9 Best Baby Carriers For Breastfeeding For Sale Online

Are you expecting or have you just brought home a newborn baby?

Are you looking for a great way to breastfeed your little one while being able to keep your hands free?

Do you have other children who need your attention even when it’s time to feed the baby?

With the best baby carrier for nursing a newborn, you’ll be able to handle whatever your day might throw at you all without missing a beat in terms of nursing your child.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to nursing carriers and give you a quick rundown of the different types available. We’ll also list the 9 best options on the market today to help you decide which one is right for you.

By the time you finish reading, we hope you’ll know which carrier (or carriers!) you need to make the most of your nursing experience.

Let’s get started!

How Carriers Help Nursing Moms

Nursing carriers can help you breastfeed your little one as discreetly and easily as possible, even when you’re on the go or in a public place. When you have the best baby carrier for breastfeeding on your side, even the most complicated of days with your little one will feel like a breeze!

  • Nursing carriers can help you cover up and feed your baby more privately.
  • It’s easier to keep your hands free for tending to other children while nursing in a carrier.
  • It’s very comforting and soothing to your baby to breastfeed in a carrier.
  • It’s believed that breastfeeding a baby in a carrier can reduce the risk of colic.

Best Nursing Carriers

Finding the best baby wraps for nursing may seem like a difficult challenge, but don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be. In this half of our article, we’ll give you all the information you need to pick the perfect baby carrier for your nursing needs, no matter which style you prefer to work with. Not sure what the different styles are? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered there, too!

Nursing Carrier

Ring Slings

Ring slings are lightweight pieces of fabric that are threaded through two durable metal or strong plastic rings to allow easy adjustment and placement on your body. These are some of the most popular types of baby carriers on the market today, and they’re usually a little cheaper than the other options, too.

1. Vlokup Adjustable Baby Water Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Vlokup Adjustable Baby Water Ring Sling Baby Carrier Infant Wrap with Aluminum Ring Best Baby Gift One Size Fit All Grey

Are you looking for a light, airy, and breathable ring sling that’s sure to provide you and your baby with enough flexibility to keep you going no matter where your day might take you? With the Vlokup Adjustable Baby Water Ring Sling Baby Carrier, you can bring your baby along for the ride just about anywhere! This carrier is safe for use in the water, so bring it along to the pool the next time you want to have a fun outing with your little one. It’s also strong and sturdy enough to be used for day to day activities in place of another more traditional type of baby carrier. All in all, it’s the best baby carrier to breastfeed in on a hot day.



  • The included wrapping instructions may be difficult to understand and follow, especially without prior experience.
  • Although this is designed to be a lightweight carrier, some wearers may be put off by the thinness of the material.
  • The rings on this carrier may cause pain and bruising on the wearer if not tied properly.

2. Kangaroobaby Baby Sling Wrap Carrier

Kangaroobaby Baby Sling Wrap Carrier From Newborns To Todder Child Yellow

When you want the perfect ring sling for breastfeeding, be sure to check out the Kangaroobaby Baby Sling Wrap Carrier. This carrier comes in a very simple design that’s easy to wear and even easier to adjust throughout the day. Although this carrier is made out of thinner material, it’s still very sturdy and can be easily fitted for use with your newborn infant all the way up to older babies. This carrier is designed with the newborn in mind, however, so if you’re searching for a ring sling that’s built specifically for you and your new baby, this is a great place to get started with babywearing the safe and comfortable way.



  • This carrier includes extra loops for you to help position your baby comfortably and safely in different types of holds.
  • You can wrap your baby quickly and easily in this sling even without prior experience.
  • It’s easy to wear this sling for long stretches of time without causing pain for the wearer.
  • The material this carrier is made from is a little rougher than some other slings listed here.
  • It may be difficult to tighten this carrier enough for breastfeeding depending on the size of your little one.
  • The included instructions may be a little complicated, so you might have to do extra research to learn about how to tie this wrap.

3. Lite-on-Shoulder Open Tail Baby Sling

Lite-on-Shoulder open tail baby sling(Sailing)

Use this Lite-on-Shoulder Open Tail Baby Sling when you want to give your little one lots of comfort and plenty of support while still offering a discreet breastfeeding option for situations where you might need to nurse your baby in a public place. This carrier includes a very long, wide tail that can be used to cover up while you’re breastfeeding your baby. It’s also built with durable rings that can be easily adjusted throughout the day, and it’s capable of holding your baby all the way up to the toddler stage, so this is a carrier that can stick with you for a very long time to come.



  • With a newborn, there are a couple of different wearing options that can be used safely with this wrap.
  • This is a very comfortable wrap that can be adjusted easily to take the strain off your shoulder.
  • You can fold this carrier down easily for quick transport anywhere.
  • This carrier may be too stretchy and thin for use with older infants comfortably.
  • You may need to steady your baby with one hand in this wrap, which takes away from the hands-free aspect of babywearing.
  • There is less room for your baby to move around in this sling than in others, which may be bad for breastfeeding.

