15 Great Sites to Buy Baby Clothes Online

  • All the best places online for convenient baby clothes shopping
  • We feature a wide variety of brands for varying ages and styles
  • Read our reviews to help you find the best online shops for you
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Shopping for our babies is probably the most important part of parenthood (aside from loving our kids to bits, of course!).

Buying clothes for your babies are a parenthood milestone; it can sometimes be bothersome when you can’t decide what to buy, or if clothes become too expensive for the budget. In the end, we all want our shopping experiences to be enjoyable and convenient—at the comforts of our home.

So while you take care of your little ones, you can take shopping right into your home by shopping baby clothes online. Here are wonderful sites that you can choose to shop from. From organic to conventional, value or budget, we have provided you with an extensive list of some of our favorite baby clothes shops that you can look into.


Description: Carter’s is known to be the largest branded manufacturer of baby apparel. Its roots date back to 1865, so its experience in baby apparel is a pioneer.

They carry just about any children’s essentials in their own baby clothes stores and other partner retailers such as Target, Walmart, Macy’s and Sears across the globe. Carter’s prides itself in being able to provide children’s apparel from head to toe.

Clothing Specialization: Carter’s is a one-stop baby clothes shop. It offers shoes to hat, from babyhood to toddlerhood.

Years in business: Started circa 1800s

Pros: A wide array of clothing styles for different ages. Because they are a well-known brand, their brands are sold all over the country. Almost all department stores carry Carter’s in addition to their 600++ stores in the US. If you’re looking for a body suit for baby, this is the place to get it in bulk at the cheapest.

Cons: Although designs are varied, colors tend to be stereotyped for girls and boys, instead of offering neutral colors. As an example, clothes and shoes for girls are colored pink, while boys’ are blue.

Final verdict: All in all, Carter’s is still a 5-starred online shopping destination. They have offerings for different ages and designs. In addition, their over 600 physical stores are an advantage when you want to do returns because of close store proximity.

Lastly, you get the quality you paid for and you don’t get shortchanged of the memories you can have with your babies in their Carter’s apparel.

Hanna Andersson

Description: Hanna Anderson is the product of a husband and wife collaboration for clothing that lets kids be kids. Comfort, durability and safety are Hanna Andersson’s reasons for being. Their 100% organic cotton and 60% Oeko-Tex fabric are their way of loving and giving back for kids of all sizes and circumstance. Swedish inspired, Hanna Andersson started in 1983 with only one thought—softness. And with softness, comes comfort only from materials that care for kids.

Clothing Specialization: The Good Trade, a site for social good swears it has one of the best sleepwear for babies.

Years in business: Started in 1983

Pros: In addition to the cute fabric designs, their 100% pima cotton makes for breathable and relaxing clothing for your little munchkins. Also, its policy on returns is just amazing! Whenever you feel you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can always take it back, “it’s as simple as that”, as they say.

Cons: Pricey compared to non-organic clothing, still, there are other selections that range as low as $5.

Final verdict: We are always on the lookout for the best infant clothing online. We are sure you would want the same if not even more for your little ones, so Hanna Andersson gets a high score for individuality in design, safety and comfort. If you’re looking for a well-known organic baby clothes brand, you have it in Hanna Andersson.

H&M Kids

Description: Another Swedish brand in our list, H&M is probably more known as a grown up fashion brand and not for its infant clothing stores. Contrary, H&M also has offering for little tykes in general in H&M Kids. H&M has more presence in the European markets but it did not stop it from opening its stores in the US in the year 2000.

Clothing Specialization: H&M is just so diverse in its designs, but their penchant for animal-inspired clothing is the answer to gender neutral clothing for your little munchkins. Aside from animals, musical and cinematic icons are also an inspiration on their designs.

Years in business: Started in 1947, Sweden

Pros: H&M, while it is a branded kids apparel, it is relatively cheap compared to other branded baby clothing retailers. It is not surprising because H&M’s aim is to really bring fashion at a reasonable price for everyone, and that includes our little fashion icons.

Cons: We would love to see more designs on their bodysuits. Though there are quite a few for toddlers, their designs for newborns are limited.

Final verdict: Considering they have very few designs for babies, we are going to go ahead and recommend this for kids but not for babyhood. If you want branded value for your budget, then H&M is one of the baby clothes websites to go to for special occasion clothes.


Description: Hands down, Amazon is your biggest baby clothes stores online. From branded to unbranded, from handmade to commercial-made, organic to non-organic, Amazon.com is incomparable when it comes to breadth and depth of their baby clothing essentials.

Clothing Specialization: Amazon.com does not have a specialty when it comes to designs, but its price points will entice any Mom and Dad shopper out there. What Amazon has is EVERYTHING.

Years in business: Started as an online bookstore in 1994, Amazon.com started selling retail goods in 1999.

