How to Increase Breast Size After Breastfeeding

  • Find out what causes breasts to shrink and sag after nursing
  •  Discover how you can reverse these effects through exercise
  •  Learn other natural remedies such as massage and the right bra
  •  Bonus video: How to lift sagging breasts after breastfeeding

You’ve finally finished breastfeeding, yay! You’ve also managed to kick a good chunk of that pregnancy weight, and you’ve settled into a healthy eating and workout routine. There’s just one pesky little thing that you’ve been noticing though. Your breasts aren’t quite as perky as they were before you started breastfeeding. In fact, they’re a bit saggy and have lost shape. Oh dear.

The one thing it seems that no one told you about breastfeeding is just how much it may affect the shape and volume of your breasts after the fact. You thought you knew, but here you are wondering what you can do to reverse this. Well not to worry, today we’ll be looking at just that. We’re figure out together just how to increase breast size after breastfeeding by looking at;

  • Why your breasts may lose shape and volume after breastfeedings?
  • What ways are there that reverse the effects?
  • What are those methods and which are most effective??
  • What are the long term benefits of these methods of reshaping?

Why Does Sagging Occur After Breastfeeding?

Technically breastfeeding is not what causes breasts to sag. Your breasts are composed of mostly fatty tissue, when your weight increases so often does your breast size. When you become pregnant and your body starts to prepare for baby, the milk ducts in them will also increase. The weight gain will make them larger, the skin of the breast stretches and everything is suddenly bigger.

When you’re done breastfeeding and your milk ducts shrink back to something resembling their normal size, you’ll be left with somewhat enlarged ducts that are now deflated from being unfilled. Then there’s the skin that has stretched out to accommodate a larger capacity that is no longer present to help them keep their shape.

If you lose the weight rapidly after having baby, that can also cause your breasts to sag. This happens because your skin doesn’t have time to tighten as your breasts lose volume, so will they lose shape. Don’t worry though there are some things that you can do to regain at least a bit of shape. It’s not a cure all, but you will see some results.

What Ways Are There That Reverse The Effects?

The are a lot of ways that are touted to help reshape the breasts and provide lift to the sagging tissue. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular so you can decide which is best for you.

Natural Creams or Supplements

Many women swear by natural supplements like Fenugreek or Saw Palmetto as a way how to get firm breasts after breastfeeding. The natural creams are supposed to help tighten the skin of the breast and make it smoother. Fenugreek is also said to increase the size of the breasts after breastfeeding, and this will help the breast to retain more of it’s volume and thus it’s shape. Here are some other natural breast enlargement or enhancement cream bestsellers:

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Exercise and Diet

Probably the easiest and most convenient way to help reverse the effects are specific exercises that will help in reshaping. Although the breasts themselves do not have any muscles, there are muscles in the chest underneath the breast tissue that if strengthened will provide a lift because they help to correct posture. Here are some of the most popular and productive exercises.

Chest Press

Dumbbell Pullover


You should also try to limit the amount of fats from animal by-products that you consume. Instead increase your intake of foods that contain vitamins B and E. Both these vitamins are rich in oils that promote skin elasticity and suppleness, that will help skin to maintain it’s tone.

Breast Massage

It is thought that giving yourself a massage with coconut, almond or olive oil a few times a week will help with reversing the effects of sagging. The massage will stimulate blood flow and circulation which then encourages the breast tissue, including the skin to self repair. The repetitive motion of massaging also helps to tone the muscles in the chest.

the effects of sagging

Time Weaning Right

This may seem like a silly one, but in truth gradual weaning helps breasts retain their shape better. If weaning is done too rapidly, then the breasts receive a jolt and start to shrink rapidly. Gradually weaning your baby allows the breast tissue enough time to reshape itself and go back to their normal shape and size more easily.

Bra Support and Posture

You can start the process before you even begin breast feeding. A few ways how to prevent sagging breast after breastfeeding is by investing in;

  • A very supportive bra to use while you’re breastfeeding. These are available in many baby and mother stores. A sports bra works well too.
  • After weaning, don’t trust that your old bras will still support you. Go to a professional bra shop and be fitted for new bras with better supports.
  • Watch that posture. Mums tend to bend over, rounding their shoulders while they breastfeed.
  • Instead, hold baby up higher to avoid bending the back too much and straighten the shoulders.

Hot and Cold Showers

While taking a shower, continuously switch between hot and cold water. What this will do is encourage and stimulate the breast tissues circulation which improves tone. This way the skin will stay firm.

Plastic Surgery

When all else fails, and you feel that you’re not getting the most out of the exercises and everything else that you’re doing, this is an option. This option perhaps the most surefire way after breastfeeding saggy how to regain shape. You’ll have more freedom and flexibility to just how you want your breasts to look and how large.

***NOTE: Expensive surgery should be the last of your options. There are natural methods of increasing your bust size that will give you results for far less, up to 2 cup sizes worth. Learn more...

What Are The Long Term Benefits of These Methods Of Reshaping?

All of these methods will work with some varying degree of success. When thinking of how to get firmer breasts after breastfeeding the things to keep in mind are;

  • What is your specific end goal?
  • How far are you willing to go to accomplish it?
  • Are you willing to take most of a fix if you can’t get all?

The two methods are most likely to work best are exercise and plastic surgery. If you’re ok with getting moderate results that will allow you to have breasts that you’re ok but not thrilled with, exercise is for you. You may also not be inclined to spend the money, time or deal with the pain associated with having a breast lift done.

If however, that’s not enough for you and you have a specific look in mind, a lift may be what you’re after. It offers a greater degree of room to obtain exactly what you want. Keep in mind that it can be expensive and there is significant pain involved, but a breast lift last on average ten years before having to get them assessed so it may be worth it to go that route.

Why this is Important?

Although it may seem as if breast are just that and nothing else, for many women it’s a source of pride and esteem. Being uncomfortable with the look or shape of their breasts can cause many anxiety and psychological pain. Some women even decide to forgo breastfeeding because of the fear that they will lose the shape of the breast.

Knowing that their are things that can be done to mitigate the effects of breastfeeding is important so that women don’t feel that they have to make a choice between making a healthy decision for their baby and holding on to their self esteem. I hope that these tips have put your mind at ease and made the decision to breastfeed an even more joyus one.

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