14 Best Slings for Baby Wearing Every Parent Will Love

  • Learn all about baby slings and how they are used
  • Check out our list of the 14 best baby slings for every parent
  • We share 5 reasons why you should use a baby sling
  • Bonus video: Babywearing Benefits and Different Carriers

Are you interested in getting on board with the babywearing phenomenon?

Would you like to find the safest and most effective way to wear your little one from the earliest possible age?

Do you find it difficult to wade through the sea of different types of baby carriers available on the market today?

If you’re looking for the best baby slings and carriers for your child, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll take you through product reviews for some of the best baby slings you can buy. You’ll be able to choose depending on the qualities that are most important to you, and you can compare and contrast between tons of different options to find the sling that’s best for you, your little one, and anyone else in your family who may be practicing babywearing, too.

If you’re a little unsure about what a baby sling is or why you’d want to use one, be sure to check out our helpful info sections to give you a better idea what you’re looking at. Then, all you have to do is choose from our list of top rated baby slings to find the perfect new way to carry your baby with you throughout your busy day.

Although baby slings aren’t for everyone, you can have a lot of success just from making sure you choose the right sling for your baby’s size, your body type, and the climate where you live, among other details.

Now, let’s get started shopping!

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Hotslings Sling - Inset - Large
The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling, Whisper
The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling, Dahlia
Kangaroobaby Baby Sling Wrap Carrier From Newborns To Todder Child Blue
Karma Baby Slings Organic Sling, Black, Large
2 Reviews
105 Reviews
105 Reviews
51 Reviews
24 Reviews
Hotslings Sling - Inset - Large
2 Reviews
The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling, Whisper
105 Reviews
The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling, Dahlia
105 Reviews
Kangaroobaby Baby Sling Wrap Carrier From Newborns To Todder Child Blue
51 Reviews
Karma Baby Slings Organic Sling, Black, Large
24 Reviews

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What is a baby sling?

If you’re thinking about buying a baby sling, you’re probably wondering what it is and how it works. You may understand that’s a sling to hold baby close to you, but there’s a lot more to it than just that! In this section, we’ll give you a rundown of what a baby sling is, what you can expect from using one, and how they compare to other types of baby carriers. You’ll also learn more about how to choose the better baby sling for your specific needs as well as which slings are safest to use for your child depending on his or her age, size, and level of development. There’s more to slings than meets the eye, so let’s get started learning!

a sling to hold baby
  • Wraps are often used for older babies and toddlers who are too large for a sling. They’re used in a similar method and tied around the body, but they allow for a wider variety of tying and carrying methods, including back carrying for older children.
  • Soft formed baby carriers are the more common method of babywearing that buckle over the wearer’s body and include a shaped seat designed for the baby to sit in. They can be the most ergonomic solution for both baby and wearer.
  • You can buy baby sling online as well as in stores, so you don’t have to feel limited about where to find your babywearing products.

1. Kangaroobaby Baby Sling Wrap Carrier

Kangaroobaby Baby Sling Wrap Carrier From Newborns To Todder Child Blue

With the Kangaroobaby Baby Sling Wrap Carrier, you’re sure to enjoy a safe and comfortable babywearing experience from day one! This sling for carrying baby is great for use with newborns because it can be configured into a variety of different safe positions. This is a one-size sling, so you can use it one day and let your partner take over with babywearing the next day. Best of all, it’s made from sturdy fabric that’s breathable and lightweight enough that it won’t make you or your child too uncomfortable, even when it’s being worn for a longer period of time.



  • This sling is padded for extra comfort for you and your baby both.
  • The sling is great for discreet breastfeeding since it includes plenty of extra fabric to cover up with when in public.
  • There are added loops on this sling that make adjusting it even easier.
  • The sling doesn’t come with any directions about how to put it on or use it, so you’ll need to do some extra research to learn how to wear it properly.
  • It can be difficult to adjust this sling for use with larger babies in a breastfeeding position.
  • This sling may be uncomfortable for wearers to use because of its weight distribution.

2. Hugamonkey Indoor Outdoor Travel Comfort Baby Sling

HugaMonkey Soft Cotton Infant Wrap Carrier Black Baby Sling - Extra Large

Are you looking for a sling to carry baby while you take care of chores around the house? With the Hugamonkey Indoor Outdoor Travel Comfort Baby Sling, you’ll be able to enjoy hands-free babywearing without having to worry about the safety or security of your child throughout the process. This sling is made of a cotton/Spandex blend and designed to be stretchy while still offering maximum support for your child while he or she is being worn. Start babywearing early on with this sling since it’s safe for use with babies as small as 3 pounds and all the way up to 30 pounds.



