12 Best Baby Wraps For Infants And Babies

  • Finding the right baby wrap for infants is truly important
  •  We’ve listed 12 top-rated baby wraps for infants and newborns
  •  Pros and cons lists provide lots of helpful info on each wrap
  •  Bonus video: Three ways to wrap or swaddle a baby

Do you have a newborn baby or a young infant who wants to be held all the time?

Are you expecting a new baby in the near future and find yourself worrying about how to keep your hands free for daily chores and tasks while caring for your little one?

Would you like to encourage the bond between you and your child through babywearing?

If you’re planning to try babywearing with your newborn or your younger infant, you need the right type of wrap to get the job done. And if you find yourself in this situation, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll walk you through the 12 top rated baby wraps specifically designed for use with infants, newborns, and younger babies. Although some of these may also be able to be used with toddlers and older babies, they’re meant for smaller children who may need more specific factors in their wraps.

Choosing the right wrap style baby carrier can help you meet the specific needs of your newborn or younger infant or baby when it comes time to start babywearing. These children need wraps that can support them entirely and keep them up high on your chest for the safest possible experience, so it’s all about picking something that won’t fail in these areas even when you use it for a long while.

Check out our list of great products below and take your time choosing the one that’s best for you and your baby. You’re sure to love one or more of these wraps, so what are you waiting for?

Let’s go shopping for the best wrap for baby wearing!

Don't have the time to check out the whole list?

Baby K’tan - Breeze Baby Carrier, Natural Cotton Mesh Sling Wrap, Multiple Ways to Wear – Charcoal Grey, Medium
Baby Wrap Carrier,Beechtree Baby Natural Cotton Baby Wrap,Soft Comfortable Breathable Baby Sling Nursing Cover for Infants and Newborn, Breastfeeding Sling Baby Holder,Perfect Baby Shower Gift (blue)
LovedByMoms Large Forward-Facing Hands Free Baby Wrap Carrier
LILLEbaby Tie the Knot Baby Wrap by LILLEbaby – Navy
Moby Wrap Evolution, Denim Stripes
542 Reviews
80 Reviews
25 Reviews
44 Reviews
4 Reviews
Baby K’tan - Breeze Baby Carrier, Natural Cotton Mesh Sling Wrap, Multiple Ways to Wear – Charcoal Grey, Medium
542 Reviews
Baby Wrap Carrier,Beechtree Baby Natural Cotton Baby Wrap,Soft Comfortable Breathable Baby Sling Nursing Cover for Infants and Newborn, Breastfeeding Sling Baby Holder,Perfect Baby Shower Gift (blue)
80 Reviews
LovedByMoms Large Forward-Facing Hands Free Baby Wrap Carrier
25 Reviews
LILLEbaby Tie the Knot Baby Wrap by LILLEbaby – Navy
44 Reviews
Moby Wrap Evolution, Denim Stripes
4 Reviews

Last update on 2018-11-15 at 20:09 Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

1. LovedByMoms Large Forward-Facing Hands Free Baby Wrap

LovedByMoms Large Forward-Facing Hands Free Baby Wrap Carrier

If you’re searching for an effective and low-cost way to hold your baby on the front of your body without having to worry about any harm coming to him or her even when you need to take care of other things with your hands, check out the LovedByMoms Large Forward-Facing Hands Free Baby Wrap. This is one of the best baby wraps for infants and is designed to be soft and breathable enough for use with younger infants and even newborn babies as long as you carry your child in a front facing in position that’s safe for his or her developmental stage. The carrier is built from several different panels put together to provide as much stretch and flexibility as possible in this 95% cotton/5% Spandex blend wrap.



  • Regardless of your baby’s size or age, you’ll be able to hold him or her safely and comfortably without worrying about your child falling out of this wrap.

  • Wearers with back and neck trouble have reported having no issues with this comfortable, lightweight wrap.

  • This wrap can be worn in a variety of different positions depending on your child’s needs as well as your own.

  • This is a lesser-known brand name product, and this may be off-putting to some buyers depending on your preferences.

  • You may need to look up videos to learn how to properly tie this wrap, especially if you’ve never had experience with a baby wrap like this before.

  • There is a chance your baby may not like the feeling of being held so tightly in a wrap like this one and may prefer one without a panel design.

