Science Videos For Kids: 15 Amazing Channels (For Your Lil Einstein)

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With the Internet accessible and available to anyone anywhere, thousands of online resources are at your fingertips to get you curious, aware and smarter. Kid science videos are definitely a better use of their time on the internet instead of the usual trending and funny reel.

Science Videos for Kids FREE

Here is a list of science channels on Youtube containing a wide range of information you can watch and learn from. These channels show what is science for kids

With these educational science videos for kids, you can obtain new knowledge and answers to your questions in minutes!

So, get your lab coats ready and make sure you've got those goggles on too.

Full steam ahead! the name of:


1. Tell Me Why Kids Science

The main goal of this channel filled with science kids video is to combine engaging animations and everyday science, to answer questions that start with “why.” It answers each why-question with excitement and creativity.

Some of the offerings on its educational science for kids video roster include, “Why doesn’t the moon fall down on Earth?”, “Why does a flame always point upward?” and “Why doesn’t the Earth have Rings?” The channel joined YouTube earlier last year in April and has a total of 7, 196 subscribers and over 11 thousand views.

Number of Videos Uploaded: 22 videos

Uploading Frequency: Approximately 2 videos a month

Average Running Time: 2 to 4 minutes

For Ages: 4 to 12 years old

2. Minute Earth Science Videos

A combination of simple drawings, questions and stories about the planet, Minute Earth Science Videos has made informative “What is science?” video for kids since 2011. The channel also has sister channels for specific Science topics such as Minute Physics and translated videos to Spanish for students who learn in the language.

Some of its free science videos for kids are on interesting topics that include, “Why rivers curve,” “Why is all sand the same?” and “How to survive a lightning strike.” As of now they have over 1 million subscribers and 2 million viewers.

Number of Videos Uploaded: 81 videos

Uploading Frequency: Minute Earth uploads new videos every week

Average Running Time: 2 to 3 minutes

For Ages: 4 to 7 years old

3. Sci Show Kids Science Videos

This channel contains scientific videos from everyday questions and facts about animals, humans, space and even simple experiments! They explore all curious topics and concepts, and present them in a creative and exciting way.

They allow their viewers to take a look at Science from a different perspective that is both enjoyable and existing. The channel was put up in 2014 and has 36 thousand subscribers as of today.

Number of Videos Uploaded: 97 videos

Uploading Frequency: Sci Show uploads 2 videos every week

Average Running Time: 2 to 9 minutes

For Ages: 4 to 8 years old

4. ASAP Science Videos For Kids

Since 2012, ASAP Science Videos for Kids has been creating the best science videos for children with the use of creative white board marker drawings on fun and interesting science topics. Their approach to teaching what is science for kids video is fun and engaging.

Some of their topics include, “How good is your eyesight?” , “The Science of Motivation,” and “9 Best Scientific Study Tips.” As of now, the channel already has 5 million subscribers and over 8 million viewers.

Number of Videos Uploaded: 165 videos

Uploading Frequency: Asap Science uploads new videos every weekl

Average Running Time: 2 to 4 minutes

For Ages: 13 years old and up (some videos are not suitable for younger viewers)

5. Crash Course Science Video For Kids

From the name itself, Crash Course Kids Science offers science videos for kids free of charge. Detailed videos on specific topics such as Anatomy and Physiology, World History, Economics, Literature, Biology and Chemistry are available.

In just 15 minutes more or less, you can get fresh and clearly stated references for assignments, projects and other schoolwork. Brothers Hank and John Green, the hosts of this channel, make the video courses all the more engaging with their humorous and laid back approach.

Number of Videos Uploaded: 531 videos

Uploading Frequency: Crash Course provides 3 new videos every week

Average Running Time: 10 to 15 minutes

For Ages: 13 years old and up

6. Life Noggin (Kids Science & More)

This channel is an animated educational series on a wide range of topics such as Science, History, Art and Pop Culture. Some of their videos debunk myths and answer difficult questions such as, “Why do we like new things?”, “Why do we have leap years?” and “How does WiFi work?”

Because Life Noggin uses colorful graphics to educate and entertain their viewers since 2013, they now have 251, 411 subscribers, 1 million viewers and counting!

Number of Videos Uploaded: 90 videos

Uploading Frequency: Life Noggin uploads videos twice a week

Average Running Time: 2 to 3 minutes

For Ages: 4 years old and up

7. Whiz Kid Science Videos

Whiz Kid Science Videos Channel host Aiden, was just an 8 year old little boy when he started out making videos on his Youtube channel.

Now, he is 11 and he continues to enjoy making easy science experiments sometimes with Jared, his younger brother. Most times, he is the lone host for the videos.

He has documented all sorts of experiments from leak proof bags, how to make rock candy sugar crystals, and even how to build a computer! Aiden and Jared’s channel has now 54,917 subscribers and over 1 million viewers.

Number of Videos Uploaded: 55 videos

Uploading Frequency: Whiz Kid uploads a new video every week

Average Running Time: 2 to 10 minutes

For Ages: 4 to 12 years old (with parents’ supervision for experiments)

8. Science Channel (Scientific Video)

To learn more and get updates on the outer space, Earth exploration and new technology, Science Channel is the place to visit.

This channel provides in-depth, updated, and technical information about the mentioned topics through documented videos and footages of original video clips. They have 633,425 subscribers and 110,038,992 viewers since 2006.

