6 Best Mei Tai Carrier Options For Sale Online (Our Top Mei Tai Picks)

  • Learn about Mei Tai baby carriers and what makes them great
  • Read about the best Mei Tai carriers and their pros and cons
  • Plus, 5 safety tips when using Mei Tai carriers
  • Bonus video: A demo of the Sash Mei Tai baby carrier

Are you looking for a comfortable, safe, hands-free way to carry your baby all day long?

Do you find that ring slings, wrap carriers, and soft formed baby carriers aren’t quite right for you?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that combined the best qualities of all of these?

Well, look no further—mei tai carriers are just what you need!

With a mei tai carrier, you’ll be able to enjoy hands-free babywearing that won’t hurt you or pose a risk for your little one. You can comfortably carry your baby on your back, hip, or chest, and most mei tai carriers can be used regardless of the age of your child.

In this article, you’ll find six mei tai baby carrier reviews to help you find the right one for your needs. You’ll also find a little extra info to help you get started, especially if you’ve never heard of or used a mei tai carrier before. We’ll make sure you know all the basics before you ever go shopping!

By the time you get finished, you’ll be ready to choose the perfect carrier for you and your baby’s individual needs. So let’s get started right away!

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FLASH SALE CuddleBug 3-in-1 Mei Tai Carrier With Hood - 100% Cotton Mei Tai Front Carrier - Fully Adjustable - Baby Shower Gift - Perfect for Nursery Sets - Unisex (Floral White)
BabyHawk by Moby Baby Carrier for Newborns + Toddlers - Meh Dai (Mei Tei) - Gilt Glory
Chimparoo Mei Tai Baby Carrier -- One Size (JULIET)
70 Reviews
81 Reviews
2 Reviews
FLASH SALE CuddleBug 3-in-1 Mei Tai Carrier With Hood - 100% Cotton Mei Tai Front Carrier - Fully Adjustable - Baby Shower Gift - Perfect for Nursery Sets - Unisex (Floral White)
70 Reviews
BabyHawk by Moby Baby Carrier for Newborns + Toddlers - Meh Dai (Mei Tei) - Gilt Glory
81 Reviews
Chimparoo Mei Tai Baby Carrier -- One Size (JULIET)
2 Reviews

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What is a Mei Tai Carrier?

Mei tai carriers are a type of baby wrap that works in much the same way as a soft formed baby carrier without taking up nearly as much space or weighing as much, either. They are one of many different options available to parents and caregivers who are interested in babywearing. Although there’s no one set type of baby carrier that’s better than any others, mei tai carriers remain very popular and have withstood the test of time. Here are just a few more facts about mei tais to help you get started learning more:

  • Mei tais originated in China a long time ago. These carriers have been used for centuries to carry babies on the chest, back, and hip comfortably and safely. Modern mei tai carriers have been altered slightly to be more ergonomic, safer, and cute, too!
  • Mei tais are usually a square of fabric that has four straps attached at each corner to tie over the wearer’s shoulders and around the waist. However, there are quite a few takes on this traditional version of the carrier, and different brands offer different alternatives to this look.
  • These carriers are tied on like an apron and then pulled up between the baby’s legs before being tied over the shoulders as well. However, some variations of this carrier are tied slightly differently, so it’s best to look up the brand name you purchase and make sure you’re putting it on correctly by watching videos.
  • Newborns can be worn safely in many mei tai carriers, but not all of them. They should be worn in carriers with unpadded waist straps and carriers that have less fabric in the body portion overall.
  • You can find mei tais in many different styles: wrap straps, padded straps, unpadded waists, padded waists, and structured. A structured mei tai isn’t going to be as formed as a backpack style baby carrier but may be similar in shape and size.

There’s a lot to learn about mei tais, but we hope we’ve helped you get started with this information! Now, let’s move on to shopping for the carrier that’s right for you.

Best Mei Tai Baby Carriers

Although there are a lot of excellent mei tai carriers available on the market today, some of them stand at the front of the pack in terms of quality, durability, and great customer service, too. If you’re looking for the best mei tai baby carrier for your needs, be sure to check out these six incredible products listed below. No matter what style of carrier you’re looking for or what size you might need for your little one, you’re sure to find the perfect option among the carriers listed here.

