DIY: How To Clean A Humidifier With Mold (Step-By-Step w/ Videos)

  • Find out what causes mold to grow inside a humidifier 
  • Learn to remove humidifier mold with common household materials 
  • Plus, step by step instructions for cleaning a moldy humidifier 
  • And know how often to clean a humidifier to prevent mold growth

Do you have a humidifier that has mold in it?

Are you trying to find out ways to clean it properly so that any dirt and germs are gone?

Do you want to regularly clean it at home so that there is no mildew in it anymore?

If you have a humidifier at home, you have to regularly clean it, so that it is clean and does not pose any risk of health issues or any type of contamination. Our article today will talk about why mold grows in a humidifier and what all you can use to remove it. We will also share a detailed step by step tutorial on how you can safely clean the humidifier with mold. So if this is what you are looking for, do read on.

How and why does mold grow in a humidifier?

A humidifier helps to add an extra amount of moisture into the air, which can help to ease out your chest as well as nasal congestion. However, this is also the reason that can lead to the growth of mold in the humidifier, if not cleaned properly and at regular intervals.

how to clean homedics cool mist humidifier
  • The growth of mold in a humidifier is very common and it is something that you will not be able to prevent, unless you clean it with the right cleaning agents very regularly.
  • Humidifiers are of different types, and while some may be less prone to the growth of mold, on the other hand, there are some who may be more prone to the growth of mold.
  • If you have a humidifier that uses warm mist, it will pose a greater threat because these types of humidifiers will have a mix of moisture as well as warmth. And while the humidifier may essentially be doing good for you, the combination of both these elements, that is the moisture as well as the warmth, can create the perfect ambience for mold to grow in.
  • The risk is not only contained within a warm mist humidifier.
  • If you have a cool humidifier, even that can pose a threat for the growth of mold. This is because, in a cool mist humidifier, there is an even bigger chance of the mold growing inside the unit itself, unless it is cleaned very regularly and with the right type of cleaning agents.

What can you use to safely remove mold from a humidifier?

There are quite a few types of cleaning agents that you can use that will help to remove the mold from a humidifier, as well as prevent it from growing. Here are three such ingredients that you can use.

1. Vinegar:

  • Vinegar is a type of mild acid that helps to kill up to 82 percent of different types of mold.
  • In a lot of the cases, people mix vinegar along with baking soda to make it more effective for different types of mold).
black mold humidifier

2. Baking soda:

  • Baking soda is a kind of mineral powder that is white in colour and has mild strength.
  • It is very effective in removing existing mold from the humidifier, and also, because it helps to absorb the moisture, it will also help to prevent the growth of mold in the humidifier.

3. Hydrogen peroxide:

  • This may not always be the most preferred cleaning agent that you would want to use to clean mold from the humidifier, but nonetheless, hydrogen peroxide is also used to safely remove mold from the humidifier.
  • It has various anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that will help to remove any traces of mold from your humidifier.
how to clean a humidifier filter

Here’s how you can clean a humidifier that has mold in it:

If you have noticed any growth of mold in the humidifier, you can try using the following steps to remove the mold and clean your humidifier thoroughly again. This is also a good way to maintain a weekly cleaning routine that can help to prevent the growth of mold in the humidifier again.

You will need:

  • White vinegar 2 tbsp (plus 2 tbsp more for the bottom part)
  • 64 ounces of warm water (plus 32 ounces for the bottom part)
  • A container for the water

How to clean the mold:

  • 1
    First, open the humidifier by pulling on the top part. Next, pull out the top cap and keep it aside.
  • 2
    Remove any other removable parts from the humidifier.
  • 3
    Turn the humidifier and throw out any remaining traces of water into the sink.
  • 4
    Pour the warm water inside the humidifier till it almost reaches the brim.
  • 5
    Now add the 2 tbsp. of white vinegar into the warm water inside the humidifier.
  • 6
    Once you have added the water and the vinegar, screw on the cap on the top and shake the humidifier vigorously for about 15 seconds. This will allow the solution to reach all parts in the inside of the humidifier.
  • 7
    After you have given it a good shake, let the humidifier sit near the sink for at least 30 to 40 minutes.
  • 8
    Once you are done with the top part of the humidifier, you can then proceed to clean the bottom part of the humidifier.
  • 9
    Pick it up and dump out the water into the sink, so that there is no water left in the base of the humidifier as well.
  • 10
    Once all the water is thrown out, add 32 ounces of warm water into the base of the humidifier, and add 2 tbsp of white vinegar into the water. In case you feel that the space is not enough to hold all the water, you can first make a mix of 32 ounces warm water and 2 tbsp of white vinegar in a container, and then pour the solution into the base of the humidifier, as much as can easily fit.
  • 11
    Let this wait for 30 minutes as well.
  • 12
    Once the 30 minutes are up for the base as well as the top, shake them each for 15 seconds again, throw out the solution and rinse well with water.

How often should you clean your humidifier in order to prevent mold from growing in it?

how to clean a humidifier with mold

While you can try out various methods to remove the mold that has grown in the humidifier, you can also take certain steps that will prevent the mold from growing in it. Cleaning the humidifier to some extent on a daily basis and cleaning it more extensively and on a regular basis each week will help to keep the humidifier clean and will also avoid the mold from growing.

For a daily cleaning, it is best to throw out any water that is stored in the water reservoir that is part of the humidifier. Once the humidifier is used, you can wash it with hot water and soap in the sink itself. If your humidifier cleaning instructions allow you to do so, you can also clean it in the dishwasher.

If you want to do a weekly cleaning, which is important to keep the humidifier absolutely clean and free from mold, you should sanitize it at least once a month with the help of a cleaning solution, such as a bleach mix or a vinegar solution.



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