Baby Slings

Baby slings are specially-shaped wraps that can be tied in specific ways to carry your baby in a pocket or built-in seat. They usually provide more support than other types of wraps but may be more expensive and more uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time.

4. Black Baby Sling Carrier Wrap by Cozitot

Black Baby Sling Carrier Wrap by Cozitot | Soft & Stretchy Baby Carrier | Baby Carrier | Small to Plus Size Baby Wrap | Nursing Cover | Best Baby Shower Gift

If you’re in search of baby slings for breastfeeding that have all the versatility of a ring sling but a little more snugness and comfort for both you and your infant, try this Black Baby Sling Carrier wrap by Cozitot instead. This is a very durable stretchy fabric carrier that can be folded to create a “pocket” of comfort to support your baby all day long. Since this carrier is meant for wearing on the front of your body, it’s great for use with newborns, and it allows your baby to be in the perfect position for discreet breastfeeding whenever the need arises. Best of all, since it’s made of cotton and spandex, you can easily wash and dry this carrier with no issues as often as you need to.



  • This is a great wrap for hot weather because it’s made of lightweight fabric that won’t overheat your baby.
  • This carrier folds up very small and can be easily stashed in a stroller pocket or diaper bag for quick use anywhere on the go.
  • Even if you’re a brand-new nursing mom with no experience with babywearing, it’s quick and easy to learn how to use this wrap.
  • The fabric is coarse on one side and soft on the other, which means if you don’t tie it properly, your baby’s skin could be irritated by the coarse side of the fabric.
  • If you’re a very petite nursing mom, this wrap may have too much fabric for you to use comfortably.
  • This wrap may stretch out over time with use for larger infants.

5. Innoo Tech Hipseat Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Innoo Tech Baby Sling Carrier Natural Cotton Nursing Baby Wrap Suitable for Newborns to 35 lbs Breastfeeding Sling Baby Holder Soft Safe and Comfortable Nice Baby Shower Gift Gray

With the Innoo Tech Hipseat Ergonomic Baby Carrier, you can give your newborn baby safety and comfort when breastfeeding or when carrying him or her throughout your busy day. This carrier is built to work in several different positions depending on the needs of your baby, so as he or she grows, the carrier can grow along too. When carrying your newborn, you can use this unique hip seat carrier for a safe position that keeps your little one’s spine and neck supported and allows free breathing and clear airways. Best of all, the design is ergonomic for you and your baby both!



  • This wrap is large enough for comfortable use no matter what the wearer’s body type might be.
  • With the included built-in seat, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your baby’s hips and legs are in the right position since the seat takes care of positioning for you.
  • The fabric this wrap is made from is very lightweight and breathable for both wearer and baby.
  • The waist strap on this wrap may not be large enough for all wearers.
  • In some instances, the zipper on the seat portion of this carrier may press into your baby’s legs throughout the day, depending on positioning and the size of your baby.
  • It may be difficult to wrap this carrier safely for a newborn without a lot of practice.

6. Eco Cub Baby Wrap

Eco Cub Baby Wrap | Pain-Free Carrying for New Moms | Extra Soft and Lightweight Sling with Premium Materials | Baby Carrier for Infants | Black

Wrap your baby up in snug comfort with the Eco Cub Baby Wrap! This stretchy carrier is perfect for nursing moms who are looking for sturdy wraps that can be easily adjusted for breastfeeding purposes. This wrap also includes lots of extra fabric you can spread out as needed to cover up for discreet nursing in any situation. Simply shift your baby’s position slightly and tighten the wrap as needed to allow for quick and easy nursing whenever your baby needs it. This is a very strong wrap that can support your child for a long time without causing back, shoulder, or neck pain for you in the meantime.



  • The comfortable texture of this wrap is as soft as most t-shirts and safe for use even with sensitive babies.
  • You can wrap this carrier in many different ways to provide the safest option for your little one.
  • This wrap can even be safely used with premature babies as long as you practice tying it in safe positions.
  • There are not a lot of colors or patterns to choose from with this wrap, so it may not be as exciting of a purchase for some wearers.
  • Wearers with larger body types may find that this wrap doesn’t have enough fabric for comfortable use over longer periods of time.
  • This wrap is made from a thicker material that may cause you or your baby to overheat in the hot months.

Baby Wrap

Baby wraps are simply long, stretchy, sturdy pieces of fabric that can be wrapped and tied around the wearer’s body in a variety of different patterns for safe and effective babywearing. They come in a fairly wide price range and in tons of different colors and patterns, too. This is a great beginning option for anyone who is just getting into the world of babywearing.

7. Baby Wrap Carrier

Baby Wrap Carrier, Stripes, Easy To Put On— Swaddle Blanket for Close Comfort — Adjustable Breastfeeding Cover — Lightweight Sling Baby Carrier for Infant — Soft, Comfortable & Breathable

This Baby Wrap Carrier, like most types of baby wraps available, is a large piece of fabric that stretches enough to wrap comfortably and lightly around you and your baby but is strong enough to keep its shape for wrapping purposes. This carrier is made from very soft fabric that feels comfortable and safe for your baby, and it can even double as a nice blanket for any time when your child isn’t in need of being carried for a little while. With a long extra tail for privacy purposes and plenty of stretchiness for easy repositioning, this carrier is a great option for breastfeeding moms who are looking for something affordable to help throughout the day.



