Buying Great Baby Boutique Clothes Online: A Definitive Guide

  • Learn about baby boutique clothing and why parents buy them
  • Discover top designer brands in the baby boutique niche
  • Check out our list of kids who are considered tiny fashionistas
  • Read about popular baby boutique pieces for girls and boys

According to the Central Intelligence Agency, 4.3 babies are born every second. That’s 4.3 potential customers for many baby boutique businesses around the world; every second.

Just because they’re babies, that doesn’t mean their parents don’t want them to look good in a stroller. This is the reason why fashion stores are up and about, creating clothes and designs suited for babies who have no idea what they’re supposed to wear.

What exactly is baby boutique?

Imagine clothing for men and women, only smaller, and cuter and preferably kid-safe with non-toxic materials and irritating fabrics.

That’s a rough way to explain baby boutiques. The largest names in fashion are now creating small spaces in their stalls and online sales portals that showcase their designs for babies and are now calling them baby boutique outlets.

The industry for kids boutique clothes has been bustling over the past years. Some experts think that’s where the money is.

Who wouldn’t want to get the best for their baby? Although the need to show off that our children are raised well through clothing has been a long-embedded need in most parents, the fashion industry was a bit slow to catch on this trend.

One of the first designer brands to dip their hands into this cookie jar was Dior. Baby Dior made its way into the fashion scene around 1967. Yes, that was really early.

Despite that, it wasn’t until the later 2000’s that other brands started showing their kids collections such as Little Marc Jacobs and Gucci and Fendi Kids. It seems that the fashion world just got a little younger during the 2000’s.

As of today, the industry is booming with sales. How does 79 million pounds sterling in one year sound? That’s just one brand: Burberry. Right now, the market is abuzz with the demand for affordable yet stylish clothing for little ones. The question right now is, why does it click so much?

Top designer brands all over the world are now stepping into the baby boutique niche and are making their presences felt in various parts of the world. It’s hard to find a brand that doesn’t have a children’s line yet.

Some of the best examples in the market are Baby Dior, Armani Junior, Burberry, Ralph Lauren Children’s Wear, Roberto Cavalli Junior and even Young Versace. These huge brands in the fashion industry are all represented even in the baby section. It’s just a matter of finding which brands speaks your intention for your kids.

Why Baby Boutique Clothing?

Most of this surge in baby clothes boutique and accessories comes from the emergence of high-earning young parents with disposable income on their hands. Since they’re focused on their work and careers, they tend to have the funds available to invest in their children.

On top of tutors and toys, young parents of the current generation are interested in making their children look good. They’ve taken the concept of investing in their children to whole new level.

The occasional viral Instagram photo of their child is a great incentive as well.

Naturally, the media also has a share in this development. According to The Guardian, they hype might have come from the way media updates the public on what the kids of the stars look like. The hype is real. Have you ever heard of the “most influential toddler”?

Prince George’s baby fashion

That’s a title given by Forbes’ Magazine to Prince George, the 1-year old who is now dictating fashion trends for baby boys in Britain.

Yes, you read that right. Baby boutique fashion has an icon in the form of Kate Middleton’s baby with Prince Williams. Parents watch their every move and can’t wait to see what they dress the little boy in next.

Harper Beckham, tiny sartorialist

It’s not just little, clueless prince George. There’s also Harper, David Beckham’s little girl. You may not know it, but there are blogs that follow the little girl and her fashion statements just like any other celebrity.

The only difference is that she’s got no idea what’s going on. It’s welcome news for her mom Victoria, who has now gone from being a Spice Girl and now headstrong into the world of fashion. Her clothing line is famous among moms who want to add a little more “Posh spice” to their wardrobes.

Suri Cruise’s little girl fashion

Who could also forget Suri Cruise? When two big stars like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes come together and bring in a kid, you know all eyes are going to be on her. According to online magazine Suggest, she’s been dubbed as one of the most stylish kids in the market. She probably has no idea how she got there either.

That’s just in the movies. Children from fashion families are also making waves for themselves. One such example is Lila Moss, daughter to fashion supermodel Kate Moss. She’s just got just as much of a following as her mom.

Some fashion brands try to cash in on these children by sending their clothes to their moms free of charge, hoping that they would like it and have their children wear these designs where it could get public exposure.

Why do these expensive baby clothing boutique items sell? On top of the existence of parents who can shell out the money to buy them, parents (especially moms) have an ingrained need to make their children look good whenever they go out. Ask the editor-in-chief Estelle Lee who operates Smallish, an online parenting magazine. She says that women mostly want to make sure that their children look “well turned-out”.

According to The Guardian, there’s also brand loyalty. Baby clothes boutiques aren’t just reaching out into the baby boutique niche to cash in on the market. They also do this to increase their following.

Long time customers who have come to love their brands will now have more reason to appreciate their stores and get more clothes from them.

With that being said, it’s easy to see that there is a market for designer kid clothes. What’s surprising about this is that it’s creating a very big demand that generates a lot of sales every year.