2. Safe and Stylish Baby Carrier Wrap

You may be getting tired of looking at wrap after wrap that is made out of neutral colored fabric. You may find yourself growing sick of shades of brown, cream, black, gray, and ivory in wraps to carry infants. And you may be wondering if there’s any option out there to give you a great newborn baby wrap that won’t look as boring as all the other ones you may have come across. If you find yourself in this situation, be sure to check out this Safe and Stylish Baby Carrier Wrap. This high-quality wrap is made of a comfortable and airy cotton/Spandex fabric blend that’s sure to stretch as much as you need it to without slacking or sagging over time. Best of all, it’s emblazoned with a funky palm tree print you’re sure not to find in any other similar wraps!



  • It’s very easy to learn how to wrap this super stretchy and lightweight wrap with just a couple of practice runs.

  • The wrap is lightweight but durable enough to work well for a newborn baby all the way up to the toddler stage when used with appropriate wrapping methods.

  • This is a great wrap for plus sized wearers looking for something with a little more fabric to work with.

  • Customers looking for a name brand product may want to look elsewhere, as this wrap is not made by any popular companies or known brands.

  • The pattern is only printed on one side of the fabric, so it’s possible to wrap it the wrong way and this may complicate your wrapping.

  • The side of the fabric that rests against the baby’s skin is a little rougher than the other side, and it may be too rough for babies with very sensitive skin.

3. 3 in 1 Baby Carrier Newborn Sling Wrap

3 in 1 Baby Carrier Newborn Sling Wrap Front Back Minizone Baby Carrier Carry Baby Sling Fashinable Pattern Design

When you’ve got a baby with sensitive skin or you’re just looking for an all-natural wrap to use with your brand new newborn infant, check out this 3 in 1 Baby Carrier Newborn Sling Wrap to satisfy your needs! This wrap for carrying baby is made of 100% cotton and can be used in three different positions, including a front facing in position, a hip carrying position, and a backpack style rucksack position. Be sure to use only the front facing in position with your newborn baby, but don’t be afraid to graduate to other carrying styles as your child gets older! You and your little one will love the soft fabric and the easy-to-use style that ties on without the need for complicated buckles or snaps.



  • This carrier has a cute style and a fun print that works great regardless of your baby’s style or your color preferences for your child.

  • This is one of the most affordable Mei Tai style baby carriers available on the market today, so if you’re looking to try one out for the first time, this is the way to go.

  • This carrier evenly distributes your child’s weight without putting too much strain on any one part of your body.

  • The carrier doesn’t come with any directions and may be very complicated for anyone using it for the first time.

  • Some customers may feel as though smaller babies could potentially fall out of this carrier if it isn’t tied correctly each time.

  • This carrier may arrive with a few loose threads here and there, but these are usually only aesthetic and not a structural issue.

4. Beechtree Baby Classic Cotton Baby Wrap

Baby Wrap Carrier,Beechtree Baby Natural Cotton Baby Wrap,Soft Comfortable Breathable Baby Sling Nursing Cover for Infants and Newborn, Breastfeeding Sling Baby Holder,Perfect Baby Shower Gift (blue)

For all the softness of cotton with a little added durability to keep it stretchy and functional for a long time to come, the Beechtree Baby Classic Cotton Baby Wrap is the perfect choice! This wrap to carry baby is made from a long-lasting cotton blend that is specifically designed for use with this baby wrap. This material leaves the wrap feeling as soft and comfy as a T-shirt but also prevents it from stretching out too much over time or sagging with extended babywearing use. Best of all, this wrap is designed to shrink less overall than many of the other 100% cotton and cotton blend wraps available on the market today, so you won’t have to worry about it wearing out or otherwise becoming useless no matter how many times you and your child use it.



  • This is a slightly thicker wrap that may feel a little sturdier than some others without being too thick to be safe for use with a newborn baby.

  • It’s easy to find the middle of this wrap thanks to the label, and this also makes it easier to tie the wrap correctly even without a lot of practice.

  • Your baby won’t sag over time in this carrier and will instead stay high on your chest as required for safe newborn babywearing.

  • Babywearers with bigger body types may find that there isn’t a lot of spare fabric on this wrap for knotting or for use in covering your baby’s face from the sun.

  • The included directions may be a little difficult to follow, especially if it’s your first time trying to use a baby wrap.

  • Although this carrier shrinks less than some others in the wash, it will still shrink somewhat over time.