  • The sling stays nice and cool throughout your day even if you live in a hotter climate.
  • To clean this sling, you need only throw it in the washer and you can even put it in the dryer on a low setting, too.
  • This sling is easy to wrap and great for discreet breastfeeding.
  • This sling is only available in black, so if you’re looking for a lot of fabric options, you may want to check elsewhere.
  • Since this is a simple sling with no extra bells and whistles, some customers may find it a little overpriced for its purpose.
  • The sling may stretch out or become worn after frequent washing.

3. Vrbabies Cotton Baby Slings and Wraps Carrier

Cuby Breathable Baby Carrier Mesh Fabric, Ideal for Summers/Beachhe Adjustable Ring Sling Baby Carrier. Ergo Friendly (Coffee)

Available in three different cute and fun prints, the Vrbabies Cotton Baby Slings and Wraps Carrier is an excellent sling wrap for babies that’s sure to keep your child safe and comfortable all day long. It’s also extra comfy for the wearer, too! You can wear your baby in five different positions in this baby sling, and although it’s not intended for use with newborns or preemies, you can use it from just a few months of age with no trouble. This sling is reinforced and made from durable fabric that won’t stretch, tear, fade, or stain easily. When it gets dirty, just throw it in the wash and you’ll be good to go!



  • This sling has a cute style and is made from fabric that doesn’t get damaged or stained very easily.
  • Babies enjoy falling asleep in this soft and comfortable carrier.
  • Since this is a padded carrier, it may be more comfortable than some of the others on the market.
  • There are no instructions included on how to use this sling, so you’ll need to do some extra research if you haven’t used a similar baby sling before.
  • You will still need to use one hand to support your baby’s weight in this sling in most situations.
  • It can be very difficult to learn how to adjust your baby in different positions with this sling.

4. Karma Baby Slings Organic Sling

Karma Baby Slings Organic Sling, Black, Large

Sometimes, you need to find the best baby carrier sling for a child who has sensitive skin or a lot of allergies. Other times, you may be concerned about exposing your child to the chemicals that are found in a lot of manmade fabrics and dyes used on those fabrics. If either of these is true of you and your baby, the Karma Baby Slings Organic Sling can help you give your child the best and safest babywearing experience from every angle. This sling can be worn in many positions and is made completely of organic materials so as to reduce the risk of irritation to your baby. Parents and caregivers who are very mindful of fabrics and other materials that are used around their children are sure to enjoy this very safe sling.



  • This sling is lightweight and comfortable even for wearers and babies who live in warmer climates.
  • The sling is designed to offer plenty of back support when worn in the proper carrying positions.
  • Babies love falling asleep in this sling and many customers have reported being able to get fussy babies to sleep very quickly when using it.
  • It can be very difficult to learn how to properly tie this sling, and it may take assistance from another adult to get it right.
  • The sling doesn’t come with any directions, so you’ll need to research how to properly tie and wear it for your baby’s age and size.
  • This is a stretchy sling so it may not be as supportive as some of the others you may find on the market today.

5. GOMAMA Baby Sling One Size Wrap Carrier

Baby Carrier by Cuby, Natural Cotton Baby Sling Baby Holder Extra Comfortable for Easy Wearing Carrying of Newborn, Infant Toddler and Ideal for Baby Registry, Nursing,Breastfeeding

Looking for a great one-size cloth baby carrier sling that you can use whether your baby is a preemie, a newborn, or even a toddler? Would you like something that’s colorful and bright as well as breathable and lightweight? Are you searching for a durable, safe baby sling that will get your child excited about going out on adventures or hanging out around the house with you? If so, the GOMAMA Baby Sling One Size Wrap Carrier is just what you need to improve your babywearing experience significantly! This fun and functional baby sling is perfect for babies of all ages and keeps you and your child both comfortable and safe at all times. You’re sure to get tons of compliments when you wear it out in public, too!



  • This is one of the most colorful baby slings available on the market today and it comes in a variety of fun prints to suit your preferences and your baby’s, too.
  • It’s very easy for the wearer to put this sling on without additional help from another adult.
  • The sling fits very well on most body types and will keep the baby safe and secure without risk of falling or slipping out.
  • The fabric in this baby sling is a little harder and stiffer than many of the others, and some babies will not take well to its scratchy feeling.
  • This is a thicker sling that may feel too warm for some wearers, although it won’t overheat your baby.
  • It can be more difficult to keep this sling clean since it’s thick and padded.

