29 Nerdy Video Game and Anime Onesies for Babies

We have come a long way from the favorite Mickey and Minnie Mouse of Disney. These days you will see a lot more than just catering to what a baby wants (or rather, what his or her parents want).

This time, you will also see a handful of parents’ favorites coming from classic cartoon onesies to retro baby onesies. But then, there is a niche going around to gamer parents with video game baby clothes and even baby geek toys.

In this age, what you think about, you can get it, even for your little ones. There is almost nothing that is impossible in this era. Including raising a geek from the ground up.

So when you were kids and dreamt of proclaiming your love of videos games or anime characters, this time your babies will be living those dreams. We have compiled quite a few favorites from video games and anime onesies that you can enjoy with your kids.

A reminder, though. While it’s quite well and good that there are so many options available now beyond the simple white romper or onesie, you have to consider these things as the most important factors for choosing baby clothes:

  • Comfort
  • Hypo-allergenic material
  • Cost
  • Wash and care considerations

A good baby onesie should be of a cotton blend (more cotton is better) for a cool feeling on the baby’s skin. The material must be hypo-allergenic and cost-effective. It may just mean you have to get one a few sizes larger. Lastly, you need something that’s easy to wash and can sturdily handle a good machine cycle.


Video Game Onesies

Baby video game clothes are on the rise, especially that gaming has become quite ubiquitous with the entry of mobile gaming. Moms and dads out there will get a kick out of these selections. Now the challenge lies on which to choose, because there are just too many cute ones out there.

But then, we try our best to give you the best not just for you parents but for your babies, most especially.

You might be tempted to just about grab any of the gaming onesies in this selection, but while there are really good ones, there are also those that you should watch out for. More than the style or design, you should put your babies’ comfort above all else.

Expect gamer baby onesies to show just how immersed in games the parents are, but also expect the straight to the point baby video game onesies that refer to a game character. Most of all, enjoy a handful of reviews for geek baby stuff in this list.

1. Tee Tee Monster Baby Zelda Link Inspired Onesie

Tee Tee Monster Baby Boys'Zelda Link Inspired Onesie 6 Month Green

Classic gamer parents will love this Link of Legend of Zelda onesie. Made of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 that’s used for children’s toys and clothing, this classic gaming onesie is perfect for babies with parents grooming their kids to be future Legend of Zelda fanatics.

While fabric is great, the print isn’t something to go gaga about as the design does not go across the whole body as shown in the picture. In addition, the color is of a darker shade compared to the image. Just to manage your expectations, the image is not the same as the actual product.

Still, it’s dangerous out there, it’s best you take this onesie with you!

2. Tee Tee Monster Baby Pikachu Pokemon Inspired Onesie

Tee Tee Monster Baby Pikachu Pokemon Inspired Onesie (18 month, yellow)

Pokemon players will definitely mistake your baby for Pikachu, with this Pikachu onesie. You’ll have to watch out for any Poke balls out there when you’re out and about with your baby when he’s wearing this!

Printed with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the same textile paint for kids’ toys and clothes, and a front and back print, this Pokemon onesie will be a sure hit among other parents.

3. Portal 2 Aperture Test Subject Orange Infant Onesie Romper

Portal 2 Aperture Test Subject Orange Infant Onesie Romper (0-6 Months)

This cute, orange onesie will be a favorite among your baby’s other nerdy baby onesies. A true Portal gamer parent will fall in love with this Test Subject onesie. This little onesie is a hit among Amazon buyers as it sometimes falls in the top 300 in Clothing category.

The only complaint is the price for such a little romper. But if you’re after originality and novelty, this little onesie fits the bill perfectly.

4. StarCraft 'Zergling' Infant Onesie

Starcraft 'Zergling' Infant Onesie (12-18 Months)

We all know Zergs ruled in StarCraft Brood War, so it won’t be a surprise if your little one will dominate everyone’s StarCraft gaming hearts with this Zergling onesie too. Watch out for parents who want to convert your little gamer into Protoss or Terran, though.

This StarCraft Zergling onesie is every StarCraft fanatic’s dream. Mom and dads will have an easier time getting to nappies with the 3-snap closures. Comfort is no problem because it’s made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

In addition to the front print, the Blizzard logo is also printed at the back, making it a truly StarCraft product. I’d go for this to add to a collection. Don’t be surprised if other parents will want to converse non-stop about hatchlings and pylons if your baby is wearing this little romper.

