30 Best Baby Carrier Brands Of All Time

Are you thinking of trying out babywearing for the first time?

Or have you been babywearing for a while but have had little luck finding the perfect carrier for yourself and your baby?

Do you worry about buying a carrier from an unknown brand name or one that you’ve never seen in a store before?

We understand that getting started with babywearing comes with a lot of potential concerns. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best brands of baby carriers you can find on the market today.

Through our list, you’ll be able to compare and contrast a variety of different baby carrier brands to help figure out which company is the one you want to go with. Choosing the best brand for baby carrier needs for you and your child can be an important and sometimes challenging task, so we hope our information can help you narrow down your choices significantly.

By the time you get through reading, you should be ready to go shopping for your favorite baby carrier brand—and you might even have a few favorites you’ll want to stock up on across the board, too!

So let’s get started!

What to Look for in a Baby Carrier Brand

We know that choosing the right baby carrier brand is just as important to you as picking the right baby carrier. A lot of the qualities you’ll need to keep in mind for choosing your favorite brand come from the different aspects of the carriers themselves, so learning how to shop for a carrier can help you narrow down your brand choices quickly, too. Here are just a few of the traits you’ll want to look for when you go shopping for your baby carrier.

best brand for baby carrier
  • Reliability of the products: Choosing your baby carrier brand will depend largely on how reliable the companies you’re looking at are. Have they historically produced items that have been safe for babies? Have they had a lot of recalls or safety concerns associated with their products? Have they been in the news for something negative that happened to a baby while using one of their products? Or, on the other hand, have they been awarded time and time again for their safety?
  • Well-known and trusted company: While some up-and-coming companies may provide excellent baby carriers, you are almost always better off going with a company that’s established and trusted, even if it’s only a couple of years old. These companies have proven that they’re committed to excellence and safety and they’ve formed a dedicated customer base already. There’s no harm in trying out a new company, but if you do so, consider practicing babywearing with a doll for a while first to ensure that the product works.
  • Great feedback: These days, you can easily find feedback for almost any company or product by searching online. Check out various sites to find feedback from real parents who have used the products made by the companies you’re interested in buying from. If you can’t find any feedback or the feedback is mostly negative, you may want to rethink your options. And of course, you can always ask other local parents for any feedback they may have to offer about potential products and brands, as well!
  • Budget: This is a tricky area when it comes to choosing a good baby carrier company because, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. That’s not to say that you can’t find a great baby carrier at a reasonable price, however, but you will need to do a little more digging to find what you’re looking for if you’re shopping on a tight budget. Keep in mind which expensive companies are best, but don’t be afraid to buy from the higher-quality affordable companies if necessary, too.
  • Style: Last but not least, think about the style of baby carriers that are made by the company you’re interested in. Do they look cute and comfortable for you and your child, or are they a little more industrial in their appearance? Do they seem to prioritize style completely over comfort and safety, or have they found the right balance between these different categories? This decision is entirely up to you, but it can be a useful deciding factor if you find yourself stuck between two companies.

Now that you know a little bit about what to look for, it’s time to choose your favorite baby carrier brand. Keep our list of must-haves in mind as you work your way through the recommended brand name below. Now, let’s take a look at what’s available on the market today!

30 Favorite Baby Carrier Brands

Below, we’ve put together a list of the top 30 best baby carrier brands on the market today. Bear in mind that not all of these companies are perfect, and some of them may be better for your needs than others. However, you’re sure to find at least a couple that suit your needs from our list below, and we hope to provide you with everything you need to get started with safe, comfortable, and happy babywearing for everyone involved.

1. Graco

If you’ve ever gone shopping for a baby carrier in a big box store, you’ve probably seen a Graco baby carrier sling or one of their other products somewhere on the shelves. However, these slings are no longer in production, so if you’re searching for a less traditional method of babywearing from this company, you may be out of luck. On the other hand, if a budget carrier is something you’re looking for, this may be a good company to go with provided you don’t mind a limited product line.

 baby carrier sling




  • This company provides affordable stroller and car seat carriers that won’t break the bank.
  • It’s easy to find products from the Graco company in many of the most popular stores around the world.
  • This company has been around for a while and has a fairly dedicated customer base.
  • This company doesn’t make any slings or soft baby carriers and only produces more traditional car seat style carriers.
  • In order to find out information about product recalls through this company’s website, customers must sign up for their mailing list, which may be off-putting to some.
  • It can be difficult to reach this company by phone if you have any questions or concerns about your product.

