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15 Amazingly Awesome Science Channels for Kids

With the Internet accessible and available to anyone anywhere, thousands of online resources are at your fingertips to get you curious, aware and smarter. Kid science videos are definitely a better use of their time on the internet instead of the usual trending and funny reel.Science Videos for Kids FreeHere is a list of science […]


13 Great Videos Your Kid Needs To Watch Now

“La-la-la-la, PBS KIDS!”That’s the sound you hear just before these funny and engaging videos for kids–whether you see them on the television or the computer. What is PBS anyway? PBS kids is the label for many, if not most, of the children’s televisions series that are aired in the United States by the Public Broadcasting […]


13 Great Dance Channels For Kids For Your Tiny Dancer

Dancing is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do with your children. No matter the age, dancing has a holistic benefit especially on your kids. Self-confidence, discipline, self-expression, creativity, and pride are just some of the psychological benefits that dancing gives.On the other hand, dancing also helps you and your kids exercise […]


11 Awesome Bible Channels for Kids on YouTube

There are so many inappropriate YouTube channels that kids can view with just a click of a button. Since they are at the age where they imitate what they see and are very influential, it is important to let your young children watch age-appropriate channels and videos.One way to ensure your child is able to […]