How Much Tummy Time For A 3 Month Old Baby? (Quick & Easy FAQ)

  • Find out how your baby can actually benefit from tummy time 
  • Learn how this strengthens baby’s body and boosts development 
  • Know how much tummy time you should give a 3-month old baby 
  • Plus, the best time and place for baby to do tummy time

Is your baby about 3 months old now?

Are you looking for fun and interesting ways to engage your little one in some activities?

Have you heard of the term tummy time and want to know how you can safely do it for your baby too while making sure that your baby is comfortable?

Tummy time for small babies is also a very important activity, and can have many benefits for your 3 month old little one. If you are interested in finding out how you can help your baby become stronger and get to those milestones, you can check out the rest of our article here.

To make sure that you know what tummy time means and how you can practice it safely each day with your baby and aid in baby’s development, we’ll first talk about why it is so important, and also run you through some of the safety tips that you definitely need to keep in mind.

Do most babies enjoy tummy time?

Tummy time is a very important part of the day when you get to place your little pumpkin on its tummy and give him or her that extra strength to reach towards those important milestones.

That being said, not all babies will necessarily enjoy the tummy time, and it is also possible that your little one absolutely hates it!

tummy time chart

Why should you make sure that your little ones get tummy time?

  • Whether or not your baby likes it, there are many benefits of scheduling tummy time on a daily basis from the time that your baby comes back home from the hospital.
  • In fact, this is one of the earliest forms of exercise that you can start your little one on, that will help to develop those muscles and let your baby improve its strength and stamina.
  • Overall, doing the recommended amount of tummy time on a daily basis can help your baby reach comfortably towards those developmental milestones that are so crucial especially during the first year.

Is tummy time good for babies?

Tummy time has a host of benefits for your baby, and here are some of the benefits that your little one can avail of while being on the tummy:

  • 1
    Helps to build strength in the neck: Once you place your baby on the tummy, he or she will try to balance the head and hold it up. This will help to strengthen the muscles in the neck area and also make their arms and shoulders stronger.
  • 2
    Helps to prevent flat spots: Young babies are placed on their backs for most part of the day and night, which can often result in flat spots at the back of the head. Placing your baby on the tummy for a few minutes in the day can help to give your baby’s head a more rounded shape.
  • 3
    Improves visual development: Being on the tummy, your baby has a better chance of looking in all directions. This can help to improve their visual senses and development.

How much tummy time should a 3 month old baby get?

If you are looking to start off your 3 month old baby on tummy time, the following points can be of help:

benefits of tummy time
  • One of the best things about starting off your baby on tummy time is that even a few minutes a day at least during the start can be of a lot of help. Even if you have not started your little one off on tummy time yet, you can definitely start doing so now, and encourage your baby to gradually do a bit more each day, slowly.
  • If your baby is doing this for the first time, it is fine if your little one spends less than the recommended time as per the age. Since it is important to start, you can begin by breaking up the schedule to two to three times in a day. This will help to prevent your baby from getting too tired and you have a better chance of getting baby on the tummy.
  • For each time that you put your baby on the tummy, start off with about five minutes for each schedule. If your baby seems comfortable and is happily playing and engaging while being on the tummy, you can stick to this schedule. If, however, you feel that your baby is getting uncomfortable or fussy and is not enjoying the time at all, you can let the little one take a break. You can always let your baby get back to it at a later time in the day, when your baby is in a better mood.
  • Ideally, when your baby is about 3 months of age, you should try and give your baby a tummy time of about 20 or 30 minutes in a day. Make sure that you break it up through the day into bouts of five minutes of tummy time each, to avoid any stress or exertion. 

How can he or she benefit from getting the ideal amount of tummy time each day?

The ideal amount of tummy time each day will strengthen your baby’s muscles and encourage the development of various motor skills.

How does it strengthen the baby’s body and help with motor skills and other abilities?

When your baby does tummy time on a daily basis, it helps to immediately put your baby’s body into exercise mode.

  • Spending enough time on the tummy will help to improve the strength in your baby’s core as well as around your baby’s neck and back.
  • Tummy time is a great way to help your baby to develop some of the most important motor skills.
  • These could include small yet very significant movements and milestones such as reaching out, trying to roll on the side, starting to sit up, crawling, standing up and eventually starting to walk independently.
alternatives to tummy time

What is the best time to do tummy time and where?

The best time to put your baby on tummy time is when your baby is feeling fresh, is alert and has had a good nap.

  • The best place to help your baby get his or her dose of tummy time each day is on the floor.
  • This is because the surface of the floor is sturdy and will help your baby get a good grip.
  • Also, letting your baby get tummy time on the floor will ensure that your baby does not suffer a fall from a higher surface. 
  • Ensure that the area where your baby spends time on the tummy is clean and has no clutter around, so that your baby can spend the time without any risk of an injury.

Are there times when you shouldn’t let your baby have tummy time?

It is best to not put your baby on tummy time right after a feed, as this can cause unnecessary stress on your baby’s tummy and lead to pain or discomfort. Also, if your baby is sleepy or unwell, and is feeling uncomfortable or fussy for any reason, you should avoid giving tummy time to the little one.



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