2. Freedom Slings

With a Freedom Sling baby carrier, you’ll be able to practice babywearing just like you’ve always wanted to! This is an easy-to-use baby sling that’s designed to work for parents and caregivers who have never had experience with a baby sling before. However, despite this intention, it can still pose a steep learning curve depending on how skilled you are with tying and wearing the sling, so you’ll need to take some time to practice with it regardless of how easy it claims to be.

sling baby carrier




  • This company’s carrier includes a formed pouch that allows your baby to snuggle comfortably without you having to worry about whether or not he or she is going to fall out all the time.
  • The carrier slips onto the wearer’s body like a sash and can be easily tightened, adjusted, and loosened as needed throughout the day.
  • The carrier made by Freedom Slings can be rolled or folded into a small size, which makes it perfect for babywearing on the go.
  • Freedom Slings only makes one type of carrier and it can be difficult to find since this is a small company.
  • Also, due to the company’s smaller size, they do not have their own website and may be tough to get ahold of if you have any questions or concerns.
  • You may have trouble locating feedback about this company without spending some time digging for it.

3. Chicco (Baby Go)

Chicco is the company that produces the popular Baby Go baby carrier as well as a variety of other products. Technically, the Baby Go carrier is no longer on the market, but you may be able to find them secondhand or even still for sale from stores that have an overstocked supply of them. This popular carrier has been updated to the UltraSoft line, so be sure to check out this baby carrier while you’re shopping around, too.

baby carrier




  • Chicco is a very well-known company that has been around for a long time and provides excellent customer service.
  • The products available from Chicco are relatively budget-friendly without compromising quality.
  • You can find Chicco products in most physical stores as well as in a variety of places online.
  • These carriers are only available in a more traditional style with buckles and a soft formed seat for your baby.
  • Many of the carriers from Chicco are not safe for use with newborns or premature babies.
  • These are ergonomic and safe carriers, but they sacrifice a little bit when it comes to style and may not be as cute or pretty as some others on the market today.

4. Hold Me Baby Slings

The Hold Me ring sling is available off and on at big box stores, so you may have seen it if you’ve gone window shopping for baby carriers anytime recently. This is a comfortable and casual baby carrier that looks as stylish as it feels, and you and your baby are sure to enjoy growing and learning together with this sling. If you’re looking for a widely available low-cost ring sling to give babywearing a try, you might want to choose this product. However, it’s not for everyone, so be sure to think about it.

 ring sling




  • This company is very affordable and makes ring slings that are easy to keep clean and maintained.
  • This company has been quite popular since it emerged and you might already know someone with a sling from them.
  • These slings look great, so if you’re worried about the appearance of your baby carrier, you might want to try Hold Me.
  • This company no longer has a website, so contacting them can be difficult.
  • This is a UK-based company that may be tough to find in the US depending on whether or not there have been any recent shipments of their products.
  • The slings from this company may be a little flimsier than some of the other ring slings available on the market today.

5. Baby Born Carry Sling (for dolls)

Before we go any further, please note that the Baby Born carry sling is a sling made for dolls—and dolls only! However, with that said, there are a couple of reasons why you might want to pick up one of these carriers for yourself. For example, if you’re thinking about trying babywearing but don’t want to shell out the money for a baby-sized carrier just to see if you like it or not, a Baby Born sling may be able to give you the sensation of carrying a baby around just for practice (especially if you have access to a weighted baby doll). And of course, if you have a small child who would like to be just like you, bringing a toy baby carrier home can help your little one “participate” in babywearing, too!

born carry sling




  • This toy carrier has an adjustable strap that will fit most children and many adults, too.
  • You can use this toy carrier with dolls of just about any size.
  • There are no small parts on this toy carrier, so even your toddler can play with it with no cause for concern.
  • This product may be a little expensive for a toy.
  • The product only comes in pink, so if you’re buying it for a child there may not be a lot of design options to choose from.
  • It can be tough to find this product in many stores today.