6. Hotsling’s AP Baby Sling

Hotslings Sling - Inset - Large

Sling style baby carriers like the Hotsling’s AP Baby Sling are great for parents and caregivers looking to carry their babies in stylish fabric patterns without sacrificing safety or comfort for wearer or baby either one. This carrier can be wrapped in many different styles, including the newborn-safe position in which your baby is worn high on your chest. It allows for complete hands-free baby care and is safe for use with babies as small as 8 pounds all the way up to 35 pounds. Choose from several different beautiful types of fabric to find the right match for you and your baby’s preferences. This is a redesign of an older model of baby sling that was very popular some years ago, so be sure to check out this upgraded version if you ever used a Hotsling in the past.



  • There are tons of different colors and prints to choose from with this sling, so you never have to feel limited by your choices.
  • The sling is adjustable and easy to maneuver into the right position and fit for you and your baby.
  • Even smaller petite wearers have no trouble getting this baby sling put on without assistance from anyone else.
  • The sizes on this sling tend to run a little small, so you may need to size up in order to get the right fit.
  • It can be difficult to use this sling in other positions besides just the cradle hold, although it’s meant for use in other configurations as well.
  • The sling tends to put a lot of weight on the wearer’s one shoulder without evenly distributing it over the back very well.

7. Dr. Sears Adjustable Sling

The is a different take on a sling type baby carrier that’s sure to work well for anyone looking for something a little on the unique side. Designed by well-known pediatrician Dr. William Sears, this baby sling allows for five different variations on carrying positions and can keep your child safe and snug without risking airway obstruction or falling. The sling comes in three different color patterns and features an elastic trim that holds your child in place much more securely than many of the other options in the world of baby slings. When you want something sturdy and fashionable that’s safer than ever before, check out this great sling. It’s a popular choice that many parents and caregivers have come to love!



  • After you get this sling fit for the first time, you don’t have to worry about adjusting it every time you want to use it.
  • This is a great hands-free sling that will keep your baby safe while you take care of anything else throughout your day.
  • The shoulder is padded, which can help reduce the impact of babywearing on the wearer’s body.
  • Although this sling is great for newborns, it can be a little too constricting for older and more active babies who want to be more involved in their surroundings.
  • Larger babies may have trouble with sinking into this sling and may need to be adjusted for a different fit.
  • Some customers have found that the sling doesn’t offer as much support as they would like for their baby’s spine and hips.

8. Zolowear Adjustable Pouch

Balboa Baby Dr. Sears Adjustable Sling - Grey Dahlia

Are you searching for a sling that has a lot of options for you to choose from? With the Zolowear Adjustable Pouch, you can pick from between three different sizes (small, medium, or large) and seven different colors to find the right style for you and your child. You can configure this carrier into five different carrying positions, including safe newborn carrying options as well as discreet breastfeeding ones. The shoulder is padded slightly so it offers as much comfort as possible without making the wrap too thick for your baby to use safely. Made of a durable cotton/Lycra blend, this carrier is sure to provide you with a great babywearing experience from day one!



  • This pouch is easy to adjust to the wearer’s body type as well as the baby’s size.
  • The sling is very easy to use and convenient as it folds down into a small size and can be tied to the wearer’s body in almost no time, too.
  • The adjustable buttons on this sling are comfortable and not as difficult to get in and out of as other types of closures, such as clasps or buckles.
  • The light shoulder pad may cause the strap to fall off of some wearer’s shoulders more easily than it would without being padded, and some customers have removed it entirely.
  • The excess material on this sling may be hard to control depending on the size of the wearer.
  • The fabric may stretch out over time, especially when you use this carrier with a larger baby.

9. The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling

The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling, Dahlia

With The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling, you can carry babies from as small as 6 pounds all the way up to 26 pounds without having to worry about their safety in this comfortable baby carrier. Slip it on and adjust it to the right size for your child, and the two of you will be ready to go on your next big outing together! This sling is made from a 97% cotton and 3% Spandex blend to allow for maximum breathability and movement without being too hot or stiff to use. The carrier even includes outside pockets so you can keep your wallet and other necessities within quick and easy reach at all times when you’re on the go with your child.



  • This carrier comes pre-folded and sewn into the right configuration for babywearing purposes, so you don’t have to worry about tying it yourself.
  • The fabric is very soft and comfortable while remaining durable and sturdy even when used on a regular basis.
  • Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to put this carrier on and take it off without assistance.
  • Many customers prefer to hold onto the baby’s bottom with one hand while using this baby sling, so if you’re looking for something completely hands-free, this may not be it.
  • This sling hangs a little lower than many other slings on the market, so it may be uncomfortable and take some getting used to if you’ve worn other types of slings previously.
  • It can be difficult to bend over in this sling without causing your baby to shift around or potentially fall out, so this sling isn’t as good for household chores as others may be.