1. CuddleBug 3-in-1 Mei Tai Carrier with Hood

FLASH SALE CuddleBug 3-in-1 Mei Tai Carrier With Hood - 100% Cotton Mei Tai Front Carrier - Fully Adjustable - Baby Shower Gift - Perfect for Nursery Sets - Unisex (Floral White)

With the CuddleBug 3-in-1 Mei Tai Carrier with Hood, you’ll be ready to face your day with your baby in tow no matter what might come your way! This carrier can be worn on your chest, hip, or back depending on your child’s age and stage of development, and this makes it easier than ever for you to keep your baby close to you at all times. Keep your hands free with this versatile and cute baby carrier as part of your regular baby setup. Since it’s machine washable, you’ll be able to take it anywhere you go and keep it clean and ready to go for the next trip, too!


  • The fabric and stitching are both very durable and can withstand a lot of use without showing signs of wear and tear.
  • This is one of the most affordable high-quality mei tai carriers available on the market today.
  • With this carrier, one size fits most wearers, so you won’t have to worry about fitting.


  • The fabric may bleed onto lighter fabrics during the first wash, so be sure to wash it alone once or twice to prevent this from happening.
  • This carrier may take a few tries to tie on correctly and you may need assistance the first couple of times.
  • The straps are made out of sleek material that may be uncomfortable compared to the softer straps of other similar carriers.

2. Beautiful Bloom Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Beautiful Bloom Mei Tai Baby Carrier (Brown)

Choose the Beautiful Bloom Mei Tai Baby Carrier when you want a sturdy, comfortable carrier that’s built to last and can be used again and again with no trouble. This carrier is lightweight, stretchy, and made from 97% cotton, which allows as much breathability as possible through the fabric. This will help you keep your little one cool and comfortable and keep your own body temperature down while wearing it, as well. This carrier features a padded shoulder strap as well as a padded waist strap so you’ll be able to wear it comfortably for much longer than some of the other comparable products you might find while shopping.


  • This carrier can hold up to a lot of use due to its durable fabric and reinforced stitching.
  • The shoulder straps are very soft and designed not to cut into the wearer’s skin while wearing.
  • The material of this carrier won’t bleed or thin out with repeated washing.


  • The bottom straps on this carrier are not as long as they are on some other mei tai carriers, so it may be difficult to size depending on the wearer’s body type.
  • This carrier may not work well for newborn babies, and you should wait until your child is a little bit larger before you use this one.
  • The fabric in this carrier may be a little thinner than it is in some of the other carriers listed here.

3. Palm and Pond Mei Tai Baby Sling Carrier

Palm and Pond Mei Tai Baby Sling Carrier - Paisley Design

If you’re looking for a fun and stylish mei tai baby sling that’s sure to suit your little one from day one, check out the Palm and Pond Mei Tai Baby Sling Carrier. This carrier is printed with a beautiful and whimsical fabric that is accented with solid black to make the colors really pop. Best of all, if you know you’ll be going somewhere that this fabric might not be appropriate, the carrier is reversible and can be worn on the solid black side only. This way, you and your baby are sure to be ready for whatever might come your way during your day-to-day adventures together!


  • The fabric used in this carrier is very strong, sturdy, and soft with a vibrant print that won’t fade in the wash.
  • It’s very easy to wash this carrier by simply tossing it in with your regular laundry and letting it air dry.
  • You can adjust this carrier to be used in many different positions for all sorts of ages, sizes, and purposes.


  • The waist padding on this carrier may be too long for smaller wearers.
  • It’s not possible to wear this carrier with the baby facing outward, so depending on the age and preferences of your little one, it may not be the best choice for your needs.
  • You may need to include a rolled-up towel or cloth for your baby’s comfort when wearing this carrier.

4. BabyHawk by Moby Baby Carrier for Newborns + Toddlers

BabyHawk by Moby Baby Carrier for Newborns + Toddlers - Meh Dai (Mei Tei) - Gilt Glory

The BabyHawk by Moby Baby Carrier for Newborns + Toddlers is one of the most popular mei tai style baby carriers on the market today and with good reason! This is a well-known brand name mei tai ring sling company, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product when you purchase from them. This carrier is designed to hold babies between 8 and 40 pounds, which makes it great for most little ones and toddlers. And best of all, it can be adapted for use with different types of holds depending on the age of your baby and his or her physical abilities. You can’t go wrong with this durable and stylish baby carrier as part of your ensemble!