6. Nojo The Original Baby Sling

Otherwise known as The Original Baby Sling, the Nojo sling was originally endorsed by the well-known Dr. Sears, whose articles and books are widely available online and offline as well. Although this was arguably not the first baby sling available on the market, it was one of the earliest and most popular options. Unfortunately, it is now only available as a secondhand product or from companies that have an overstocked supply of this product. This company itself is no longer in existence.

original baby sling




  • It’s very easy to wear this carrier and even easier to adjust the rails as needed.
  • This is a nicely padded carrier that’s comfortable for both baby and wearer.
  • This company worked to design a product that would make breastfeeding simple and quick while babywearing.
  • This company was involved in a lawsuit surrounding the tragic death of a 3-month-old infant whose parents were using one of their products. (Note: The child’s death was ruled as unrelated to the use of the sling, but proceed with caution.)
  • This company is no longer in existence and therefore will be unavailable for any customer service assistance.
  • This is a very hot baby carrier that may be too warm for summer months or hotter climates.

7. Boba Wrap (formerly Sleepy Wrap)

Originally called the Sleepy Wear baby wrap, the Boba wrap may be the most popular baby sling on the market today. This company has been around for about a decade now and continues to be an excellent choice for parents looking for safe, comfortable, and stylish babywearing options in the world of wraps and slings. As the company continues to grow, you may be able to find its products in more and more locations around the world, too.

wear baby wrap




  • This company prides itself on creating wraps and slings that are safe for use with babies of almost any age and size and won’t overheat the baby or the wearer.
  • The company has never had any lawsuits filed against it or otherwise any bad publicity.
  • There are many different styles and colors of wraps available from the Boba Wrap company.
  • These are very expensive wraps and many parents and caregivers are not interested in paying high prices for fabric-only wraps.
  • Despite their prices and high quality, eventually, these wraps may stretch out with many months of use.
  • It can be tough to get the hang of using the Boba wrap products.

8. Baby Bjorn

Baby Bjorn is yet another of the most popular baby carrier companies available on the market today. This company focuses heavily on both safety and ergonomics in all of their designs, and since they’re a larger company that handles tons of other products aside from just baby carriers, you may be able to find a variety of different items you’re interested in purchasing when you take a look at what this company has to offer.

Baby Bjorn carrier




  • These are some of the strongest and longest-lasting baby carriers on the market today.
  • This company consistently has great feedback and a customer base that comes back time and time again for its products.
  • It’s easy to reach this company’s customer service if you need to for any reason.
  • Baby Bjorn doesn’t make any styles of carriers other than soft formed baby carriers with buckles.
  • These are some of the most expensive baby carriers on the market and may be well over budget for some parents and caregivers.
  • These are durable carriers but are designed with usefulness in mind, and they sacrifice a bit when it comes to style.

9. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is not a company that usually makes much in the way of baby products, but they do manufacture a few baby carrier options even so. This is a company that’s been around for a long time and has established a large customer base full of people who are satisfied with their products. Best of all, you can find them in a lot of the most well-known chain department stores, so this can be a convenient baby carrier option depending on the type of shopping you need to do.

Eddie Bauer baby carriers




  • This company has been around for a long time and has never had any product recalls or safety issues with their baby items.
  • You can find these carriers are good mid-range prices, so although they aren’t budget carriers, they aren’t too expensive either.
  • These carriers are designed to be ergonomic and very safe for you and your baby both.
  • This company only makes formed car seat style baby carriers with no other options to choose from.
  • There are only a couple of carriers available from this company, so you’re pretty limited in terms of choices.
  • This company doesn’t focus on baby products and may not be as reliable for a carrier as some other brands may be.

10. Evenflo

For affordable baby carriers you can find in a variety of different places, Evenflo is a great place to shop. This company makes soft formed baby carriers that are built to keep both the baby and the wearer safe and secure while providing maximum comfort and keeping the wearer from getting too tired with extended use, too. While some of the products from this company may be better suited to your babywearing experience than others, you’re sure to find something that works for you among their listings.

Evenflo baby carriers




  • These are some of the most low-cost baby carriers available on the market today.
  • When you order from the website, you may be able to take advantage of the company’s free shipping option.
  • These carriers are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for you and your baby both.
  • The carriers from Evenflo are not very stylish or cute, so if you’re worried about the appearance of your carrier, you may want to check elsewhere.
  • It may be difficult to process returns to this company if you have a problem with the carrier you purchase.
  • These carriers may be a little flimsier than some of the other soft formed baby carriers you can purchase.