Million-dollar business in 2015

According to research done by research experts at HKTDC, there should have been an estimated climb in baby boutique clothing sales to as much as 200 million dollars by the end of 2015. That was just a rough estimate.

Based on the same research they’ve done, it looks like more and more families are spending more on their children when their income goes up. In a study they’ve done on families from different countries in 2009, they found out that families in France could spend more than $1600 on their toddlers.

People in the US were found to be willing to spend as much as $1700 on their infants.

In short, parents are earning more and spending more on their kids (if they have any). By that trend alone, it’s easy to see why designer brands are really bringing home the bacon with their designs.

Who doesn’t want their kid to look great? When you’ve got guides and examples all over social media and television, it’s hard not to notice how your kid dresses compared to what other kids look like.

Baby Girl Boutique

When it comes to baby girl boutique clothing, there is a lot to discuss. Are your kids more comfortable in dresses or pants? How about shorts? According to the Asian Parent, consider the weather and the type of activities that your child will be doing before diving into the shopping process.

If you’ve got the active kind of kid, something comfortable should always be an option. Never go for something tight and constricting if you’ve got a little one that runs about the room. They could end up ripping up that expensive pair of pants you’ve got them.


A good tip from the Asianparent would be to go with dresses that have prints and patterns from baby girl clothes boutique stores. This makes it easier for your little girl to cooperate because of the colorful designs, cartoon prints and repeating patterns that look neat.

Catimini is one of the boutiques that caters to colorful dresses that are sure to get your little girl interested and enthusiastic.

Apart from that, Baby Dior and Burberry are some great baby girl boutique ideas if you’re into simple patterns that will still stand out.

If you’re looking for something less childish which could be brought to special occasions, Young Versace can cater to your needs. They have more complex patterns that will make your kid look smarter.

For other special occasions such as weddings and parties, Ladia can deliver dresses in ruffles that are sure to look great on almost any little girl. You can also set your sights on Monalisa Junior baby girl boutique clothes if you’re interested in more sophisticated dress designs for your little one. They have everything from ruffles to folds that will match any style.

Shirts and Pants

Although these are a good match for everyday use, you have to make sure you’ve got the right stuff. Even if hand-me-downs from an older sibling are a good choice from time to time, a well-selected outfit from a few brands should make your kid look good.

Although mixing and matching are signs of a fashion icon, some pre-made outfits from Guess Kids and Alviero Martin baby girl clothing boutique stores are sure to catch some eyes when you take your kids out for a stroll.

Another good idea is Kissy Kissy with its matched tops and bottoms that will look well-coordinated and neat on any little girl.

It doesn’t even have to be a pure top/pants build for your girls. You can also go for overalls from Pretty Originals and Coco. Their plain and simple color combinations are sure to help your girls stand out from the crowd, no matter how many children are at the playground.

If you’re looking for something extra classy, you can also go for some Romano Princess pieces that will give a little hint of sophistication for your little princess.


If you’re looking for something to match the dress or outfit that you’ve got for your girl, you’re better off checking with the same brand from which you got the outfit in the first place.

Of course, there are also standalone footwear from different designers. If you’re going for rain boots, you can never go wrong with a Burberry pair. Surprisingly, Burberry has been reported to have the largest sales in terms of baby boutique clothing for the year 2013-2014.

They also have walk trainers for the smaller girls who haven’t learned to walk yet.

If you’re looking for occasion shoes to go with dresses, Rainbow Club has some kid-friendly designs that are both stylish and comfortable. Chloe is more casual in the sense that they’re great for everyday use such as for school.

Interestingly, footwear from Dolce & Gabbana are surprisingly colorful yet comfortable for kids. They’re great for trips to the park and even for special occasions as well.

The unique floral designs on most of their dresses are also available on their footwear. Their bright colors which are their trademark feature make their footwear easy to notice and appreciate.

Baby Boy Boutique

Same as with girls, it’s important to understand your climate and your child’s daily activities before you start clicking away. Consider their routine before you have them try something on.

One of the best things about dressing a boy right is that he will develop the habit of being presentable, which is a good skill to bring later in life.

Coats and Jackets

Whether it’s cold or raining, a good jacket is always a good thing to have in any kid wardrobe. Have several in the color that your little boy likes and he’ll be sure to take care of them for a long time.

You can go in one of either several directions. You can go for some really classy and comfortable jackets from Burberry baby boy clothing boutique stores. They have simple jackets and trench coats that would look good for casual appearances and will also sit well for day-today usage.

If you’re looking for something more suited to younger boys, Tommy Hilfiger baby boy boutique selections has some basic jersey jacket designs that would look good on almost any boy. Interestingly, they also have navy blazers that could be worn to parties.

If you’re really into classy blazers, you can also go for Armani Junior designs. Trust designers for suits to make something good for little boys as well.

Looking for something more practical baby boy boutique clothing for colder weather? How about some Duffle coats from Gloverall or some padded jackets from Canada Goose and John Galliano? They’re sure to keep the boys warm during the winter, plus they’re comfortable enough for when they want to go out and play with the snow.