5. Joylor Baby Wrap Carrier

Joylor Baby Wrap Carrier, Stripes, Easy To Put On- Swaddle Blanket for Close Comfort - Adjustable Breastfeeding Cover - Lightweight Sling Baby Carrier for Infant - Soft, Comfortable & Breathable

The Joylor Baby Wrap Carrier is a high-quality 95% cotton/5% Spandex blend baby wrap that’s perfect for any babywearer looking for a low-cost, hands-free experience that’s safe for use with newborns and smaller infants. You can begin using this wrap as soon as your child reaches 8 pounds and continue using it until he or she is about 25 to 30 pounds. This is one of the best stretchy wraps for baby and is excellent for use when breastfeeding, especially since it’s easy to change your baby’s position within the wrap throughout the day without having to take it completely off and re-tie it in order to get your child ready for nursing. And when nursing is complete, simply put your child upright again, adjust the wrap somewhat, and you’ll be good to go.



  • This is a great low-cost carrier that comes in a few different color options to help you get started with babywearing.

  • This product is very stretchy and works well for holding a newborn baby or any other smaller infant or toddler in place without requiring the use of your hands.

  • You can put this carrier in the washer and dryer without having to worry about removing any buckles or clasps beforehand.

  • This carrier doesn’t come in any protective wrapping so there’s a chance it may arrive dirty or damaged from shipping or storage.

  • This carrier may shrink slightly over time with extended use.

  • The color in this baby carrier may fade or run over time, especially with frequent washing and drying.

6. Kangaroo Baby Wrap Carrier

Kangaroo Baby Wrap Carrier | Stretchy, Unisex & Breathable Sling Pouch- Breastfeeding Cover For Newborns - Machine Washable Front Chest Infant Wrap- BONUS Ebook On Dealing With baby Sleeping Problems

You may find yourself searching for something a little bit different than the wraps for baby wearing you’ve seen so far on our list. What if you want something you can eventually convert for use on the front of your body facing outward? While this isn’t a recommended position for newborns, older babies may enjoy being able to face outward and see the world while you’re babywearing together. And you may want something that can be tied in several different unique positions that may not be covered by the wraps we have listed so far. For a unique twist on the baby wrap, check out this Kangaroo Baby Wrap Carrier and see for yourself what a difference it will make for you and your child.



  • This is an ergonomically designed baby carrier that’s sure to keep your little one safe and secure regardless of which position you choose to use for your carrying purposes.

  • This carrier can be washed in the washing machine without any cause for concern.

  • With practice, you should be able to learn how to carry your baby in tons of different fun and exciting ways with this baby carrier.

  • This is not a well-known product and is not made by a popular brand name, so this may be a downside to some customers depending on your preferences.

  • This carrier is generally less stretchy overall than some of the others listed here and may not work for larger body types.

  • It may take some time to get the hang of adjusting the wrap properly for some of the carrying positions you’ll want to try, especially the front facing outward option.

7. Beachfront Baby Wrap

Beachfront Baby Wrap – The Original Water & Warm Weather Baby Carrier | Made in USA with Safety Tested Fabric, CPSIA & ASTM Compliant | Lightweight, Quick Dry & Breathable (Island Mango, One-Size)

The Beachfront Baby Wrap has made a splash in the world of babywearing and it’s definitely here to stay! This is a cute, comfortable, and ultra-lightweight wrap to hold baby that’s designed for use when you’re at the beach or by the pool. This wrap is made from athletic mesh fabric that’s meant to stretch vertically but not horizontally, minimizing the amount of sagging you can expect from this beautiful and stylish little wrap. And this product comes from the same company that makes the very popular ring sling style Beachfront Baby Wrap, too, so you know you can expect a great item and a commitment to happy, safe customers from this popular brand name. Use this wrap on vacation or just anytime you find yourself on the go with your little one in warmer weather!



  • If you have a very clingy baby who likes to be with you even in the shower, this is a great baby wrap to keep on hand.

  • The wrap comes in a vibrant yellow that’s very beautiful and also easy to keep track of when you’re on vacation.

  • You can wash this wrap in the washer and put it through the dryer as needed to keep it clean.

  • This wrap is not one-size, so you’ll have to measure yourself and may need to purchase a different wrap for each wearer who will be using it.

  • The fabric is more slippery than it is with some other similar baby wraps and may need more adjustments throughout the day than other types.

  • Some customers have reported this wrap being very warm despite its design intended to be otherwise.