11. Seven Slings

The Seven brand baby carrier is perhaps not as well-known as some of the other brand names on our list, but it has a devoted customer base that swears by the safety, security, and comfort of these stylish baby wraps. Seven produces several different items while focusing on baby slings and wraps, and if you’re looking for accompanying products that will match your new baby wrap, this is the place to find them. This is also the company that makes the Hot Sling, which is a very popular product that many parents and caregivers have been enjoying for years already.

seven baby carrier




  • The slings and wraps available from this company are very affordable and come in a variety of prints as well as solid colors.
  • These are lightweight slings and wraps that can be folded into small sizes for babywearing anytime, anywhere.
  • The fabric used for these wraps and slings doesn’t stretch out very quickly, so they have a long life and plenty of use, too.
  • These are not ergonomic wraps, so if you’re looking for something designed to keep you and your baby more comfortable, you may want to check elsewhere.
  • This is a lesser-known brand name and, although it’s popular, it can be tougher to find information or feedback about some of its products.
  • You may have trouble contacting customer service from this brand name.

12. Baby K’tan

The Baby K Tan baby carrier and the other products from the Baby K’tan company have won tons of awards and continue to be highly sought-after from parents and caregivers interested in babywearing. This is a different style of baby carrier than many of the others on our list today, and some people consider it more of a Mei Tai carrier than a wrap or a sling. No matter how you look at it, if you’re searching for a stretchy but sturdy wrap style carrier that can keep your baby safe without overheating either one of you, the well-known Baby K’tan product line may be right for you.

baby k tan baby carriers




  • If you want to purchase matching blankets, diaper bags and more, this company can hook you up.
  • The fabric used for these baby wraps is very lightweight and stretchy, making it great for babywearing during the warmer part of the year.
  • This is a popular company with plenty of excellent feedback and proven safety and quality both.
  • Since these are simple fabric wraps, some customers find that their prices are a little too high for what the product is.
  • There are only a couple of styles of wraps available from this company, so there aren’t a ton of choices.
  • There can be a learning curve when it comes to the right way to wear these products.

13. Moby Wrap

If you’ve ever looked at baby wraps before, you’ve probably come across the Moby Wrap line already. This is an incredibly popular brand name with several product lines that help parents and caregivers around the world practice safe and comfortable babywearing. The Moby company has been around since 2003 and continues to provide high-quality products with a focus on safety. Since then, the company has grown to include many different variations of baby carriers other than simply the wrap, but the basic Moby wrap remains its most popular product. Babywearing parents around the world recommend this great company.

baby wrap




  • In the world of babywearing products, Moby has been around for a long time and continues to provide excellent products to its customers around the world.
  • Customer service is very easy to reach from this company, and they strive to solve problems and concerns their customers may have.
  • You can choose from many different options, colors, and patterns when buying a baby carrier from Moby.
  • Because it’s a popular brand name, this is a pricey company that may be over budget for some customers.
  • It can be tough to learn how to use the products available from this company without a little practice.
  • Some wearers have reported that these wraps don’t work well for petite or larger body types.

14. Infantino

The Infantino company is another popular brand that can be found in department stores around the world. These carriers are very affordable, which makes them an excellent choice for anyone shopping on a budget. Although they aren’t too varied in terms of style or appearance, they are designed to keep your baby safe and comfortable at all times while reducing the impact on the wearer’s body as well. Depending on what you need to use your Infantino carrier for, you may want to choose between one of their many product lines.

brand for baby carriers




  • These are some of the most expensive soft formed carriers on the market today.
  • The carriers from Infantino are widely available and designed for excellent ergonomics for everyone involved.
  • There are plenty of different colors and patterns to pick from, whether you prefer solid neutral tones or something more exciting.
  • These carriers tend to be a little flimsier than some of the others available on the market today.
  • This company only makes soft formed baby carriers and may not have a lot of options for you to choose from.
  • These carriers can be difficult to adjust once they’re being worn.

15. Lenny Lamb

If you’re looking for a company with a wide variety of different styles of baby carrier for you to choose from, check out Lenny Lamb. This is a brand name that doesn’t focus specifically on one style of carrier but instead dabbles a little bit in several different options to help you find the perfect fit for you and your child. This is a family-run business that is based out of Poland but ships products all over the world to its dedicated customers. It’s a much smaller company than many of the others listed here, but it remains popular with plenty of parents and caregivers worldwide.

baby carriers




  • These are well-designed and sturdy baby carriers that are sure to keep your little one safe and secure.
  • These carriers have been recognized for safety and show off their safety certificates on the brand’s website, too.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors and styles for your baby wrap from this company.
  • Since this is a smaller company, it can be more difficult to get in contact with customer service sometimes.
  • This smaller company doesn’t have the larger product lines that some of the bigger brand names have.
  • Since this company is based in Poland, shipping may be expensive or take a long time.