Number of Videos Uploaded: 1,260 videos

Uploading Frequency: Science Channels uploads new videos daily

Average Running Time: 2 to 3 minutes

For Ages: 8 years old and up

9. BBC Earth (Science Videos For Children)

In this channel filled with science video clips for kids, be amazed with the animals surrounding us all around the world! BBC Earth documents the lives of living organisms from ants to whales. In this science videos for kids, plants also take the spotlight.

They specifically focus on how animals live, move and survive in their on their own and in their natural habitat.

BBC Earth has over 6 thousand subscribers and 200 million viewers. Their videos are a reminder for us to be aware of our environment and how we can also have lots of fun taking care of it.

Number of Videos Uploaded: 1, 118 videos

Uploading Frequency: BBC Earth uploads new videos twice a week

Average Running Time: 2 to 5 minutes

For Ages: all ages

10. New Scientist (Some Are Videos For Kids, Some Are Not)

This channel is the home of science’s breaking news, scientific breakthroughs and new discoveries. Here you will find footage of strange underwater organisms, see how bionic fingers work, figure out illusions and know the latest predictions for the field of science.

In their channel, you will find out about unlikely creatures and super organisms. They have over 100 thousand subscribers and viewers since 2006.

Number of Videos Uploaded: 1, 756 videos

Uploading Frequency: New Scientist uploads videos weekly

Average Running Time: 30 seconds to 3 minutes

For Ages: 8 years old and up (parental guidance is advised)

11. Explanimator Science Videos

Explanimator Science Videos turns big ideas into simple and understandable explanations strategically packed in just a few minutes. Their science videos for kids have topics on Physics and the Mystery of the Universe.

They answer big questions like, “Does Infinity Exist in the Real World?”, “What is a Thought Made of?” and “Three problems the computer can never solve.” Their videos are professionally edited have colorful graphics that would make kids lean in and listen harder!

Number of Videos Uploaded: 29 videos

Uploading Frequency: Explanimator uploads a new video every Tuesday

Average Running Time: 2 to 3 minutes

For Ages: 4 to 9 years old

12. Kurzgesagt Science Video Animations

This science video animation channel is called Kurzgesagt is German for “in a nutshell.” Every kids science video explains topics on time, space, evolution, global energy and human existence. Some of its titles include, “Death of Bees Explained,” “What is Light?” and “What if there was a black hole in your pocket?”

They make use of cartoon animations which make their fun science videos for kids even more visual and interesting. They have playlists on Technology and Society, Nuclear Energy, the Human Immune System, and many more! They have over 2 million subscribers and 4 million viewers to date.

Number of Videos Uploaded: 45 videos

Uploading Frequency: Kurzgesagt uploads a new video every month

Average Running Time: 5 to 8 minutes

For Ages: 3 to 10 years old

13. It’s Okay to be Smart Science Videos

And it really is, especially if you have so many science videos kids simply love! Join Joe Hanson PhD as he hosts science videos for kids on how Science works, Physics, Biology, Space, Climate Change and Food science! Get to know why your body is shaped that way, about the equinox, placebo effect and who shares your birthday!

There is a lot of useful information you can get from this channel that will surely add to your intelligence, and confidence, too. Be part of It’s Okay to be Smart’s 726, 792 subscribers!

Number of Videos Uploaded: 158 videos

Uploading Frequency: It’s Okay to be Smart uploads new videos every week

Average Running Time: 3 to 7 minutes

For Ages: 4 to 10 years old

14. The Nature of Science (Kids Science Video Content)

Be part of the adventure as this talented team of scientists showcase scientific research through science kid videos. Get a glimpse of what is behind the microscopes, and get to dig deeper in the nature of living creatures all through innovative and cool science videos for kids.

In these kids’ science videos, see how grasshoppers move, how a spider cures cancer and how scaring scorpions can make them more venomous. The Nature of Science makes good use of visual graphics and actual footage on the latest discoveries in nature.

The channel just started earlier last year and has now 18,949 subscribers and 1,740,021 views!

Number of Videos Uploaded: 12 videos

Uploading Frequency: The Nature of Science uploads videos approximately twice a month

Average Running Time: 10 seconds to 6 minutes

For Ages: 4 years old and up

15. Brain Craft Science Videos For Kids

From the name itself, Brain Craft Science Videos has kid science videos that discusses the psychology, facts and theories all about the brain! It doesn’t matter if it is human brains, cat brains, camel brains, this channel is all about brains and how they shape who and what we are.

If your child somehow develops a fascination for brains (or could be playing zombie), at least he or she can learn more about the topic scientifically through these science for kid videos, right?

Their channel has topics on the misconceptions of sugar, the amazing effects of gratitude, the nature of memory and so much more! They use cool paper cut outs for animation that make their videos all the more intriguing. They started in 2013 and now have 250,366 subscribers and 11,143,627 viewers!

Number of Videos Uploaded: 88 videos

Uploading Frequency: Brain Craft uploads a new video every Thursday

Average Running Time: 2 to 7 minutes

For Ages: 6 years old and up

Science Videos For Kids

The list above contains only some of the many choices of kids science channels and science kid videos to choose from. All these science videos have their own unique and innovative way of simplifying the presentation of the complexity of scientific topics, which means in one of these you’ll find the best science video for kids, depending on what you need for your little Einsteins.

Just pick one today and subscribe to a channel with science videos for kids, and you and your family can begin your scientific journey online and for nothing more than the cost of streaming a YouTube video! And what better medium than online video for our budding kids science buffs? They're gonna be watching YouTube anywhere, right? It might as well be about science.

So what are you waiting for? Raise smarter science kids today... their young scientific minds are your's for the molding!

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