Pros: Because of the number of retailers doing business with Amazon.com, the selection offering is almost limitless. Whatever essentials you need for your baby, you will be sure to find it on Amazon.com. On top of that, Amazon.com is able to price its goods lower than any other merchant.

Cons: Unfortunately, its advantage is also its disadvantage. When parents are looking for convenience, its wide selection makes it harder for parents to choose fast, without having to regret not looking over countless other items for babies.

Final verdict: No doubt, Amazon.com tops our list of the best sites to shop for baby clothing. Its easy online shopping system is the best among its contemporaries and competitors. As a parent, you feel relieved to know that Amazon.com has that common or unusual stuff that only babies and kids need.

If you think you would regularly order from them, you might want to look into getting an Amazon Prime account, which promises free shipping and more personalized customer service.

Pumpkin Patch USA

Description: Pumpkin Patch is originally from New Zealand. Its brand promise is to provide quality and durable baby and kids clothing at parent-friendly prices. Its season for season type of clothing is what we can call sustainable clothing for little humans, in whatever state they are in.

Clothing Specialization: Its clothing line is appropriate season for season. This is why Pumpkin Patch’s selection can be used all year long because of its comfort and durability.

Years in business: Started in 1990.

Pros: What’s good with Pumpkin Patch is its selection of fabric prints. They’re wild and almost just about anything under the sun. There is no uniformed print.

Cons: Very limited colors for newborn clothing. Mostly just whites, pinks, blues and grays, which are great for newborns but becomes boring when you want something a bit more fun once in awhile.

Final verdict: We love it that Pumpkin Patch clothing’s prints and cuts vary. It might be because of these that it becomes pricey. Three-piece bodysuits go for $24.95.


Description: Gap, like Carter’s is also branded clothing. And similar to Carter’s, it also has different brands. But unlike Carter’s Gap is not just for the young ones but also for adults. It started in 1969 with a very simple objective—to help people find a pair of jeans.

It eventually grew to become more than that, with over 3,300 company-owned stores, 400 franchises and online stores in 90 countries worldwide. Gap carries other famous brands such as Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and Intermix.

Gap’s style is casual optimism. Its designs are that of clean, comfortable, classic and at the same time modern. Lately, Gap has releases its organic clothing line for the eco-conscious, usually targeted at parents for their babies.

Clothing Specialization: Gap’s specialty is in its casual wear. Whites, grays, blues and khakis have never looked so good and comfortable since Gap made them. It’s a household name for apparel not just for adults but also for little ones.

Years in business: Started in 1969.

Pros: Baby Gap designs are very simple, with very minimal textile paint in it. This is perfect for babies and kids because we believe that they need not have any gaudiness in the clothes they wear. This helps them move freely without really thinking of what they’re wearing.

In addition, Gap has started to have organic baby clothing, which made it all the more enticing for environmentally-conscious Moms and Dads.

Cons: If we compare the price with Carter’s, because it seems like an apples to apples comparison given that they are both considered branded clothing, Baby Gap is slightly more expensive.

Final verdict: Overall, there are at least one or more Baby Gap pieces in your baby or kid’s life. Because Gap is a household name for comfort, simplicity and value for money, childhood seems incomplete without the memories of wearing clothes that focus on comfort while staying fashionable.

Toys R Us

Description: Toys R Us, as its name implies is really about toys. But as it grew, it decided to puts its retailer experience to become the toy and baby product authority in the market. This means creating a destination for kids and parents alike for all their needs, which now includes an array of different baby clothing brands. In its Babies R Us brand, they carry Carter’s, Disney Baby, Gerber, Calvin Klein, Baby B Gosh, Converse, Baby Essentials, Lee and Koala Kids among a few.

Clothing Specialization: Toys R Us is not a clothing manufacturer compared to Carter’s and Gap, instead, they are a retailer similar to Amazon.com, except that they also have physical stores. The wide selection of brands is what makes them a must-visit online store.

Years in business: Started in 1978

Pros: The Toys R Us promise to shop whenever, wherever and however, is its advantage for parents. Because it is a one stop shop for all baby and kid essentials, not just clothes, shopping is made easier when it comes to gift giving as well.

Moreover, we love it that the online site also offers gender-neutral selections of baby clothes. Sometimes, parents also want blues and greens for their little girls, and vice versa for boys.

Cons: Sometimes when you are a parent, all you want is convenience and that everything should just be easy. When you have thousands of items to choose from, it becomes harder to shop.

Final verdict: If you are the type to shop around, then Toys R Us is for you as an alternative to Amazon. Likewise, if you have other plans to buy toys other than clothes, you can count on Toys R Us to help you with that.