5. Threadrock Baby Girls' “Baby Today, Gamer Tomorrow” Infant Bodysuit

Baby One Piece 'Daddy's Future Gaming Buddy' 6 Months, White KidTeez

A novelty onesie with a Nintendo joystick and a “Baby Today, Gamer Tomorrow” print in front is an ultimate nerd onesie. This is perfect for parents grooming their little gals to be gamers with its lavender, pink and hot pink color.

Made of 100% combed ringspun cotton and 3-snap closure for easy access to nappies. The Nintendo joystick is what is really selling this romper as this is a collector’s item amongst geeks.

UPDATE: The original design has been out of stock for a while 🙁 but we replaced it with something fun as well! Click through below to see... Thanks and sorry for the hassle!​

6. Minecraft Creeper Inside Notch Video Game Baby Creeper Romper Snapsuit

Minecraft Inside Notch Baby Creeper, Grey (0-6 Months)

This little Minecraft onesie will definitely creep into any player within a 16-block radius and within 4 vertical blocks. Coincidentally, this Creeper onesie is great for little munchkins who climb up and down ladders (just like what Creepers do!), with its wide leg and comfortable fabric.

If it’s going to be a favorite outfit, no worries because it will not fade when washed constantly. If this doesn’t get you buying, the price is a steal, considering it’s such a popular game among everybody these days. Unfortunately, this item disappears fast so grab it while it's in stock!

7. Born to Play Xbox with Daddy in Green

Gamer Bodysuit, Gaming Shirt for Baby, Born to Play X-Box with Daddy, Green 0-3 mo

We all have our own geeky preferences. But if you happen to prefer Xbox, then this little geeky onesie will have your baby training in no time! This “Born to Play Xbox with Daddy” in green will have Daddy ticklish at the palm of your hand.

Made from soft fabric, it’s an all-around onesie and still a crowd pleaser at the same time. Just don’t bring your baby to a PlayStation convention!

8. Threadrock Unisex Baby I Don't Get Older I Level Up Bodysuit

Threadrock Unisex Baby I Don't Get Older I Level Up Bodysuit 6M Black

If nerd talk is what you want, then this Threadrock “I Don’t Get Older, I Level Up” bodysuit will probably have your baby speaking geek in no time. This unisex onesie has a lap shoulder design to ease changing and 3-snap closure for easy access to diaper changing.

Made from 100% combed ringspun cotton, this makes it soft to a baby’s skin but strong enough to withstand constant washing.

9. Call Of Doody Funny Video Game Infant Baby One Piece

Call Of Doody Funny Video Game Infant Baby One Piece 6 Months Camo

Forget about serious and go with the funniest. This Call of Doody onesie will be a hit to everybody and not just gamers. Admit it, you made that joke too.

Made of 100% soft combed ringspun cotton, with a 3-snap closure for a comfortable fit, this onesie also has double-needle ribbed binding on the neck, armholes, shoulders and bottom to make sure constant washing will not untie any threads.

However, this could do with a quality check as the white print can overlap with other colors, probably due to smudging when printing. In the camouflage version, the camo seeps through the white text print. If you are looking for a perfect shot at Call of Duty clothing, look elsewhere.

Overall, it could have been a really good geeky onesie for your little one.

10. Future Gamer Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit

Future Gamer Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit (3-6 mo)

Kids these days will probably not remember this joystick, but back in the day, this game controller ruled every gaming household. A classic gamer if there ever was one, consider this essential geek baby gear.

Good things don’t stop here. This baby onesie is made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. This means your baby can feel cool and comfortable all the time. The novelty just adds up because it is hand silk-screened, making it customized for every future baby gamer out there.

11. Noob Video Game Infant Baby One Piece

Noob Video Game Infant Baby One Piece Newborn Red

Whether you’re a noob or not, this noob onesie will make your baby seem like a pro! This one piece is made out of 100% soft combed ringspun cotton to ensure your baby’s skin is allergy free and a 3-snap bottom closure for a parent stress free time with your little one.

We all definitely had to start somewhere on our gamer journey. At least your baby gets to do it in style and complete honesty! “Just you wait, everyone, I started gaming before a year. Wait for my final form!”

And if this little noob onesie becomes a favorite, its durable make with double-needle ribbed binding on the armholes, shoulders, bottom and neck ensures you can machine wash often and not worry about wear and tear.

12. Threadrock Baby Girls' “Player 4 Has Entered the Game” Infant Bodysuit

Threadrock Baby Girls' Player 4 Has Entered the Game Infant Bodysuit 6 Months Hot Pink

Threadrock certainly leads the gamer onesies specialty with this reference to game speak on their products. The best part of this onesie is that it comes in many different colors. You can choose pink, black, hot pink, navy, purple, red, royal blue, turquoise and classic white. Because of its many color selections, you can have this either for a baby girl or boy.

