Definitive Guide to Specialty Baby Clothes: Seasonal, TV, Hobbies and More

  • Check out specialty baby clothes for every season and occasion
  • Some designs even feature pop culture icons and references
  • Sports and dress clothes for babies are also part of the list
  • Bonus video: Make Your Baby The Most Stylish On The Block

With the advent of tech-savvy parents and social media, the internet has not just become a place for cats and cheeseburgers. It’s also become a haven for parents to share their moments with their kids to the whole world.

With that being said, you wouldn’t want your little one to look under dressed for their global internet debut, right? This is where specialty baby clothing comes in.

Whether it’s for Halloween, themed family portraits or simply just a sudden urge to dress up your kids, there are choices for every occasion. This guide will show you what you want and where to look.

Why don’t you just go to the local mall, Target or Walmart to get the baby clothes that are best for the season? Shopping online is convenient and probably could be your only choice--especially if you have more than one child at home who can’t be left alone.

What’s great about baby clothes is that slightly oversized pieces are just fine--they’ll grow into the clothes! Sometimes, slightly-larger clothes make for great savings and adorable outfits.


They may be busy making their snow angels but you have to make sure they are dressed to match the occasion. Here, you’re looking for both warmth and mobility.

According to Babble, coats with inner linings and outer layers are a great idea. They also allow you to save a few more dollars. You get two coats in one. When your child feels too hot when they’re out, they can take off the outer layer. If they feel cold, it goes on back as well.

When it comes to fabrics, always go for baby winter clothes made from wool if possible. According to Fitfamilytogether, wool is very good at drawing moisture away from the body. When the kids are warm and snug while playing in the snow, they’re definitely going to sweat.

You don’t want that sweat to freeze up on them. This is where wool comes in. It draws moisture away from the body and into the fabric, leaving the skin dry and ready for more snowball throwing.

You can either go one of two ways when it comes to winter clothing. You can choose to go with the overall or the coat/snowpants approach. Either way is good as long as the material works for you. There’s also your kid’s preferences to worry about.

One of the best names to look for is The GAP because they specialize in children’s wear for all occasions. Carters has an interesting take on the dual-purpose jacket through their 4 in 1 system jackets. You’ve got a reversible inner jacket with a standalone outer coat. That makes for four different variations. You’ve got two jackets, one winter coat and a winter coat with a jacket inside for maximum warmth.

When it comes to the hands, go for mittens instead of gloves. That way, the kids and clump their fingers together for more warmth and it doesn’t interfere with snowball formations. Not sure which color or type to choose?

Babble also suggests that you let your kids do the choosing. See what colors they like. That will make them look forward to wearing them. The same thing goes for headgear. Make sure you’ve got their ears covered to prevent frostbite. That’s a very thin layer of skin which is very susceptible to low temperatures.

When it comes to footwear, boots are always almost the only way to go. They’re suitable for most terrains and they look stylish with the right pair of pants or overalls. Plus, a good pair of boots can also be used for a fall/autumn ensemble. It’s like hitting two seasons with one pair!

For baby girl winter clothes, you may want to try some fringe boots which are quite popular right now. They’re stylish and they look good against the white backdrop of the snow. For baby boy winter clothes, drawstring boots are a smart choice. They’re easy to wear and remove. It prevents them from brining the winter wonderland away from your carpet when they’re done frolicking in the snow.


Besides the powdery-white finishes of no-school snowdays, summer is also another special season to dress up the kids in baby summer clothes and infant summer clothes and take them out for some fun in the sun. Whether it’s a trip to the beach or to the backyard inflatable pool, there’s always something good for the little ones.

Be prepared for heat. Avoid thick layers that will only turn into mini-heaters that will only irritate your children. On the other hand, go for loose clothing that will allow for movement as well as comfort.

According to Braveinlove, a stylish hat is a great investment. Although baseball caps are a staple for little boys, try to think outside the box. How about a beret? Fedoras are also a smart decision if you’re looking for something classier. Be sure to choose wide hats that cast a long-enough shadow to cover their faces. They may look good, but if the sun gets in their eyes, it’s not worth the trouble.

For baby girl summer clothes, don’t go with the cliché straw hats that you mostly see along the beach, try something more appropriate for their age but cuter.

Why not try a sun hat? They’re easy to wear and they’re available in an array of colors and designs no little girl could resist. You can either go for something with floral patterns or actual flower attachments on them. Knitted sun hats are also trending right now.

With a good sun hat, you’ve got to have a nice dress to go along with that sun hat. Whether they can walk or not, a dress is always going to stand out.

Try some designs from Monnalisa Bebe. Their simple floral designs are both girly and simple. If you want something classier and more mature, Gucci is the way to go. Their take on laced baby dresses is elegant. You’ll have people thinking your kids were royalty in the summer sun.

For baby boy summer clothes, avoid going for neutral colors that you usually find on slacks and trousers. They will look boring under the summer sun. Instead, throw in a little bit of brightness. The goal here is not to make them look like rainbows, more like a combination of both neutral and bright colors.