You also might be interested in setting aside a leather jacket from a baby boy clothes boutique for those special occasions where they have to look stylish and behaved. Surprisingly, a good black leather jacket is an essential for both little boys and girls who want to look good.


You could either go with tracksuit trousers or some good old jeans for young boys. Luckily, the baby boutique niche carries a lot of both. There are a lot of good providers in this department. Take your pick from the skinny cuts from Young Versace, the dark blue themes from Hugo Boss, the faded pants from Guess Kids. Go for something that’s comfortable and stylish. You can’t go wrong with these names. They’ve been known to come up with some of the most stylish bottoms for adults. What’s the margin for error when it comes to kids?


Your selection here is almost the same as with girls. Burberry has some great rainboots for boys for those who live in rainy and muddy areas.

When it comes to stylish shoes, you can also go for the classy leather shoes approach with some designs from Hugo Boss. If you’re looking for something more laid-back, Armani Teen and Armani Junior have colorful flip-flops that makes moving around easy for the kids.

Interestingly, Armani also has walk training shoes for the smaller boys. These are designed as rubber shoes that look stylish yet casual, perfect for daily strolls at the park. Baby Dior also has interesting takes on rubber shoes for kids. They’re colorful and comfortable for running around and making messes.

If you’re old-fashioned and want something that laces up nicely with a black leather finish, you can’t go wrong with designs from Dolce & Gabbana as well as Hugo Boss. Their take on classic styles is well-known in the fashion industry. They transition it well into kids wear.


Who says boys can’t accessorize at a young age? A little boy with a scarf that matches his coat is a very stylish statement. Hats, scarves and perhaps some gloves would be great ideas. They’re not considered as a luxury but more of a necessity especially during the cold weather.

When it comes to scarves, Burberry is the best pick. Their bright colors and trademark designs are always a welcome sight. If you want something with a little more variation, you can also go for scarves from Gucci.

Hats are an area left to Armani and Hugo Boss. On top of their logos being a status quo of good quality, their designs are both comfortable and easy to wear. Their black and white colors go well with almost any other color outfit you choose for your kid. You also have a choice between a Fedora, beanies or even baseball caps.

Infant Boutique Clothing

You also have your choice of fashion for newly-born infants who have zero idea as to what they want to wear on a daily basis. With infant clothing boutiques, you’re allowed a little more neutrality since you can’t really distinguish a baby boy from a baby girl.

Jackets and Coats

When it comes to baby boutique clothes for infants, protection from the elements is more important than looking good, although that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for function.

Depending on the gender of your baby, you can get some female-style floral coats for infant girls. Petit Bateau also has some nice, plain single-tone knitted cardigans which would be really comfortable for baby girls.

There’s also quilted jacket designs for Burberry which would look good on almost any baby girl. Gucci and Fendi also don’t disappoint with their padded jackets that work well in cold weather.

When it comes to boys, you can choose between padded jackets and padded overalls from John Galliano.


Fortunately, Catmini has a nice collection of complete baby boutique clothing outfits for both boy and girl infants. They usually come in bright colors that will certainly help you avoid under-dressing your baby when you take them out for a stroll. For boys, they have dual-tone shirts that fit well with dark-colored jeans and trousers.

Surprisingly, Armani also has a baby line in the person of Armani Baby. Their dual-tone approaches to shirts and trousers is sure to stand out from the crowd. If you’re really old-fashioned and want the buttoned-up overalls for everyday use, you can go wrong with Armani Baby. Petit Beteau also has single-tone 2-piece baby suits that are made from high-quality materials.

If you really want to make a gender statement at an early point in your infant’s life, Chloe is a great boutique brand for infant girls with their pinkish tones and girly patterns. For boys, Alviero Martini is a great choice for their collared outfits and patterned shorts.

Finding Baby Boutique Clothing Online

Fortunately, you won’t have to fly all the way to Paris or the USA just to be able to get your hands on designer brands for your kids. There are plenty of online retailers that sell designer clothes for kids.

Some popular examples of online baby clothing boutiques are Childrensalon and Barneys. There’s also Harrod’s online portal. The good thing about these sites is that they have complete pages solely dedicated to their baby boutique items.

You can even segregate them by type of clothing, brand and even price! This is perfect for parents who want to try something new for their kids. All of these are trusted sellers on the online market.

You can also try Amazon and Ebay. Thousands of resellers offer baby boutiques online items at discounted prices for the parent who knows where they’re looking and what they’re looking for. You can find almost any brand you fancy on the online market.

The best thing about this is that you can score yourself some free shipping through most of their promotions and services.

In totality, the baby boutique industry isn’t that big yet to earn a category of its own. Most experts call it a niche at most. With that being said, it doesn’t mean investing your hard-earned money in kid clothing is not a good idea.

As a parent, the way you bring your kids into the outside world is a reflection of your parenting style. Although parenting is done through action and discipline, it doesn’t hurt to show off your kids in the best way possible.

We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we loved putting it together! If you would like to learn more you can also check out our friends from BabyChicGiftBoutique to find some great baby boutique items for you little darlings today!

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