8. Boba Baby Wrap

For the epitome of your babywearing experience, you just can’t go wrong with the Boba Baby Wrap! This is by far the most popular and most well-known of the baby wearing wraps for sale on the market. This company is known for making great strides in the world of safe, comfortable, and ergonomic babywearing, so no matter whether you’re looking for something to use with your newborn or you want a wrap that you can use for carrying your toddler rucksack style on your back, Boba has you covered. Choose between 13 different incredible colors and you’re sure to find a wrap—or more than one wrap!—that will make you and your baby smile every time you put it on.



  • The wrap features a center label that can help you figure out how to put it on correctly, especially the first few times you use it.

  • The colors won’t fade or run over time no matter how many times you put this carrier through the washing machine.

  • The Boba company is very well-known and is committed to quality products and excellent customer service if you have any questions or concerns with your wrap.

  • As with many baby wraps, if you’ve never used one before, you may want to do some research and learn how to tie this carrier well before you ever try it with your baby in place.

  • Shorter or more petite wearers may find that there’s too much extra fabric left over after putting this wrap on and may have trouble figuring out what to do with it.

  • It can be a little challenging to adjust your baby for breastfeeding in this wrap, but it’s possible to get the hang of it over time with practice.

9. Moby Wrap Evolution

Moby Wrap Evolution, Denim Stripes

Do you have a baby with very sensitive skin, or do you yourself have a lot of skin allergies? Are you concerned with keeping your child away from any potentially toxic substances or aromas that may be present in synthetic fabrics? Are you looking for a great high-quality all-natural baby wrap that can help you meet these needs? If so, the Moby Wrap Evolution may be just what you’re looking for. This wrap is made of 70% viscose and 30% cotton, giving it a soft and silky texture without sacrificing anything in terms of strength, stretch, or durability. You’re sure to love how comfortable this wrap is for you and your child both when you enjoy hands-free babywearing for many months to come in this quality product!



  • This is a lightweight and comfortable fabric that won’t cause any skin irritation for you or your child.

  • If you’re looking for something to use in a hotter climate, this wrap is a great option since it tends to feel cool to the touch all day long.

  • It’s easy to adjust this fabric for breastfeeding and then put it back to the correct position for babywearing on the go without having to stop and re-tie it every time.

  • Because of the unique fabric blend, this is a fairly expensive product that may be over budget for some customers looking for an all-natural fabric baby wrap.

  • The softer fabric may be harder to wash without eventually causing it to wear out or become threadbare in some places.

  • This type of fabric may also retain stains and spots more easily than some other types listed here.

10. LILLEbaby Tie the Knot Baby Wrap

Tie the Knot Baby Wrap by LILLEbaby - Black

Available in 5 different colors, the LILLEbaby Tie the Knot Baby Wrap is a great way to get started with babywearing on the higher end of the quality spectrum. This wrap is made from Tencel fabric, which is both incredibly soft and very stretchy and strong. It helps wick moisture away from you and your baby both while allowing your child to breathe freely and easily even in the hotter weather. Choose this wrap in a lighter color and bring it along on vacation, to the beach, or just keep it on hand for those times when it gets too warm outside for thicker types of baby wraps. This is a great product from a popular company, and you and your baby are sure to enjoy the fun adventures you’ll have in safety and in comfort with this wrap!



  • LILLEbaby is a popular and well-known brand name that’s sure to provide you and your child with a safe, comfortable, and quality babywearing experience with plenty of customer service expertise to back it up.

  • This wrap doesn’t get too hot for use in the warmer months and it’s easy to learn how to tie it properly as well.

  • This wrap is great for total hands-free babywearing that won’t leave your baby sagging or drooping down to your stomach throughout the day.

  • As your baby gets bigger, you may notice he or she is stretching out the fabric more in this product than you might notice with some others listed here.

  • The fabric may also shrink in the washer and dryer if you run it through these cycles very frequently.

  • In some rare instances, the wraps have arrived with some loose threads that may need to be trimmed before use.

11. Baby K’Tan Breeze Baby Carrier

Baby K’tan - Breeze Baby Carrier, Natural Cotton Mesh Sling Wrap, Multiple Ways to Wear – Charcoal Grey, Medium

The Baby K’Tan Breeze Baby Carrier is an excellent, durable product that’s made of 100% all-natural cotton in a unique blend. This carrier features a 50% soft traditional cotton fabric as well as a 50%soft mesh cotton. Combined, these two types of fabric allow your baby to have maximum breathability and comfort when you’re wearing him or her, even if the weather has gotten very warm. Best of all, even though this is a wrap-style carrier, you don’t have to worry about learning how to tie it correctly to use it. Simply slip it on, adjust it as needed, and you’ll be ready to have all sorts of adventures together with your little one.