16. iAngel

The i-Angel company makes a unique carrier that has won a lot of awards for safety and excellence. This carrier is designed to prevent hip dysplasia in your baby while making the babywearing experience more comfortable for you, as well. This company only makes one style of baby carrier, but they do a great job with it and they are dedicated to providing an excellent product that will keep customers happy for a long time to come. This is a new brand name that hasn’t been around as long as some of the others listed here, but it’s making a great name for itself already.

 iAngel baby carrier




  • With this company, you can choose from several colors and patterns for the fabric on your carrier.
  • This is a very safe carrier that will allow you to be hands-free when you’re babywearing.
  • Your little one will have a much lower risk for hip and leg trouble when you use these wraps, and many pediatricians recommend them, too.
  • There is only one style of baby carrier available from this company, and it’s quite a lot bulkier than some of the other products out there.
  • These carriers are a little on the pricey side and may be over budget for some customers.
  • It can take some time to learn how to wear these carriers properly and get around with your baby in one of them.

17. Ergobaby

Ergobaby is a well-known brand name in the world of baby carriers as well as other popular baby products. This is a brand name that you’re likely to see in most chain stores, but you can find it in all sorts of places. Ergobaby offers several different product lines to help you find the baby carrier that works best for your needs, but bear in mind that all of the carriers from this company are the soft formed variety with buckles. If you’re looking for slings and wraps you might need to check with a different company instead.

 Ergobaby baby carriers




  • These are good mid-range prices for soft formed baby carriers.
  • These carriers are designed for ergonomic support for wearer and baby both and even come with infant inserts for newborns and premature babies.
  • Most of these carriers can be worn on either the front or the back, meaning your baby can grow with them.
  • These carriers don’t come in a lot of different colors or fabric patterns.
  • Depending on which carrier you purchase, you may have to pay extra for the infant insert.
  • These carriers are a lot bulkier and hotter than wraps and slings.

18. LILLEbaby

LILLEbaby produces soft formed baby carriers as well as slings so you never have to feel too limited in the choices from this popular company. You can choose between front-facing and back baby carriers depending on the age and size of your child, and you may even find a wrap or soft carrier that works for your newborn or smaller baby, too. The company is also happy to offer plenty of information about its award-winning products and safety recognition, and it provides helpful tips on how to wear your baby carriers, too.

LILLEbaby baby carriers




  • When you order from the LILLEbaby website, you may be able to take advantage of this company’s free shipping offer.
  • This company has information about how to wear its wraps right on the front page of its website.
  • Customer service is very easy to reach when you shop with this company.
  • These are expensive baby carriers that may be way over your budget.
  • It can take a lot of practice to learn how to wear one of these carriers.
  • Babies may outgrow these carriers fairly quickly and need to be upgraded, which may cost even more.

19. Tula

If you’re thinking about buying a baby carrier that’s won a lot of awards for safety and been widely recognized as an excellent product, anything from the Tula brand name is sure to be perfect for you. This company has a large product line that includes ring slings and wrap style baby carriers both, and it makes options that will work for newborn and very small babies all the way up to the toddler stage. While you’re shopping, be sure to check out their other quality products, and be sure to take a look at their website for any items that may be on sale, too.

LILLEbaby baby carriers




  • This company offers some of the most diverse choices of all in terms of style, appearance, and age range for all of its baby carriers.
  • Buying from this company may allow you to get free shipping.
  • The company is devoted to quality customer service and is always available to answer questions or concerns from its customers.
  • These are very expensive baby carriers and are much pricier than many of the others listed here.
  • Some of these baby carriers can be tough to keep clean despite their higher prices.
  • It can be hard to adjust some of these carriers once you are wearing them, depending on the style you choose.

20. Beachfront Baby Wrap

If you’ve ever shopped for a baby sling before, you’ve probably come across the Beachfront baby wrap. These are incredibly popular ring slings that many parents around the world have come to adore. The products from this company are sold as being great for warmer weather and babywearing on the go, but lots of parents and caregivers enjoy using them for day-to-day use as well. This company has been around for several years now and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Beachfront Baby Wraps




  • This company has recently launched its Everyday line, which is safer for use at all times than its traditional line of baby carriers.
  • The carriers made by this company are designed for use in the water so your baby can be near you when you’re on vacation or going for a swim.
  • You can choose between wrap and ring sling options to find the carrier that works best for you.
  • These thinner wraps and slings tend to wear out faster than many of the other products you can find from other companies.
  • You may not be able to be completely hands-free when using these wraps (and you should not be if you’re using a wrap in the pool).
  • Learning how to tie these wraps can take some extra practice.