Old Navy

Description: Old Navy is also owned by Gap as one its own brands. While you may be seeing a lot of khakis on Gap, Old Navy is all about denim. It’s not surprising because Gap was born out of the goal of finding a really good pair of jeans. Old Navy’s denim collection for babies claim to be as comfortable as any cotton fabric. Besides comfort, baby Old Navy’s are fashionable and durable that are made to last.

Clothing Specialization: Old Navy is known for their denim style. Although denim is not your usual get up for your babies, it looks really good for toddlers.

Years in business: Started in 1994

Pros: When you just want to be yourself in casual comfort, you look to your jeans for it. Old Navy brings this to other types of clothes other than your jeans. Because they know denim so well, clothes for your little ones are just as comfortable like cotton. More than that, a little bit of fashion for your little tykes doesn’t hurt.

Cons: Denim is not your usual first clothes for your babies, so this is a disadvantage for Old Navy. The most important factor for baby clothes is comfort and function, denim, compared to cotton, especially organic ones are not the type of clothing parents should be buying for their little ones.

Final verdict: Old Navy has really great denim style, but if you want essentials, you’re better off buying from its sister brand, Baby Gap. When your little ones grow up a little bit, then you can consider Old Navy for them, both for comfort, function and fashion – when they can take a little tussle here and there from their clothes.

The Children’s Place

Description: As the name implies, The Children’s Place is a venue solely for your little ones. They’re quite a lot like Carter’s, but have preppier and more recognizable-designs.

Clothing Specialization: Unlike other brands, The Children’s Place has Disney and superhero-licensed clothes that may catch your little boy and girl’s attention more than other parents. Also, clothes are a little bit more frilly than other brands. Here you will find ruffles, pleats, rainbows, and fancier clothes.

Years in business: Started in 1969

Pros: The Children’s Place is all about being young. Its designs and prints reflect this with its Disney, super heroes, frilly and sports-related clothes. If you want your child to sport a particular style, The Children’s place has specific site pages to give you recommendations, so pairing isn’t a bother.

Cons: While it may be nice for kids, frilly clothes can only make babies uncomfortable. We believe in comfort first before showing off to other parents. We have plenty of time for that later on, so baby-appropriate clothes are a first priority.

Final verdict: If you want your babies to make a statement, the The Children’s Place is for you. It has a selection of witty one liners that catches attention of other parents. Some parents also want their kids to be fashion icons early on, so they tend to search for specific looks to dress their babies. The Children’s Place is the place for early fashion conscious little ones.

Little Me

Description: Little Me is the store that focuses on a specific age range. In Little Me’s case, it focuses on the newborn to toddler years only. Specifically, 0 to 24M and 2 to 4T. They call this age range as fleeting years, believing that these are years that are dedicated to enjoying the years of exploring and discovering. The Little Me’s promise is both for parents and their little ones to enjoy each other.

Little Me was owned by the S. Schwab Company and later on sold its wholesale business to Mamiye Brothers. Not many people know that S. Schaw Company was also the manufacturer behind the Ralph Lauren infants and toddlers clothing line until 2004.

Clothing Specialization: Little Me’s newborn essentials are especially made for comfort and safety. Because they are known for clothing the really little ones, its newborn essentials are one of the most appropriate brands for this age.

Also, they have clothing that is especially geared towards premature babies.

Years in business: Started in 1900s

Pros: Little Me uses only a limited type of fabric in their clothing. They use only soft cotton, terrycloth and velour. Only the softest fabrics make up the best of clothing for babies. On the other hand, their price range is really competitive considering they use the softest of clothing. A 3-pack bodysuit goes for $16 compared to Pumpkin Patch’s $24.

Cons: The newborn essentials are great when it comes to prints and design, but the toddler clothing lack the casual feel that we are always looking for when it comes to toddler wear. After all, even kids need to have that comfort and safety that we especially accord to the newborns.

Final verdict: When shopping for newborn essentials, the Little Me brand is good, considering the use of special fabrics. It’s also a good alternative to organic clothing that tends to be more expensive than the regular baby clothing brands. But look elsewhere on cloths for your little tykes on the go.

Kate Quinn Organics

Description: Kate Quinn Organics tops the list of Best Organic Baby Clothing this 2016. Its organic and artisan type of clothing is reminiscent of personalization and giving back to the environment that the 60s era as known for.

Its logo is that of a tree in gray scale speaks a lot of what Kate Quinn Organics stands for. Its commitment to the safe apparel for the little ones is apparent in its choice of colors and prints.

Clothing Specialization: Kate Quinn Organics is known for its baby essentials composed of bodysuits, socks, tights, jumpsuits, footies, among others. This selection is the foundation of Kate Quinn Organics. Owing to its commitment to the environment, its prints are mainly on animals and its signature feather.

Years in business: Started in 2005

Pros: Aside from its organic material on all its products, its prints are really baby and kid-appropriate. Its use of saturated colors allows your little ones to be fashionable without being flashy with loud colors.