The “Player 4 Has Entered the Game” text is in the old school Nintendo typography, which made it even geekier, but a plus point for classic gamers. If you want your children to relive the days of Atari and arcades, this is the onesie for your child.

Setting aside the design, it comes fitted with lap shoulder and 3-snap button closure for a stress-free changing time with your baby. With this onesie, you’ll be back in the game in no time, dads and moms!

13. Bulbasaur Face, Printed Baby Grow

Bulbasaur Face, Printed Baby Grow - Kelly Green/Transfer 0-3 Months

Part of the Pokemon onesies series, this Bulbasaur face onesie is a cute alternative to the more famous Pikachu. Bulbasaur is nonetheless equally cute. Whether you baby is a baby girl or boy in training, this onesie is a good start for a baby geek in training. We were hoping though that it also has a back print just like the Pikachu onesie.

Sadly, this one doesn’t come with cute vines or the equally-adorable flower on the back. But it might be a great idea for a viral video where your baby says, “Bulba!”

This onesie is made of 100% ringspun combed cotton to ensure your baby is as comfortable as ever. It is also suited for machine wash but a little care won’t hurt, especially if you want the color to last longer. Comfort is still a priority and the Bulbasaur onesie fits the requirement.

14. “I'm Going To The Gym”, Printed Baby Grow

I'm Going To The Gym, Printed Baby Grow - Powder Pink/Black/Transfer 3-6 Months

It might seem like it’s a regular gym, but it’s a different kind of gym. It’s where you train to be a Pokemon master! This bodysuit is one of the many Pokemon onesies, but what is different about this Pokemon onesie is a subtle reference to the famed anime and game.

This will tickle you to know that only a few will get this. In fact, only anime lovers will probably understand the allusion. You’ll be happy to know that your baby joins an elite group of knowing what the meaning is behind this onesie.

Beware the Pokemon hiding in the grass on your way to the gym, little one!

Made of 100% ringspun combed cotton, it also comes in green, dusty blue and white. It’s a onesie that you can give as a gift for a baby boy or girl.

Anime Onesies

Enough with the gaming addicts, let’s take a look at otaku parents for a change. In this list, expect a directory of really famous anime characters from past to present. The likes of Naruto, Pokemon, Dragon Ball and Sailormoon are on the list.

Depending on your following, expect a hard time choosing which one will really get your weaboo life into gear.

Onesies anime products are a hit among parents who follow a certain anime culture. Even baby clothes are not immune to this craze. Anime has become widespread over the years making it accessible to everyone. Anime lovers and parents will love this for their own bunch or as gifts.

We must admit we’re missing a few favorites in cute and poignant characters of Hayao Miyazaki, One Piece, Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail and Bleach, who all have a following. We hope to see them in the next batch of reviews we will be doing.

15. Tee Tee Monster Baby Boys' Naruto Kyuubi Inspired Onesie

Tee Tee Monster Baby Boys'Naruto Kyuubi Inspired Onesie 12 Month Orange

Hoping your baby has the nine-tailed fox’s powers too? No problem! This baby boy Naruto Kyuubi onesie brings all the power to charm whoever he sets his eye on. That’s what we call power!

Custom designed on 100% cotton with lap shoulder for easy slide over the head and snap closures allow for hassle-free baby changing. We also love the orange color, a welcome change from the usual blue or pink that many are so keen at.

You may want to teach your little one some ninja hand signs to tap into his nigh-unlimited chakra--or not. A warning though. that this onesie will definitely bring your little monster to life. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

16. Tee Tee Monster Baby Boys' Naruto Seal Inspired Onesie

Tee Tee Monster Baby Boys'Naruto Seal Inspired Onesie 12 Month Orange

Feel like your little baby boy has that Naruto impish character in him? Well this Baby Boys’ Naruto Seal inspired onesie will attempt to “seal” that rascally attitude. Any Naruto follower will know that a jinchuuriki’s power is well sought after.

This well-known anime onesie will make your baby the most sought after little boy in a crowd.

Also custom designed for comfort with a 100% cotton fabric and the usual stress-free snaps and shoulder laps.

Also, if you and your partner fancy feeling like Minato and Kushina, what better way to play pretend than with this onesie! Get a Nine-tailed Fox plushie to go with everything during your cosplay family photo shoot.

17. Tee Tee Monster Baby Naruto Akatsuki Inspired Onesie

Tee Tee Monster Baby Naruto Akatsuki Inspired Onesie (6 month, black)

Your baby might have a chance of joining the elite Akatsuki, famed group of shinobi with extraordinary ninja skills, only if your baby boy wears this Tee Tee Monster Baby Naruto Akatsuki onesie.

