Time To Find A Baby Climber Gym Your Little One Will Love

Do you have a younger baby or toddler who is starting to get active?

Would you like to let your toddler in on playtime fun?

Have you ever considered a baby climber gym for your little one?

With a baby climber gym, your toddler can learn to crawl, stand up, and walk without assistance. These are great products that encourage your baby to try new things in a safe environment. They’re also a fun place for your little one to play!

Check out the 5 best baby climbers on the market listed below and see which one is best for your child. Your little one is sure to love any of these great products, so let’s get started!

Don't have the time to check out the whole list?

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1. Children’s Factory Ladybug Climber

Children's Factory Ladybug Climber Classroom Furniture (CF322-374)

This cute little Children’s Factory Ladybug Climber is a great way to encourage your little one to start climbing and crawling right away! It features five separate pieces that are easy to put together and are covered in vinyl, making it especially easy to keep clean. This climber is safe for babies and toddlers alike and is sure to quickly become a beloved addition to your child’s nursery or play room.



  • This climber is very easy to keep clean by just wiping it down with warm soapy water as needed.
  • You can use this climber almost right out of the box with only a few minutes of assembly time.

  • Because the climber hooks together, it may be easy for your toddler to pull apart when he or she gets older.

  • The climber may not be large enough for bigger toddlers to enjoy.

2. Snuggle Corner by Children’s Factory

Snuggle Corner(W/Pat Vel) by Children's Factory

Choose the Snuggle Corner by Children’s Factory to give your toddler a fun place to play even when he or she is just getting used to crawling or standing! This baby-safe playset comes with four separate pieces that can be easily locked together and take almost no time to set up. They’re lightweight enough that you can take them apart for storage if necessary or just leave them up at all times in your little one’s playroom or nursery.



  • This playset is great for babies as little as six months or up to about two years of age.
  • This is an easy-to-clean set that is covered in vinyl for quick wiping and washing.

  • When your baby gets bigger, he or she may be able to move the pieces of this playset around or unhook them.

  • It’s possible that the vinyl cover could become torn, which could in turn become an issue for your little one.

3. Exporama Soft Slide

Children's Factory Exporama Soft Slide

Are you searching for a fun soft slide for your toddler to enjoy when he or she is just learning how to crawl or walk? Would you like to give your baby something fun to play on just like the playsets your bigger kids might be receiving? With the Exporama Soft Slide, you can be sure your toddler is part of the excitement too! This cute and simple soft slide playset comes with five separate pieces that you can easily put together or take apart as needed.



  • Since the pieces of this playset are covered in vinyl, they’re easy to keep clean even if potty accidents happen while your toddler is playing.
  • You can store this playset easily by simply unhooking the pieces from each other and putting them away.

  • The playset may be too large for some playrooms or nurseries since it has a bigger footprint than some other similar products.

  • The vinyl material may become torn and could become scratchy for your toddler to play on.

4. Children’s Factory Marshmallow Upside Down Climber

Children's Factory Marshmallow Upside Downs

Give your baby one of the most exciting and imaginative toddler climbers on the market with the Children’s Factory Marshmallow Upside Down Climber! This climbing playset features everything your baby or toddler needs to have fun playing right away. You can put it in the corner of your room so that it is blocked on two sides by walls that will prevent your baby from falling off onto the floor while playing. This way, even if he or she happens to tumble over, your little one will land on a soft piece of padded vinyl.



  • Babies can grow into this playset as they improve their skills and abilities with crawling and standing.
  • Putting this playset together only takes a few quick minutes and can be done without any help.

  • This playset isn’t designed for use away from the corner of a room, so you’ll have to have enough space to set it out in your playroom or nursery.

  • This is a fairly large playset that may be too big for some play areas.

5. Chisholm Trail by Children’s Factory

Chisholm Trail

The bright and colorful Chisholm Trail by Children’s Factory is a fun and functional playset that’s meant to encourage your little one to grow and explore his or her surroundings in a safe and fun way. Let your baby crawl, walk, and slide around on this soft and comfy playset and you’ll never have to worry about any unfortunate falls. It’s low enough to the ground to be safe for your baby and it’s surrounded by lots of padded vinyl for extra support, too.



  • You can rearrange the pieces of this vinyl playset to keep things exciting for your little one at all times.
  • This is a heavy-duty playset that’s very difficult for babies or toddlers to damage at all.

  • Older toddlers may be able to move the pieces of the playset around themselves.

  • This is a big playset that may take up too much space depending on how much room you have to work with in your home.


So have you found the perfect toddler climber for your little one? These are excellent items to have as part of your baby or toddler’s regular playtime, but it can be challenging figuring out just how to choose the right one for your specific needs. If you’re still feeling a little confused as to which one your baby might enjoy the most, here are a few things you can keep in mind to help you narrow down your decision:

climber gym baby
  • Choose a climber that will fit in your home. If you don’t have a lot of room to work with, go with a smaller product or you may find yourself having to deal with storage more often than you’d like to.
  • Choose a climber that suits your baby’s developmental stage. If your little one is still very small, he or she may need a smaller or less involved playset. If your baby is a year or older, however, one of the bigger sets may be better.
  • Consider your baby’s growth. You want something your child can grow into, so you may want to go with a climber that is a little bit beyond your baby’s current abilities. If he or she is taking some time to get used to it, that’s okay!

When you find the perfect climber, your little one will be on his or her way to a fun and exciting playtime right away!



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