Moms Ask: Does Baby Sleep In Womb During Pregnancy?

  • Your baby functions similarly to a newborn while in the womb 
  • Most of the time, though, babies in the womb are in REM sleep 
  • Baby’s sudden kicks and jerks are often part of the sleep cycle 
  •  Mom’s daily activities may help lull baby to sleep in the womb

Do you ever wonder about what your unborn baby might be doing inside the womb, and whether your baby is sleeping or awake?

Ever wondered how your daily routine affects your baby in the womb?

If these questions about your unborn baby sound exciting to you, then you’ll surely like to read about the things we’re going to discuss in this article today.

Have you ever asked yourself how long do babies sleep in the womb, or what they do inside or have you felt your baby’s movements yet?

Instead of thinking too much about it, let’s get right into the details.  

Does an unborn baby in the womb behave like a newborn baby?

what does baby do in womb

You will be surprised to know that your unborn baby will actually start to pee inside the amniotic sac itself, by as early as around the eighth week. However, initially the amount of urine that your unborn will produce will be really tiny, but as your baby reaches towards the 13th week of pregnancy, from then till about the 16th week of pregnancy, your baby will start to pee more. This is also a function of the fact that by around this time in the pregnancy, your unborn baby’s kidneys will become fully developed.

While it may sound really gross to some, the truth is that when your unborn baby is in the womb, it can also start drinking its own pee. And this your baby will do in combination with the amniotic sac fluid, which means that your baby will start to drink a mix of the pee and the amniotic fluid from somewhere around the 10th or 11th week of your pregnancy.

Does a baby sleep in the womb?

Have you ever asked yourself how much do babies sleep in the womb or how often do babies sleep in the womb?

If you did think about this, you are definitely not alone. A lot of expecting parents and sometimes even their families and friends are so excited to try and feel any kicks from the unborn baby inside that they try to figure out whether the baby is awake or asleep in there.

But did you know that when the baby is still in the womb, it spends almost all its time just being asleep? In fact, your unborn baby will be in a kind of REM like stage of sleep, or the Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep, and the sudden kicks that you do feel are a result of your unborn baby’s sudden kicks and jerks as part of this REM cycle of sleep.

baby crying in womb meaning
  • From the time your unborn baby is a new foetus, he or she will spend almost all the time inside sleeping.
  • By the time your pregnancy is around in its 32nd week, your unborn baby will be sleeping for almost 90 to 95 percent of the day.
  • The total amount of time that your baby sleeps in the womb will be a mix of different sleep cycles, and these will include the REM stage of sleep, deep sleep, as well as an in between kind of sleep as well.
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    In fact, when your baby is in the REM stage of sleep, his or her eyes will move from side to side in sleep, just as a grown up’s eyes move from side to side while in the REM sleep stage.
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    By the time your baby reaches the third and final trimester, it will spend about two to three hours being awake, while all the rest will be spent in sleep.
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    Some scientists even say that even while your baby is in the womb, it can already start to dream, and it is possible that most of these dreams are just a mix of the sensations that your baby feels inside the womb. 

Do your day to day activities affect how much your baby sleeps in the womb?

You’re probably also always excited to know when do babies sleep in the womb and if you will be able to differentiate between the time they are awake and the time they are fast asleep.     While not everything that you do through the day will affect your unborn baby or make them sleep or wake up in the womb, there are certain actions that can definitely have an impact.

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  • Actually, there is still not enough evidence to help distinguish how to know when your baby is sleeping in the womb and when your baby is really awake, unless you are going through an ultrasound scan.
  • Also, the kinds of jerks and kicks that you experience while you are pregnant are not a precursor to how your baby is sleeping inside the womb, and definitely will not have a bearing on how your baby will sleep after the birth.
  • Some studies have in fact pointed out that it is actually the melatonin from the mother that can affect how much or how well a baby will sleep inside the womb.
  • We all have an internal body clock that works in a rhythm which is known as the circadian rhythm, and this rhythm repeats itself every 24 hours, which is how we form a wake up and a sleep cycle that passes through a 24 hour cycle. The biggest trigger for our bodies to be able to work through this sleep and wake cycle is the light and darkness we see around us.
  • Once our brain senses that it is dark, it releases a type of hormone which is called melatonin, and is also known as the sleep hormone. This is the hormone that makes us feel drowsy and sleepy and eventually helps us to fall asleep.
  • When your baby is inside the womb, it will take its signals for sleep from your body’s body clock. The melatonin that your brain releases can actually cross through the placenta and reach your baby to affect its sleep time and wake up time.

This means that, if you are sleepy, or maybe if you are actually sleeping, it can also somewhat help your baby to feel sleepy or fall asleep inside the womb itself.

Are your activities actually helping him or her sleep in the womb?

Your movements through the day can actually help to lull your baby to sleep, especially if you are walking slowly, rocking yourself, and even just doing your simple everyday activities that do not involve too much noise or movement.

Is it possible for a baby in the womb to sleep too much?

The fact is, your baby will sleep a lot in the womb, almost all the time, and this will increase to its highest around the last few weeks of the pregnancy. However, speak to your doctor about how often you should be able to feel your baby’s movements so that you know baby is fine in there.



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