keep the cotton basket portion of this sleeper clean and free from stains.

  • This sleeper cannot be folded down or otherwise dismantled easily for travel purposes.

5. Pali Designs Isabella Moses Basket

Pali Designs Isabella Moses Basket

Go with the Pali Designs Isabella Moses Basket when you want an incredible bassinet sleeper that is sure to become the center of attention in any room! Available in three different colors, these ultra-cute co sleep beds for babies are built from durable frames on wheels with plenty of extra supports to keep your child comfortably and safely in place at all times. The basket portion of the bassinet is fitted with a 100% cotton sheet that features fleece backing to give your baby a comfortable surface without allowing his or her skin to come into contact with anything but the most natural cotton. Choose the color of your stand and bedding and you’ll have a beautiful sleeper that can truly become a showstopper in your baby’s nursery or in your bedroom.



  • The sleeper comes with a built-in mattress and sheet so you don’t have to worry about finding a custom fit.  
  • You can easily wheel this sleeper around on any surface, including hardwood and carpet as well as everything in between. 
  • The wheels lock in place if you choose to keep this sleeper stationary. 
  • This basket sleeper may only work through about five months of age instead of six months like some others listed here.
  • You cannot use this stand with any other size Moses basket, so you won’t be able to upgrade sizes when your baby gets bigger.

  • Some customers may find the fabric and frills are a little too delicate for their tastes.

6. C&A HOME Baby Cradle Infant Travel Crib/Cot

C&AHOME Baby Cradle Infant Travel Crib/Cot Multifunctional Cradle Portable Sleeper Bassinet, Blue

Do you love the minimalist look? How about something a little more rugged and ready for action? If this sounds like the bassinet you’ve been looking for, you might be interested in the C&A HOME Baby Cradle Infant Travel Crib/Cot. This newborn bed for co-sleeping is designed for use on the go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it an important part of your home setup for your newborn, too! Available in either red or blue with a natural pine frame, this durable, reinforced sleeper comes with a built-in mesh panel to allow more breathability and a clearer view of your baby at all times. Fold it down for easy storage and moving or just pick it up as-is and carry it to wherever you need it most. Since it’s lightweight and easy to handle, you won’t have any trouble moving it around!



  • Despite being a travel sleeper, this bassinet is large and comfortable enough for babies up to six months of age. 
  • This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend time putting together a complicated sleeper.  
  • The basket portion itself is made of soft fabric that will keep your baby comfortable for a long time to come. 
  • Since this is a bassinet designed for travel, it may be too minimalistic for some customers.
  • The sleeper doesn’t feature a 360-degree mesh fabric covering and may not provide the airflow that some other bassinets can.

  • The blue and red options may not be varied enough for some customers.

7. Sorelle Dondola Cradle

Sorelle Dondola Cradle - Espresso

For a beautiful bassinet option that is a little more like a traditional cradle in terms of aesthetic appeal, the Sorelle Dondola Cradle is a truly elegant option. This pine wood newborn co sleeping bed comes in either a dark wood finish or a white painted version so you never have to worry about whether or not it will match your room or your child’s nursery. The sleeper is on wheels so it’s easy to move around the house, but it’s larger and heavier than many of the others listed here. It features a cradle-style sleeping section that is on a rocker to allow you to gently send your baby to sleep with a soothing motion he or she is sure to love. And if you’re worried about any safety concerns with this bassinet, rest assured that it conforms to all standards of safe nursery furniture and your child will be in good hands when snoozing in this sleeper!



  • This sleeper is easy to put together even though it looks complicated.  
  • The gliding motion on this sleeper is very smooth and easy to push. 
  • The rocking mechanism can be locked in place so that the sleeper doesn’t move around when you don’t want it to. 
  • Some customers have reported this product arriving with missing or broken pieces, although this is not the norm. 
  • The included mattress may be too soft for safe use by a newborn.

  • Some customers have reported the sleeper having a strong paint odor for a while after putting it together.


BABYBJORN Cradle - White

The BABYBJORN Cradle is one of the best-selling bassinets on the market today and comes from a popular and well-known brand name that is committed to quality products and excellent customer service. This simple but stylish sleeper features a comfortable cotton bassinet basket that comes with its own fitted mattress to give your baby a safe and sound sleep. It sits on a sturdy frame that won’t move around easily but still provides a gentle rocking motion when your baby needs it most. With breathable mesh sides, your baby will have plenty of air flow and you’ll be able to peek in on your child at any time with no trouble. Pick up this sleeper and carry it wherever it needs to be—it’s lightweight enough to be portable even though it’s not on wheels!