21. Maya

Maya baby wraps may not be as popular or well-known as some of the other brand names on our list, but they still create incredible baby products that you should definitely consider when you’re thinking about your next (or first!) baby carrier. Through this company, you can purchase padded slings as well as traditional unpadded ones, and no matter which option you choose, you’re sure to love the product you end up with. Choose from several different fabric patterns and solid colors both to help you find the perfect ring sling for you and your little one.

Maya baby wrap




  • You can find a free pattern to make your own ring sling on this company’s website if you’re interested in having something to practice with before buying a new one.
  • It’s easy to reach this company by phone when you’re looking for answers to your questions or concerns.
  • This company has a unique option to purchase gently used, clean baby carriers from previous owners for a discounted price.
  • The padded ring slings can be difficult to adjust appropriately once you put them on.
  • It can be tough to find the right fit for you and your little one with these products, and different body types may have different results.
  • The only type of baby carrier available from this company is the ring sling.

22. Oscha Slings

Oscha slings are unique in that they are handmade by staff members who are committed to excellence in all of their products. This is a family-run company that continues to win awards and recognition for its safe baby products year after year. Although the company’s first and foremost concern is the safety of babies and wearers alike, they also focus significantly on the style and appearance of their products. That’s why, even though this is a smaller company, you can expect to find great products available from this brand name that go above and beyond expectations.

Oscha slings




  • Since this is a family-owned company, it’s easy to get in touch with someone with questions or concerns.
  • These are quality products that can be made to your specific sizing needs to ensure long-lasting use.
  • You can choose from many incredible fabric options to find the perfect unique carrier for you and your child.
  • This is a lesser-known company that may not have a lot of feedback or word of mouth recommendations to go on.
  • These are expensive baby wraps because of the focus on designer and high-quality fabrics.
  • The website for this company can be confusing, as many of the page titles are written in Japanese.

23. Sakura Bloom

When all-natural fabrics are a big must-have for you and your little one, the Sakura Bloom company can help you find the baby wrap of your dreams. This company focuses mostly on the production of ring slings, but you can also purchase onbuhimos through this company as well. This is a traditional item used for babywearing that allows the baby to be kept higher on the back than many other types of back carriers while still remaining soft and comfortable for the wearer, too. If you’re looking for something a little more unique than some of the other types of slings and wraps you may find on many of the other sites listed here, Sakura Bloom may be just what you need.

ring slings




  • Ring slings from this company can be used for newborn babies all the way up to 35 pounds.
  • The natural fabrics these slings are made of can be washed and dried again and again with no damage and are safe for even the most sensitive of babies.
  • These are elegant slings that look very stylish and sophisticated.
  • If you want to purchase an onbuhimo, you’ll need to pay attention for when they are available, as they sell out pretty quickly.
  • These are arguably the most expensive ring slings on our list and run more than twice the price of many of the others listed here.
  • This company can be tough to get in touch with depending on when you call.

24. Kali Sling

Kali is a lesser-known baby carrier company that strives to provide quality products that won’t break the bank. This company’s goal is to offer affordable baby slings that will never have to sacrifice anything in terms of quality. Although you might not have heard of this company before, they are worth a second look because of the durability of their products. Bear in mind, however, that this is a small company that can’t hold up to the high demands of some of the bigger brand names on our list, so they may not have as large of a product line available as some of the others, either.

Kali Sling




  • These are low-cost slings that come in many colors and prints to suit any style.
  • It’s easy to learn how to tie these slings with just a little practice.
  • You can use these slings in hot weather without having to worry about overheating yourself or your baby.
  • The product photos on this company’s website are not professional and may be off-putting to some customers.
  • This is a very small company that may be difficult to reach by phone and may not have a lot of available feedback either.
  • Although the slings from this company are durable, they may not last as long as some of the more well-known brand name slings.

