Baby Led Weaning

Yes, folks, there is such a thing as baby led weaning. This is a method of introducing solid food to your little ones where, instead of feeding them with a spoon, your babies self-feed using their fingers. No, this isn’t the kind of transition to solids that we grew up with, but this new method has been embraced by so many, ever since it was introduced. If it’s time for you to be thinking about weaning your baby, you might want to consider baby led weaning instead of parent led weaning.

Some of the Topics We Cover:

  • The right time for baby led weaning: Determining the right time to start letting your child experience solid foods can be tricky. Read up on how to tell when your child is ready to begin the weaning process, as well as the signs that he or she may do well with baby led weaning. Remember, however, that it’s not safe to try baby led weaning before the age of six months in most circumstances.
  • Do’s and don’ts of baby led weaning: Safety is the primary concern with baby led weaning, so it pays to read up on the do’s and don’ts of this process. Always be sure to understand this process as well as you can before beginning your baby on the path to this type of weaning.
  • Schedules and meal plans: Learn about the different scheduling options you have on a baby led weaning program and discover how to make your own meal plans, too.
  • Recipes: Find plenty of healthy baby led weaning recipes you can serve your baby, and discover a few the whole family can enjoy, too!

Baby led weaning is getting more and more popular in recent years, and many families swear by the successes they’ve had weaning their little ones onto solid foods at their own pace. But why would you want to let your baby start eating solid foods so early? There are quite a few reasons why parents believe this is a good choice, and it’s definitely working well for a lot of families. Although it’s very important to be sure you follow strict safety guidelines to ensure your baby’s weaning process is risk-free, baby led weaning can be very successful, and it’s sometimes the best decision you can make for your child’s weaning process.

We’ve got plenty of articles on a variety of baby led weaning topics to help you make the most out of this experience. If you have a baby who takes well to the baby led weaning experience, this can be a very fun and exciting time for you and your child with none of the distress that goes along with more traditional weaning methods! Check out our articles on the following subjects:

Understanding Baby Led Weaning

One does not simply jump into baby led weaning without first understanding what it is, what it takes, and how it should be done. For the sake of your baby’s safety, and your sanity, take our word for it.

When you think of baby led weaning, you may be confused or concerned to imagine handing a young baby something like a pork chop and just letting him or her gnaw on it for a while. But don’t worry! This isn’t really what baby led weaning is about, and it’s much more common and safer, too, to offer your little one something in bite-sized pieces that won’t pose a choking hazard.

As with any changes to your baby’s diet or lifestyle, be sure you speak to your pediatrician before trying baby led weaning. If your pediatrician has never heard of this or is completely opposed to it, you might want to ask for a second opinion before you give it a try. Bear in mind, however, that your baby’s doctor knows what’s best for your child’s nutritional needs.

Fortunately, there are countless baby led weaning resources that you can turn to, from books to websites and forums. We have lots of awesome articles on this site, too, so now that you’re here, why don’t you read on?

Baby Led Weaning Recipes and Food

With baby led weaning, you let your little ones eat on their own with their fingers. So what should you feed them, then? How can you be sure that your baby is eating enough? And are purees out? Don’t panic, moms and dads. We have food lists, meal plans, and even the answer to that question about purees in the articles below. Just keep reading!

Other Useful Baby Led Weaning Resources

Yes, baby led weaning can be a true test of your patience and creativity. Once you get it right, though, you will be so glad you did it. Allow us to make the process a little bit easier for you through our recommended equipment and books, plus a handy guide to baby led weaning that anyone can do. Read on, and best of luck!