  • Although this fabric stretches out, customers have reported great success just washing and drying it to get it back to its correct size and shape once again.

  • The wrap can be folded down to a very small and compact size that won’t take up too much room in your purse, diaper bag, or luggage.

  • It’s easy to learn how to put this carrier on and adjust it properly with just a single practice run in most situations.

  • Unlike most other wraps listed here, this baby carrier comes in many different sizes, so you’ll have to measure yourself and choose the right size for you and any other wearers who may be planning to use it.

  • The carrier may not work for babies older than about 5 months because it isn’t designed to support as much weight as others listed here.

  • Wearers with a larger chest may have trouble getting this wrap positioned correctly for use with babies older than newborns.

12. Chimparoo Woven Wrap Baby Carrier

Chimparoo Woven Wrap Baby Carrier, Bio Regular

The Chimparoo Woven Wrap Baby Carrier is a very popular choice for anyone looking for a great wrap to help make breastfeeding go as smoothly as possible. This wrap is made of cross twill cotton which gives it a lot of extra support without taking anything away from it in terms of comfort for you and your baby. It’s designed to be worn ergonomically so that the weight of your baby is evenly distributed and won’t cause any back or neck pain while you’re wearing him or her. Best of all, you can tie it in many different positions as your child gets older so you don’t have to worry about replacing it with a different type of baby carrier as your baby grows.



  • This carrier comes with a 75-minute video that teaches new wearers how to tie it in a variety of different styles and configurations.

  • The carrier comes in three different beautiful colors that won’t fade or wear out over time, even with frequent washing.

  • This carrier is long enough to be used by most body types but still short enough that it won’t leave tons of excess fabric on more petite wearers, either.

  • The twill cotton fabric may be too thick for use on vacation or in very hot climates, so you may need a secondary summertime wrap if you choose to buy this one.

  • The wrap may shrink over time when put through the dryer.

  • Because of the stiffer and thicker type of fabric used for this wrap, it may take some extra time to learn how to tie it correctly.

3 Reasons to Choose a Baby Wrap Over Another Carrier

So you may have discovered some great baby wraps on our list, but do you really need one? Do you feel like a baby wrap is the way to go for your newborn or younger infant, or would it be better for you to just forego this type of carrier entirely? There are many reasons why you might want to use a baby wrap instead of a different type of baby carrier, and when it comes down to it, the choice is up to you and may be a very personal one. However, if you’re looking for some convincing reasons to give it a try, here are some of our favorite uses for a baby wrap.

 wraps for baby wearing
  • Keeping your baby close to you in a wrap promotes less fussiness and helps with clingy babies. If you find that your baby is very fussy when he or she isn’t being held but you still want to be able to get through your day as hands-free as possible, wrap-style babywearing is probably the best solution for you.
  • If you’re having trouble with breast milk production, wearing your baby in a wrap may help this. Although this may not always solve the problem, many nursing mothers have reported that babywearing in a wrap has made a significant change for the better in their milk levels and production. And it’s also much easier to nurse your baby when he or she is being carried in this type of wrap, too—plus it’s more discreet!
  • You’ll be able to bond well with your baby when you use a wrap over a different type of carrier. If you’re having trouble bonding with your baby due to postpartum depression, if you have already gone back to work and want an opportunity to be as close to your baby as possible, or if you want to promote a bond between your partner and your baby, a wrap can help with any of these situations. Keeping your baby close to your body is a great way to strengthen that bond.


Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the best baby wraps for infants and newborns, it’s time to choose your favorite! Although it’s entirely up to you, your budget, and your style preferences, we do recommend the Boba Baby Wrap if you’re looking for your very first wrap. This great product is designed to be as user-friendly as possible for beginners while being durable and long-lasting enough to make it through your first baby and maybe even your second and third, too!

Of course, you may prefer to go with a different wrap that falls into a different budget, or you might want something made of a different type of fabric instead. It’s important to choose the best baby wrap based on your needs, your preferences, and anything your baby may need as well—such as fabric for sensitive skin.

Pick your favorite wrap and take the time to learn how to tie it properly for a newborn or a younger infant. When you’ve mastered a safe front facing inward baby carrying position, you and your little one will be ready to face all kinds of adventures in babywearing together!



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