Cons: Because of its organic materials, Kate Quinn Organics are pricy, sometimes, three times that of the conventional baby apparel. While a traditional 3 pack bodysuit may cost $24, Kate Quinn Organics can cost up to $66.

Final verdict: There is no doubt that Kate Quinn Organics has the most beautiful designs and one of the safest baby clothing out there, but the cost might not be as enticing. However, commitment to the environment takes a lot, so this is no surprise. If you are up to the commitment, then you’re in good hands with Kate Quinn Organics.

Organically Baby

Description: Organically Baby is another organic retailer. Their products come from small town artisans so each has its own personality. Once they get sold out, these will no longer be available unless by personal requests, of which you can email them.

Organically Baby also retails other organic brands such as Finn and Emma, Under the Nile, Emma and Indigenous Designs, among a few.

Clothing Specialization: Although Organically Baby carries multiple organics brands, its commitment to selling artisan product is compelling because of its originality. These artisan sellers make products by their own hands, so each product is special down to the littlest detail.

Years in business: Undisclosed

Pros: Because Organically Baby carry artisan products, each item is unique, with an artist’s signature work embedded to it, creating a novelty to every product.

Cons: Organic products are much more expensive than conventional ones.

Final verdict: If you’re all for being eco-friendly, then Organically Baby is your all-in-one environment- friendly shop. It not only sells organic clothes, but toys as well. Rest assured, each item is unique, thus the novelty, and with it comes pricier products.

If you’re also looking for special, unique pieces, this is the place to go.

Colored Organics

Description: While the other organic apparel manufacturers come up with print designs, Colored Organics went the way of simplicity. Its pledge in offering safe apparel is also apparent in their manufacturing and supply chain processes.

All Colored Organics products are, of course 100% organic and made by happy employees with fair wages and health care plans in safe working environment.

Its noble intentions are what make Colored Organics even more enticing to parents who also want to provide the best for their children, environment and other people.

Clothing Specialization: Colored Organics do not have print designs in any of their apparel. They mainly depend on unlimited array of colors as their design.

Years in business: Undisclosed

Pros: Simple, no fuss, no hassle approach to design and shopping are what make Colored Organics easy to shop from. More than its unlimited color designs, its focus on safety, function over design is comforting.

Cons: If simplicity is Colored Organics’ strength, it also plays its negative side. At times, parents want variety in design.

Final verdict: When you become a parent, especially when you are a first time parent, all you can focus on is your baby—and rightfully so. Colored Organics offers that same sentiment with their hassle-free choosing and safe, non-toxic apparel. Colored Organics is a recommended apparel for first time parents who are just getting the hang of parenthood.

Little Green Radicals

Description: Along with being an organic manufacturer of apparel, Little Green Radicals think highly of their obligation to Fair Trade. However, its awesomeness didn’t stop there because it won a few awards in design in the Junior Design Award in 2014.

Clothing Specialization: Little Green Radical’s specialty is in its knitwear among its apparel collection. Aside from their knitwear, their bright and engaging designs catch attention fast.

Years in business: Started in 2005

Pros: Owing to the fact that it won the Junior Design Award, Little Green Radicals’ prints are really deserving of its award. Designs are child-appropriate with small, repetitive prints on apparel and are full of bright colors. If you’re after stylish and comfort, you can’t go wrong with Little Green Radicals.

Cons: Like any organic product, it’s really expensive compared to conventional clothes.

Final verdict: Once in awhile you want to splurge on designer clothes that you can have your child wear on special occasions. Little Green Radicals fits the requirement perfectly! Expect it to be a little pricier than what you are used to, but expect some praise from a lot of other parents as well.

Under the Nile

Description: “Families come first”, is Under the Nile’s motto. As you have figured, Under the Nile apparel is all made of Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is known for being one of the best organic cotton out there, having originated from old age tradition that dates back to a thousand years. During the Roman period, Egyptian cotton was the finest crop in the world.

Under the Nile’s brand foundation is really in its material. Egyptian cotton is breathable, lightweight and yet durable and soft as silk. Each Under the Nile cotton is made of this fine fabric.

Clothing Specialization: Egyptian cotton is true to its reputation as a fine fabric, if not the best. Under the Nile banks on this.

Years in business: Started in 1998

Pros: Under the Nile apparel and other products are made of 100% Egyptian cotton. That’s the one of the softest and coolest material out there for your little one’s skin.

Cons: As with other organic products, it is much more expensive than the usual apparel that you buy for your family.

Final verdict: Egyptian cotton in itself is valuable because of its impact to health. This is especially good for babies that are extra sensitive or those little ones who have special skin maladies. However, skin sensitivities or not, Under the Nile Egyptian cotton is the best option towards healthy living for your families, and most especially your babies.

What happens after this, mommies and daddies? Why, the shopping spree, of course! Have fun and give us some feedback on.