25. Beco

Beco is a baby carrier company that focuses on a unique and slightly different aspect than many of the other companies listed here: woven fabrics. Beco strives to create baby wraps that are safe and comfy first, but elegant and stylish as a close second. They continually work to search out the highest-quality fabrics they can find that fit with their high standards and can be used to create some of the most attractive baby carriers without having to compromise on durability or safety at all. This company’s goals may be a little bit different than some of the others on our list, but it nevertheless creates incredible products that you’ll definitely have to see to believe.

baby carriers




  • This company regularly offers sales and special deals for customers who would like to try them out for a lower price than the standard.
  • You can choose between soft formed baby carriers as well as ring slings when you purchase products from Beco.
  • This company also sells products that you can use along with your baby carrier to make it safer or more comfortable for you and your little one.
  • If you need an insert to make this carrier safer for use with newborns, you’ll need to pay extra for it.
  • These are expensive products because of the company’s decision to use only high-quality woven fabrics.
  • It can be difficult to learn how to wear the ring slings from this company successfully without a little practice first.

26. New Native

The New Native baby carrier product line has been around since 1992 and continues to make products that are beloved by all of its customers, both old and new. This company focuses on high-quality baby carriers that have even become popular choices with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. The carriers are built from durable fabric and other materials that won’t wear out with extended use, and they’re built to remain comfortable and safe throughout the life of your baby (and maybe your next one, too!). When you’re looking for a great baby carrier that can give you a hands-free babywearing experience, don’t forget to check out New Native.

New Native baby carriers




  • These baby carriers are made from organic cotton, which is safer for the environment as well as for your little one.
  • You can choose between a few different solid colors to help suit your preferences as well as your baby’s.
  • These wraps are pretty easy to learn how to tie with just a little practice.
  • This company only makes one type of baby wrap that may not cover all of your needs.
  • The wraps made by this company may not work for toddlers, so you might need to upgrade earlier than you would with other companies’ products.
  • These are very expensive wraps despite being made from just a single piece of fabric with no bells and whistles.

27. Caboo

The Caboo baby carrier company has been around for ten years now and is still going strong with new and updated product lines showing up frequently. This brand name, which is owned by the larger Close Parent company, produces unique baby carriers that are worn more or less like a t-shirt that can be used to safely carry your baby for hands-free babywearing. You can choose from several different products within this line, including the durable Caboo DX, which features a sturdy, padded seat for your baby that makes outdoor exploration easier and safer than ever before. Although you may not have heard of this product line before, be sure to check it out.

Caboo baby carriers




  • If you’re looking for a lot of options for daily use as well as hiking and other outdoor fun, this company has you covered.
  • The company makes a lot of other baby products that can help you stock up on everything you need for your little one.
  • You can purchase a separate fleece liner for your baby carriers from this company to use during colder months.
  • These are very expensive products and there aren’t any lower-budget options available from this company.
  • These carriers may be much too hot for warmer months or hotter climates.
  • The carriers from this company can be tough to keep clean.

28. Amawrap

You might not have ever heard of Amawrap before since it’s not one of the big names in the world of babywearing. However, it has still won several awards and continues to surprise and delight all of the parents and caregivers who purchase products from this company year after year. These are durable, sturdy wraps that are built for breastfeeding as well as later life babywearing experiences on the go. Bring one along for all of your baby’s travel needs!





  • These wraps are made from lightweight 100% cotton which makes them safe and comfortable while still being very durable.
  • The wraps are designed to stick to the standards of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
  • All of the wraps from this company are one size fits all, which makes them great for parents who want to share babywearing privileges.
  • These are expensive baby wraps that aren’t available in a lot of different colors.
  • This is a lesser-known brand name that might pose some difficulties when you go looking for feedback.
  • It can be tough to get in touch with this company for customer service.

29. Mamaway

Mamaway is a company that prioritizes breastfeeding with all of its products but still provides tons of high-quality babywearing options for parents and caregivers through every stage of their babies’ lives. You can find soft formed baby carriers from this company as well as ring slings, so if your budget allows you might want to stock up on one of each so you’ll never be without the right type of carrier for your baby’s needs! All of the carriers from this company are easy to keep clean and sure to become an important part of your baby ensemble right away.





  • This company has won several awards for excellence and safety in many of its products.
  • This is a company that makes a lot of baby products and may be a great resource for you in other areas of your baby’s life, too.
  • You have a lot of options when you choose to buy a baby carrier from Mamaway.
  • These are very expensive products that may be too pricey for some customers.
  • You may need to practice for a while before you get the hang of wearing the ring slings from this company.
  • The carriers from Mamaway may be a little bulkier and hotter than some of the others available from other companies.

