Q: How Does An Ultrasonic Humidifier Work? (Here’s What We Know)

  • Find out what an ultrasonic humidifier can really do for you
  • Know how ultrasonic is different from other humidifier types
  • Understand how ultrasonic humidifiers work for maximum effect
  • Learn how to properly clean and maintain ultrasonic humidifiers

Are you thinking of buying an ultrasonic humidifier?

Do you want to know more about it to understand whether or not it will be good for you?

Do you also want to know how to use and maintain the same, so that it gives you the best results?

Today we are sharing answers to some of the most common and important queries that users have related to ultrasonic humidifiers. We take a look at how do ultrasonic humidifiers work, how it is different from a regular humidifier and what exactly goes in the way that it works. We also talk about whether or not it is easy to maintain and if you have to keep some extra things in mind when you are using it, so that it is easier for you to make a more informed decision while buying the same.

What is an ultrasonic humidifier?

An ultrasonic humidifier is a type of device that helps to increase the amount of moisture, or humidity, in the air in the room where you place it.

  • In an ultrasonic humidifier, a ceramic diaphragm uses a vibrating motion along with ultrasonic frequency to create drops of water.
  • These water droplets are then let out in the air quietly through a cool fog that helps to increase the moisture content in the air in that area where it is being intended for use.
  • In most cases, the ultrasonic humidifier will use a very small fan to let the humidity out into the air.
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    In the case of very tiny models, there will be no fan. These are mainly the ones that are meant for personal use.

3 ways ultrasonic humidifiers are different from traditional humidifiers:

Here are three ways in which an ultrasonic humidifier and a traditional humidifier are different:

 ultrasonic humidifier how does it work

1. Difference in the make and the overall functioning techniques

A traditional humidifier, which is also known as an evaporative humidifier, is simpler as compared to an ultrasonic humidifier. It comes with only three major parts, which are the fan, the wick and the reservoir.

2. One is expensive than the other type 

Ultrasonic humidifiers are costlier than the regular traditional humidifiers.

3. Ultrasonic humidifiers are easier to maintain and clean

It is easier to maintain and clean up the ultrasonic humidifiers as compared to the traditional ones. Also, over time, maintaining them may become more expensive and cleaning can be difficult.

How does an ultrasonic humidifier work?

If you are wondering about ultrasonic humidifier how does it work, here is a look at the different parts of the humidifier and how they work to create the purified air that you get. You can also take a look at how the machine functions in general.

The fan, ultrasound waves and demineralization cartridge:

  • First, let us take a look at these three components of the device.
  • An ultrasonic humidifier has a tank that contains water, from where the water then moves on to the misting tray. This water gets atomized with the help of the ultrasonic sound waves.
  • The ultrasonic humidifier also contains a small fan, and once the water gets atomized, it is propelled into the air with the help of this fan.
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    The device contains a black seal which has a shiny white metallic device within it. This will be the space where the ultrasounds are created, that help to form the pulses and later the water mist. This is actually a good way to vaporize gasoline and this disc is placed below the surface of the water.
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    The ultrasonic  pulses which are created in the device are extremely silent and will create a very fine type of mist that may be visible to the naked eye.
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    Once the mist is created, it then gets released into the air.
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    The ultrasonic humidifier also contains a demineralization cartridge. This is the area through which the water passes before it is released into the air. The demineralization cartridge helps to avoid the creation of any white dust in the device.

The spray nozzle:

  • The ultrasonic humidifier contains an ultrasonic nozzle that is attached to a power generator as well as a pump that is used for the liquid.
  • First you have to turn on the pump and then turn on the generator. Once you do that, the nozzle will start to vibrate in a longitudinal way. This will help to create a wave motion in the water.
  • The standing waves will start to form on the tip of the nozzle as a result of the ultrasonic vibration that takes place in the ultrasonic nozzle.
  • As the generator starts getting more power, it will help to separate the waves into tiny droplets of water. With the constant power and motion, these tiny drops of water start turning into a mist, that is then released into the air.

Here is how the ultrasonic humidifier works:

  • The device contains a piezoelectric transducer that is immersed under the surface of the water. This device helps to convert the high frequency electronic signals into a form of high frequency mechanical oscillation.
  • Once the speed in the oscillation process increases it reaches a speed where the water particles will no longer be able to follow the oscillating surface. At this moment, a momentary vacuum occurs, and a strong compression also takes place.
  • When that happens, there is a type of explosive reaction that takes place in which various air bubbles get formed. This process is also known as the cavitation process.
  • The cavitation process then gives rise to broken capillary waves along with very small drops of water.
  • During this time, the drops of water break the surface tension that is present in the water. Very soon, these are dissipated into the air and get transformed into vapour. As soon as that happens, it gets absorbed in the air that is present near the ultrasonic humidifier.

Is an ultrasonic humidifier easy to use and maintain?

Cleaning an ultrasonic humidifier is actually easier than cleaning a traditional one and it is also easier to maintain in the long run, as compared to a traditional humidifier.

The first step to cleaning an ultrasonic humidifier is to dismantle the reservoir and remove any traces of water that may be present inside it. You also need to remove it from the power socket and take out all the components that are detachable, such as the reservoir, the tank, the nebulizer and so on. In case you notice any slimy residue on the inside part of the reservoir, make sure that you clean it up with the help of some undiluted white vinegar. You can simply add some of it inside the reservoir and move it so that it reaches in all the parts, then let it sit for about 20 minutes and then wash it off. Make sure that you clean all the components and let them dry properly, before using it again.

If you consider all the health benefits and the ease with which you can clean and maintain it, the ultrasonic humidifier can be a good buy for your personal use.



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