Looking For A Child Life Swingset? (Here’s Everything You Need To Know)

  • Check out our reviews of 5 awesome Child Life swing sets 
  • We share what we loved about each, and what could be improved 
  • Read the pros and cons to learn more about each swing set 
  • Bonus video: New Adventurer outdoor playset

Have you ever wanted to put in a playset or swing set in your backyard?

Have your kids been asking you for something more fun to play on when they go outside?

Do you want to put in something that will encourage your kids to play outdoors for many years to come?

It’s no secret that it’s getting harder and harder to convince children to go outside and play. But with the right playground as part of your backyard setup, you won’t have to worry about it—your kids will be ready to run outdoors every time they have a chance!

With a Child Life swingset as part of your backyard setup, you’ll get all the fun and excitement you want from a full-size playground as well as the commitment to quality and excellent you can expect from the Child Life company.

Check out our list of Child Life swing sets below and see which one works best for you and your family. You’re sure to quickly find the perfect solution for your backyard playground needs!

1. Tiger Tower

tiger tower

Install the Tiger Tower in your backyard and your kids will have endless fun playing, swinging, and sliding! This set is a great starting point for anyone looking to put in a smaller playset or build a bigger one slowly over time. With all the basics, your kids will never run out of options when playing on this playground.


  • This is a great standalone set, but it also pairs well with lots of different add-ones.
  • The set can hold many kids at once for maximum playtime fun.


  • The canopy roof doesn’t cover the whole upper deck of this set.
  • The slide may be too fast and steep for younger kids.

What We Loved

  • We like the versatility of this play set as well as its classic design.

What Could Be Improved

  • If this play set had a wood roof alternative and an easier access to the area beneath the deck, it would be even better.

2. Monkey Tower

monkey tower

If you’ve got little climbers, the Monkey Tower is the way to go! This set features a picnic table and playhouse plus a rock wall, monkey bars, three swings and a slide. With a wood roof and a spacious deck, it’s got everything your kids need and more for a fun day in the sun!


  • This set comes with lots of climbing spaces for busy kids.
  • The picnic table is easy enough for children to access even as they get older.


  • This set has an awkward layout that may be tough to fit into some yards.
  • There’s not an easy way for kids to get down from the monkey bars other than to just drop.

What We Loved

  • We love the wood roof that comes on this set in place of a canopy!

What Could Be Improved

  • The arrangement of the monkey bars could be a little more user-friendly.

3. Leopard’s Lair

Child life playsets equipment


The Leopard’s Lair gives you many more customization options than any of the other products from the Child Life brand. This set comes with a deck platform and canopy, picnic table, rock wall with rope, trapeze, belt swings, and wavy slide. You can choose the layout and which features, if any, you want to add to make the set entirely yours.


  • You can make this set into something truly unique and perfect for your yard with all the customization options.
  • This set is durable enough for lots of kids to play on and enjoy at once—and even some adults, too!


  • The placement of the picnic table may be awkward and tough for older kids to get into.
  • The slide that comes with this set may be too fast for younger kids.

What We Loved

  • We love the wide variety of customization options with this compact but well-stocked set.

What Could Be Improved

  • If this set came with a wood roof instead of with a canopy, it would be perfect.

4. Jungle Tower

child life play equipment

With the Jungle Tower, your kids will have lots of fun in the sun without you having to break the bank to make it happen! This set comes with two belt-style swings and a trapeze, and any of these can be changed out for an infant or toddler swing if necessary. The set also features a wavy slide and a small platform with a climbing ladder and canopy.


  • This is a good base set that fits into most smaller yards.
  • The set is easily customizable to suit your needs.


  • The tower that comes with this set is small and not useful for bigger kids.
  • The slide may not be very fun for older kids, either.

What We Loved

  • We love the layout of this set with a little more to the slide side than just the slide and ladder alone.

What Could Be Improved

  • The canopy could be larger and easier to maintain.

5. Jungle Swinger

a  perfect swinger for yards

The Jungle Swinger is a high-quality, sturdy swing set and play set combo that will give your kids lots of options when they play outside. The base play set features a solid A-frame design and comes with two belt-style swings and a trapeze. You can also choose to add a slide and a tower to give your kids even more fun, or you can stick to the basics if you have a smaller yard to work with.


  • This set is small enough to fit into just about any backyard space.
  • Although it’s a smaller set, it’s still large enough for many kids to play on it together without concern.


  • This set may be a little pricey for the few features it comes with, depending on your budget.
  • If you don’t want to use belt swings or a trapeze, you’ll need to purchase extra swing variations to install.

What We Loved

  • We love the compact size of this play set and the way it works several play variations into one without taking up too much room.

What Could Be Improved

  • This set could stand to come with even more reinforcements to help it stay durable and sturdy when kids swing fast on it.


Did you find a great playset for your needs? Any of the Child Life products you can choose from are sure to give you and your kids everything you’re looking for in your backyard setup. Of course, some may have features you want more than others, and some may be over your budget, so it’s important to pay close attention to all of these details when you go shopping.

Remember, too, that you will need to factor in the cost of maintenance and upkeep of your playground into your overall budget. Don’t choose something at the top of your price range without any wiggle room, because you won’t have the funds to take care of any repairs that may come up over the years. It’s also important to regularly clean your kids’ new playground set so it doesn’t develop any problems.

With the right attention to the maintenance and care of your kids’ playground, you’ll keep it up and running for many years. Your kids will be able to play on it throughout their childhood years, and it’ll be a favorite part of your backyard, too.