10. The Peanut Shell Whisper Sling

The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling, Whisper

If you’re searching for something you can wear with your little one a few months after the newborn stage, The Peanut Shell Whisper Sling may be just the right baby carrier for you. This comfy 100% cotton sling is padded with soft and durable polyester to keep it even stronger and more supportive than ever before, and it’s adjustable enough that you can use it with children anywhere between 8 and 26 pounds without fear of it stretching out or becoming unsafe for your baby to use. When it gets dirty, all you have to do is just throw it in the washing machine and get it nice and clean for the next time you’ll need to take your baby out for an adventure!



  • This is an excellent sling for small babies as long as you’re careful to wear it in a safe position.
  • The sling is well-designed and made of high-quality fabric with reinforced stitching that keeps it holding up well for a long time.
  • The fabric won’t fade or stain very easily, and even with frequent washes it continues looking vibrant and nice.
  • Since this carrier is already shaped slightly, it’s difficult to wear it in a newborn carry or in more than a couple of different variations.
  • Some babies may be uncomfortable in this baby carrier because of its thicker design and more formed shape.
  • Wearers who have larger body types may find that this sling slips off more easily than other types of slings will.

11. Hotslings Baby Carrier

Hotslings Baby Carrier Espresso Size 6

Are you looking for a great baby carrier in a nice solid shade that works for mommy and daddy both? Would you like something that goes well with just about any clothes in your wardrobe without being too over the top? Do you want a sling that gets the job done without needing any extra bells and whistles to do it? If so, this Hotslings Baby Carrier is perfect for you! This carrier is made of a cotton and Spandex blend that allows it to be just stretchy enough for easy wearing while still being strong enough to support your baby. Your little one is sure to love the soft comfort of this sling and you’ll enjoy being able to keep your baby close all day long, too.



  • This sling is available in either a small or a large size to better suit all body types who will be wearing it.
  • It’s very easy to learn how to wrap this baby sling without assistance and to get it on and off with no trouble.
  • The sling is easy to roll or fold up into a small size for quick and easy transportation when it’s not in use.
  • The slings tend to run a little large, so if you’re wondering about the right size, you may want to choose a size smaller than you’d ordinarily wear.
  • The slippery fabric this sling is made from can slide off of the wearer’s shoulder more easily than other types of fabric and may need more frequent adjusting.
  • This sling is too stretchy to be used with older toddlers who may wear out the fabric too quickly for it to be effective.

12. Petunia Pickle Bottom Sojourn Sling

Petunia Pickle Bottom Sojourn Sling - Frolicking in Fez (Small)

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Sojourn Sing is designed for babies and wearers on the go! This is a lightweight and comfortable sling that works well in warmer weather since the fabric is 100% cotton. Best of all, this is organic cotton, so if you’re concerned about what you’re using around your child or you’re worried about any potential allergic reactions from different types of fabric or chemicals, there’s nothing to fear with this baby wrap. Available in either small or large, this cute and stylish black and white wrap with red accents is easy to size and even easier to learn how to use with your little one!



  • The durable fabric and stitching are thick enough to be sturdy and strong but thin enough not to cause the wearer or baby to overheat.
  • The fabric won’t run, tear, or wear out easily, even with frequent washing and use.
  • This is a very comfortable baby sling that many wearers find easy to move around in.
  • This sling is smaller than many of the others listed here and is only intended for use with younger babies.
  • This sling is also not designed for use with newborns or preemies since it cannot be worn in a newborn-safe carrying position.
  • It can be difficult to privately breastfeed in this sling since it doesn’t have any excess fabric or a privacy hood included.

13. Wallaboo Baby Sling Connection

Wallaboo -Baby Sling Connection - One Size Fits All- Suitable for Newborns, Infants & Toddlers

If you’re looking for a strong and sturdy sling that can hold up to several hours of use at a time every day, you need the Wallaboo Baby Sling Connection as part of your baby’s traveling ensemble right away This sling is made to fit any wearer and built from one piece of fabric that straps across the wearer’s body and attaches with tons of high-quality, durable Velcro on the back of the sling. You can use this sling to carry babies from newborn and even preemie sizes all the way up to 33 pounds with no trouble. Best of all, this sling is made of fabric that won’t stretch out or become worn with frequent use, so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting heavier and stretching it out over time.



  • This sling can easily be folded down into a very small size that stores in purses, baby bags and other spaces with no trouble.
  • It’s easy for one person to put this sling on with no help from anyone else, and it can even be put on with one hand.
  • This carrier is great for supporting the wearer’s back over longer periods of time.
  • Although this isn’t the most expensive carrier on our list, it’s still pricier than most of the others and may be over budget for some parents and caregivers.
  • This sling is only available in a few neutral solid colors, so it’s not as stylish as some of the others available on the market today.
  • It can be harder to find the right fit with this baby sling than with many of the other more traditional wrapping style slings available.