This works well with kids who earned hand-me-downs from their older siblings. The best thing to do is to go for bright accessories such as scarves and sneakers.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match with the little guys as well. How about some cameo and stripes? You’ll be surprised at what certain combinations can make on the little guy. If you want something classier, you won’t go wrong with Alviero Martini. They have shirts that extend into diaper ends, melding classy and young at the same time.

Of course, what good would a summer outfit be without a nice pair of shades? You read that right. Giving shades to your baby is a good and stylish idea. Fortunately, there are designer brands that have kid-styled shades that are both comfortable and functional.

They effectively keep the sun out of their eyes and fit snugly around their heads with safe elastic straps. It’s stylish and good for them. The best thing about these shades is that they come in different colors!

When it comes to footwear, it’s a tight choice between slippers and the sock/shoes combination. According to Fisher Price, it really depends on where you’re taking your baby. If you’re afraid of them tripping on stones and uneven surfaces, shoes are the way to go. That design from Easy Peasy is all the rage right now. If you’re pretty confident in their toddling skills, flip flops are the way to go.

Don’t be afraid to overmatch your baby’s outfits. They’re babies; overmatching looks cute on them. Unlike adults, the more your baby stands out, the better. The trick here is to mix and match and see which look tickles your fancy. Just be careful to try out clothes on them when they’re in a good mood.

Easter and Baptisms

These are formal gatherings. Even if sneakers and jeans or overalls are not considered taboo, you might as well get your baby dressed in infant easter outfits or infant easter dresses for the occasion.

The good point there is that they’re too young to feel silly in formal wear. The bad point is that their overall style depends on you, the parent. Fortunately, a lot of designer brands are prepared just for the occasion. They even have their own Easter/Baptismal lines for parents.

For girl baby baptism clothes, frilly dresses are always a good idea. Ladia provides a nice gold and cream finish that is elegant and somewhat playful in nature. You can also go with a brocade style dress from Dolce & Gabbana. It may be sleeveless, but it’s still classy.

Of course, you can never go wrong with Alviero Martini with their simple vintage designs. Your girl will be the delight of the baptismal. They also make great baby Christmas clothes.

If you’re bringing your little man, you can either go one of two ways. There’s option to go with an overall and buttons up nicely, or you can be a little more daring and dress them in two-piece suits that look more mature, which translates into adorable for babies.

How about a buster suit from Pretty Originals? If you want a more mature look on your baby and want them to stand above all the other little tykes dressed in baby clothes, go for Armani Baby and their pinstripe suits. They’ll be dressed to kill.

Finally, when it comes to shoes, you’re better off going with a pair that matches their outfit. Remember that these are formal gatherings and there is a dress code to uphold.

You don’t have to be afraid of overmatching here as well. It’s best to look at the brand from which you’re buying. They’re sure to have footwear to match the outfit you’ve picked.

Having fun with baby clothes isn’t just about dressing for the occasion. Why not go for your hobbies or favorite pop culture references? You might just find your child in a virally-shared post about the cutest babies on the planet!

Pop culture fashion for babies

TV Shows

Here’s a new concept. You don’t need an excuse like Halloween for you to dress your kids up in your favorite TV shows, no matter how inappropriate they may be for kids.

One good example is Sons of Anarchy. You may find that hard to believe but there are parents who have done that with their babies.

You can either get official merchandise from sellers or go about things your own way.

Looking for your own little Jax Teller and looking for Sons of Anarchy baby clothes? Some baby denims and a black vest is all you need. The link above shows you how to make your own costume in time for Halloween or whenever you feel the need to get on that Harley with your little one.

If your mini Jax Teller isn’t old enough for pants (or can’t even stand up yet), how about a suit pajama with the Sons of Anarchy logo printed on them? The best part about these onesies is that you can get them in either black or pink, regardless if you have a son or daughter of anarchy in your household.

Not that into bikers? How about The Walking Dead baby clothes? Fancy a little butt-whooper (conversion intended) onesie for your baby? Fancy yourself a Dixon Fan? How do you fancy a whole line of baby onesies dedicated to him?

Not into mainstream series? Got a title or TV show onesies you’re looking for? A quick step into Ebay or Amazon and you might just find what you want in the baby onesies section.


Although it sounds crazy to dress your kid in camouflage to make them harder to find, you actually want to dress them in camouflage to make them stand out. You don’t have to have a penchant for camo prints to fall in love with some baby army clothes.

One of the best places to check is the Camo Shop. They’ve got everything camo for kids and adults, even baby camo clothes. What you want from them is their baby camo gift set. You get one overall, a pair of foot mittens, a bib and even camo-designed bottles! It’s a complete package for a good deal.

Want baby girl camo clothes? You can also get camo designs for girls. These have pink highlights around the edges to make sure your little trooper still identifies as a little girl.

They don’t just have overalls for babies. You can also get pant and top sets for your toddlers who wear pants while they navigate through your living room jungles.