30. Vlokup

Whether you’re looking for a wrap or a ring sling and whether you want to carry a newborn, a baby, or a toddler, Vlokup can help you get the job done and then some. These are very low-cost wraps and ring slings that look as great as they feel and can provide you with plenty of quality bonding time with your child while babywearing. These are especially popular with nursing moms who are looking for lightweight ring slings to help make discreet nursing much easier, even when they’re on the go.




  • These are very low-cost baby carriers that are affordable for almost any budget.
  • You can choose from solid colors and prints to match any style or preferences.
  • Slings and wraps are available in all sorts of fabric thicknesses to help you find just what you need for your specific babywearing experience.
  • Most of the wraps and slings from this company won’t allow completely hands-free babywearing and will require a little extra support from you.
  • Some of the products from this company can be tough to fit depending on the size of the wearer.
  • You may need to upgrade from one product line to another as your baby grows.


So, have you found the perfect baby carrier brand for your needs yet? We hope we’ve introduced you to some of the most popular options out there while expanding your search to include some of the lesser-known but high-quality product lines as well. We understand that shopping for the right baby carrier can be a challenging experience, but with our help, we hope that you can find the perfect ring sling, soft formed baby carrier, wrap or Mei Tai carrier for you and your baby’s ever-changing travel needs.

But how do you know if you’re really getting the best products on the market today? While the final decision should be yours and yours alone, we can help you by making a few recommendations of our own. After all, these 30 brand names are all great, but some of them stand out as the best of the best.

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  • Boba Wrap: This is an incredibly popular baby sling that has been tested by many parents around the world. It’s stylish and comfortable, and the company offers enough options to work with just about any style preferences without overloading you too much with choices. This is also an incredibly safe company that prides itself on offering quality products that will keep you and your child safe, healthy, and happy whether you use these wraps for nursing or babywearing on the go.
  • Baby Bjorn: No list of baby carrier recommendations would be complete without the top-of-the-line Baby Bjorn company, but we understand that this brand name isn’t for everyone. With that said, however, it’s definitely worth a second look even if you’ve originally written it off as too expensive. This is a very pricey company that makes soft formed baby carriers, which may or may not be the type of carrier you’re interested in trying with your baby. If it is, despite the high price, the quality products from this company may give you everything you’re looking for and much more. Best of all, these are adjustable carriers, so you won’t have to buy a separate one if your partner wants to get involved with babywearing, too.
  • Moby Wrap: This is another incredibly popular baby wrap company that’s been around for a while and continues to provide excellent quality products with relatively no safety concerns. Parents around the world are fond of this company and continue to purchase its products, especially as it expands its product line. Moby used to focus only on baby wraps, but it now includes baby slings as well as some soft formed carriers too. This one is a little more expensive than Boba Wrap, but its products are very high-quality and built to last, too.
  • Tula: This is an excellent company for all of your baby wrap and ring sling needs. This company has won tons of safety awards and continues to be recognized in the world of babywearing. They manage to strike the right balance between stylish and safe without giving up on either one. You can find tons of incredible fabric patterns and colors among their products, but you’ll also find carriers that are designed for use with babies of all ages and even into the toddler years, too. There’s so much variety going on with this company that we highly recommend it as a great place to start shopping.
  • Beachfront Baby Wrap: This company has recently added its new everyday product line, but it has been a part of the casual babywearing experience for many years already. With the products from this company, you can practice babywearing even in hotter climates and warmer temperatures without fear of overheating you or your baby. You can even use some of their products in the pool!

Whether you choose one of our top five favorites or you decide to go with a baby carrier company of your own choosing instead, get ready to enjoy incredible hands-free or mostly hands-free babywearing that’s sure to keep you and your little one happy, safe, and ready to go at any time.

As with any aspect of raising your baby, you may want to speak to your child’s pediatrician before you make any final decisions. Your baby’s pediatrician can let you know if there are any health concerns to keep in mind with any of the carriers or companies on our list.

Have fun with your babywearing experience!

This is another incredibly popular baby wrap company that’s been around for a while and continues to provide excellent quality products with relatively no safety concerns. Parents around the world are fond of this company and continue to purchase its products, especially as it expands its product line. Moby used to focus only on baby wraps, but it now includes baby slings as well as some soft formed carriers too. This one is a little more expensive than Boba Wrap, but its products are very high-quality and built to last, too.

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