Cheap Baby Clothes: How To Buy Online? (EPIC Guide for Cheap Parents)

  • It’s possible to find cute budget-friendly baby clothes online
  • We share awesome stores that won’t put a dent in your finances
  • Discover ways to save when buying cheap baby clothes online
  • Plus, how to survive and thrive in a frugal parent life

Being a parent is the toughest job out there. Unfortunately, there is no easy way about your tasks as moms and dads. But while it is the toughest job, it is also the most rewarding.

This is why parents should unite to share tips and tricks to make tasks a little bit easier to handle. And that is what we are doing. Everyone knows having kids will take a toll on your finances.

But this is not to say you cannot do anything about it. Great moms and dads out there will stand up and tell you proudly that they have succeeded in finding ways to get through with a bit of change here and there. And it’s true!

With a little bit of ingenuity (that is so innate in Moms!), creativity and tenacity, your kids will have the best of clothes without costing an arm and leg.

We’ve rounded up the best places to get your bargain baby clothes online (straight from the Mommy experts!)

Baby Clothes at H&M

cheaper baby clothes
cheaper baby clothes
cheaper baby clothes

While H&M is a branded retail store, they actually have some of the cheapest options available among other designer brands. In addition, H&M’s sustainability pledge towards use of organic materials, environment-friendly means to produce apparel, and working conditions and wages of workers are impressive.

Whereas parents do not have a direct means on all of these, we create indirect impact by supporting their cause through our purchases.

While it is important to save, it is equally important to ensure our babies’ well-being. With toxicity in fabric, the risks are just too great to ignore.

As we mentioned, it takes tenacity to find those perfect baby essentials for your little ones, so shop around the site for discounted items, buy 2 get 1 promotions and baby clothes clearance.

These promotions are seasonal, occurring usually on a specific holiday or lull months. Also, H&M has “online only” promotions, so buying online is an advantage. With a bit of research, you’ll find out soon enough.

Likewise, buying cheap baby clothes should be carefully planned. You don’t want to buy just the right sizes when you can buy bigger items so your babies can wear them longer. You know your baby’s physiological capacity more or less, so plan accordingly.

  • Cheaper Baby Clothes at H&M

Check out some great picks for cheap baby girl clothes here, while baby boys’ are here.

Baby Clothes at Carter's

Carter’s is also one of the best-known brands for baby clothes.

While they do not use organic materials for their apparel, Carter’s has a commitment to eliminate 3TG materials from their products in compliance with Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.

3TG materials for products are Gold, Tantalum, Tin, and Tungsten sourced from specific countries. Carter’s focus on people welfare, ensuring that their manufacturers, factories and partners adhere to the Dodd-Frank Act.

Aside from promotional baby clothes deals such as a 50% off every once in awhile, Carter’s has special offers on their website that change from time to time.

cheaper baby clothes

Similarly, they also have “online exclusives”, pertaining to items only discounted when you buy online. So buying online certainly has its advantages aside from making it more convenient for busy parents. On top of the usual discounting, Carter’s also offers freebies for purchase made.

Unlike any generic online store, Carter’s also has dedicated tabs for special occasions such as Easter and St. Patrick’s Day. Clothes under these online shops usually adhere to the holiday themes, such as bunny prints or Easter eggs for Easter, and green or 4-leaf clover for St. Patrick’s Day.

Overall, you’re getting a lot from Carter’s, even though they are considered branded clothes.

Check out both Carter’s 3-piece cardigan set and Children’s Place Take Me Home Set to get a closer look.

  • Cheaper Baby Clothes at Carter's

Check out for some cheap baby clothes from Carter’s here.

Baby Clothes at Overstock

Overstock is one big generic online store. They have items for babies as well. However, Overstock is like your online Target store, it sells everything from branded to unbranded items.

What is good about shopping at Overstock is that you have a lot of options because of the variety of products offered online. You are also exposed to Mom and Pop sellers that make their own apparel for your little ones. From very well-established brands to the Mom and Pops, Overstock has it all.

In addition, Overstock has baby clothes free shipping after you surpass a certain threshold of purchases, and you can take advantage of that. And while buying at Overstock’s, you earn points every time you purchase something from them. Points vary on products.

cheap baby clothes

So while you buy from them, you earn buying points that you can later use when you really need it.

Because Overstock is one big warehouse of a store, it also has plenty of opportunities to sell their items at discounted prices as high as 75% off on clearance sales.

On top of clearance sales, they daily deals. However, the downside with these deals is that they are often jumbled and not categorized, so looking for some baby clothing deals is a challenge.

  • Cheaper Baby Clothes at Overstock

Check out some interesting cheap baby clothes at Overstock here.

Baby Clothes at Burlington Baby Depot

Burlington is an apparel and home product retailer with over 500 stores in the US and Puerto Rico. The difference and advantage it has on department store items is that they are priced usually 65% lower.

This is why they are known as the leading off-price store. Although they sell various items, they have a special store for children called Baby Depot.

