11 of the Best Baby Carrier Accessories You’ll Ever Need

  • These 11 baby carrier accessories are definitely worth buying
  • Products include pouches, coats bibs and covers
  • Pros and cons lists can help you choose the best ones for you
  • Find our favorite baby carrier pouch and bib in the conclusion

Are you getting started with babywearing and looking for a way to make it a little bit easier and more convenient?

Did you know there are a lot of great products you can purchase to make your babywearing go much more smoothly?

Would you like to be able to truly enjoy your hands-free babywearing time without worrying about how you’re going to get through a normal daily activity in the process?

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the best extra products and accessories you can find to help improve babywearing for you and your child, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, you’ll learn all about the best options for baby carrier covers, coats, bib attachments, and baby carry bag online shopping available. No matter what you need to make your experience more convenient, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our list of great products and see for yourself which ones can give you an even better time with the fun activity of babywearing!

Don't have the time to check out the whole list?

BABYBJORN Bib for Baby Carrier 2 Pack - Black
Drool & Teething Pad for Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier, 3 Piece Set { PATENT PENDING}
RooCoat Babywearing Coat 2.0 Gray with Blue Stripes XL
Zicac Cover for Baby Carrier Infant Hoodie Universal All Season Freestyle Carrier Cover (Gray)
116 Reviews
108 Reviews
47 Reviews
23 Reviews
BABYBJORN Bib for Baby Carrier 2 Pack - Black
116 Reviews
Drool & Teething Pad for Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier, 3 Piece Set { PATENT PENDING}
108 Reviews
RooCoat Babywearing Coat 2.0 Gray with Blue Stripes XL
47 Reviews
Zicac Cover for Baby Carrier Infant Hoodie Universal All Season Freestyle Carrier Cover (Gray)
23 Reviews

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Pouch for Baby Carrier

One of the most helpful accessories you can find when you’re planning to try babywearing is a pouch for carrying your items while you’re carrying your baby. While that may seem a little redundant, there are a lot of great reasons why you might want to have a pouch to use along with your carrier. Bring it along if you’re worried having a truly hands-free babywearing experience. With all your most important items in a protected pouch that’s within quick and easy reach, you’ll never have to fumble for your phone while wearing your baby again. And if you’re worried about the baby carry bag price, don’t be—they’re all very affordable products!

1. Unisex Baby Hip Seat Hands-free Storage Pack

Exclusive Silicone Waterproof Baby Feeding Bibs (Set of 2) Gift For Toddlers, Boy Or Girl

With this Unisex Baby Hip Seat Hands-free Storage Pack, you’ll never again have to worry about reaching for your phone or keys when you’re having fun while babywearing. This product is designed to work as an accessory for a hip style carrying position, but you can easily arrange it so that you can reach it no matter which way you’re wearing your baby. Simply Velcro it onto the baby wrap itself and adjust until you have it in the best and easiest place for you to reach.



  • This pouch is large enough to hold plenty of items without being too big and bulky to be able to wear comfortably.
  • Two pockets are included so you will be able to keep items separated if necessary.  
  • This is a durable pouch made of sturdy, waterproof fabric that will protect all your items. 
  • There is a chance that the zipper could break on this pouch, especially if it’s filled very full. 
  • The pouch will feel heavy when weighted down with a lot of items.

  • The Velcro may wear out over time.

2. Ergo Baby Organic Front Pouch Baby Carrier Attachment

Ergo Baby Organic Front Pouch Baby Carrier Attachment - Cranberry

When you’re looking for something small and compact for carrying all of your most important items without having to worry about them in the process, check out the Ergo Baby Organic Front Pouch Baby Carrier Attachment. This cute little burgundy pouch is designed to work with the Ergo Baby carrier but can easily be used with just about any type of baby wrap or carrier you might have. Slip it onto the wrap fabric and adjust it until it’s in the right location for you. It’s got plenty of room to make your babywearing experience much easier!



  • The darker color won’t show stains as well if this pouch gets dirty. 
  • The zippers are built to last and very durable. 
  • There are plenty of separate pockets on this pouch to help you keep everything within easy reach. 
  • The pouch has been known to arrive with some loose strings.  
  • The pouch may be too small to fit some items, such as spare diapers.

  • The pouch has a large Ergo Baby logo on the front which some customers may find unappealing.

Babywearing Coat

When you’re babywearing, you may find it difficult to wear a coat. Unfortunately, if it’s very cold outside, this can be a problem! You want to keep yourself and your baby warm, but with all the added bulk of a baby carrier, it might even be challenging to find a sweater that works well underneath it. When you find yourself faced with this situation, a babywearing coat may be the best way to go. These coats are designed to be worn along with the baby carrier without causing any suffocation risk for your baby or overheating either one of you.