  • It’s very easy to keep this carrier clean without having to worry about damaging the fabric or wearing out the life of the wrap.
  • The wrap is wide enough to use comfortably as a cover for breastfeeding but breathable enough not to disrupt your baby’s airflow in the process.
  • The wrap comes with plenty of information to help you get started learning how to wrap it even without any prior experience.
  • If the wearer is very petite, this wrap may have too much fabric to tie comfortably without a very long tail.
  • In rare instances, the wrap has been known to tear down the middle after just a few uses.
  • The wrap’s material is sometimes too heavy for comfortable wearing or to keep the baby from sweating too much.

8. Breathable Modal Baby Wrap

Beechtree Baby Modal Baby Wrap | Baby Carrier | 50% More BREATHABLE 2x Softer Than Cotton Carrier Wraps | Cool Light Stretchy Comfy Sling Wrap with Pocket | Unique Baby Gift | (Grey/Blue)

Are you looking for a very lightweight baby wrap to use during the hotter months of the year? Do you want something that can be worn just like a traditional baby wrap and adjusted comfortably without weighing you down or overheating your baby? With this Breathable Modal Baby Wrap, you can have all that and so much more! This wrap is made from recycled beech tree pulp, which gives it a unique texture and softness that can’t be matched. Best of all, this material also makes it a much more eco-friendly option for any nursing moms who are concerned about making a positive impact on the environment with every purchase for their babies.



  • The lightweight material this wrap is made from is very breathable and comfortable even for the hottest parts of the year.
  • This wrap is designed not to shrink, fray, or stretch too thin even with frequent washing.
  • This wrap can be tied so that there is a pocket in the front for quick access to necessary items.
  • This fabric may be too thin and stretchy for larger babies.
  • If you are planning to wear your wrap for a long time while walking, you may need to readjust frequently as the fabric stretches out of place.
  • This carrier can be a little complicated to learn how to tie at first without some assistance.

9. Boba Baby Wrap

Boba Baby Wrap, Stardust

When you want a baby wrap that’s sure to provide you and your little one with everything you need for comfortable nursing all the way through easy toddler age carrying you can’t go wrong with the Boba Baby Wrap. This is one of the most well-known brand-name products in the baby wrap market, and it’s a very durable and comfortable wrap that many mothers (and fathers too!) return to time and time again. For nursing moms, it’s easy to untie and adjust quickly, and you may even be able to comfortably nurse your baby without having to untie it at all. When it gets messy, simply throw it in the washing machine for a quick spin and it’ll be good as new.



  • If you’re interested in buying a popular product, this is easily one of the most frequently purchased baby wraps available.
  • This wrap is easy to learn how to tie on your own with only a little bit of practice with a helper.
  • There are a couple of comfortable and safe ways to wear your newborn in this wrap, and there are tons of helpful videos online to help you learn more about your options.
  • This wrap is only available in one size, which is usually fine for most wearers and babies, but may be difficult to size depending on the wearer’s body type.
  • This is a wrap made of thicker material, so it may be too hot for some climates and seasons.
  • This is one of the most expensive baby wraps available for nursing mothers.

5 Features to Look for in a Nursing Carrier

You might not know for sure what to buy when you’re choosing your baby carrier, but that’s okay! We’ve got a few tips to help you narrow down your selection based on your specific needs. Look for these features when you’re shopping for the best infant carrier for breastfeeding.

Nursing Carrier
  • Safety is your number one concern. Find out if your carrier is safe for newborns and for breastfeeding, and check to see if the brand has had recalls or safety notices in the past.
  • Consider how easy it is to nurse your baby from the top-down in whatever you’ll be wearing most frequently with your carrier.
  • Think about your own comfort. Do you have back pain or shoulder pain? If so, choose a carrier that won’t put more strain on these areas.
  • Consider the weight of the fabric. Try to choose a carrier thick enough to support your baby but light enough not to overheat either of you.
  • Think about whether or not you want to continue babywearing after the nursing stage. If so, you may want an all-purpose carrier.


The best baby wrap for breastfeeding doesn’t have to feel like it’s impossible to find! We hope that our tips have helped you figure out the right nursing carrier for your needs. Remember that there are plenty of nursing moms out there who purchase more than one of these options and alternate between them for maximum comfort, support, and the right carrier for any situation.

Choosing any of the carriers on this list is sure to set you on the path to comfortable babywearing and easy nursing in no time. Remember to read up on safe babywearing techniques no matter which one you choose, and keep in mind that preemies and very small newborns may have to wait a bit before you can carry them in a sling or wrap.

With the right information to help you get started, you and your baby will be able to bond safely and easily with your nursing carrier!

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