  • The fabric used in this sleeper is machine washable and easy to keep clean.  
  • There is no assembly required with this product, which is great for moms who are still pregnant or have just delivered.
  • The sleeper is small enough to fit alongside your adult bed if you choose to co sleep. 
  • Some customers feel that this sleeper sits too low to the ground and can be uncomfortable to bend over and reach into to pick up the baby.
  • The sleeper may not last all the way until six months of age since it’s a smaller one than some of the others listed here.

  • Some sleepers have arrived with stickers and labels all over the frame that may be difficult to remove.

9. Micuna Smart Fresh Wooden and Fabric Bassinet

Micuna Smart Fresh Wooden and Fabric Bassinet, Natural/White

If you’re searching for a bassinet sleeper that looks a little more sleek and unique than some of the others you might have found, take a look at the Micuna Smart Fresh Wooden and Fabric Bassinet. This is a cute round bassinet sleeper that sits on a durable wooden oval-shaped frame to help carry the theme of smooth circles throughout the whole piece. The included wheels roll easily but also feature a braking system that will allow you to keep the bassinet firmly in place when you want it to be stationary. The sleeper basket itself is made of mesh fabric all the way around to provide you with a clear view of your baby and give your child plenty of airflow while he or she is sleeping, napping, or just enjoying time in this cute and comfy bassinet.



  • This is a stylish sleeper that comes in many different color options to suit your décor or your nursery style. 
  • The sleeper is made of beech wood and does not include any toxic paints or other chemicals.
  • The bassinet includes a mattress and sheet that are designed to fit perfectly in this unique sleeper. 
  • If you forget to put the brakes on the wheels, there is a chance this sleeper could roll around too much when it needs to stay still.  
  • It can be tough to keep the sleeper clean.

  • It may be difficult to put this sleeper together without help from someone else.

5 Tips for a Great Co Sleeping Bedroom Setup

Learning how to set up your room for safe co sleeping can be difficult, but with a little information to help you get started, you’ll be well on your way to a safe and happy arrangement everyone is sure to love in no time.

  • arrow-circle-right
    Ideally, the arrangement should include your baby’s sleeper pushed between your bed and the wall of the room. This provides your child with safety and security and keeps him or her from being able to fall out of the sleeper in any way.
  • arrow-circle-right
    Even if you aren’t using a sidecar attachment sleeper, you can use zip ties or bungee cords to attach your baby’s sleeper bassinet to your bed frame to keep it firmly in place at all times.
  • arrow-circle-right
    If your mattress and your baby’s mattress will be next to each other, be sure to put a towel or foam between the two mattresses to prevent your child from falling into the gap.
  • arrow-circle-right
    Never use a soft mattress, pillows, or a heavy blanket in your baby’s sleeper, especially when he or she is still a newborn. This can pose a suffocation hazard.
  • arrow-circle-right
    If you choose a sleeper with a canopy or other attachments, make sure your baby cannot pull any of them into the crib while he or she is sleeping. This can be a suffocation or choking hazard.


Have you found the perfect sleeper for your little one? There are a lot of great options to choose from on this list, so take your time and look around at each one. Depending on your needs, you may want to prioritize one function or attribute over another, so be sure to narrow down your choices to help you find the bed that works best for your baby.

You may prefer to shop on a budget, and if so, there are tons of great choices to pick from. However, if you’re willing to pay a little more, you might be able to bring home a bassinet sleeper that’s stylish and upscale while still being functional. Of course, you may prefer to pick up something that’s a little more portable for travel purposes, or you may choose a sleeper with some extra bells and whistles to keep your baby entertained and happy all day long.

No matter which sleeper you choose, all of the options on our list are safe for use with newborn babies. This is very important, because not every sleeping surface is made equally. Many of these sleepers can be used until your baby reaches six months, but pay close attention because some are only usable until your child is 3 or 4 months instead.

Whichever sleeper you choose, get ready for plenty of daytime naps and nights of sleep with your little one snoozing soundly in his or her sleeper bassinet next to your adult bed. This safe method of co sleeping is sure to keep you and your child happy for months to come!

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