3. Happy Mama Women’s Maternity Fleece hoodie

Happy Mama. Womens Maternity Fleece Hoodie Duo Top Carrier Baby Holder. 032p (Black, US 8/10, L)

The Happy Mama Women’s Maternity Fleece Hoodie is a comfortable, soft hoodie with a zipper fixture that will keep you and your baby warm and happy no matter what the weather might bring. The shirt features a kangaroo pouch pocket that allows your baby to peek out while still being covered up and snug within the soft fabric. You’ll also be warm and cozy in this shirt and you will still be able to continue with your hands-free babywearing without any cause for concern.



  • This shirt fits perfectly over any type of baby carrier that can be worn on the front of your body. 
  • This hoodie comes in many different sizes and colors to help you find just what you need. 
  • Since it’s made of fleece, it’s easy to wash and dry this hoodie as often as necessary. 
  • You will need to already have the baby carrier before you can use this shirt, as it is not meant to replace the baby carrier at all. 
  • The fleece fabric may develop pilling over time with frequent washes.

  • The sleeves may be too long for some customers.

4. RooCoat Babywearing Coat

RooCoat Babywearing Coat - Gray with Blue Stripes - Medium

With the RooCoat Babywearing Coat, you and your child will be ready for any type of weather on the go! This hoodie is big and soft enough that you can easily pull it over yourself and your baby to provide protection against the elements as needed. And this hoodie has everything you could possibly need built right into it, too. With tons of bells and whistles to help give you the best, warmest and safest babywearing experience, you’re sure to love this affordable babywearing coat!



  • The coat features a separate neck zipper to help keep the wearer warm even while the baby is snuggly in the coat.  
  • This is a reversible coat that features zippers and pockets on both sides so you can use it with a front or back carrying position. 
  • The wearer’s hood is removable and reversible for use on either side of the hoodie as well. 
  • This hoodie only comes in one color and may not be the style for everyone. 
  • Washing this hoodie can be tricky since it has so many zippers and removable parts.

  • It’s very important to choose the right size of this hoodie for your measurements as the sizing can be finicky.

5. RooCoat Babywearing & Maternity Coat 2.0

RooCoat Babywearing & Maternity Coat 2.0 Charcoal with Gray Stripes XL

If you love the idea of the RooCoat but find that you want even more out of your babywearing coat, check out the RooCoat Babywearing & Maternity Coat 2.0! This 80% cotton/20% polyester blend jacket works just like the more affordable model in that it can easily be slipped over your head and your baby’s while you’re already wearing your baby in a carrier. Reverse the hoodie if you want to carry your baby on your back or wear it normally if you prefer a front carrying position for your child.



  • One of the many updates for the 2.0 version of this coat is that it’s longer than the original by a few inches, giving the wearer even more protection and warmth. 
  • The 2.0 coat also features larger pockets that are big enough for modern smartphones. 
  • You can snap this coat shut and wear it by itself if you so choose. 
  • As your baby gets bigger, he or she may not fit through the opening in this coat as well anymore. 
  • The adult hood portion of the coat may not be large enough to be worn over a ponytail or a hat.

  • The baby hood doesn’t really stay on the baby’s head very well without some assistance.

Baby Carrier Cover

A baby carrier cover is a lot like a babywearing coat, but it’s different too. These covers are designed to keep your baby protected from the elements when you want to wear him or her outside in the cold, wind, or rain. They’re a must-have for any babywearing families who live in colder climates or anywhere that has a significant winter. Best of all, they’re easy to keep clean if your baby happens to spit up on the cover, too!

6. Zicac Cover for Baby Carrier

Zicac Cover for Baby Carrier Infant Hoodie Universal All Season Freestyle Carrier Cover (Gray)

What do you do when you want to keep your baby warm but you yourself don’t really need a coat? With the Zicac Cover for Baby Carrier, you can bring your baby out in any type of weather without having to worry about his or her safety or comfort. The cover can be easily attached to the baby carrier using straps that affix around the straps of the carrier itself. Bundle up your baby and enjoy a little extra warmth yourself while you’re out on adventures in the cold!



  • You can easily make this cover fit around your baby more snugly by simply adjusting the snaps at the bottom. 
  • The cover comes with a built-in hood for your little one to help protect him or her even more.  
  • The front of the carrier has pockets that can help keep your hands warm and toasty. 
  • Some covers have arrived with snaps that don’t quite work right or that can’t snap together easily without a lot of force.
  • Some customers have reported the straps falling off easily, especially with repeated use.

