Looking For A 12 Foot Playground Slide? (For Heavy Duty Outdoor Play)

  • If you have the space for it, a 12ft playground slide is great 
  • We’ve recommended 5 companies that can set one up for you 
  • Read our pros and cons lists before deciding which one to book 
  • Also, check out this bonus video: About SwingSetMall.com

Are you looking for a new slide for your backyard?

Would you like to have something a little bigger and more heavy-duty for your kids to enjoy as if they were on the playground?

Do you have a lot of yard space to devote to a big, fun slide?

With the right amount of space and the right height to work with, you may be able to install a 12 foot playground slide in your backyard. And if you can, this is a great way to encourage your kids to get out and play on something really exciting and different!

Of course, a 12-foot slide isn’t right for every yard, and you want to make sure you have enough room to devote to it. You will need to ensure there’s plenty of space on all sides of the slide for your kids to be able to use it safely, and you’ll also want to ensure the deck height of your existing playground equipment is correct for a 12-foot slide too.

Take some time to think about your yard and the type of playground equipment you have installed or are planning to install. If a 12-foot slide is right for your kids, we’ve got the best options listed below to help you figure out where to buy your new piece of heavy-duty playground equipment.

Any of the five companies listed below will give you a great opportunity to find the perfect slide. So let’s take a closer look!

1. Playground Equipment USA

playground slide

Playground Equipment USA focuses on commercial-grade playground equipment used around the nation. With this company, you can choose between either a wavy slide or a straight slide and select between several different models, lengths, and colors as well. This is also a great place to stock up on other essential items you may need for your slide installation, including a slide hood or brackets to hold everything safely in place.


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    These are great low-cost slides and slide accessories that make commercial-grade playground equipment available to just about anyone.
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    This company makes all sorts of durable playground products.


  • There are not a lot of sectional slide options available from this company.
  • This company may be more difficult to get in touch with than some others.

2. Detailed Play Systems Pro

playground sets for backyards

Pick a slide from Detailed Play Systems Pro when you want to give your kids a commercial high-quality heavy-duty slide made of durable materials that is built to last! This company makes all of their slides with sturdy plastic polyethylene that is treated to be able to hold up to exposure to UV rays for many years to come. You can pick between traditional slides, curved 90-degree slides, sectional chutes, and even double or triple slides depending on the space you have to work with and the type of setup you’re going for in your backyard.


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    Choose between a wide variety of different styles, shapes, colors and more when you pick a slide from this company.
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    This company also makes lots of other playground equipment and can install your whole playground if you choose.


  • Not all of the available slides come in 12-foot lengths.
  • You may not be able to find the slide you want in the color you want from this company.

3. SwingsetMall.com

backyard playground equipment

SwingSetMall.com is a company that is devoted to providing its customers with functional and long-lasting swing set pieces and accessories. Since it began in 1989, this company has been consistently adding new products to their lineup, always focusing on quality. The products offered by this company are commercial-grade, but they don’t require commercial installation in most instances in order to make them work properly. Whether you’re looking for sectional slides or you want to stock up on other pieces of your playground, you can find what you need from this company.


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    The plastic in these slides is durable and sturdy without being too heavy.
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    The slide kit is very easy to put together by following the simple included directions.


  • The products from this company may not be easy to find and may be out of stock often.
  • The hardware that comes with the slide kits may not be durable enough to last for several years like some others listed here.

4. Dunrite Playgrounds

playground equipment sale

Pick your slide from Dunrite Playgrounds when you want to bring home a high-quality and unique slide that your kids will love for years! This company offers affordable products with durable designs that are sure to fit into any backyard playground setup.


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    The 12-foot slide from this company comes in tons of different colors to help you find just what you’re looking for and match your existing playground equipment.
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    This unique curved slide style helps you save space while still providing a great sliding experience for your kids.


  • This company only offers one option when it comes to 12-foot slides.
  • The sectional style of this slide may be more challenging to install and maintain.

5. BackyardCity.com

backyard play equipment

BackyardCity.com is a company that makes a lot of backyard products, including playground equipment as well as many other items. Although the company doesn’t focus specifically on slides, they do have a 12-foot slide option that may work well for your backyard setup.


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    This slide can be purchased in several different sizes if you determine the 12-foot option isn’t right for you.
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    This company is dedicated to customer service and support.


  • The slide kit doesn’t come with everything you need to get it installed, so you’ll have to buy extra hardware and items.
  • This company doesn’t focus only on slides, so their slides may not be as high-quality as others.


So, were you able to pick a slide that works well for your yard situation? How about one that fits perfectly with the deck or existing playhouse you have? It can take some time to find the perfect slide to suit your needs, especially when you’re looking for something heavy-duty and larger than the traditional slide. However, with the right amount of research and buying from one of the great companies listed above, you should have no trouble getting the right slide to suit your needs and your kids’ preferences, too.

Remember that you may need to have a permit to put in a slide of this length on your property, depending on where you live. If you’re not sure, it may be a good idea to check with your city, county, or township to determine whether or not this is true where you live. And don’t forget to pick the right type of slide for your kids, too! You may want to choose a straight slide that comes in pieces or one that loops around, depending on the amount of space you have to work with as well as the ages of your kids.