When the man of the house is ready to take the little man of the house for their first fishing trip? They had better look the part. Nothing completes this special bonding moment better than seeing daddy and his little fisher in their baby fishing clothes, looking ready for a big catch.

You’ve got a whole line of onesies to show off your little boating buddy. How many statement overalls can you think of? You won’t have to with all the choices that you have with the link above.

Looking for something a little more creative? How about an actual set of knitted fishing overalls? You read that right.

This set includes knitted boots, suspender pants and a fishing hat! As an added bonus, you also get a fishing rod complete with knitted floater and bait! They may be asleep on the boat but they’re dressed for the occasion.


Does Halloween even need a section here? Parents all over the world recognize their sweetened occasion and dress their kids in whoever they would like to be for a single night. In case the ideas above aren’t good enough, why not try a few of these baby Halloween clothes or baby hunting clothes?

Love food? Try dressing up your baby in a spring roll. They’ll be the morsel of delight the whole night. Not into Asian cuisine? How about a chocolate cookie?

The link above takes you to a whole list of outrageous ideas that will get the other kids envious and the other parents scratching their heads. Halloween costume party awards not guaranteed.

Not interested in food? How about dressing them up in your favorite intellectual cannibal? This list has other ideas on the creative side of Halloween. The other kids may not get the costume, but the other parents are sure to give a second look.

Rock Music and Skateboarding

You’re sure they’re going to go through that stage of life at a certain point, but why not dress them up in baby punk clothes or baby rock clothes at least once before they actually do it for real?

Band shirts were all the rage during a certain point in time. Wouldn’t you want your baby sporting baby skate clothes of your favorite band? You can get onesies for Nirvana, Kiss, The Ramones, Metallica and even ACDC from this online store. If you’re even feeling a bit more daring, why not get them baby-sized tattoo sleeves and see what the neighbors say?

The Wild West

You don’t need Woody from Toy Story to get your baby into the Wild West. Apart of overalls, you can get baby western clothes ideas from many places on the internet.

Take your little cowboy on a trip to the west with items from this pin on Pinterest. It links to an online store that provides baby cowboy clothes from vests, belts, boots and yes of course, cowboy hats. You can’t play cowboy with your baby if they don’t have the hat.

Looking for something smaller? How about actual costumes from this site to help bring you back to the good old west? They have everything from cowboys, Indians and even saloon girls! You might just want to lay off them until Halloween.

If you’re not looking for costumes, how about some western-inspired modern clothing instead? They don’t go all the way back into the west but they sure bring a piece of it with their designs. From dresses to overalls, mommy’s little cowgirl is sure to find baby cowgirl clothes she fancies.


Fancy yourself a soccer mom or dad? Got a hoop in the backyard for when baby grows old enough for their first basketball? You can also get baby sports clothes or baby surf clothes for your babies to show off your passion for physical activity.

Very offers a whole line of sporting brands found on baby clothes for everyday use. If you’re looking for something more practical, why not get some tracksuits from Sportsdirect? They’ve got matching tops and bottoms for your babies. They also have baby shower clothes.

If your little one isn’t old enough for the big kid leagues, why not get them team-inspired body suits and footies? Babysport has almost every sports team imaginable on an overall. Nothing beats a Sunday night football game while your kid is wearing your very own colors. The best part about them is that they’ve got designs for both boys and girls!

Baby Dress Clothes

Yes, there’s always the need for dress clothes for those unexpected occasions such as formal gatherings and parties. Your baby may have no idea what’s going on but they’re sure to be dressed for the event with these ideas.

Ever heard of a tuxedo for babies? Ladia has an interesting take on the baby boy dress clothes concept and combines an overall with a tux. It’s adorable and sharp at the same time. Little cute bowtie included.

For baby girls, how about a gold-inspired brocade dress complete with knickers from Dolce & Gabbana? You can never go wrong with a dress. Why else would you call them dress clothes if dresses weren’t part of the ensemble?

Sites like ChildrenSalon provide a wide selection of designer dress clothes for babies and toddlers that are sure to tickle your heart. They’ve got everything from accessories to shoes.

Baby Clothes for Twins

Finally, there’s the question about twins. Do you want their individualities to stand out or do you want people to be unable to tell the difference? Whichever you choose, there are laughs to be had and memories to be made.

You can always go for buying two of every piece of clothing you see at the mall, or you can get creative and portray some of the most popular twins in kid culture.

Remember Dr. Seuss? How about Thing 1 and Thing 2? This collection is sure to catch everyone’s eye and keep them on your twins to make sure nothing goes awry.

If you want something more generic, Justmultiples has some good baby clothing options for your twins. Fancy calling them baby A and baby B? They’ve got options for you.

The best part about this site is that they have a section for any kind of combination. Got two boys? How about two girls? Got a mix? They have an outfit to match your twin needs.

With all these ideas available to the modern parent, it no longer is a question of if they can pull it off. It’s more of a question of how many photos they can squeeze out of these outfits before their infants start to make a mess!

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