We would not have wanted black for babies, but we make an exception with this onesie. This is a onesie anime product that every Japanese animation-loving parent should have. It’s cute and reeks of class from the renowned Naruto.

While adults can rarely get away from looking awkward even cosplaying an Akatsuki, your child may look just like what the ninja world needs!

Also custom designed printed on 100% cotton, lap shoulder, double stitched seams to make it last after countless washing and the signature 3-snap closures on the bottom -- all the comfort and style that your baby needs.

18. Training To Join The Survey Corps, Printed Baby Grow

Training To Join The Survey Corps, Printed Baby Grow - Kelly Green/Black/Transfer 6-12 Months

Another great story, Attack on Titans has an equally awesome onesie in the Survey Corps uniform—except that it’s a miniature of it! This Training to join the Survey Corps onesie is your little soldier in the making just like Eren, Armin and Mikasa.

If you’re one of those handy and crafty parents, perhaps making some baby-sized 3D-maneuvering gear could be the best way to get your kid ready to fight those Titans.

Machine washable, made from 100% ringspun combed cotton, the print boasts of highest quality standard. It also comes in different colors such as dusty blue, powder pink, white and Kelly green. Take your pick and train your little soldier now!

19. Susuwatari, Printed Baby Grow

Susuwatari, Printed Baby Grow - White/Black 0-3 Months

Who knew sootballs can be cute too! That’s Susuwatari, the only sootball you can fall in love with. And we’re definitely falling in love with the Susuwatari onesie. Be it a girl or a boy, your tykes will be a bundle of cuteness.

If you’re tired of the mainstream anime onesies you’ve been seeing lately, then this onesie, a classic Hayao Miyazaki creation is a keeper. Family-oriented and apt for children among the many onesies anime out there.

Now if only we could get the baby to help us out just like who these little things did in the movie!

Machine washable, 100% cotton fabric, truly should be a part of your baby geek clothes.

20. Daddy’s Dragonball Z Fan Shirt Infant Baby Onesie

Daddys Dragonball z Fan Shirt Infant Baby Onesie 0-3 Months

Parents, you don’t need to gather all the great dragon balls to wish for this Super Saiyan-inspired onesie. It’s already available, up for grabs on Amazon!

With the child Goku in front, it’s a perfect companion for your little baby. The Goku print is Goku’s standard fighting stance. Soon you’ll have your little tyke singing the Dragon Ball theme song too!

21. Tee Tee Monster Baby Dragon Ball Z Goku Inspired Onesie Shirt

A Tee Tee Monster Baby Dragon Ball Z Goku Inspired Onesie (12 month)

It’s not enough to proclaim your baby is a child of a Dragon Ball fan, your little boy has to be Goku as well. You got your wish with Goku’s daily outfit. This orange onesie will have your kid transformed into Goku himself.

The tail and cloud aren’t included though.

This short sleeve cotton bodysuit is printed with water-based ink, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Product. While it might seem perfect on the image, the orange color seemed faded and print is in poor quality. Not good for Goku or your little crawler.

22. Tee Tee Monster Baby Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Inspired Onesie Shirt

A Tee Tee Monster Baby Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Inspired Onesie Shirt (6 months)

Vegeta will not let Goku hog the limelight. He is, after all, a prince of the Saiyan race. He, too has his own Vegeta-inspired onesie for your little ones. Though originally, Vegeta’s uniform is long-sleeved, this short-sleeved cotton one piece is almost an exact replica.

Also made of soft combed ringspun cotton, with double-needle rib binding on seams and a reinforced 3-snap, like its Goku arch nemesis. The drawback is in its printing, making it seem less polished with unrefined cuts that showed unnecessary lines. All we’re saying is that it could have been better.

Be warned, though, your little one might develop some bratty tendencies and a superiority complex when using this onesie too much. Better make sure he gets enough love and attention--more so than those little Goku babies!

23. Tee Tee Monster Baby Boys' Dragon Ball Z Piccolo Inspired Onesie

Tee Tee Monster Baby Boys'Dragon Ball Z Piccolo Inspired Onesie 6 Month Purple

From Goku to Vegeta, your Dragon Ball collection will not be complete without Piccolo. While printing is an issue, the make and fabric is commendable having used 100% ringspun cotton and double stitching on its seams.

It could probably make a good everyday, all around the house onesie, but not too much of an attention grabber. Still, the concept and material gets an A, just not for the printing quality.

