Baby Weaning

Weaning is one of those stages of the baby care process that can either go very well or be very challenging depending on how you and your baby are able to handle it. There are a few different types of weaning you’ll have to deal with over the course of your baby’s early years, and each one poses its own difficulties as well as its own successes. We’ve got plenty of articles to help you better understand the weaning process and figure out everything you need to know to help this go as smoothly as it possibly can for everyone involved.

Weaning doesn’t just mean moving your baby from a bottle to solid foods. There are a few different variations on weaning that you may encounter depending on how you’re bringing up your little one.

4 Common Baby Weaning Stages

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    Weaning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding: For many babies, this is the first weaning process in their lives. Not every nursing mom decides to go from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, however, but this is generally considered a traditional method of weaning that works well for many families.
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    Weaning from the breast or bottle to sippy cups: More and more frequently, babies are going straight from breastfeeding to drinking out of a sippy cup. However, if bottle feeding is the second stage in the weaning process, sippy cups will follow after that. Either way, eventually you’ll need to wean your little one onto sippy cups—or, in some cases, straws or normal cups.
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    Weaning from liquids to purees: Not every baby goes from an all-liquid diet to purees before moving on to other types of solids, but once again, this is a more traditional weaning method that many families still choose to follow.
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    Weaning from purees to solids: The last weaning stage you’ll need to focus on with your baby is the shift from purees and liquids to “big kid” solid food. After this point, your baby will be able to eat just about everything he or she will need, and the weaning process will be truly complete. This is an exciting step in your child’s growth, so be sure to celebrate it when it happens!

Basically, it is the process of transitioning your baby from breastmilk to other sources of nutrition and sustenance, such as formula or solid foods. With weaning, when to do it is just as critical as how it is done. There is no single, most effective way to wean, and the experience truly differs from child to child. 

To help you successfully wean your little one, you need to be armed with a good understanding of your baby, and the process of weaning. We can’t tell you for sure what could work for you. We can, however, provide you with resources, tips, and advice that can help you prepare for what lies ahead. Are you ready to start learning?

Understanding Baby Weaning (Parent Led)

When you make the first move to shift your baby to formula or food, this is known as parent-led weaning. Some prefer this method over waiting for babies to self-wean, due to various reasons such as health, schedules, or having to go back to work. Of course, there are those who criticize this method of weaning, too. They believe that forcing a baby to wean when he or she is not yet ready can be traumatizing for the little one.

The question now is this: should you or should you not initiate the weaning process?

You would know best if your baby is ready for it or not. For parents who have no choice in the matter, all hope is not lost. The best thing to do is truly get to know the process, in order to find the gentlest, most baby-friendly way to wean. Be sure you know everything you need to know about choosing the right time and method for weaning your little one!

You can start by reading through the helpful articles on this site. We will have you understanding baby weaning in no time.

How To Know When To Wean

You may be eager to start weaning, but is your baby ready for it? Timing plays a huge role in the success or failure of your attempt to wean. If you start too early without being completely prepared for it, both you and your baby could end up frustrated.

Before you ever start weaning, it’s important to know how to tell when your baby is ready to start the process. There are lots of signs you can look for to determine when your little one is ready to begin weaning, and we have several articles that can help you figure this out. Although some babies may be open to weaning before they are ready, most will not be, and you’ll need to be able to work with your baby’s internal schedule to find a weaning plan that works best for everyone involved.

But what is too early anyway? Should you determine when to wean based on your baby’s age or by watching out for signs of readiness? All the answers lie in the articles about when to wean your baby, below. Go ahead and read on!

Weaning from Breast Milk

Weaning your baby from breastfeeding is easier said than done. But it’s well worth the effort, especially when the timing is right for you and your little one. With a little trial and error, you’re sure to find the weaning strategy that will work for you. To make things easier, we have some helpful tips and advice below, which you can turn to for enlightenment.

Weaning from Formula or Bottle

Just when you thought you were done with weaning, the time comes to shift your little one from formula to milk. Weaning a baby from the bottle poses a new set of challenges, which call for even more learning and more experimentation.  If you need help, we can give it to you. Let the articles below be your guide!

Introducing Food and Solids

As babies get older, their nutritional needs change. Over time, you have to start supplementing breast milk and formula with food. Eating solids is an entirely different experience from drinking milk, which is why choosing the right first foods for weaning is so important. Not only should it provide adequate nutrients, but it should also be pleasurable and palatable enough to encourage your little one to keep eating. Now would be the perfect time to learn some great baby weaning food recipes... 

Let us help you choose your baby’s first meals with our meal plans and food charts below!

Other Helpful Baby Weaning Resources

Trust us when we say that you need all the help you can get when baby weaning, especially when your little one shows no interest in participating. How can you fix this problem and what tools do you need to do it? How do you make sure you have all the best baby weaning items to help you along in the process?

Here are a couple more resources that could provide you with much-needed answers to these questions.