  • This is a popular brand-name with proven excellent customer service.
  • This carrier is great for use with petite wearers, petite babies, or both!
  • You can easily adjust this carrier to be tighter or looser with just a few quick motions, and you can even easily make these changes throughout your day.


  • Depending on the age and size of your baby, it may be difficult to put his or her legs in a comfortable position in this carrier.
  • Larger babies may drag the carrier down during the day and require more frequent adjustments.
  • This is a warm carrier that may be too hot for the summer months.

5. Catbird Baby Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Catbird Baby Mei Tai Baby Carrier - Indri

For one of the softest and most comfortable mei tai infant carrier options on the market that still provides tons of great support for your little one, check out the . This cute carrier is designed with a single panel of printed quilt fabric, while the rest of the carrier is a solid accent color. This creates a striking combination that looks great no matter where you might be wearing your baby. The carrier also includes a built-in hood that’s great for discreet breastfeeding, keeping the sun away from your baby’s face, or even allowing you to stash a comfy cloth that can be used as a pillow for your little one.


  • This carrier features durable reinforced stitching and soft, gentle fabric that will keep your baby feeling comfortable all day long.
  • The carrier is designed to be easy on the wearer’s shoulders and back even with extended use.
  • A built-in adjustment loop makes it easy for you to get the fitting just right for this carrier no matter how big your baby might be.


  • This carrier doesn’t come from a name brand company, so this may be a problem for some potential buyers.
  • The carrier may not work well for very small babies and newborns, and it may be best to wait until your baby hits 10 pounds before using it.
  • The fabric has been known to fade over time with frequent washing.

6. Chimparoo Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Chimparoo Mei Tai Baby Carrier -- One Size (JULIET)

Are you looking for a cute and comfy baby carrier that you and your little one will be able to use from the newborn stage until well into the preschool years? Would you like a carrier that’s not only built to adjust to your baby’s growing body but also designed to withstand years of use with no signs of wear and tear? If so, the Chimparoo Mei Tai Baby Carrier is just what you need! This mei tai baby wrap is available in a couple of colorful striped patterns as well as in solid black, so you can choose your favorite or have a few options to pick from. Made of 100% cotton, this is one of the softest and sturdiest mei tai carriers around!


  • This is a flexible carrier that will conform to your baby’s size and body comfortably when worn.
  • It’s easy to put this carrier on after just one or two practice runs.
  • You can easily use this carrier for a variety of different positions as needed.


  • Depending on how this carrier is worn, your baby may not be able to see out of it very well.
  • The included clips on the adjustable straps may be too weak to stay in place for long and may need to be replaced over time.
  • It may be difficult to get your baby’s legs in a comfortable position in this carrier.

5 Safety Tips for Mei Tai Carriers

Wearing a mei tai carrier can be easy and convenient, but no matter what, you should always have your baby’s safety in mind while using it. Here are five safety tips to make your mei tai experience good for you and your little one both.

  • Always practice tying any type of baby carrier the first few times without the baby inside. Make sure another capable adult helps you practice this way, and then have them assist you with practice runs that involve the baby, too
  • When carrying a newborn or a very small baby, always be sure your little one’s chin is raised and not near his or her chest. This way, your baby will be able to breathe while being worn comfortably.
  • Never cover your baby’s head with anything other than a built-in hood, if your carrier has one. Anything else could obstruct your baby’s breathing passages.
  • Never try to tie on your baby carrier in a place that isn’t safe. Always begin in a safe place, and if possible, learn to tie on the carrier from a sitting position (although this might not be possible with all carriers).
  • Last but not least, trust yourself and your judgment. If you don’t feel like your baby is safely in the carrier, then make adjustments until you do. If you feel like your carrier is slipping throughout the day, stop and make changes so that your baby will be safer.

Got Mei Tai Carriers On Your Mind?

Safe babywearing doesn’t have to be a myth, and with a mei tai carrier to help you out, you’re already well on your way to an experience that’s sure to benefit both you and your child. There are a lot of great reasons why you might be considering a mei tai carrier for your babywearing needs, and no matter which one is driving your decision, you’re sure to be pleased with any of the excellent carriers from our list above.

Remember to always keep your baby’s safety in mind before anything else when it comes to choosing the right carrier for you. Pick a carrier that will work well for the size and age of your baby, and don’t forget to choose one that’s made from a fabric that will work well for your child, too. In no time, you’re sure to have the perfect new addition to your babywearing repertoire ready for you and your little one to go on another great adventure!

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