Munchkin It Fits: L Shaped Baby Gate Perfection? (Reviewed)

  • Uneven walls and openings require L-shaped baby gates 
  • If you need one, you should check out the Munchkin It Fits Gate 
  • We also recommend alternative configurable baby gates as backup 
  • Bonus video: KidCo Custom Fit Gates Assembly and Installation

Are you looking for an L-shaped baby gate for your home?

Have you found it challenging to locate a product like this?

What kinds of spaces might need an L shaped baby gate, anyway?

If you have an entryway in your home that has walls that don’t quite line up with each other, you may be in need of a gate like this. With one of these gates in your home, you’ll be able to close off any type of entrance or doorway and prevent your child from getting into the parts of the home where he or she may encounter hazards.

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed product review of an L-shaped baby gate as well as a few other options to help you find the right fit for your home. You’ll be able to see all the pros and cons of this product and determine whether or not it’s the right one for you.

Take your time and check out the information we have put together below to help you figure out which baby gate is suitable for your needs. You may prefer to go with one of our alternate products instead, so check out everything we’ve reviewed below for more information!

Munchkin It Fits Baby Safety Gate

Munchkin It Fits Baby Safety Gate, White, MKSA0569-022

If you’re searching for a great, high-quality baby gate to work into a part of your home that needs an L-shaped entry, check out the Munchkin It Fits Baby Safety Gate. This product is a durable and sturdy baby gate that’s sure to work well whether you’re using it for children, pets, or both. This baby gate is designed to tuck into any traditional openings in your home and give you plenty of space to walk through as needed with minimal effort required. Set it up and you’re sure to enjoy the ease of use and simple design of this highly functional baby gate. And best of all, you won’t have to worry about your child getting into areas he or she needs to be kept out of, either!


  • This baby gate is made of high-quality, durable steel with a white coating that blends in well with just about any type of interior decor.
  • The gate’s opening is 21 inches wide, so you have plenty of room to walk through even if you’re carrying your little one.
  • The gate can be expanded between 28 and 36 inches as needed using the included extension pieces.
  • The product is designed with a handle that locks in two different ways so children will have a hard time learning how to operate it.

What We Liked

  • We like how easy it is to use the gate on this product. Adults have no trouble opening and closing the gate as needed to go through it quickly, but babies are not able to figure out the dual-locking mechanism. Most adults have reported being able to operate the lock with one hand, which is ideal when you’re looking to carry your baby through the gate. Overall, we feel that the simple design of this product is really where it shines.

What Could Be Improved

  • We feel that the product needs to be designed with more active babies (or larger dogs) in mind. This product is meant to be installed via tension—it should be pushed firmly into place in the entryway where it is needed. However, because of this design, it’s very hard to keep it in place with all four corners touching the wall at a given time. We feel that this product would be greatly improved if it was designed to push into place a little more securely. As it is, many customers report their babies being able to push the gate over or their dogs being able to knock it down.


  • The gate on this product is capable of swinging in both directions, so it’s ideal for complicated spaces that may be a little challenging to get through with a regular one-way gate.
  • This product doesn’t take very long to set up using the suspension design.
  • The gate is lightweight enough that just about any customer should be able to move it around as needed without having to strain or over-exert too badly.
  • It’s easy to keep this gate clean by just wiping it down as needed when it gets too dirty.


  • Many customers report this product becoming too loose very often and sometimes even falling over simply from their baby pushing on it a little bit.
  • The gate is designed so that he door is one of the pressure points that mounts it to the wall, so when the door is open, the gate doesn’t function as well.
  • Although it’s meant to be pressure mounted, the gate works much better when it’s screwed into the wall, but many customers may not want to damage their homes like this.
  • This gate is generally much flimsier than other similar products on the market today.

If This Isn't What You Were Looking For...

As you can see, there are several pros and cons to this baby gate. Although it works well for some customers, others are not very pleased with the results of using it. In the end, the decision is entirely up to you, but you may want to consider looking into other options if you’re still not feeling sold on this gate.

Is it possible to create an L-shaped gate using configurable gates? You can do this, depending on the type of configurable gate you choose. Check out these products to find some gates that you can customize to your needs:

Other Configurable Baby Gate Options

Regalo 76-Inch Super Wide Metal Configurable Baby Gate, Includes 4 Pack of Wall Mounts
KidCo G3000 Auto Close Configure Gate
Dreambaby Newport Adapta Baby Gate - Use at Top or Bottom of Stairs - For straight, angled or irregular shaped openings (White)
697 Reviews
162 Reviews
35 Reviews
Regalo 76-Inch Super Wide Metal Configurable Baby Gate, Includes 4 Pack of Wall Mounts
697 Reviews
KidCo G3000 Auto Close Configure Gate
162 Reviews
Dreambaby Newport Adapta Baby Gate - Use at Top or Bottom of Stairs - For straight, angled or irregular shaped openings (White)
35 Reviews

Last update on 2018-12-15 at 17:59 Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Regalo 76-Inch Super Wide Metal Configurable Gate

Regalo 76-Inch Super Wide Metal Configurable Baby Gate, Includes 4 Pack of Wall Mounts

This product is very wide and can be moved around into many different positions as needed to give you the shape you need. However, it’s a little thinner and flimsier than some other options.

Dreambaby Newport Adapta Baby Gate

Dreambaby Newport Adapta Baby Gate - Use at Top or Bottom of Stairs - For straight, angled or irregular shaped openings (White)

This gate is sturdy and can be configured into an L-shape. It comes in four different colors, but it cannot be straightened out all the way, so it may not be ideal for everyone.

KIDCO G3000 Auto Close Configure Gate

KidCo G3000 Auto Close Configure Gate

This gate is perfect for mounting anywhere that the mounting points don’t line up with each other. However, it may be challenging to install compared to the others listed here.


Pick up one of these great configurable baby gates if you’re looking for something a little easier to work with in terms of an L-shaped gate option. In the end, it’s up to you which product you go with, but these baby gates may help meet your needs a little better overall.



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