Baby Depot sells everything your little munchkin needs and Mommy’s needs as well. They even have a baby registry to help you out, especially if you’re planning a baptismal celebration or a baby shower.

From clothing, feeding, gears, bedding and baby furniture, Burlington’s Baby Depot is your one stop shop.

Baby Depot has over a hundred or so brands that you can choose from. From branded ones to lesser known brands, it has a selection at the lowest price possible.

Armani Kids, Gerber, Anne Geddes, Disney, Dora the Explorer, Nickolodeon, and Vans are just some of the brands that Burlington carries for their Baby Depot shop.

Because everything is at an off-price, it seems like a clearance sale day everyday. Although at amazingly low prices, Baby Depot still offers clearance sales every once in awhile.

Their clearance sale is currently ongoing with baby apparel for all brands.

The prices at Burlington Baby Depot are enticing as it is. But other than price, Burlington takes it upon them to inform the public of any safety issues in the products they carry.

This is an endeavor that they associate with their brand. In their website, you can see all product recalls and issues listed for the public to see. Parents can breathe easy to have the support of Burlington in keeping their kids’ safety as a priority.

cheaper baby clothes

But that is not the only thing that makes Burlington a great, family-oriented store. Burlington takes child, forced or trafficked labor very seriously.

This is why they adhere to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 to disclose more information on manufacturers’ and retailers about efforts to combat slavery and human trafficking. With this, you can be rest assured that you clothe your kids in quality apparel and impart good values to them.

  • Cheaper Baby Clothes at Burlington Baby Depot

Check out some cheap baby clothes at Burlington Baby Depot here.

Baby Clothes at Old Navy and Gap

Another branded apparel on our list, Old Navy and Gap are two of the well-known clothing retailers in the world. Because they have been there for quite a while now, Gap and Old Navy’s come-on to frugal parents is their experience in providing value balanced with competitive pricing.

You will find out that across this list are prices that range closely with each other, so you only have to choice which apparel or clothing you prefer your little ones to wear.

Baby Gap and Old Navy has everything from newborn essentials to kids clothing. Bodysuits, rompers, dresses, shirts, layettes, tops, leggings, and piece sets, you name it, Gap and Old Navy has it.

Like Carter’s, Gap and Old Navy also have occasional deals such as St. Paddy’s Day Picks and Spring Break Sale promotion. Their Everyday Steal is also a must-wait item. Of course, what is store without a clearance sale here and there. Clearance sale tabs are always there, so it’s wise to check it out once in a while to get the best deals.

  • Cheaper Baby Clothes at Gap and Old Navy

For price comparison: Bodysuits... Check out this link to look for cheap baby clothes at Gap and Old Navy here.

Baby Clothes at Amazon

Last but not the least is Amazon, who've paved the way for revolutionary online shopping.

What is online shopping without As the biggest online retailer, Amazon tops over the rest of the retailers in this list, simply because it has been there first. Different brands, products and retailers are collated by Amazon to sell on its site.

Don’t be surprised if this is also one of the best avenues to buy your little ones’ clothing at amazing deals. And when we say amazing deals, these are items that are discounted prices.

Aside from its expertise in handling online customers, Amazon guarantees safety transaction with its vendors. Amazon acts as the middle man to ensure delivery and completion of purchase, without having to fear scammers.

Buying baby clothes cheap is an usual occurrence. If you’ve been saving up for your little boy, buying baby boy clothes cheap on Amazon is a sure thing. Likewise if you buy baby girl clothes cheap on this site because the deals run across all baby items.

cheaper baby clothes

Like any online retailing experience, it takes discipline to not go after everything that is on sale. Especially with, where great deals daily is an everyday marketing activity to get you to buy more and more. It helps to remember that you are on because you want to take advantage of baby clothes sales.

But if you are the type to grab on to any baby boy clothes sale or baby girl clothes clearance on, then this site is not for you. The site is teeming with sales, discounts, buy 1 take 1 promotions, freebie offers and any other ingenious promotions to get you on a buying spree!

Perhaps it helps to remember that it is not unusual for to have a baby clothes sale everyday. Put this in mind so you can discipline yourself from swiping that credit card like crazy. You can always get back to it, once your baby needs the item you want.

  • Cheaper Baby Clothes at

Start shopping wisely for tons of affordable baby clothing at by clicking here.

Baby Clothes

Other Ways to Save:

A favorite online seller helps when you just want convenience from a busy week. But a frugal Mom has some tricks up her sleeves to keep those savings increasing with great deals and more.

Here are a few more Mommy hacks you can use to make sure you get the value for your baby while saving up for other items.

Couponing on Baby Clothes

If you have watched American Couponing, you’ll know that it’s the reality TV show that portrays people who live through couponing. By collecting coupons, they get discounts for their purchases.

cheaper baby clothes

In some instances, some of them do not need to pay for their purchase because of accumulated coupons. If you can do this with other items, then you most certainly can do it for your baby’s apparel. Almost all baby clothes outlet offer coupons that you can use. Who knows, with your tenacity and patience, you can even get your baby clothes free.