14. Baba Slings Baby Carrier

Baba Slings Baby Carrier, Black

With this Baba Slings Baby Carrier, you’ll be able to keep your child with you on the go from birth all the way up to toddler age! This carrier is durable and thick, and it’s designed to work with babies in seven different carrying positions to best suit the needs of your child as well as your own body type and preferences. You don’t have to use any special newborn inserts to get this sling to work with your baby in the first few months of life. All you have to do is make sure you tie it in a newborn-safe configuration and you’ll be good to go.



  • This whole sling is padded, from the carrying portion to the shoulder strap, and designed for maximum support and comfort for wearer and baby both.
  • The stitching on this carrier is reinforced to reduce the risk of tearing and stretching over time.
  • This carrier is versatile and can work in several different styles and positions.
  • This is a very expensive baby sling that costs quite a lot more than many of the others on this list.
  • This sling is only available in black, so if you’re looking for something stylish or cute, you may want to choose a different sling.
  • Since this sling is padded, it can be very hot and may cause you or your baby to overheat when wearing it for a long period of time.

5 Reasons to Use a Baby Sling

If you’ve already decided to use fabric baby carriers slings, that’s great! However, you still may be wondering what the benefits of this babywearing product really are. Lots of moms and dads (and even other caregivers) have had a lot of success from using baby slings, but if you’ve heard about the rare accidents that do occur from them, you may feel a little skeptical. Below are just some of the great ways you can enjoy babywearing with a baby sling.

1. You’ll have a more hands-free baby care experience.

Whether you’ve got a lot to do around the house or you have other, older children who need your attention, carrying your baby in a soft sling baby carrier is a great way to ensure you’ll always have at least one hand free to take care of other things that may arise during your time with your little one. Many slings can be worn completely hands-free, but even the lighter and thinner options usually only require one hand to support your baby’s bottom while you’re wearing them.

​2. Babies who are very fussy or colicky tend to do better when they’re carried in carry slings for baby.

This reduces the risk of babies developing colic, too, and it means that you’ll be better able to soothe your child when he or she starts to cry throughout the day. If you’re struggling with a colicky baby, give babywearing a try and see if it makes a difference for you and your child.

​3. You’ll be able to bond better with your little one when you practice frequent babywearing.

The most popular baby slings available today encourage you to wear your child high on your chest during the first several months, and most recommend keeping your baby’s head within “easy kissing distance” from you. With this method, you’ll facilitate better bonding and closeness with your little one from a very early age. This can be a nice way to encourage your partner to bond with your child as well, and some mothers have even reported babywearing improving their postpartum depression, too.

​4. If your baby doesn’t take to breastfeeding well, you can encourage easier and better nursing sessions with some of the best slings for baby wearing.

Keeping your baby near your body most of the time will help improve your child’s ability and willingness to breastfeed even if you’re going through a difficult time with your child’s nursing.

​5. You’ll be able to quickly, easily, and privately breastfeed when babywearing.

Many of the baby slings for sale today include either extra fabric or a privacy hood that allows breastfeeding to be easier and more discreet than ever before. Because of the way in which you wear your baby in one of these slings, it should be very simple to reposition for nursing sessions and then adjust back to the proper carrying method afterward as well.


Now that you’ve seen the different variations of baby slings you have to choose from and you know a little bit more about how helpful they can really be, we hope you’re asking yourself, “Where can I buy a baby sling for my own child?” You can find baby slings in many different stores as well as online, and it’s all about narrowing down your choices and picking the one that works best for you, regardless of whether or not you need to order it online.

But where can you buy a sling and try it on at the same time? Many stores will let you try on baby slings and even teach you how to wrap them and tie them correctly when you’re planning on making a purchase from the store. Some stores may also be willing to do this even if you’re not totally sold on purchasing from them, and this can be helpful if you’d prefer to buy your sling online instead.

Figuring out where to buy a baby sling is only one aspect of the process, however. We hope that our information has helped you choose the right sling to suit your needs as well as your baby’s, and remember that it may take a few tries to find the one that’s right for you. Try to purchase from online stores that allow you to make returns if you find that the sling you bought doesn’t fit safely or isn’t working for some other reason.

Your baby’s safety is the most important factor in babywearing, so make sure you always purchase safe products that won’t pose any risks or danger for your little one. With the right baby sling, you’ll be ready to bring your child along for any adventures the day might bring!

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