24. “This Isn't Even My Final Form”, Printed Baby Grow

This Isn't Even My Final Form, Printed Baby Grow - Powder Pink/Black/Transfer 3-6 Months

This piece of baby clothing is just too funny, especially when you imagine your child saying this to anybody who pinches their cheeks.

This goofy onesie is actually Frieza’s way of setting the mood for some major transformation before fighting Goku head on. If you’re like us, Dragon Ball fanatics, you’ll get this in one look and smile at the thought. It’s one way of prepping your kid for some anime lessons.

Just make sure not to teach this line to your kids when they’re old enough to be mischievous! You may regret teaching them about “final forms” after all.

But then again, after one wash, the printing fades, while the construction stays sturdy. It could have been a really good addition to your child’s nerdy onesies.

25. Vegeta Pride, Printed Baby Grow

Vegeta Pride, Printed Baby Grow - Dusty Blue/Transfer 3-6 Months

Vegeta is a the most badass Saiyan, next to Goku, of course. And you can’t shake that pride off him even if you want to, that’s just a part of his charm--even Bulma loves it.

While your kid wears this, hope that some of Vegeta’s charm rubs off. This bodysuit is made of 100% ringspun combed cotton. You will need to be careful about accidentally ironing over the print, which is always the case in these types of printing.

26. Training To Be The Next Hokage, Printed Baby Grow

Training To Be The Next Hokage, Printed Baby Grow - Kelly Green/Black 12-18 Months

If Hokage is your dream for your baby, then you should get them training real early. Like, right now--with this little romper. Then everyone would start respecting him or her and wait for him to be the 8th Hokage, because of course, Naruto is the 7th.

What we love about this onesie is that it’s such a great pick-me-up for parents. Your little one probably won’t understand, but as a parent, seeing your child in such a hopeful-looking romper does make you feel you have the future in your hands.

While not the best concept to represent Hokage, it is probably enough to get other anime loving parents talking as Naruto has a great following. You will forgive this slight if you look at its fabric and durability with its 100% cotton fabric and double stitched seams around the neck and armholes.

27. Red Ninja Costume Baby Onesie Inspired by Power Rangers

Red Ninja Costume Baby Onesie Inspired by Power Rangers 24M

Power Rangers come and go, but the Red Ninja will always be remembered as the leader of the world-saving band of teenagers. A full body suit, this little romper will charm any nerds out there.

The challenge in this onesie is in its color after washing. Fading may occur although it may also depend on how you wash the fabric.

We prefer cotton on baby clothes so this onesie has its downside because it is made of polyester instead of the usual cotton that is highly recommended for kids. It is also dyed, so some areas especially in between creases will not be the same color as the rest of the area.

Be prepared for rashes and heat, as we cannot vouch for this piece of clothing for extended wear. But if it’s just for a pictorial, you can’t go wrong with this one!

28. Sailor Moon Venus Crest Ribbon Baby Bodysuit Anime Clothing

Sailor Moon Venus Crest Ribbon Baby Bodysuit Anime Clothing (24 Months)

One of the first feminine animes out there, this Sailor Moon Venus onesie is a sure way to reminisce. A favorite among lady cosplayers, your little girl will be joining cosplayers across the country in no time!

Although the concept is a classic, the Venus crest print isn’t much to be happy about. It is the type of print that fades fast but you’re lucky if you didn’t get it faded in the first place. Still, some points for having it made in 100% cotton.

Check out the other Sailor Senshi designs and see which one would fit your baby best!

29. “I'm Proof That Nerds Get Laid”, Printed Baby Grow - Powder Pink

I'm Proof That Nerds Get Laid, Printed Baby Grow - Powder Pink/Black 0-3 Months

We’re all for being nerds, even influencing our babies with geek baby onesies, but we would like to stay cute and refrain from adult wit. Thought this might be funny to some, we felt that babies should enjoy being babies and not have to explain a photo of them wearing this romper when they grow up, especially when they’re little girls.

But, if you like these types of geek baby stuff, you’ll be happy to know that they’re made of 100% ringspun combed cotton.

Nerds Get All the Fun

Whether you want a baby gym leader, a little Saiyan or a tiny Test Subject, this list has got you covered. But there are a lot of other obscure designs out there--it’s just up to you to look.

But if you really want to get a niche geek reference out there, consider home printing or bespoke baby onesies. There’s literally nothing that you can’t print on a piece of baby clothing.

Nerds and geeks have come a long way. In this century, we perceive nerds differently. Now, it’s actually cool to be a geek. If you’re proud to be a geek, share that proud moment with you little kiddos. Right now, we start them really young.

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