Couponing can save you thousands of dollars in your baby clothing purchases. If you are as frugal as you seem, then this is an art that you should master. It can be tedious, but it pays back well enough to save you a couple of thousand dollars not just in a year but in months. Imagine that savings going into your child’s education plans!

Couponing is easier than you think. Some online retailers ask for little but they can give you a whopping 20% discount on their items just by signing up for a newsletter.

Do remember though, that coupons come with expiration dates, so be on a look out for that information when you get them. Coupons come in many different forms or offers.

There are the kind that give huge discounts which you can use for any bigger or more expensive items that you want for your baby. However, there are also those that are really small baby clothes discount that you can accumulate when you are ready to purchase.

Because couponing has caught on, almost every online store has it. You can check out a few online retailers who offer discount coupons here. Carter’s coupons can be accessed here and it is best to bookmark it for future use.

Discount Days on Baby Clothes

cheaper baby clothes

Watch out for Discount Days from your favorite online retailers. Almost all of them offer this type of promotion. This encourages consumers to check out and buy stuff on specific days, but for frugal Moms, these are a boon and convenience.

Not only do you not need to physically go to a store and compete with other shoppers, but Daily Discounts give you a hassle-free, big-savings shopping opportunity, everyday! Everyday discount means plenty of chances to save up.

It’s best that you subscribe to the website’s newsletter so you know when they have special days. But if you’re lucky, they may have special deals for you everyday!

Occasional Offers on Baby Clothes

Shopping is an art. This is no different with your babies’ clothing. Sometimes, online retailers offer huge discounts when there are special occasions such as Spring Break or Labor Day. Plan your shopping days on these special occasions so you can take advantage of discounts or even freebies.

cheaper baby clothes

But just another trick up our sleeves, watch out for Occasional Offers but not to shop during those times, but before. Stores pull up their best and newest items during special occasions, so they don’t want old items cluttering their online stores.

So what they do is to de-clutter and put up cluster clearance sales. Sometimes, they sell portions of their stock having baby boy clothes clearance sales first, then baby girl clothes sale the next. In most cases, the prices really drop to beat timelines in time for the special occasion.

If you’re one step ahead of your favorite online retailers, you can buy baby clothes in bulk.

Freebies on Baby Clothes

Lots of stores offer freebies, but not many post great deals. Choose those stores that can give you the most useful freebie along with your purchases. This way, you are stretching the value of what you purchased for your baby. Most baby clothes purchases come with baby items as clothing, so this trick is something to look forward to.

The downside with freebies is that the good freebies get taken quite fast. Speed and careful planning is needed. Buying baby clothes for cheap come with some shopping experience.

Spotting when a freebie offer is up is sometimes just pure luck. Sometimes, you have to keep refreshing the page to see new flash offers.

However, there are also online stores who give the same freebies over and over to increase brand recall on consumers. These are the types of online retailers you want to watch out for especially if the freebie is usually something that you really want for your baby.

Buy 1 take 1 offers on Baby Clothes

Some online stores also have Buy 1 take 1 promotions. For example, rompers are on a buy 1 take 1 offer, sometimes, buy 2 take 1 offers. If you buy a body suit with this promotion, then plus points for you.

Be wary of this promotion though because it is also used to deceive (although a legitimate type of promotion.) parents who actually pay for 2 items instead of only 1. Calculate the price before digging in.

Special codes on Baby Clothes

What is good about online shopping is it has offers only available when you buy online. Aside from the convenience, shops like these offer you good deals to fast track the purchasing process, leaving you with a good deal for baby clothes.

If you follow a few great blogs, make sure to check out their affiliates. You can get a lot of discount codes from blogs like The Happy Hooligan and Epic Parenting, since some baby clothes brands like to link up as blog affiliates.

You may be surprised and see that these blog sites may even be able to get you exclusive discounts for their readers!

Baby clearance clothes are a mother’s dream

Baby clearance clothes in online stores are something to anticipate as well. Baby clothes on clearance, contrary to what everybody thinks, these are not of lesser quality items. Depending on a store’s supply chain process, these are simply items that need to be offloaded to make way for new items.

In addition, a shop activity such as a baby clothes clearance sale is easy to predict, because these are timely sales activities. 

  • Cheaper Baby Clothes are a mother's dream

Check out link here to plan your purchases to time it with your favorite online retailer’s clearance sale.

Parent Frugality: Surviving and Thriving

Parents would beam at the thought of baby clothes on sale. As we said, with tenacity, ingenuity and patience, you’ll get by. However, remember that you do not need to get caught up with every online sale there is out there.

Nor should taking advantage of buying baby clothes wholesale is a good idea. At the onset it might seem you are saving, but in the end you still parted with money that could have been put on more important purchases.

A frugal parent’s drive is to get the best value for the lowest price. But saving money is also a priority. With online retailing a prevalent activity, it is also the time to keep a hold of your wallets tightly. Remember your priorities and get those ingenuity going and you’ll be saving up in no time.

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