  • Putting this cover through the wash too many times may cause it to become threadbare.

7. ErgoBaby Rain Cover

ErgoBaby Rain Cover

The ErgoBaby Rain Cover is a great name-brand way to keep your child well protected from the elements. It comes with a built-in elastic hood that’s sure to stay up on your baby’s head even in the wind and comes with pouch adjusters to help you get a snug fit for your little one, too. The cover is made of 100% polyester, so it’s water resistant and designed to hold up against a lot of damage and wear and tear. Put it in the washing machine when it gets dirty or messy and it will bounce right back to life afterward!



  • This is a very affordable product that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. 
  • This cover is made by a well-known brand name and is backed by a customer service guarantee.  
  • The cover is stylish and looks great on any wearer, and since it can fit any body type, it’s easy to share between all the adults in the family. 
  • The carrier cover may be too small for toddlers to fit in comfortably.  
  • Some babies do not like the feeling of the polyester hood against their faces.

  • The cover has been known to arrive with some loose threads.

8. Manito Wind-Ban Baby Carrier Windbreaker

Manito Wind-Ban Baby Carrier Windbreaker (Navy)

When the wind is your problem, you need the Manito Wind-Ban Baby Carrier Windbreaker to help you get through your day. While most coats are designed specifically to fight rain or cold, this windbreaker does it all, including keeping your child safe from strong and harsh winds. The outer portion of the cover is made from water-resistant fabric that will wick away moisture while the inner fabric is a soft and comfortable mesh. Best of all, you can use this cover with any type of baby carrier available on the market today since it's totally interchangeable.



  • Unlike many of the coats and covers available for baby carriers, this one comes in a variety of different colors so you won’t feel limited by your choices. 
  • It’s easy to fold this cover down into a fairly small footprint that won’t take up too much room in your diaper bag. 
  • The outer shell fabric won’t rip, tear, or wear out very easily, even if you use it often or wear it in extreme conditions such as on a hike. 
  • The cover is not reversible and neither is the hood, so your only option is to use it with your baby on the front facing outward. 
  • It can be difficult to find the right size for this baby carrier cover without taking some time to measure yourself and compare size options.

  • Some wearers may find that this cover feels too bulky in comparison to many of the other options available on the market.

Baby Carrier Bib Attachment

A baby carrier bib attachment is another must-have for a clean and comfortable babywearing experience. Babies tend to spit up and drool on baby carriers, and many little ones who are beginning teething are likely to gnaw on the straps of the carrier if they can reach them with their mouth. With a bib attachment, you can remedy all of these potential problems at once. You and your baby will be able to enjoy all your daily activities together without you having to worry about the carrier or your clothes being messy by the time you’re finished.

9. BabyBjorn Bib for Baby Carrier 2-Pack

BABYBJORN Bib for Baby Carrier 2 Pack - Black

When you have a baby, it’s no secret that you need bibs for just about everything. However, you might not have realized that you’ll need one for your babywearing experience too. With the BabyBjorn Bib for Baby Carrier 2-Pack, you’ll have everything you need to get started babywearing with a bib and so much more! This small bib is soft and comfortable for your baby to rest his or her face against and it’s also made from gentle terrycloth fabric that won’t hurt your child’s teeth, gums or skin if he or she decides to chew or suck on it. There is a lot going for this simple but very effective bib, so don’t pass it by when you’re looking for a high-quality item to protect your baby carrier from the dreaded drool!



  • These bibs come from the well-known BabyBjorn brand name and are made with a commitment to customer service and satisfaction in mind. 
  • Since the bibs are black, they won’t show stains nearly as easily and won’t look dirty even if your baby has been chewing on them all day. 
  • You can easily wash these bibs by hand or put them in hot water in the washing machine to get them clean and ready for another day of fun. 
  • The bibs only come in black or white, so if you’re looking for something cuter or more stylish you may want to try another option. 
  • When you put your baby in the carrier or take him or her out, the bib may be prone to falling off easily.

  • Some customers believe that these bibs are not all that practical because they aren’t very thick and still allow some drool to get through to the carrier below.

