Advice For Moms: Can I Take Theraflu While Breastfeeding?

  • Read this if you’re considering taking Theraflu while nursing
  •  Learn exactly what’s in Theraflu and how it helps treat the flu
  •  Find out how this medicine might affect a breastfed baby 
  •  Plus, natural alternatives for Theraflu that actually work

Are you suffering from the flu or flu-like symptoms?

Are you currently nursing your child and looking for some way to get some relief for the flu without putting your little one at risk?

Can you take Theraflu when breastfeeding your baby?

Theraflu is a common over-the-counter medication cocktail that combines a lot of different types of medicines for the treatment of flu symptoms. Many people take it to deal with the wide variety of health issues that can arise from having the flu, but is it really safe for you to use it when you’re nursing your baby?

In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Theraflu. You’ll learn what it is and, most importantly, what type of medications it contains. From there, you’ll find out if it’s possible for Theraflu you take to affect your baby in any way, and if so, what might happen.

With the right information, you’ll be ready to answer the question, “Can I drink Theraflu while breastfeeding?” the next time you find yourself wondering it. So let’s get started!

What is Theraflu?

Theraflu is a combination of a variety of different types of medications that work together to help combat flu symptoms. When you have the flu, you’re probably looking for anything you can find to help treat the symptoms you’re dealing with, and Theraflu can be a good place to get started. Some healthcare professionals recommend taking individual medications as needed instead, however, to make sure you don’t end up taking too much of something you don’t really even need if you’re not suffering from a specific type of symptom.

Theraflu’s main ingredient is acetaminophen, which is the active ingredient in Tylenol. This is a pain reliever and a fever reducer that is very safe for use with breastfeeding infants. However, it isn’t the only medication present in Theraflu. This medicine also contains pheniramine, which is an antihistamine. Antihistamines are not always safe for use with breastfeeding babies. This is present to help reduce sneezing, runny nose, and other similar symptoms.

Finally, Theraflu also contains phenylephrine, which is a decongestant. This can help reduce the feelings of stuffy nose and congestion in your head. This is another type of medication that may not always be safe for use with your baby.

There are different types of Theraflu on the market, but for the most part, they all contain the same three basic ingredients. Some varieties may also have other types of medications present, however, so it’s best to always check the label and make sure you know exactly what you’ll be putting in your body before you ever take the first dose.

Can Theraflu Affect Your Baby?

Now you know what Theraflu is and what makes it work, but you’re probably still wondering, “Can I take Theraflu while breastfeeding?” In short, there are some ways that taking Theraflu when you’re nursing can affect your child. It’s a good idea to completely familiarize yourself with these potential risks and the way in which they may affect your child before you consider whether or not to actually take this medication.

take Theraflu while breastfeeding
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    Most healthcare professionals recommend staying away from Theraflu or taking it very irregularly when you’re nursing. This is because of the different types of medication present in this over-the-counter remedy. There are a lot of potential risks associated with taking too many medications at once while you’re nursing your baby, and although none of these are usually very dangerous, they’re still worth keeping in mind.
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    There have not been a lot of studies to prove this, but many nursing moms have reported their babies becoming overly drowsy and showing signs of sedation when they take Theraflu while breastfeeding. The medications present in Theraflu may cause you to become drowsy, too, and if you take it frequently enough, they could build up in your milk and transfer this symptom to your baby.
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    Some moms have also reported their babies becoming irritable when they take Theraflu while nursing. Even adults who take Theraflu may notice a problem with irritability from taking it, especially when taking it more regularly during the worst part of their symptoms. Just like the drowsiness side effect, this can be transferred to your baby as the amount of medication in your milk builds up over time.
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    If you take one dose of Theraflu to try to deal with your symptoms, chances are good that you won’t have to deal with any of these issues with your infant. However, it’s still a good idea to wait at least two hours after taking it before you nurse your child, just in case. If you feel like you need to take it more than just once, or more frequently throughout the day, be sure to talk to your doctor about it.

3 Natural Alternatives to Theraflu

Okay, so now you know that it’s probably best to stay away from taking Theraflu while you’re nursing, especially if you need something you can take longer-term than just once. But what can you do instead? Are there any types of natural alternatives to Theraflu that can help you treat the symptoms of your flu without harming your baby or causing any unwanted side effects? Below are some great options to help you get started with treating your flu symptoms via home remedies.

1. Steam your face.

This may sound a little silly, but if you take the time to steam your face regularly while you’re dealing with the flu, you’ll be able to cut back on the congestion and headaches significantly. All you need to do is boil a couple of cups of water and add some fresh herbs to it. Try a little bit of oregano, rosemary, and thyme. Then just cover the water and let it steep for a few minutes. Cover your head with a towel and lean over the water, taking care not to touch it because it’s still hot. Stay this way for a few minutes and let the herbs and steam clear up your congestion naturally.

theraflu daytime while breastfeeding

2. Herbal tea.

Drinking herbal tea while you’re sick is a great way to soothe a sore throat and help with congestion. Peppermint is a good option.

3. Soup.

Broth and soup will help you feel better from the inside out and will give you some energy that your body needs to fight off your flu at the same time. Add a little ginger to your soup for even more of a health benefit.


Taking Theraflu while you’re breastfeeding may not be the best idea, but if you only need to take it once, you can probably get away with it. However, there are plenty of other great alternatives out there that can help you treat your flu the natural way and won’t have any negative impacts on your nursing baby. If you have any more questions about Theraflu or other flu symptom remedies that you might be considering taking while you’re nursing your baby, be sure to speak to your doctor, your baby’s pediatrician, or your pharmacist to find out more.



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