10. Stokke MyCarrier Bib

Stokke MyCarrier Bib

The Stokke MyCarrier Bib is a great way to keep your baby’s carrier clean, dry and safe from any drool that may come its way. It can be easily attached and removed from the carrier and can even quickly be put in the washing machine when the time comes to wash it off. The outer shell of the bib is made of a soft terrycloth fabric that won’t irritate your baby’s skin, while the inner portion of the bib is made from a mesh barrier that will keep the drool and any other liquids from getting through the bib and onto the carrier. It’s designed to fit just about any type of baby carrier you may have and provide tons of protection for the fabric against anything your baby might do.



  • This bib features a uniquely-shaped design that will keep your baby from being able to reach the vast majority of his or her carrier with drool. 
  • The bib is comfortable for your baby to rest against when he or she needs a nap and you don’t have to worry about it being dyed or treated with any harsh chemicals. 
  • This is a bib that’s built to last for a long time and is sure to become an important part of your babywearing ensemble for months ahead. 
  • This is a very expensive bib that is much pricier than some of the others listed here.
  • This bib is white, so any stains or spots will show up very easily on it.

  • The bib may not be large enough to work with every type of baby carrier, although it will work with most.

11. Drool & Teething Pad for Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier

Drool & Teething Pad for Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier, 3 Piece Set { PATENT PENDING}

Choose the Drool & Teething Pad for Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier when you want a cute and high-quality bib that’s sure to protect your baby carrier from drool, spit up and more. This bib is designed specifically to be used with the Ergobaby 360 carrier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it with another carrier if you prefer. Simply adjust it so that it fits around the carrier of your choice or, if you want a small DIY project, you can always sew it until it first perfectly on its own. This a stylish bib that’s sure to get a lot of compliments when you wear it around with your little one in tow!



  • This bib is made from 100% cotton on the outside and 100% polyester on the inside, providing your baby with a soft outer shell and a waterproof inner lining that work together to create the perfect bib design. 
  • The product comes with a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you’re happy with the bib you receive. 
  • This bib features a cute patterned fabric that stands out quite a lot from the traditionally solid neutral colors of other types of bibs you may find on the market. 
  • Some customers have had trouble getting the bib to fit onto their baby carriers and stay in place, even if they have an Ergobaby brand carrier.  
  • In some instances, the bibs may not be thick enough to absorb all the potential drool they may face in a day.

  • This bib may show up stains much more easily than some of the other colors of bibs on the market.


As you can see, there are plenty of incredible extra items and accessories you can purchase for use with your favorite baby carrier! Each of these can be a great addition to your babywearing repertoire, but depending on where you live, you may have specific needs and requirements for your experience. However, there are a couple of products we can recommend no matter who you are or where you live.

The first of these products is the baby carrier pouch. It’s always a great idea to have one of these on hand when you’re going to be using a baby carrier that doesn’t already have a pouch built in. That way, you can keep your phone, keys, and wallet close by and you won’t have to be constantly adjusting and readjusting your baby wrap to try to get into your pockets.

 baby carry bag price
  • plus

    For pouches, we recommend the Ergo Baby Organic Front Pouch Baby Carrier Attachment. This is a great brand-name baby carrier pouch product that’s sure to last a long time. And even though it’s made by Ergo Baby, you can easily use it with just about any other baby carrier brand, too. 

  • plus

    This pouch may be a little smaller than what you’re looking for, but nevertheless, it can hold all your most important items. And since it can easily fit on any type of carrier you already have, you’ll be sure to have everything you need close at hand whenever you need it most.

  • plus

    Be sure to examine the pouch you receive when you buy it to ensure that it doesn’t have any loose threads or other areas of concern. This is a high-quality product but it’s always important to pay attention to what you’re buying.

We also recommend picking up a bib attachment piece. These are crucial if you have a baby who drools and chews a lot on the straps of your baby wrap. A bib can keep your child, your clothes, and your baby carrier cleaner for longer, even with extended periods of babywearing.

  • plus

    We prefer the BabyBjorn Bib for Baby Carrier 2-Pack for a great long-lasting baby bib. Throw it in the washing machine when you need to clean it and just rotate between the two bibs in the pack while one is getting washed.

  • plus

    This is a comfortable and cute bib that’s soft enough for your baby to use all day long without irritating his or her skin. Since it’s made of black fabric, you won’t be able to see any stains or spots that may develop on the fabric even if they’re tough to remove when washing.

  • plus

    Just remember that this bib doesn’t contain a separate inner lining to protect from drool and spills. It’s a high-quality product, but if your baby is a very active drooler this bib may not be the right option for you.

We hope our tips have helped you narrow down your decisions and find the right accessories to suit your needs. No matter which of these products you choose, you’ll be well on your way to a happier and more convenient babywearing experience in no time!

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